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#rockbox log for 2015-12-04

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00:01:21[Saint]Hmmmm. Actually. There's some error in my build system I'm afraid.
00:01:26[Saint]I'll need to investigate this.
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00:04:38BBI logged on my phone
00:06:05BBthe 1440x1440 one lol
00:06:16BBand no problem for themes
00:07:11BBthat not if Rockbox was that eyes candy
00:07:19BBand I don't care
00:07:57*gevaerts predicts a change of mind on seeing the fallback theme :)
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00:15:08[Saint]where on earth would I set LDFLAGS for Android specifically?
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00:15:36BBsorry I get kicked out
00:15:41[Saint]I can hack around this build error I'm looking at in the NDK, but, I'd really rather do it in our sources.
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00:18:23[Saint]It has been a long time since I have built Rockbox for Android, and I keep my Android development tools up-to-date because my primary development is in Android/CyanogenMod.
00:18:57[Saint]I would guess that there are very few people with functional Rockbox/Android build environments, and those who do have them, are using VERY old tools.
00:19:11BByeah I saw no much rockbox activity those last months
00:19:20[Saint]I'm having to do quite a bit of work here to build with a modern NDK.
00:19:26BBI'm a lucky man, thank you
00:20:09BBif that a lot of work, I should look at making dev environnement wotking once I get home
00:22:00BBdon't want to annoy you
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00:31:04[Saint]Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....fukken c'mon!
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00:31:26BByou worked around it?
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00:38:51[Saint]gevaerts: are you around?
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00:39:15gevaerts[Saint]: just about
00:39:27[Saint]Am I an idiot (don't answer that! :P), I can't for the life of me see where I should be defining LDFLAGS for Android builds specifically.
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00:40:10[Saint]Turns out we need to change the linker if you want to use NDK 10e (latest).
00:40:30[Saint]I don't like the "try to find an older version of the NDK" alternate solution.
00:40:37BBuseroh ok
00:41:18gevaerts[Saint]: GLOBAL_LDOPTS in configure?
00:41:28gevaerts(in the androidcc function)
00:42:28[Saint]ah, hmmm.
00:42:35[Saint]thanks. lets have a poke.
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01:03:29[Saint]ah fuck me...if it's not one thing, it's anohter.
01:03:40[Saint]almost there.
01:03:43[Saint]...I think.
01:04:13*BBuser is crossing fingers
01:18:47[Saint]OK, I went about it a pretty stupid way at first, but I managed to keep all the changes in our source tree and not fuck around with any other projects.
01:19:02[Saint]source deviations:
01:19:26[Saint]Completely untested, because I don't have a 720x720 Blackberry device. :)
01:19:33[Saint]BBuser: There you go hun.
01:20:52[Saint]Sorry I took so long, I'm pissing around with a few other things in the background.
01:21:47[Saint]One of my servers is under a ridiculous amount of load for some odd reason and trying to keep it up without everything else falling over on it for those who rely on it is...challenging.
01:24:16BBuserim around, and good luck
01:28:28[Saint]BBuser: see above - binary and source deviations provided.
01:28:53[Saint]In other words: "no luck required - already done".
01:30:32BBuserwell done!
01:30:38BBuseri'm chekcing
01:31:40BBuserthank you very much!
01:32:02[Saint]It is functional?
01:32:48BBuseri get the zip
01:33:23[Saint]OK. I don't know if it will actually boot, because I have no way to test the .apk locally.
01:33:35[Saint]So hnow it is my turn to wish you luck. :)
01:33:44BBuserlol indeed
01:33:54BBuseri missed the apk file?
01:34:22[Saint]Oh, shit, sorry. My bad. One second.
01:34:46BBusernp :) thanks
01:38:28BBuserif that an easy trick, maybe you could build a 1440x1440? that would be neat!
01:38:52BBuseras my main device is the Blackberry Passport
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01:47:09[Saint]BBuser: here's the 720x720.apk
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01:48:41BBuserthank you, you rocks!
01:48:58[Saint]And here's the source deviation:
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02:06:58[Saint]BBuser: you might want to look at
02:07:55BBuserok thank you
02:08:08[Saint]I needed to increase the audiobuffer (memory usage - we do static allocation, which is kinda bullshit, but it is what it is) for builds with "high" (outdated standards) resolution so filling the framebuffer doesn't eat up all your useable audiobuffer
02:08:10BBuseri'm trying your 720build
02:08:15[Saint]I am generating binaries for you now.
02:08:34BBusergood to know, thanks
02:08:46BBuseroh nice! thx
02:11:23[Saint]720 on the way.
