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#rockbox log for 2015-10-24

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02:28:39*[Franklin] might as well add a call stack if he's going to implement subroutines
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03:27:25autofsckkhello? somebody alive? ja i recently re-format my ipod6 with emcore because it had some problems and i couldnt connect through usb, i putted .rockbox again on root path and some music, everything was going great, but today (2 days after) i got a message telling that i couldnt find **** dont remember what, but that i had to connect usb to fix it, i couldnt see anything with usb, so i re-formated with enc
03:27:31autofsckkore and repeated the procedure, my question is that if that error is normal, or should i make something else ?
03:30:07[Saint]No, that error is not "normal".
03:30:36[Saint]I highly suspect that you are failing to safely the device when you connect it to a host.
03:30:43[Saint]*safely remove
03:31:18[Saint]this is a very important step that people often overlook because they think it is entirely safe to plug and unplug a USB storage volume whenever they please.
03:31:28[Saint](it isn't)
03:32:24autofsckki always disconnect it safely, i use thunar and from there i right click it and umount it, wait until it tells me everything is alright
03:34:20autofsckkcould it be that it has some bad blocks on the hd? should i check it ?
03:34:42[Saint]We went over that the last time you discussed this.
03:35:08autofsckki did not checked it, i just re-formated it
03:36:58[Saint]Well, that's nice, but we did indeed discuss this.
03:37:12[Saint]I even linked you to the tool you were to use, and described the procedure.
03:38:00autofsckki have downloaded now as you told me, i put it on ipods root folder, what i have to do now?
03:38:36[Saint][2015 10 20 12:13:19] <[Saint]> If you think (or know) that you have HDD sector damage, you can boot to the emCORE main menu, select 'Tools' and then select 'Run UMSboot'.
03:38:36[Saint][2015 10 20 12:13:39] <[Saint]> You can then push this ( ) .ubi file to the device and run it.
03:38:36[Saint][2015 10 20 12:14:16] <[Saint]> It will scan for and attempt recovery and mapping of bad sectors, which Rockbox and emCORE can then use.
03:38:36DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
03:38:36[Saint][2015 10 20 12:15:19] <[Saint]> This scan can take a _VERY_ long time, so the iPod will need to be powered and left undisturbed.
03:38:37[Saint][2015 10 20 12:16:11] <[Saint]> The scan and repair can take anywhere from a few hours, to a week or longer for an extremely badly damaged disk.
03:38:39[Saint][2015 10 20 12:16:34] <[Saint]> So it will need to be powered externally for the duration of that scan.
03:38:40autofsckkyes i know, i have the info you gave me, well ill connect my ipod to a power line
03:39:07[Saint]apparently you don't know, because you're not actually doing as it instructs.
03:42:33autofsckki now try to run UMSboot from emcore and it says that i have to safely eject and unplug it, but you also told me to plug it because it will take a lot of time
03:42:56autofsckkso what should i do? disconnecta, boot and then reconnect? or reboot with the cable attached?
03:44:05[Saint]safely eject, unplug, then replug. Ejecting is only required here to trigger running the hddscan2 binary.
03:44:50autofsckki already eject from my computer but now it is connected to power line so the battery does not die
03:45:28[Saint]That's fine. It doesn't matter what the power source is so long as there is one.
03:45:45autofsckkit says that not ubi file is found, but i have just downloaded it on the root path or is it have to be on a specific path maybe?
03:46:28[Saint]Did you put the .ubi file onto the UMSboot volume as described?
03:46:33[Saint]I think not.
03:47:46[Saint]UMSboot will present a ~64MB UMSboot volume. _That_ is where the .ubi file needs to be copied to.
03:48:00[Saint]I'm fairly confident that the UMSboot helper screen even states this.
03:53:03autofsckkits scanning now
03:53:47[Saint]it will continue to do so for a very long time.
03:54:10[Saint]anywhere from a matter of hours, to a matter of weeks.
03:54:17autofsckki see, 39 million blocks ja
03:54:46autofsckki deleted everything on it, hope it helps
04:05:57autofsckk[Saint]: thanks for the help again, ill be back when the scan finishes, what should i do when it is over?, boot again and delete the file i copied on that UMSboot volume?
04:07:48[Saint]That file only existed in RAM for the short duration when it was connected to the host and before it was executed. UMSboot is a RAMdisk (that's why it is ~64MB, the amount of RAM these devices have), not the device storage.
04:08:30[Saint]After the scan completes, if it completes, just force DFU mode, reinstall emCORE, replace the Rockbox binary, and go on with your life.
04:09:55autofsckkif it completes? :S jajajajajaj ok, well if it completes ill be back to thank you again, and if not i will come back when i get a new device where to put rockbox on :D
04:10:27autofsckkhow do i force DFU mode?
04:12:49autofsckkok thanks
04:16:02autofsckkgood night, bye
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08:28:45Von_Hullo! I have a quick question: Does rockbox support any filesystems other than FAT32?
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08:40:07pamauryVon_: no
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08:47:58Von_Okie, thanks!
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19:42:09PoodlemastahHey, does anyone have experience compiling the rockbox toolchain on GCC 5?
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21:35:42pamauryPoodlemastah: I don't know, but it would be useful to have some feedback on it I guess
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23:38:06mshathlonxpweek ago got smartphone, just installed rockbox on it, but it has sound with clipping noise - could there be something done to get rid of that?
23:40:32[Franklin]rockbox on android is essentially dead
23:41:05[Franklin]if there's anyone to do it, it's you
23:46:20mshathlonxpdoes that means that rockbox project itself is dead?
23:50:33[Franklin]rockbox isn't dead
23:51:07[Franklin](well, a project is never really "dead" −− someone can always pick up where it left off)
23:51:18[Franklin]but rockbox still has people working on it actively
23:54:10[Franklin]if you want to work on the android port, there's nothing in your way
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