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#rockbox log for 2015-12-03

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08:18:11xdemaxi need help
08:18:23xdemaxmy clip+ is dead
08:19:01xdemaxim using rockbox
08:20:04xdemaxafter three years of work nand died
08:20:23xdemaxsomebody has an experience of its replacement?
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15:55:51Link8hey [Saint]
15:55:53Link8u around?
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16:11:12Link8the scan is almost done
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18:11:15*[Saint] wonders how me managed to reply to a forum post that doesn't actually appear to show as public.
18:11:20[Saint]*how he
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22:15:56[Saint]Hmmmm. I can't figure it out.
22:16:03[Saint]Perhaps it was some weird timing issue?
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23:08:33BBPPhello world
23:08:55BBPPIs there someone around that know about Android port?
23:09:01*[Franklin] looks at [Saint]
23:09:28[Saint]BBPP: What is it that you wish to know exactly?
23:09:29BBPPWiki didn't help much sadly
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23:10:05[Saint]What is it that you wish to know?
23:10:06BBPPwhat are the supported device/procos?
23:10:39BBPPDoes rockbox on any android device?
23:11:21BBPPif not, where should I look for information plz?
23:11:31[Saint]ARM, android 2.1~4.4.4
23:12:13BBPPoh ok
23:12:30[Saint](5.0+ forces the ART runtime and releases the Dalvik runtime entirely, and we have some threading issues which makes Rockbox crash when using the ART runtime)
23:12:40BBPPBecause I was wondering what should I tweak to get it working on my device
23:13:22[Saint]The only other stipulation is that the build target resolution _must_ match the framebuffer resolution for the target device exactly.
23:14:14[Saint]We do actually also support MIPS on the Android port I believe, but those devices are obscure, and I doubt the codebase was ever tested extensively.
23:15:53[Saint]Other than that the only criteria for "supported device" is ">2.1; <5.0; ARM".
23:18:07gevaerts[Saint]: it started and it played audio for at least three minutes! How much more extensively can one test things? :)
23:19:26[Saint]I'm having a hard time even remembering what device that was...I know I had one of them. Some Archos thing?
23:19:40[Saint]It wasn't the Archos A*IT tablet things....hmmm.
23:20:17[Saint]There was only like 3 or 4 MIPS based Android devices that hit the mainstream public. I should remember this lol.
23:20:55BBPPok, then those new devices are out?
23:21:07BBPPthose qualcoms cpus?
23:21:34gevaerts[Saint]: mine is an ainol novo 7 paladin
23:22:11 Join fifthshiftathome [0] (
23:22:27BBPPI have a Blackberry Q10
23:22:54BBPPruning a 4.2.2 ART
23:23:43[Saint]If it's on 4.2.2, and you're using the ART runtime, either the maintainer of the ROM is a complete idiot, or you specifically enabled the ART runtime, which is a fairly stupid thing to do.
23:24:10[Saint]The ART runtime is completely non-interesting for end-users prior to 5.0
23:24:34BBPPthat the way Blackberry get .apk working
23:24:45[Saint](which is why it is tucked away in the developer options and comes with a fairly explicit warning upon enabling it)
23:25:09BBPPWe have a QNX(Blackberry) Os with that ART runtime to help the app gap
23:25:36[Saint]The ART runtime does no such thing in this scenario.
23:26:04[Saint]You should be using Dalvik. For stability and compatibility.
23:26:04BBPPyou mean I canot make Rockbox working for us?
23:26:13[Saint]Not on ART, no. You cannot.
23:26:15BBPPThat not my question
23:26:32BBPPBB doesn't have open sorces!
23:27:12BBPPWe have a qnx retail os (a great one) and with have that android runtime
23:27:29BBPPWe I was thinking about makin Rockbox works on
23:27:40[Saint]Well...I'm terribly sorry, but, using the ART runtime in Android 4.* for any reason other than preparing for the Dalvik-.ART runtime transition as a developer is idiotic.
23:27:49[Saint]It's a harsh way of saying it, but, it's true.
23:27:57[Saint]There's no practical benefit.
23:28:01BBPPDon't be that speed man
23:28:09[Saint]And a host of downsides.