02:12:51BBuserthanks, I get some trouble testing with my 720 device, but I have another android app runing that may interfer with
02:13:31[Saint]I suspect the memory allocation may be too small, which is why I am rebuilding for you now.
02:14:03[Saint]Sorry it is taking so long, the server I do my builds on is under an abnormal amount of load for this time of day.
02:14:21BBuserok, I'll try on that device
02:14:30BBusernp, thank to you
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02:17:52BBuserlet's reboot and try
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02:20:26[Saint]If the larger static allocation for memory doesn't help...I wouldn't know what to do for now.
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02:21:06[Saint]To be perfectly honest I'm surprised it was as easy as it was to get Rockbox for Android building again with modern Android tools, even with the difficulty I had.
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02:21:36[Saint]No one pays Rockbox for Android any specific attention.
02:22:24[Saint]It is an absolute miracle that the daily builds are still being supplied, but I have a feeling that that build environment was set up a looooooooooooong time ago and has remained untouched since.
02:22:56[Saint]There's breaking changes in both the SDK and the NDK.
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02:23:38[Saint]But I have them mostly wrapped up now, besides a couple of harmless warnings that I guess I probably ould/should silence.
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02:38:17BBPPre guys
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02:38:32BBPPgood news, it seems to work
02:39:04BBPPbut I have hard time with tiny font, and it don't let me change it...
02:40:43BBPPmaybe due to rockbox dir, I'm looking on it
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02:45:19BBPPwow fonts aren't shiped with the rockbox dir anymore? I'll download and retry
02:46:29ZincAlloysaint's got some really big ones that would work well on a large display
02:46:47 Join pablo_pi_ [0] (~pablo@
02:46:51BBPPi'll try to look at a theme with big font
02:47:03BBPPoh nice! thanks
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02:47:32BBPPi have a gorgeous display 1440x1440 lol
02:47:38[Saint]You won't find any theme for this.
02:47:38ZincAlloythere are no themes for 1440x1440
02:47:58BBPPi will just begin with the bigest
02:48:14BBPPand will try if audio works, to get my own wps
02:48:46[Saint]there's up to 50pt fonts in there.
02:48:54BBPPlet me screenshoot you that guys, you'll laugh a bit :)
02:48:55[Saint]I have some more floating around somewhere...
02:48:57 Quit Aldem (Quit: Later)
02:51:48BBPPdo you have a prefered place to put the pics?
02:52:04BBPPthanks, I'll try
02:55:16[Saint]large format icons:
02:56:02[Saint]large format fonts:
02:56:33[Saint](sorry, the largest font I have presently is 50pt, but, that is significantly better than the system default of
02:57:27*[Saint] feels like he has exhausted his good citizen deeds checklist for the day
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02:57:53[Saint]...time to go be mean to people and yell at them to balance it all out.
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02:58:29[Saint]I don't want to ruin my reputation as a bigoted asshole now do I?
02:59:56BBPPthanks man, you did! lol
03:00:15BBPPsanta Claus will be good with you that year :)
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03:09:28*BBPP is listening music on Rockbox!
03:10:36BBPPtime for some sleep listening music on Rockbox! weee!
03:11:20[Saint]Hey, congratulations man.
03:11:42[Saint]Rest assured that you are probably the only person who has ever used Rockbox on this device. :)
03:12:05[Saint]You are a unique and delicate snowflake...
03:13:27BBPPthat sure loooool
03:13:45BBPPas we are just a few to have it...
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03:14:08BBPPa big thank to you Saint
03:14:27[Saint]Not a problem my man.
03:14:45[Saint]If you want to, you can stop by here from time to time to get updated ROckbox binaries if you wish.
03:14:56BBPPRockbox's Saint! :)
03:15:12BBPPindeed thx
03:15:15[Saint]Alternatively, on another day perhaps, I could guide you through setting up your own development environment.
03:15:27[Saint]Or, not alternatively, additionally - rather.
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03:15:43BBPPi may even poke o friend to port Rockbox to our Blackberry market
03:15:53BBPPfor free of course lol
03:16:35BBPPi should look at it indeed, I'll try to come back this weekend on my home desktop
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03:17:14BBPPwe should have Rockbox for all BB user
03:18:41BBPPhave a good day sir
03:18:50BBPPsee you another day
03:19:14[Saint]Take care, sleep well.
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10:20:04[Saint]Hmmm. I have to explicitly put the NDK toolchain path in $PATH to build Rockbox for Android
10:21:43[Saint]I guess it is time for me to write another "building Rockbox for Android on *buntu/$Debian-esque-system" guide.
10:21:49[Saint]Before it becomes a lost art.
