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#rockbox log for 2015-10-20

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00:27:47gartral[Saint]: autofsckk have you perhaps tried remaking the .Trash-1000 folder?
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00:42:33[Saint]Deleting the trash isn't ever going to directly affect the use of the device other than...deleting the trash.
00:42:53[Saint]If you were to trash anything else on that volume, it would just get recreated as required.
00:43:05[Saint]It's totally fine, it doesn't /have/ to exist at all.
00:43:23[Saint]Whatever issue you /are/ seeing is totally unrelated to this.
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00:44:37[Saint]And Rockbox itself couldn't care less about any file that exists outside of /.rockbox, technically speaking.
00:46:22[Saint]You could fsck the volume, I guess, but the results of that aren't exactly guaranteed when it comes to data recovery.
00:46:53[Saint]Assuming you have the media backed up elsewhere, just pop into the emCORE main menu, select 'Tools', and then format the volume.
00:48:11[Saint]Then extract a current Rockbox build for ipod6g to the root of the volume, transfer over your media again, and go about your business again.
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00:49:16[Saint]There's a wide and varied amount of reasons why a filesystem can become corrupt. On a Digital Audio Player I tend to think that data recovery isn't a worthwhile pursuit.
00:49:55[Saint]One generally will have the media backed up in a secondary location. A DAP is almost never used as the sole point of storage for media collections.
00:53:57autofsckki was searching for a solution, trying to dd before i check the drie and all that, but i think that my disk is corrupt :/ i dont have a backup of the music i have there so thats why i want to maybe recover it, and i understand [Saint] thanks for the explanation
00:54:30[Saint]well, hmmm.
00:54:31autofsckkone thing that i see very strange to me, is that it shows as a complete disk /dev/sdb instead of a partition, /dev/sdb1 is it ok?
00:55:34[Saint]we just use a superfloppy volume for the ipod6g
00:55:40[Saint](so, yes)
00:55:59autofsckkif i do a dd from all the disk would i be able to rescue information in that image? i get this from a dd i was trying to do and i was getting like 10G copied
00:56:52autofsckk[Saint]: should it be shown as sdb1 or sdb ?
00:58:12autofsckkthe disk is 160G, and is almost full, it will take forever to dd the backup :/ jajajajaja do you know other tool to make that task faster?
00:59:14[Saint]you could try run across the volume and attempt a recovery that way.
01:01:53[Saint]I don't know of any functionally equivalent *nix software of the same description.
01:02:52[Saint]How does it eventuate, might I ask, that your media player ended up being the sole point of contact for your media?
01:03:14[Saint]That sounds like a scary way to live life my friend. ;)
01:06:41autofsckki have some on an external 1T HD, but i have been strugling with my devices, i have just recovere another 1T xfs external HD that was death, i really dont know whats going on with my disks
01:07:57autofsckkthe thing is that if i recover my files and everything, but i wont be able to re install rockbox on my ipod again right? the first sectors of the disk are damaged, now i can use the player, i cant copy or delete anything, but at least it works, but after this i wont be able to use it anymore
01:13:17[Saint]If you think (or know) that you have HDD sector damage, you can boot to the emCORE main menu, select 'Tools' and then select 'Run UMSboot'.
01:13:38[Saint]You can then push this ( ) .ubi file to the device and run it.
01:14:15[Saint]It will scan for and attempt recovery and mapping of bad sectors, which Rockbox and emCORE can then use.
01:15:17[Saint]This scan can take a _VERY_ long time, so the iPod will need to be powered and left undisturbed.
01:16:10[Saint]The scan and repair can take anywhere from a few hours, to a week or longer for an extremely badly damaged disk.
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01:16:32[Saint]So it will need to be powered externally for the duration of that scan.
01:16:42autofsckki get input/output errors, im not an expert but when i get those its more likely that some sectors are bad
01:18:16autofsckkok, i have too little space left there, i have maybe 140G of 160, could that be enough for that procedure? i know that it will depend on the amount of bad sectors right?
01:18:20[Saint]Well, instead of jumping straight into an extremely low level scan that can take hours/days/week(s), the very first thing that I would try is to simply format the volume via the emCORE main menu.
01:18:53[Saint]emCORE Main Menu - Tools - Reformat data partition
01:19:31TheSevenI/O errors are a fairly sure sign of bad sectors though
01:19:33[Saint]If after that you /still/ have problems, /then/ we will look at doing a lowlevel scan using hddscan2
01:19:44TheSevenany clicking noise from the disk while those errors occur?
01:20:31[Saint]It surely can't hurt to just try formating the volume at least. and it would make hddscan2 faster if it were to not fix the issue directly, unless I'm mistaken.
01:20:36autofsckkTheSeven: yes indeed, i hear some clicking but not with those errors, while starting the ipod
01:21:10[Saint]do you have a very old emCORE version by any chance?
01:21:36autofsckk[Saint]: ok so i will go to boot on winsucks and try try to recover what i dont have on my disk, and the ill format and come back, thanks
01:21:39[Saint]the older ones did do a bit of an aggressive switch when booting Rockbox.
01:21:57autofsckki dont think its too old, tel me see de version
01:22:06[Saint]it would make a pretty sickening click during boot.
01:22:45[Saint]but that was fixed, I'm fairly confident it is fixed in the latest release version.
01:22:55autofsckk8618f2c-141129 <−−- is that the version?
