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#rockbox log for 2015-10-17

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02:55:21MaxdamantusYay, playing Rockblox on my ZEN X-Fi
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02:55:57MaxdamantusWould probably be more enjoyable if I had soldered the keypad back on such that the front cover would also fit.
03:03:12MaxdamantusAh, was on a branch from 2014 .. apparently plugins are enabled by default now.
03:05:33[Saint]I think some keymaps might be a bit weird though.
03:06:01[Saint]From memory it was brought up to a point where plugins compile and "work", keymaps might not necessarily be sane.
03:06:24*Maxdamantus will see what some of them are like.
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03:13:24MaxdamantusWell, Rockblox is playable at least.
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03:14:18[Saint]To be perfectly honest, I just hide all that crap.
03:14:36[Saint]I use the main menu sort/item order config option to do so.
03:15:03[Saint]My Main menu has: Files, Resume Playback, and Settings.
03:15:07*Maxdamantus mostly just played Rockblox and listened to music on his last music player.
03:15:31[Saint]I don't touch any of the plugins at all, generally speaking.
03:15:37[Saint]If I do, it is usually a viewer.
03:16:40[Saint]Before having the option to configure the main menu, I used to just compile with all those options disabled, and no plugins except viewers.
03:17:29[Saint]No database, no recording (I use iPods, so recording is largely silly and cumbersome and my phone does an infinitely better job), no FM, etc. etc.
03:17:47[Saint]Hell, I even use the fallback theme these days.
03:18:12[Saint]system RAM consumption is like 6MB.
03:18:14MaxdamantusActually, I sometimes still use it for recording (Sansa Clip Zip).
03:19:10[Saint]I much prefer the additional battery life from a larger audiobuffer than I do additional features I might maybe use one day.
03:19:26[Saint]with flash based targets it isn;t so important.
03:19:47[Saint]with a platter, ideally, you want to be waking the disk as infrequently as possible.
03:20:49[Saint]my minimal use case for Rockbox is kinda counterintuitive for someone that spent so long with the theme engine.
03:21:59[Saint]I still have a bunch of work there I need to finish with touchscreen targets.
03:24:27*Maxdamantus wonders how far anyone's gone in implementing some sort of networking in Rockbox.
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03:26:20[Saint]I can't offhand think of a single supported device that that would make sense on.
03:26:31[Saint]The devices with networking we don't run as the host.
03:26:42[Saint]so the host takes care of networking.
03:27:36MaxdamantusWhat do you mean by "the host"?
03:27:37[Saint]If Rb did have a network stack, you'd just be having to plug it into a device that is vastly more capable and suited for the task of networking anyway.
03:27:50jtdesigns01well, it could possibly be useful if you got a uSD wifi card
03:27:52MaxdamantusOh, a USB host.
03:28:06MaxdamantusSurely there must be a couple of devices with WiFi.
03:28:11[Saint]The host OS. Rockbox doesn't always run as the primary OS.
03:28:12MaxdamantusThis ZEN X-Fi has it at least.
03:28:32MaxdamantusThat's not the case on this device.
03:29:25[Saint]The only thing I could think of that would be obviously useful would be DLNA et al.
03:29:42[Saint]But that would be a lot of work that touches many areas of the core for a tiny subset of devices.
03:29:54[Saint]One or two, IIRC.
03:30:32jtdesigns01hey guys, what about a uSD wifi card?
03:30:49jtdesigns01could it be made to work?
03:31:17MaxdamantusThere shouldn't be any hardware limitation.
03:31:52MaxdamantusI imagine that could introduce a bunch of use cases.
03:32:37MaxdamantusTake any small media player you can find, put a µSD WiFi card in it, have it mount a filesystem wirelessly from your phone.
03:33:24[Saint]or, y'know, use the sdcard as an sdcard. ;)
03:33:46[Saint]mount the filesystem as a filesystem, genius!
03:34:46MaxdamantusAnother use might be providing the filesystem from the SD card using a networking protocol, if that's advantageous (probably not, really, since RB doesn't really do much multitasking)
03:35:02Maxdamantuseg, my phone does crazily stupid things regarding sharing the SD card over USB.
03:35:22[Saint]I assume you mean MTP.
03:35:32[Saint]Which is neither crazy nor stupid (IMO).
03:35:35Maxdamantusit tries to unmount it before creating a UMS, but if that fails, it does a lazy unmount .. then proceeds.
03:35:44MaxdamantusMTP isn't a very good filesystem protocol.
03:35:55MaxdamantusIt doesn't have seek, append, etc, afaik
03:36:13[Saint]probably because it's not a filesystem protocol.
03:39:54fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision d57e651, 255 builds, 27 clients.
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04:28:48Maxdamantusfwiw, the networked filesystem thing would probably be relatively easy.
04:29:12Maxdamantuswhere the RB device is the server.
04:30:24Maxdamantuscan just have an application that creates an ad-hoc USB/ethernet adapter and runs 9P or something.
04:37:00[Saint]In theory.
04:37:17[Saint]It wouldn't be /that/ much work to put a basic network stack in Rockbox.
04:37:35[Saint]It's just largely a "why?" type thing.
04:38:09[Saint]For a large amount of devices you would be having to get your connection via a USB tether to a host.
04:38:28[Saint]And that host is likely infinitely better suited at doing every internet-related task imaginable.
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08:10:48MaxdamantusHm. When the "Default Codepage" is set to "Unicode (UTF-8)", what does the "UTF-8" bit signify?
08:10:59*Maxdamantus has a feeling he's asked this before.
08:11:22*Maxdamantus remembers modifying the FAT driver to make it actually use UTF-8.
08:22:26MaxdamantusActually, maybe it doesn't relate to filenames.
08:23:45Maxdamantusother data could reasonably be in particular encodings (FAT will probably always be assumed to be in one of UCS-2 or UTF-16 (the former, last I checked))
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15:41:00TheSevenprof_wolfff: honestly I don't remember much about g#898, but I guess the only reason why it wasn't committed is that nobody reviewed it
15:41:12fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #898 at : iPod Nano 2G and Classic: Fix power and charging detection. by Michael Sparmann
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17:51:00pamauryjtdesigns01: what is a uSD wifi card ?
17:52:44pamauryis that a wifi card in a uSD form factor ?
17:53:36orly_owlive seen sd ones but not uSD
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17:57:04pamauryhum, what I find on the internet are kinds of hotspot
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19:07:00[Franklin]foolsh: I think ducky is feature-complete now
19:07:17[Franklin]expression parsing works, and so do variables
19:08:03[Franklin]all that's really left to do is testing, and speed improvements
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23:29:22*[Franklin] thinks he can build expression parsing into the conditional jump
23:30:02[Franklin]like C's if(integer_variable)
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23:47:21fifthshiftathomehey all, I'm trying to swap out the HDD of my Ipod classic 160 GB (7th gen, I think?) with a 256 GB SD card
23:47:29fifthshiftathomeand I want to install rockbox on it
23:48:35fifthshiftathomeI should be swapping out the HDD before I try to install emcore/rockbox, right?
23:48:59TheSevendoesn't really make a difference
23:49:28fifthshiftathomeright on
23:49:35fifthshiftathomethat's what I needed to know, thank you

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