10:42:37[Saint]My .profile is an ugly mess of essential and useful exported variables.
10:43:56[Saint]Having to export the SDK toolchain path to get access to arm-linux-androideabi-gcc-4.9 is definitely a new one, though.
10:44:10[Saint]I've never had to do that before.
10:44:24gevaerts[Saint]: I'd add one more variable to that lot!
10:44:38gevaertsOr maybe two or three
10:44:44[Saint]export VARIABLE=VARIABLE
10:45:21gevaertsDEV_BASE=/media/Storage/Development, ANDROID_DEV_BASE=$DEV_BASE/Android, ROCKBOX_DEV_BASE=$DEV_BASE/Rockbox
10:45:41gevaerts(except of course I wouldn't have used ugly capitalised directory names)
10:48:08[Saint]Just under that there's about 40 defines for Android/CyanogenMod/Java/ccache variables.
10:48:50[Saint]I could probably crush some of the strings down a lot by having variables in variables in variables and relying on expansion...but, I'm not entirely sure that would help the ugliness of a massive block of unreadable variable defines.
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10:50:03gevaertsIt definitely would
10:50:20[Saint]help it get uglier? ;)
10:50:52gevaertsMake it more readable
10:53:27 Join amiconn [0] (~amiconn@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
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10:58:18[Saint]happy now?
10:58:31[Saint]...I think it is uglier.
10:58:36[Saint]I like the full paths.
11:01:29gevaertsA lot better, yes :)
11:01:36gevaertsYou're weird!
11:02:26 Join sparetire_ [0] (~sparetire@unaffiliated/sparetire)
11:14:49[Saint]I dunno, even if the paths are long, I like full paths for setting variables.
11:15:17[Saint]I don't like having to look up what the 4 individual variable components that make up my meta-variable are just to parse it out.
11:15:29[Saint]even if they are obviously named I find it annoying.
11:16:04*[Saint] maintains gevaerts is the weird one
11:16:22*gevaerts didn't know we were only allowed one weirdo!
11:16:46gevaertsThe meta-variables make it easier to see that two things are related
11:17:32[Saint]yeah, I agree in that sense. But in that case, I just cram them all together in a block with a comment above it explaining the rough function of said block of variables.
11:17:46gevaertsYou trust comments? :)
11:17:55[Saint]If I make them. :)
11:18:05[Saint]Most of the time.
11:18:35gevaertsI have a half-life time
11:18:59gevaertsAfter a few weeks, the comments I make are only half mine, and therefore only half trusted
11:24:29[Saint]found another chance to make it even less readable:
11:24:44[Saint]I really don't see how anyone can prefer that to full paths.
11:33:13 Join Link8 [0] (
11:33:22Link8hey guys
11:33:32Link8[Saint] u around?
11:33:38Link8i think the scan is finieshed
11:33:59 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
11:34:26Link8it says PHASE: Generate BBT so not sure what that is
11:39:11 Quit Link8 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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11:54:11 Quit Link8 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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12:02:33[Saint]Bad Block Table
12:03:49Link8hey mate
12:03:56Link8ill upload an image ok?
12:04:05Link8is the scan finished?
12:04:29[Saint]It is finished when it clearly states that it is finished.
12:04:42Link8oh because the scan isnt moving
12:04:46Link8i thought it was finished
12:06:56[Saint]There's a small chance it just got stuck, and did actually write out the block table. But this would seem to indicate that the disk was so damaged that it managed to overflow the ~2KiB of the maximum allowable block table size.
12:06:59 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
12:07:42[Saint]Basically the only option available to you is to force DFU mode and reinstall emCORE/Rockbox and hope that the block table actually was written out.
12:08:29[Saint]You will need to do nothing special with the installation. emCORE will detect the presence of the block table (if present) and use it, so it is totally transparent to the user.
12:09:10 Quit Link8 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
12:10:01 Join Link8 [0] (
12:10:07Link8How does this look?
12:11:21Link8not actually sure if its done..gonna check later
12:11:28Link8does that image tell u anything?
12:12:17[Saint]It is not finished.
12:12:45[Saint]I'm not sure how you could possibly believe it to be so?
12:13:06[Saint]'Phase: GENERATE BBT (4 of 8)'
12:13:48Link8because of the 2805621
12:13:58Link8was the same..but youre right
12:14:04Link8do those numbers tell you anything?
12:14:08Link8how does the drive look?
12:15:12[Saint]fairly terrible.
12:16:08Link8alot of space damaged?
12:16:27Link8how much space do i have left
12:16:44 Join Rower [0] (
12:17:08[Saint]That is a question that I can not answer until the process actually completes, IF it completes.