23:28:23 Join Rower [0] (
23:28:44BBPPBlackberry had to make some linux (android kernels) wrking on top of their QNX OS
23:29:28BBPPto make ART working
23:29:43BBPPas both are posix compliant
23:30:09BBPPand that they didn't Google autorisation to do so ;°
23:30:10[Saint]That's all very well and good. But it's irrelevant. There's two facts at play here:
23:30:10[Saint]Fact 1: You will not run Rockbox on this device if it is enforcing the ART runtime
23:30:10[Saint]Fact 2: Using the ART runtime prior to Android 5.0 is massively idiotic
23:30:37BBPPOk, thx for the point 1
23:31:26BBPPfor the point 2, you surely would have save billion dollar company making the work yourself of course ;°
23:31:52BBPPI just tried to explain what we have. I donh't
23:32:06BBPPI dont work for Blackberry
23:33:08BBPPJust wanted to know if I could look at some codes to make rockbox working
23:33:22gevaertsSure, you can have a go :)
23:34:06[Saint]Are you absolutely positive that this device enforces the ART runtime by default, and that you didn't specifically enable it via the developer settings?
23:34:48BBPPI'm trying to dig at some mor info now
23:34:49[Saint]Did this device ship with Google Apps installed? I know nothing about Blackberry. But I don't see how they could have passed CTS with ART enabled.
23:34:52BBPPlet's see
23:34:59BBPPwith amazon app store
23:35:14[Saint]Aha. I see. Well, that makes some more sense.
23:35:25BBPPbasicaly all .apk are working but those that need Google Play Services
23:35:41BBPPas BB is not autorized to do so
23:36:56gevaertsIt's not clear to me that this is the same ART that regular android 4.x devices (sometimes) run
23:36:57BBPPJelly Bean 4.2.2
23:37:09BBPPThat what we have GPS less
23:37:40BBPPWould it be possible to make rockbox working on it so?
23:37:52BBPPwith some tweaks maybe
23:37:54[Saint]If you are very lucky, they have just switched the default runtime and it is still shipping with the Dalvik Runtime embedded.
23:37:54[Saint]I don't know anything about Blackberry in general, but I know a lot about Android, and if they are using the standard model to enable 'Developer options' in settings, go to 'Settings - About phone - Build number' and tap on 'Build number' 7 times quickly.
23:38:11[Saint]It should give you a countdown saying you have N taps left to enable Developer options.
23:38:35[Saint]If you're extremely lucky, in Developer options there will be a toggle to switch the default runtime to Dalvik.
23:38:56[Saint]I don't imagine that Blackberry did any more work than they needed to.
23:39:01BBPPThat is Dalvick! With 4.2.2 apparently
23:39:05[Saint]So they probably just switched the default runtime.
23:39:14BBPPI'm not an android guy myself
23:39:25[Saint]Excellent. So my suspicion was correct?
23:39:37BBPPhahaha yeah, phew lol
23:39:53BBPPAnd thank you for the help btw
23:40:23[Saint]Awesome. It will prompt you to reboot the device, and when it does reboot, it will take a rather long time to boot while it is generating the dalvik runtime assets.
23:40:39[Saint]So, don't freak out when this boot takes a rather long time, it's totally normal.
23:40:56BBPPbut I would have to touch some code, at least to get our reslutions screens...
23:41:19BBPPthing specific to BB, we have square scrrens :)
23:41:42BBPPand 1440x1440 for our squares
23:42:01BBPPdo you have some build I should test with?
23:42:09BBPPor a link
23:44:00BBPPwe can just directly install apks
23:44:12BBPPWe don't have a speciic UI for
23:44:45gevaerts23:13:23 <[Saint]> The only other stipulation is that the build target resolution _must_ match the framebuffer resolution for the target device exactly.
23:45:02gevaertsSo no, there won't be a build for that resolution
23:45:18BBPPCan I make it working?
23:45:31BBPPWhere should I look for source code?
23:45:53BBPPI din't find a specific Rockbox's wiki page for
23:48:07 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
23:48:16BBPPok, thank you
23:48:48BBPPOnce I get the bulding env up and runing, which part of the code should I look for?
23:53:54[Saint]There is nothing you need to change in our sources.
23:54:35BBPPoh ok, I will can select a target resolutio to build for?
23:55:44[Saint]If you are prepared to wait some time while I reboot my server and get the build running and uploaded to a host for you after the fact, I can generate a binary for you now.
23:55:48BBPPThank you guys
23:56:15BBPPOh ok, I will have to leave the desktop very soon
23:56:25BBPPbut I can try to log on my phone
23:56:31BBPPand thank you very much
23:56:35[Saint]building now, but my ccache is empty, so it'll take a few minutes. My server is under some fairly heavy load.
23:56:46BBPPThanks dude
23:56:56[Saint]If you give me an email address I can email you the binary and sources if you have to leave.
23:57:55*gevaerts predicts a lack of decent theme for this resolution
23:58:13[Saint]Oooooh yes.
23:58:43[Saint]Your only hope will be changing the font to something large and using the fallback themes.
23:58:49ZincAlloyhope our eyesight is good :D

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