01:23:13TheSevenwell normal load/unload clicks are normal, but repeated clicking at the same interval (a bit less than a second) while attempting to access data (which is also very slow) is suspicious
01:23:24TheSeventhat's a rockbox version from 2014
01:23:54TheSeventhe emcore version is displayed briefly at the top of the display immediately after powering it on, before the boot menu comes up
01:23:56[Saint]there should be an r*** number for the emCORE version during boot to the emCORE main menu or the white screen that flashes very quickly at boot.
01:24:04autofsckkthat is the first rockbox that i use, im not very familiar with it really
01:24:49[Saint]how long ago did you install emCORE?
01:24:56autofsckkthis is the file i used, i have it on my home installer-ipodclassic-r859-20120102
01:25:05[Saint]AH, I see. Hmmm.
01:25:15[Saint]That is correct and up-to-date.
01:25:21autofsckki have a 160G classic ipod
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01:25:58[Saint]In that case it probably is a safe bet to just jump straight into running hddscan2 on the volume
01:26:27TheSevendo we have a rockbox dev build with the SMART patch?
01:26:35TheSeventhat might also be worth a look at
01:27:12[Saint]Current Rockbox builds have this, yes.
01:27:51[Saint]prof_wolfff committed most of his ipod6g backlog a while ago.
01:27:54TheSevenso check if there are any pending sectors, however that works, I've never used such a new rockbox build ;)
01:28:03autofsckkTheSeven: i remember when i was reading about on how to put rockbox on my ipod, it was a challenge, i couldnt find specific information for this ipod, and it said too that it was like in beta stage, that it was not so secure or something like that, it took me a lot of searching
01:28:11[Saint]Pretty much everything except the slightly fucky scaling
01:28:59autofsckki really want to thank you for this AWESOME "firmware"? how should i call it? app? it really really rocks!!
01:29:05TheSevenautofsckk: yes, this is still a bit of an immature rockbox port, but someone is finally, after years of not much progress, going to finish it off from what it looks like
01:29:39[Saint]autofsckk: currently the ipod6g port is classed as 'unusable', but this is pretty much solely due to the fact that it uses and relies on emCORE as a bootloader presently.
01:30:12autofsckkfor me it has been a very usable
01:30:18[Saint]The port is perfectly usable, and current git head versions of ROckbox for ipod6g enable most of the features that were missing compared to the other iPods.
01:30:58[Saint]The only real reason it is classed as 'unusable' now is because of the fact that there is no Rockbox bootloader and no Rockbox Utility installation method.
01:31:33autofsckkthat bootloader and utility is better than the one i have? simplier?
01:31:37[Saint]Anyway, let us know when you have finished with your data recovery and/or disk image dump.
01:32:19autofsckki dont remember how the hell i did the install in the first place, is it ok if i come back here after the backup and ask for some help from you guys?
01:32:31[Saint]And, yes, the bootloader being developed for the ipod6g for Rockbox is significantly less complex when compared to emCORE.
01:32:46[Saint]emCORE was never really intended to be used mass scale for the general public.
01:33:00[Saint]That kind of happened organically.
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01:38:43autofsckk[Saint] and TheSeven thanks for your help, ill be back soon :D
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01:58:07[Saint]prof_wolfff: (logs) there's something fucky with git head build on ipod6g.
01:58:37[Saint]If you use play/pause to force a shutdown, you get a warning about it shutting down due to critical battery.
01:59:23[Saint]I can't figure it out. my battery is fine.
01:59:52[Saint]Most annoying theng is that I can't remember what Rockbox version I just updated from. :-/
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02:54:17autofsckk[Saint]: are you there? i recovered very little but no problem, now you told me to in embore boot find tools > Run UMSboot ?
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03:29:04autofsckki formated the disc from encore, i copied the .rockbox folder from this file and it looks like it is installed, but i cant copy files to the drive, y try to chmod 777 but not working, is there something else i should do so i can copy files to the drive?
03:40:06*[Franklin] runs rockbox through doxygen
03:59:29autofsckkcool my ipod is working again :D
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09:08:16moffittHey, cool, people are still in here!
09:08:34moffittI spent a good part of today making myself a little patch to fix a few bugs on the 1G iPods
09:08:49moffittI found evidence of some work being done to fix the problems I had in the past, but nothing fully complete
09:09:01moffittThe most obvious issue is that the scroll wheel wouldn't respond in any way
09:09:33moffittThe less obvious issues are the ADC being initialized improperly, and the battery life not being read correctly at all
09:09:48moffittThe complication is that it seems there are at least two different "subrevisions" of the 1G ipod
09:10:00moffittSome will return 1 for the hardware revision register, but it seems others do not (0?)
09:10:10moffittAnyway, I had multiple iPods, one which does report its hardware as "1" and one which does not
09:10:14moffittErgo, rockbox works great on just one of them
09:10:40moffittI went through the various ipod 1G-specific files and changed checks for IPOD_HW_REVISION >> 16 for != 2, rather than == 1, and that's gotten it working great across the board
09:11:01moffittThe battery indicator is back and correct, the scroll wheel works, and (probably) the ADC works well.
09:11:06moffittMusic playback has been fine in all cases
09:11:16moffittAnyway, not sure what the procedure is for committing and merging a change like this, if there's interest
09:11:33moffittThe channel looks pretty empty right now, but I'm writing all of this in hopes someone will stumble across a log later, or at least come back from AFK and read all of this
09:17:38moffittFor now I've collected it here:
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