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#rockbox log for 2015-12-15

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00:41:06pixelmaParkerR, Strife89 (logs): as far as I remember wodz was working on it for a while and implemented some hackish fixes (his own words). I'm not sure about the current status and whether or not he put something up on gerrit
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01:39:28prof_wolfffbluebrother: about g#1221, it was my first time using Qt, i tried to compile as fast as possible an usable version for people who want to start testing the Classic dual bootloader, had lots of doubts so i appreciate if you can revise it
01:39:40fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1221 at : iPod Classic: dual bootloader - v1 by Cástor Muñoz
01:41:04prof_wolfffsome issues are that Classic installation is more interactive than other targets, so needed to activate the 'Abort' button but don't know if it was done in a proper way, about the close window button [X] i was not able to find how to capture events or disable it without affecting other targets
01:41:30prof_wolfffin case of a new official version, what about OS X?, it is abandoned or should be supported?
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02:10:57jtdesigns01is there a way to increase the size of the plugin buffer?
02:11:42jtdesigns01(i know its a "bad" idea, you dont have to tell me) :P
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02:12:12[Saint]#define PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE
02:12:19[Saint]grep is your friend
02:12:27jtdesigns01wow, that seems too easy
02:13:02jtdesigns01and is there a respective define that i would have to decrease called AUIDIO_BUFFER_SIZE
02:13:45[Saint]audiobuffer is everything else that remains after static allocation.
02:14:42[Saint](not that you can really use the term 'static allocation' with bufflib, but, you get the idea)
02:15:09*jtdesigns01 gets ready to boot back into linix
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02:42:59__builtinjtdesigns01: for what reason?
02:44:08__builtinit might be better to just grab the audiobuf if you're not storing executable code
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02:49:01jtdesigns01I dont want to have to stop my music just because a picture is too big to fit in the plugin buffer
03:02:43shadowsand I want bluetooth playback
03:07:00__builtinhmm... you might be able to store the image on disk and draw from the file without loading into memory
03:07:15__builtinthough increasing the plugin buffer size is certainly another way to do it ;)
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22:37:17bluebrotherprof_wolfff: the main problem is that the review should be broken down into smaller parts imo.
22:37:43bluebrotheradding support for dualboot for the 6g is one thing, adding support for it to Rockbox Utility another :)
22:38:07bluebrotherand as for OS X I don't see that as abandoned. All previous releases supported it
22:38:23bluebrotherhaven't checked with a recent OS X version lately though.
22:40:19bluebrotherI'll think about how to handle that interactive thing. No idea if I manage to get a good idea about that though :)
22:40:47bluebrotherbut I'll give it some thoughts. I might find some time to look into things the next weeks
22:49:33prof_wolfffbluebrother: about the gerrit patch, actually it is a bag containing all changes needed for bootloader, it includes rockbox related patches, i am going to start to separate all thing on individual patches, what do you think about the Rockbox Uitility part, one patch for rbutil/mk6gboot and other for rbutil/rbutilqt ?
22:50:22bluebrotheryes, I'd split at least that
22:51:11bluebrotheralso, there's kinda unrelated changes: the changes to main.cpp only fix static builds for Qt5. That's something I would accept immediately if it were a separate review
22:51:31bluebrother(I can split that out myself though, but after all it's you who did the work)
22:52:05bluebrotherbut I can do that if you want me to :)
22:52:31prof_wolfffit is better for me if you can do that, i will syncronize my pathes with that, and please tell me all things you think should be changed or implemented on a different way
22:53:03bluebrotherbtw, I've made httpget.cpp work with file:// URLs. Hope to get that pushed the next couple of days, but I'm pretty occupied
22:54:15prof_wolfffdo not worry, i will start to separate rockbox Classic specific stuff and will look for you changes from time to time
22:55:05prof_wolfffAFAIK OS X for Intel only supports Qt5 and upper, do you know if we support PPC anymore?
22:55:21bluebrotherwell, we did support PPC in the past :)
22:55:46 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
22:56:03bluebrotherand older OS X versions support Qt4 for x86 just fine. Actually, all previously released versions use Qt4
22:56:46bluebrotherit _might_ be a time to drop support for ppc, in which case that'd mean we're 10.6+ only. Right now we support 10.4+.
22:58:02prof_wolfffwell, first i will try to add OS X on mk6gboot/, i know very little about Mac so i don't know if it is the same code for Intel and PPC but will look at that
23:00:11bluebrotherthat USB stuff could become ugly on OS X.
23:01:32 Nick Guest52376 is now known as alexbobp (
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23:02:31prof_wolfffyes, but luckily ATM the ipoddfu is based on other project code (xpwn) so it is a matter of adapt that code to Rockbox and see whats happen
23:03:30prof_wolfffin addition i hope to have access to a Mac in the future
23:03:41prof_wolfffIntel Mac
23:06:16bluebrotherI do have an Intel Mac, but no Ipod 6G :)
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23:07:59prof_wolfffwhat about installing mingw and compile Qt on Mac? i suppose it is needed, right?
23:08:25bluebrotherhmm? MinGW is a compiler to produce Windows binaries
23:08:40bluebrotherto compile Qt on OS X you need to have the XCode command line tools installed
23:09:32bluebrotheryou can compile for Windows on OS X, but for that I'd use mxe
23:09:47prof_wolffftrue :) and to compile mk6gboot.exe, it is not done using gcc?
23:10:23prof_wolfffwell it is not .exe, but whatever :)
23:10:46bluebrotherOS X used gcc, these days it's clang. But that shouldn't make much of a difference (you can compile Rockbox Utility on Linux using clang as well)
23:12:43prof_wolfffah, so the only needed thing is xcode to compile Rockbox Utility
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