12:17:18[Saint]Until it does, there's no sense in talking about it.
12:18:17[Saint]The fact that there's absolutely zero stats available for block writes is...odd. Very odd.
12:19:42[Saint]user890104: (any insight here? - see above)
12:20:56Link8what do the block writes say [Saint] what are they for
12:21:40Link8What is the best ipod to get with that doesnt have much chance to fail? an ssd ipod?
12:21:55 Join krnlyng [0] (
12:22:19[Saint]There are no SSD iPods.
12:23:09[Saint]...unless you were to create your own, of course.
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12:31:58 Join Link8 [0] (
12:32:23Link8im looking to buy an SSD one [Saint] its created yees
12:35:02Link8something like this
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12:50:09Link8what do you think [Saint]?
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23:10:07 Join theunleet [0] (4b42a967@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:10:36theunleetAnyone around? Just found an old iRiver H20(20GB) or H10 I guess.
23:11:38*[Franklin] waves
23:13:00theunleetI cant even get it to boot on, but I see it charging.
23:13:40theunleetguess i should try updating the firmware first and then rockbo
23:14:49ZincAlloyfirst you should charge it. then it will hopefully be able to boot.
23:15:55theunleetI was charging it via USB in car, but nothing. Tried at home via AC outlet, nothing.
23:16:08theunleetIt is just old and I think I had rockbox on it years ago.
23:16:13theunleetSomeone found it in a closet xD
23:16:24ZincAlloyyou said you saw it charging?
23:16:41theunleetThe cable has a red indicator light when I plug it in.
23:16:48theunleetWhich means charging.
23:16:58[Saint]The battery is like...what, 10 years old now?
23:17:06theunleetMaybe it is so dead it needs a while to charge.
23:17:14[Saint]I wouldn't even dare charge it, were it me.
23:17:25theunleetSo what do I do?
23:17:30[Saint]The battery chemistry will be all sorts of screwed.
23:17:41theunleetSo dont use it?
23:17:49[Saint]Replacing the battery would be a /reaaaaaaaaaaally/ good idea.
23:17:58theunleetlet me see how much they are
23:18:23theunleetheh $46 USD
23:21:56theunleetlooks like a fun project
23:24:20 Quit ungali (Quit: ungali)
23:24:34 Join ungali [0] (
23:24:56theunleethave to take it apart and remove the board to get to the battery. fun times
23:30:17theunleetfound it for $24
23:30:43theunleet$12.91 on amazon xD
23:31:00 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
23:31:29 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:32:01theunleetthanks for the tips [Saint]
23:32:41[Saint]No problems. I'm just always wary of blindly charging a battery that's been deep discharged for so long.
23:33:18[Saint]There's a very real chance it'll vent and spray annoying foamy battery juice all over the place. And that's non-fun for all involved.
23:41:15 Quit ender` (Quit: That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history. -- Aldous Huxley)
23:41:30 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:51:06thumwhat is considered the "bestâ„¢" rockboxed audio player currently?
23:51:53 Quit krabador (Quit: Sto andando via)
23:52:24[Franklin]probably the ipod classic
23:52:43[Franklin]all the sansas feel like cheap plastic junk
23:53:02[Franklin]though they are easier to come across
23:53:37 Join TheLemonMan [0] (~lemonboy@unaffiliated/thelemonman)
23:54:19ZincAlloythe cool thing about the sansas is that they're really small
23:54:29thumi know this was a highly subjective question
23:54:42thumthere's no way i'd buy an apple device though
23:54:52ZincAlloyput in a microsd card and you've got a 200gb happy meal toy :)
23:55:15thumwhich one are you useing ZincAlloy?
23:55:24ZincAlloyclip zip.
23:55:35ZincAlloythe screen is obviously tiny and crap
23:55:58ZincAlloyand it feels cheaply made, but it's already survived a couple of years with me
23:56:32ZincAlloyone button lost its click mechanism, but it still works
23:56:44ZincAlloyand I've dropped this thing dozens of times
23:57:04[Saint]what's your beef with Apple devices thum?
23:57:14[Saint]They're clearly thew superior device.
23:57:20thumi had this a couple of years ago (before i knew Rockbox existed), mine died after a year. just bad luck i guess
23:57:23[Saint]Fuck politics, it's great hardware.
23:57:50[Saint]Literally nothing else comes close in build quality or audio reproduction.
23:58:04[Saint](for price outlay)
23:58:20thumapart from apple being one of the worst companies regarding any matter?
23:58:23[Franklin]plus, there's no apple code running past boot
23:58:37thumi believe price would be an issue compared with sandisk

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