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#rockbox log for 2015-12-06

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14:46:55Link8[Saint] u around?
14:46:59Link8it is done
14:47:02Link8the ipod
14:47:12Link8its still stuck at the same as the last pic i showed you
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15:46:58Link8the ipod is stuck [Saint] it must be useless
15:47:07Link8im getting an ssd ipod
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16:18:13Link8whos here
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16:45:48*[Franklin] waves to Link8
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17:03:13Link8sup [Franklin]
17:03:23Link8the ipod is stuck
17:03:29Link8fonna get an ssd one
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21:44:23NeffiHello. It occurs to me that you folks are probably familiar with the hardware in various players.
21:45:23[Franklin]probably ;)
21:45:30NeffiOnce upon a time the Fuze line used the same hardware as the Clip line, at least the audio stuff, and then Sandisk eventually refreshed the models with different hardware with worse sound quality. Is anyone familiar with these models?
21:45:41[Saint]Nah. We just jumble up a bag full of 1s and 0s until something good falls out of it.
21:46:02NeffiI'm looking to purchase one of the older players off eBay. All the Clip+ and Clip Zips have shot up in price, so I'm looking at the Fuze models, and wondering which have the better sound quality pathway
21:46:44[Saint]they're all pretty much identical in their mediocrity.
21:47:02[Saint]if faithful audio reproduction is the end goal, iPod Classic.
21:47:31[Saint]flattest, most faithful reproduction of any of the targets to date.
21:47:49NeffiBy some definition of "faithful"
21:48:03NeffiThe only part where the Clip+ loses out is noise
21:48:50[Saint]"the only part where it's not a faithful reproduction is the SoC and NAND access noise it shits over everything....other than that it's fine, totally fine"
21:50:12NeffiI welcome you to show me tests which disagree
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21:50:21[Saint]The Sansas have a slight pitch shift because their clocking was kinda bonkers. It is corrected as best as it can be in Rockbox, but, it's definitely still there.
21:50:41NeffiYes, it's been measured as very slightly off
21:50:44lebelliumis it me or [Saint] has been saying here everyday for a few days now that the iPod Classic is awesome and the Clip are bad? :D
21:51:14NeffiAs a previous owner of both models, I'm wondering where the hell that's even coming from. The iPods sound blatantly average
21:51:38NeffiFor one they muddy up the low end and the aforementioned blogger showed issues with output impedance on them, among other problems
21:52:41NeffiAccording to the page just linked, Rockblox gets the pitch error down to 0.04%, which I bet is better than average for portable players.
21:53:32NeffiAnyway, is there some spec sheets I can consult to figure out which models of the Fuze share this sound circuitry with the Clip+/Zip, or does anyone know this off the top of their head?
21:53:39*[Saint] needs to finish that RMAA results layer viewer he was working on
21:54:29[Saint]Neffi: if its not on our wiki, then, you'd have to follow the codepath through the source if you're that dedicated.
21:54:46NeffiHmm. I might do that.
21:55:00[Saint]those who actively care about the sansas have kinda disappeared or otherwise scaled back involvement.
21:55:15NeffiWell they are pretty aged at this point :(
21:55:31NeffiDo you know of any other cheap players that can compete with that sound quality?
21:55:44Neffi(I doubt any exist, which is why I'm looking to buy up these)
21:56:27[Saint]Not off the top of my head. Well, I have a couple of ideas, but, they're impractical due to no expandable storage.
21:56:31ZincAlloythey don't sound all that great. my iriver h340 sounded better than my clip zip. and so does my phone..
21:57:12NeffiI've owned around 4 Clip+s and 3 Clip Zips now. I'm familiar with their sound quality.
22:02:03[Franklin]you can rule out the e200 line right now
22:03:05[Franklin]especially if you care about sound; the headphone jack is so fragile on the one I've got that the sound cuts off every time you apply force to the cable
22:03:39 Quit Smx (Excess Flood)
22:06:00NeffiThe Clip+ has a similar issue. The headphone jack is actually just a husk of plastic which presses the plug against the contacts on the mainboard, and it can come loos
22:06:41NeffiIt is lightweight enough, though, that the connector doesn't really undergo strain under normal use as the headphones are moved about
22:07:55[Saint]unlike my iPod Classic.
22:07:59 Join Smx [0] (Elite8556@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-onuslyriacsthqxl)
22:08:18[Saint]I dropped mine once when I was wearing my headphones, and now I'm quadriplegic.
22:09:28[Saint]That's one blessing about the sansas, they can fall out of your pocket, or have you drop them, and just dangle harmlessly off the phones cable.
22:09:46NeffiI've put Clips through absolute punishment. They've been chucked at walls, dropped down flights of stairs, regularly dropped and stepped on. They have too little mass to really get damaged. I just end up losing them or putting them through the wash
22:09:49[Saint]an iPod or a Gigabeat will give you whiplash.
22:09:56NeffiAnd on one the screen actually froze because we had a very cold winter day
22:10:30NeffiI don't want to carry a hard-disk based player, especially when I wasn't happy with the output quality of either model I have previously owned
22:10:43[Saint]I used them as a "disposable" DAP, for like, running, jogging, otherwise getting sweaty and fucking around in nature, etc.
22:11:18[Saint]sweat eventually gets in the case and wrecks shit up, though, bigtime.
22:12:09[Saint]I pulled one apart that had absorbed so much sweat there was human salt crystals forming on the back of the mainboard.
22:12:22 Join munch [0] (~munch@unaffiliated/munch)
22:13:04[Saint]I'm not exactly a big sweaty manbeast either.
22:13:21[Saint]It's just a relatively poor case design, it seems to wick up liquids around the case seams.
22:14:35NeffiIts MSRP was $30
22:14:46NeffiYou can't compare it to a $300 luxury item like the iPod
22:15:03Neffi(even though it beats the iPod in sound quality, despite what you say, ;) )
22:24:46[Saint]What the Hell happened that put Dr. Dre Chronic 2001 back on the top album charts again?
22:25:04[Saint]errr...wrong channel, but, nevermind. WHat happened, is there something I'm missing?
22:25:44NeffiJames Cameron failed to raise the bar
22:25:46Neffiwe're all doomed
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