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#rockbox log for 2015-11-07

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01:08:21[Franklin]yay, fixed it
01:08:37[Franklin]need to set ptr = realloc(ptr, sz) instead of ignoring the new value
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01:23:18wodzI experimented with DSP core in atj213x. Instruction set is compatible with adsp218x but with a twist that it uses 24bit data. PX register is repurposed to provide MSB when loading registers with immediates. Since DM and PM have the same word width PX is not used during data moves between memories.
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01:25:28wodziram is splited in half - first part is mapped as PM, the second part is mapped as DM
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02:11:35[Saint]Man, that was odd.
02:11:42[Saint]errr, whoops.
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13:14:04teilzeitstudentis there a special magic required for rockbox to pick up .m3u playlists after a DB scan? nothing is listed in "playlist catalog", but selecting the file plays it np
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17:26:39rasherteilzeitstudent: It's been a while, but iirc, the playlist catalog is not a list of your playlist files
17:29:03rasherteilzeitstudent: The manual seems to agree with me:
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17:38:41[7]are there reports of devices other than ipod classic taking ages (tens of seconds) to mount on windows?
17:40:07[7]I just ran into some behavior of windows in another project, that I believe would cause about a minute of delay during mount if a device behaves like rockbox's code seems to
17:41:01[7]we reject MODE SENSE commands with page code != 0x3f with SENSE_ILLEGAL_REQUEST ASC_INVALID_FIELD_IN_CBD
17:41:17[7]windows repeatedly tries to request page code 0x08, and is unhappy about that being rejected
17:41:29[7]providing a dummy 4-byte mode page for all page codes seems to solve it
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18:30:31teilzeitstudentrasher: oh thanks, didnt get the implication of "player’s specified playlist directory"
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19:44:43[7]gevaerts: ^
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20:11:48gevaerts[7]: I very vaguely seem to remember something similar
20:13:04gevaertsI just wish I'd remember what I remember
20:16:08gevaertsSomeone had a problem with possibly windows being slow, and we got some debug output showing something was missing, and then we either added that or discussed adding that
20:16:17gevaertsMaybe pamaury remembers
20:16:27*gevaerts did say it was vague :)
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20:19:03gevaerts0x08 is the caching mode page
20:19:09gevaertsI think
20:19:27gevaertsAnd I do seem to remember once having implemented that or considering it...
20:19:37*gevaerts 's memory seems to be totally shot
20:20:14[7]I haven't found any handling of that in git head
20:20:55gevaertsAh, found it. It sits in FS #10239
20:20:55fs-bluebot_ USB storage write caching (patches, closed)
20:21:51gevaertsWe don't want the actual caching bits, but maybe we should grab the caching mode page from there
20:22:17[7]while diagnosing this I compared the SCSI transactions to some cheap microsd card reader
20:22:46[7]the card reader just returns 4-byte responses for any mode sense commands, and windows seems to be happy with that
20:23:05gevaertsOK, so presumably all OSes handle that properly
20:23:20gevaertsThen I'd say that's the easiest and probably most compatible fix
20:23:51gevaertsThe problem with providing an actual caching page is that we need to make sure the details are correct
20:24:11gevaertsAlthough IIRC many devices don't so at least linux ignores that anyway
20:24:53gevaertsIf you have the code for the dummy responses ready, I'd say go for it
20:25:10[7]I haven't for rockbox, but it's trivial
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20:26:48gevaertsShould be, yes
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22:26:25DablessHey ! I'd like to know if there is a way to add current playlist song to a playlist/rate it/note it to a list. I really like to listen to new music on the go and I would like a binding to note the song I like. Not sure if it's possible
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23:00:00DablessBump, I'll make a post on the forum too
23:01:20[Saint]If at all possible, try to say something that's categorically wrong.
23:01:26[Saint]...I feel like yelling at someone.
23:06:20DablessWhy is that wrong ?
23:06:45DablessSorry if my english is not really good it's not my main language I can rephrase if you'd like
23:06:51[Franklin][Saint] likes writing novels :P
23:07:59DablessOh you were not responding to my question
23:08:09[Saint]I was.
23:08:18[Saint]It was just an (apparently) failed attempt at humor.
23:08:31DablessShit sorry
23:08:38[Saint]The actual answer to your question is, the context menu is your friend.
23:09:11[Saint]Bring up the context menu on the WPS for the currently playing track to unleash a torrent of options for that selection.
23:10:31DablessYeah I took a look on that and I din't find anything that can help me
23:10:41Dablesslike "rate song" or "add to playlist"
23:10:58[Franklin]there is add to playlist
23:11:13DablessWell, there is save to current playlist but I never found that "current playlist"
23:12:13[Saint]I'm not 100%, but I /think/ the track rating is only available if the database is initialized?
23:12:24[Saint]I like NEVER use the database (it's redendant), so, yeah.
23:13:06DablessWell I am stupid, there is add to X playlist, is there a way to make a new playlist directly form my player ?
23:13:35[Saint]Sure. Bring up the context menu on the track, subdirectory, or directory.
23:13:48[Saint]That'll work in both FIles and Database.
23:14:36[Saint]Playlists in Rockbox is a bit weird, because the user first needs to understand that _all_ playback in Rockbox is playlist based.
23:14:48[Saint]...even if the user hasn't specifically built a playlist.
23:15:11DablessI am stupid
23:15:13[Saint]Anything that's currently playing is sent to the 'dynamic playlist'.
23:15:13Dablessand you guys rock
23:15:17[Franklin]aka the "dynamic playlist"
23:15:24DablessI was looking for that for like 6 months
23:15:31DablessThank a lot
23:15:34[Franklin]heh, too late :(
23:15:37[Saint]It's not obvious. I admit.
23:15:47[Saint]Our fine manual is very well written, though.
23:16:15[Saint]It's easy to think "this is just an audio player, I don't need a manual", but Rockbox is a very complex machine.
23:16:43DablessComplex and really complete
23:16:53Dablessit's crazy I really like it
23:17:03Dablessall the thing I can do on my litle sansa clip
23:17:49[Saint]Being able to play DooM has to be one of the most absurd and awesome things I have ever seen on an audio player.
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