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#rockbox log for 2015-10-28

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01:58:51*[Franklin] seems to have made it work
02:01:51[Franklin]no hash collisions, 40% efficiency
02:02:34[Franklin]so about 1K of memory wasted...
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16:31:14autofsckkhello, after 4 days the of the HD bad blocks checker it finally ended but today i have this screen today , what should i do now?
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17:01:54foolshcrap can someone move,51074.0.html to "New Ports"
17:02:01foolshI messed up
17:15:13autofsckkHi, im trying to reinstall rockbox on my ipod classic 6gen, im reading this guide but i cant find the Apple > Ipod Classic (6th gen) from the list players what should i select then?
17:16:49autofsckki found it under disabled, thanks anyway
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17:21:52micahhi, i just used the installer to install the dev version on a sansa clip+ −− i provided the orignal sandisk firmware and the install seemed to go fine
17:22:09micahbut now the device is sitting in the original firmware, it didn't reboot or anything
17:23:12micah if i power it off and back on, i get the original sansa firmware
17:26:10micahoh, i had to mount it first :o
17:27:15micahhm, ok... i did that, and then it tried to boot, but failed
17:27:25micahnow its in bootloader USB mode
17:29:07gevaertsAre you sure you installed the main firmware and not just the bootloader on your second attempt?
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17:30:24micahno, i think the problem was I didn't umount the fs
17:30:24micahi just did it again and it worked
17:43:07autofsckkis there a way i can pass the emcore startup screen?
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17:50:43*gevaerts recommends #freemyipod-support for emcore related stuff
17:52:03autofsckkgevaerts: thanks
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18:08:22autofsckki have some ogg files with album cover art on it but i cant see the image on rockbox, is it supported?
18:19:12foolshautofsckk: I've had trouble with some themes not showing it, but I do imagine it "should" be supported
18:20:20autofsckkfoolsh: im reading about the right formats and that stuff im changing the image just in case its because of that, ill look for some other ogg files with album art to see if it is the image format or the ogg that is wrong
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18:22:56autofsckkwell it wasnt the jpg :/ ja
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19:30:29autofsckkmy ipod seems to be working ok after the HDD scanner, but is there a way to see the result of it? when i woke up this morning and try to see what happened with it after 4 days of waiting it just was a screen telling me about a kernel panic, i rebooted it and reinstall everything and well it looks like its working, but i would like to see a result, to see how many blocks are not working and that, is ther
19:30:35autofsckke a way ?
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20:21:44autofsckkfoolsh: i think the safest way to go with showing album art is to put the jpg right in the folder, i have mp3 ogg and flac files but i see that maybe flac have no support but by putting the image file there it will always show, and also depends on the theme you are using :/
20:21:59autofsckkfoolsh: have you read this?
20:28:06foolshautofsckk: Ah it's not supported for vorbis,
20:32:52gevaertsOh, maybe
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20:42:34autofsckki was "fixing" my music for the last 4 days while my ipod was scanning the HD jajajajajaja well i guess that now i have a very ordered music collection with all files well tagged, now i just have to put the image files for those ogg and flac
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20:48:36autofsckkits really not important, the sound quality is superb on rockbox :D i dont mind the other stuff ja
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22:05:03wodzpamaury: Looks like I finally managed to decipher DSP payload. The code disasembles in IDA to something 'meaningful' considering I know next to nothing about adsp218x ISA
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22:35:02wodzpamaury: Heh the code really seems valid. I see communication routines which correspond to MIPS code.
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22:37:49pamaurygreat :) Do you plan to use the DSP
22:39:06wodzIts obscure architecture. I am mostly interested because dsp is used in recovery process to decrypt/descramble something
22:39:17 Part chrisb ("rcirc on GNU Emacs")
22:39:57wodzBut it is always nice to reverse engineer such piece of hardware :-)
22:40:39pamauryreally ? that weird to the dsp for this
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22:42:03wodzI guess it is a) heritage of s1mp3 days b) probably purely by accident this makes reverse engineering of update protocol considerably harder
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23:43:16autofsckkim looking for the "best" way to sync my music from my computer to my ipod, any recomendations? im thinking about making locally a symlink folder from my music collection to just select the one i want to put in my device and then just rsync it, im looking to see how to do it, but if somebody give me a better idea on how to do it ill appreciate it a lot :D
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