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#rockbox log for 2015-11-24

00:07:37jtdesigns01well it doesnt seem to like autostarting for me
00:08:15[Franklin]jtdesigns01: be sure to uncomment #define AUTOROCK in apps/main.c
00:08:23jtdesigns01yeah i did
00:08:43jtdesigns01and actually its autostart.rock
00:08:54[Franklin]oh, sorry
00:09:05[Franklin]where's it saved?
00:10:56[Franklin]try putting a splash() call after #ifdef AUTOROCK on apps/main.c:184 to let you know if it's actually getting there
00:11:25jtdesigns01well well, found it
00:12:03jtdesigns01i reoved the call to if file exists and i got "SDL error 'Failed loading simdisk/.rockbox/rocks/apps/autostart.rock: simdisk/.rockbox/rocks/apps/autostart.rock: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
00:12:36jtdesigns01so its looking in the wrong place
00:13:49[Franklin]make sure you're saving it in the right place then
00:14:08jtdesigns01so i guess i`ll just remove that whole defined directory prefix thing in the filling of file
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02:42:37mcanonersonHas there been any possible update to the gigabeat-s installation instructions since the 2011 wiki instructions? E.g., some sort of git-based instructions?
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03:08:19jtdesigns01ssorry to ask a somewhat noobish question, but why wont this work ?
03:09:21[Franklin]where does it crash?
03:09:24jtdesigns01the current compile outputs a junk char
03:09:41jtdesigns01other times it has outputted other strings from the theme
03:09:55jtdesigns01its actually kind of funny sometimes
03:10:11*[Franklin] probably screwed up his util_alloc function
03:10:12jtdesigns01and it compiles fine
03:10:31[Franklin]oh, are the filenames null-terminated?
03:10:54jtdesigns01yeah i think they are
03:11:00[Franklin]are you sure?
03:11:08jtdesigns01okay okay ill look
03:11:20*jtdesigns01 gets the hex editor pulled up
03:12:44jtdesigns01yep, all 00s unitl the end of the 13 bytes
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03:16:01[Franklin]can you pastebin the util_alloc function?
03:16:57[Franklin]agh darn
03:17:15[Franklin]change void *plugin_buffer to static void *plugin_buffer
03:17:34[Franklin]sorry, forgot to test it :/
03:19:04jtdesigns01actually, i removed that myself because it causes "error: initializer element is not constant
03:19:04jtdesigns01 static void *plugin_buffer = rb->plugin_get_buffer(&bytes_left);"
03:19:40[Franklin]ok, then put static void *plugin buffer = NULL;
03:21:56jtdesigns01and... still junk char
03:22:20jtdesigns01i am going to make sure i`m not just reading in bad data
03:27:12jtdesigns01just wow.
03:27:30*jtdesigns01 slams his head against the wall for the second time today
03:27:49jtdesigns01i needed this struct gob_idx_entry {
03:27:49jtdesigns01 uint32_t IX;
03:27:49jtdesigns01 uint32_t LEN;
03:27:49DBUGEnqueued KICK jtdesigns01
03:27:49jtdesigns01 char filename[13];
03:28:09jtdesigns01but i had this
03:28:10jtdesigns01struct gob_idx_entry {
03:28:10jtdesigns01 char filename[13];
03:28:10***Alert Mode level 1
03:28:10jtdesigns01 uint32_t pointer;
03:28:10***Alert Mode level 2
03:28:51jtdesigns01i have no idea at all how i wrote the struct so completely different from the file format specs
03:30:39[Franklin]make sure you specify __attribute__((packed)) for the structs
03:30:49[Franklin]otherwise there might be some padding inserted by the compiler
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03:34:10*foolsh dug up another kyocera hydro, now he can follow along with [Franklin]
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04:22:36jtdesigns01hey [0DDC0FFEE]
04:22:46[0DDC0FFEE]hello jtdesigns01
04:23:23[0DDC0FFEE]I'm new here
04:23:30jtdesigns01i can tell
04:23:38jtdesigns01is there something i can help you with?
04:24:10[0DDC0FFEE]no, thanks though ;)
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05:07:06mcanonersonIs there a year for the models of the Gigabeat S that rockbox works with?
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06:47:47Saratogamcanonerson: shouldn't matter as far as I know
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14:21:13soap_All Gigabeat S
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18:04:55jtdesigns01gevaerts: am i right in thinking that the audio buffer takes up all the available memory that is not used as something else?
