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#rockbox log for 2015-10-14

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01:26:06[Franklin]pamaury (logs): what's new?
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02:01:43sandoHello, first let me say thank you for the amazing software?development? I've read this in the faq so I came here "should not be attempted by a casual user, but rather by those intending to invest time in development"
02:02:56sandoit's my first day using this so I consider myself a casual user. I don't mind investing time, I'm just afraid my knowledge might not be enough
02:03:11sandothe question: I'd like to apply a patch for the following error
02:03:25sandoFSR 0xF7
02:03:25[Franklin]foolsh: I'm planning to add expression parsing (i.e. SET a = b+1) before I push
02:03:53[Franklin]sando: what's wrong?
02:04:08sandoI read this and I'd like to know if I can apply it
02:05:12sandoto be fair it works now... but it died on me with that error so I thought I might try correct it if I could
02:06:06sando[Franklin] : it was data abort at ...
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02:13:41[Franklin]sando: it's been committed already
02:13:53[Franklin]so applying it wouldn't change anything
02:15:53sandohmm i see... well I guess that just shows my total n00bness I guess haha
02:15:56[Franklin]what happens before the crash?
02:16:08sandonothing... it was playing on it's own
02:16:31sandomaybe I clicked it to open the library or something
02:16:41sandobut I wasn't doing anything in particular
02:16:43[Franklin]does it happen every time?
02:16:48sandono sir
02:17:18[Franklin]and there's no consistent way to make it happen?
02:17:37sandowell, I have not really tried intentionally to be honest
02:17:55sandoI am afraid my HDD might be damaged and was rather impressed nothing had gone wrong
02:18:16[Franklin]see if you can figure out how to make it happen consistently, and file a bug report if you do
02:18:26sandofair enough
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02:58:37jtdesigns01i know, i know, this hs nothing to do with SW:DF but check out this mockup i made of a possible lock screen for rockbox
02:59:43[Franklin]jtdesigns01: fuze+ only, I assume?
02:59:58jtdesigns01its a video
03:00:17jtdesigns01but the keymapping would be for fuze+
03:00:19[Franklin]given the grid of 9 buttons, I assumed fuze+ touchpad
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03:00:36jtdesigns01well, it could be adapted
03:00:45[Franklin]though I suppose you could make it work with 5 buttons
03:01:12jtdesigns01pretty much any target give or take a few buttons
03:03:09jtdesigns01made with Blender ( btw
03:03:22[Franklin]my expression parser can't even handle 1 + 1 :P
03:04:05jtdesigns01just out of curiosity, what is the answer
03:04:14jtdesigns01*according to the parser
03:04:33[Franklin]ERROR: blah blah blah
03:08:18[Franklin]what's weirder is that it works with 1 + 2
03:13:39[Franklin]oh duh!
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03:13:52[Franklin]I'm not clearing the stack before every use
03:40:03[Franklin]ok, pushed!
04:14:32[Saint]jtdesigns01: a lockscreen for Rockbox makes zero sense, seeing as how on (almost) every officially supported device you could just dual-boot and get the data that way.
04:14:49[Saint]A lockscreen is only really going to be useful if our data also sits in an encrypted container.
04:15:03[Saint] the end of the day, it's a DAP.
04:15:08[Saint]So, there's that, too. :)
04:39:04jtdesigns01i want a lockscreen for two reasons. first, i want to deter my siblings from just picking the DAP up and playing with it. second, its just cool
04:39:20jtdesigns01i dont really care about data security
04:39:34[Saint]Well, obviously you can do what you want, as long as you understand it won't hit mainline.
04:40:06jtdesigns01yep, sigh.
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05:54:01iamnotarobothello. can i get midi playback on my sansa clip plus?
05:54:17iamnotarobotat the bottom of, i don't see "Sansa Clip Plus"
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05:58:25[Saint]r15 - 14 Sep 2010 - 11:26:01 - MichaelStummvoll
05:58:43[Saint](IOW: ancient page is ancient)
05:59:05[Saint]It not listing Clip(*) isn't any indication of support, or lack of support.
06:04:50iamnotarobotsaint, thanks for your reply. so do you suggest I just install the patch?
06:05:13iamnotarobot[Saint]: ^
06:05:21[Saint]check to see if you have midi.rock in advance to see if you're wasting your time or not.
06:05:30[Saint]I don't see any reason why you shouldn't offhand.