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18:06:35gevaertsWell, mostly. There are some edge cases such as the plugin buffer
18:07:35jtdesigns01so when you ned more memory than the 512 or 1024 kb of plugin buf, you take it fromn audiobuf?
18:09:12gevaertsYes. That will stop playback though, unless I'm misremembering the buflib work
18:09:48gevaertsAnd you're optimistic if you think that 512K is the lowest :)
18:10:06jtdesigns01does buflib automatically handle all the buffer switching?
18:10:23jtdesigns01currnetly i`m using rb->plugin_get_buffer(&bytes_left);
18:10:46jtdesigns01would buflib be a better idea?
18:11:43gevaertsI don't think you have any other options than plugin_get_buffer()
18:12:48jtdesigns01how would i free a plugin_get_buffered buffer?
18:13:04jtdesigns01or do i even need to?
18:13:10gevaertsI think just by stopping the plugin
18:13:20gevaertsThe lowest plugin buffer we have is 32K, but you probably don't care about those
18:13:45gevaerts(old archoses)
18:13:55jtdesigns01nope, i`m making a 3d game (optimistic, i know) so i`m gonna need all the ram i can get
18:14:56gevaertsThe sansa clip v1 has 64K, sansa c200 v2 has 80K, then it's 512K at least for the rest
18:15:40*gevaerts doesn't think one wants to play 3d games on a clip or a c200 :)
18:17:41jtdesigns01it would be rather hard especially on the clip
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20:13:26markatlisHi prof_wolfff. Excellent work you have done on the Rockbox dualboot functionality for iPod classic! Do you have further plans to release the dfu files for Patch Set 3? Thanks! :)
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20:28:19prof_wolfffmarkatlis: i am finishing a new patch set 4 that includes a mk6gboot.exe to make the install process more simple, no need to install additional drivers or python on Windows, in addition it hides the boot menu, CENTER+RIGHT button just switch default FW (RB or Apple) silently
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20:31:26markatlisprof_wolfff: That is awesome! Keep up the good work! Might I ask you when do you think you would be releasing it? Very exciting news.
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20:38:48prof_wolfffmarkatlis: i hope to publish the new patch on gerrit in a couple of days, but for a complete bootloader (including RockboxUtility.exe to install it from Windows) it could take a few weeks, sadly i am going to be a bit busy next days
20:40:51markatlisThat is very good news! I'll keep a watchful eye when it is released :D
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20:45:37markatlisprof_wolfff: Is it ok for you if I promote your work on the Rockbox dualboot functionality on the website? There is a vibrant community there especially at the following link: I have tried as much as possible to credit your work there to you. There are a lot of people expectant on the development work that you are creating!
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21:11:33prof_wolfffmarkatlis: of course, i am aware of the is-happening thread, be sure i read it from time to time to notice the commented issues, but have no time to participate, i am in contact with a couple of users that are ready to cooperate in future IAP development
21:12:35 Quit Smx (Excess Flood)
21:13:24prof_wolfffmy contribution is focused on iPod Classic support for Rockbox, but it is very small compared with the RB team work (rockbox is amazing, including the RockboxUtility), in addition it could not be possible without TheSeven and freemyipod team work, almost all bootloader code is based on emCORE
21:16:01 Join Smx [0] (Elite8556@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-bdtxagitnjwkniav)
21:45:54jtdesigns01wow, this is officially weird. i have managed to cause rockbox to crash from within a plugin
21:47:48jtdesigns01this compiles and runs fine, but when it ends, it segfaults
21:47:54jtdesigns01Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
21:47:55jtdesigns01lcd_scroll_stop_viewport (vp=0x544f422020302048)
21:47:55jtdesigns01 at /home/jonathan/rockbox/firmware/drivers/lcd-scroll.c:99
21:47:55DBUGEnqueued KICK jtdesigns01
21:47:55jtdesigns0199 LCDFN(scroll_stop_viewport_rect)(vp, 0, 0, vp->width, vp->height);
21:50:37jtdesigns01here is gdb stepping through starting at line 64:
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22:23:03prof_wolfffis someone maintaining rbutil? i am trying to add support for the iPod Classic dual bootloader, the code is almost finished, it compiles and works with a few issues on XP and Win7 (static build using Qt 5.1.1 and gcc 4.8.1, IIRC), but i never used Qt before and i am not updated on Windows programming, i have some doubts about what are the expected target OS for a future new official build (including Mac?), and have other doubts on
22:23:03prof_wolfffwhat is the right way to do some things on rbutil
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