06:06:03[Saint]/.rockbox/plugins/midi.rock (from memory)
06:08:54iamnotarobotthere is no /plugins/ folder in my /.rockbox/ folder
06:09:30iamnotarobotthere's codecs, codepages, docs, doom, eqs, fonts, icons, langs, rocks, themes, wps, fmpresets
06:10:07[Saint]Oh, yeah, whoops. Sorry, I forgot it's rocks on target.
06:11:12iamnotarobotoh ok. in /.rockbox/rocks/, there are 4 folders: apps, demos, games, viewers
06:11:31[Saint]as above, beatcha' to it slightly.
06:11:45iamnotarobotyou r fast. :)
06:12:09iamnotarobotok, i see an 18.4 kb midi.rock file. that's good, i guess.
06:12:55iamnotarobotshould i download the patchset from or is there a better one?
06:13:07iamnotarobotit's called "a sample patchset".
06:13:21[Saint]I have absolutely no idea on this.
06:13:34iamnotarobot[Saint]: ok. :)
06:16:07iamnotaroboti followed the simple instructions on the wiki page and my rockbox can now play midi. :)
06:16:26iamnotarobotthe quality isn't crystal clear, but i'll be content. :)
06:16:33iamnotarobotuntil I find a better midi patchset. :)
06:16:46iamnotarobotsounds like "phone audio" more than "CD audio"
06:24:32iamnotarobotby [Saint]. thanks for everything.
06:24:44[Saint]Not a problem.
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12:19:21pamaury[Franklin]: did you see my patch on gerrit for usb ?
12:28:57wodzpamaury: how work on hwstub lib is going?
12:29:42pamaurydidn't make any progress, I had to work very late yesterday and today I really have to finish something. Hopefully I'll be done by 13:00 or 14:00
12:31:22wodzpamaury: Now I am struggling to exit cleanly in hwstub_server. Cleanly shutdown multithreaded server is truly a pain :/
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14:16:07wodzpamaury: I added 'threads babysitting'. Valgrind reports only one leak which comes from libusb so there is little I can do about it
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14:55:34pamaurywodz: if this is the leak from libusb_init() I think it's not really leak
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15:19:40pamaurywodz: maybe a bug, or a some data structure release by libusb_exit or not released on purpose
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15:23:35wodzpamaury: I call libusb_hotplug_deregister_callback(), cancel the thread which does libusb_handle_events_completed(), pthread_join() to be sure polling thread is finished and call libusb_exit(). I can't see what I could do more.
15:24:19pamauryyou could check the libusb source code to see what is this data structure ;) but I'm not sure if this is necessary ^^
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15:35:15wodzpamaury: The comment above the function which leaks is: "do the actual event handling. assumes that no other thread is concurrently doing the same thing."
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20:50:24[Franklin]pamaury: it looks great, thanks!
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20:50:49pamaury[Franklin]: I haven't tested it, not even compiled
20:51:09pamaurybut I guess it should give you an idea of how to achieve this
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21:02:57[Franklin]pamaury: it compiles OK
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21:25:46fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 2172c11, 255 builds, 29 clients.
21:25:48[Franklin]pamaury: so no yield() calls are needed at all?
21:26:02pamaury[Franklin]: where ?
21:26:13[Franklin]to use usb hid
21:26:53pamauryI don't think so
21:27:20pamaurybut you'll be limited by the mount of buffering the usb hid driver does anyway
21:27:49pamauryI guess
21:27:56pamauryI doubt you'll be able to send more than 1000 strokes/sec
21:28:14[Franklin]that's the target speed
21:28:24[Franklin]usb only does 1ms polls IIUC
21:28:31 Quit b0hoon (Read error: No route to host)
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21:32:40fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 414 seconds.
21:32:40 Quit rela_ (Quit: Leaving)
21:32:41fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 2172c11 result: 4 errors 40 warnings
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21:35:16[Franklin]is there any way to get finer-grained timing in rockbox?
21:35:47[Franklin]1/100 of a second just doesn't cut it
21:39:18pamaury[Franklin]: why ? not by a generic API I'm afraid, some target may have finer grained timer
21:40:46[Franklin]pamaury: it doesn't seem to work completely
21:40:57*[Franklin] will try to figure it out
21:41:11pamaury[Franklin]: my guess is that you send things too fast and the driver simply drop them
21:41:26pamauryif you look at the code of usb_hid_send, you'll see that in case of overflow it does nothing
21:41:36pamauryyou need to modify this function to return an error in this case
21:41:50pamauryor possibly implement a usb_hid_send_blocking, that blocks if the buffer is full
21:42:03[Franklin]how often is an item in the queue sent?
21:42:24pamauryas soon as the previous one has been received by the host
21:42:36pamaurythis is not timing based
21:42:53*gevaerts wonders if rockbox is really the best general-purpose realtime kernel available
21:43:08pamauryyeah probably not ^^
21:43:09[Franklin]it sure isn't
21:44:06pamauryactually I'm not sure USB HID really is the best way to achieve this, it's inherently slow unless you really have finer-grained control of the usb driver or you are doing nothing else
21:44:29pamaury(or you have a very fast cpu)
21:46:24 Join wodz [0] (
21:48:06[Franklin]ok, I think I understand it now
21:48:22[Franklin]so it tries to send the next item in the queue as soon as the previous transfer is completed?
21:48:59pamauryyeah that's the purpose of the completion handler, it sends the next item
21:49:48wodzre fine grained timer - there is api to register user timer if platform supports that.
21:49:57[Franklin]so I'm just overflowing the queue by not waiting long enough between calls the usb_hid_send() then?
21:50:00pamaurywodz: yeah but I think it's limit to "ticks"
21:50:27pamaury[Franklin]: the usb_hid_send() just throw away your data because the queue is full
21:50:53[Franklin]so should I try waiting about 1ms between calls to it?
21:51:33pamaurythat's not reliable
21:53:14pamauryI'm still unsure why you want to use Rockbox for this to be honest ^^
21:53:27[Franklin]availability of hardware
21:53:36[Franklin]preexisting HID driver
21:53:45pamaurywhy don't buy this "ducky key" or whatever
21:54:16[Franklin]because that's too easy
21:54:34wodzpamaury: Are you sure? The source refer to 'cycles' (but this may be misleading of course)
21:54:57pamaurywodz: hum let me check ^^
21:56:19wodzpamaury: You have TIMER_FREQ define which determine time quantum you can obtain (cycle)
21:56:33pamauryit's in TIMER_FREQ cycles
21:56:39pamauryarf you were too fast :-p
21:56:52pamauryon the fuze+ it's 32KHz
21:59:14wodzright, it IS platform depended
22:00:40pamauryapparently all platforms have high-speed timers, the TIMER_FREQ I selected for the fuze+ is probably is slowest one ^^
22:01:07wodzyeah, it is :-)
22:05:44 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
22:06:14 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
22:13:50[Franklin]pamaury: so what should I do to send keys at full speed?
22:14:14pamauryimplement blocking hid send
22:14:59[Franklin]would changing the nonblocking version to blocking work?
22:15:21pamaurythat's probably not advisable
22:15:47[Franklin]maybe only when !irq_context?
22:15:47pamaurybecause if the host (for whatever reasons) does not read the hid pipe, it would block the UI
22:16:14[Franklin]or write a blocking hid_send to call a blocking version of send_drv?
22:16:53pamauryit's not a problem with IRQ context, it's prolem of whether blocking the caller of usb_hid_send() is fine or not
22:17:22pamauryno, usb_drv_send_blocking() block may go through threading
22:17:43pamauryI mean you could try it but there's no guaranty it would be fast enough
22:17:53pamauryactually that's also a problem with what I suggest
22:18:49pamauryI don't see a simple way to implement this with te current code
22:19:44pamauryyou could implement a usb_hid_send_franklin that takes a callback which is called when the queue is not full and returns the next character to send (or -1 if none)
22:24:15[Franklin]but why that instead of just increasing the queue size?
22:25:29pamaurybecause the CPU will always push more data than the USB link can send to the host
22:26:03 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
22:26:10 Join Bray90820 [0] (
22:26:36pamauryI don't know how long your "text" is but that will probably need an insane queue to queue it all
22:26:46 Join krnlyng [0] (~liar@
22:27:12[Franklin]... and I already tried increasing queue size to 10000
22:27:14 Quit Bray90820 (Remote host closed the connection)
22:27:17[Franklin](didn't work)
22:27:41pamauryonly proper blocking can solve your problem reliably
22:27:52pamaury(or callback based)
22:33:03 Part b0hoon ("GTG... Bye.")
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23:06:51 Join jtdesigns01 [0] (~quassel@2601:400:8000:2669:230:bdff:fe71:cebd)
23:08:07jtdesigns01gaaah, just gotta love power failures.
23:08:36 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
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