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#rockbox log for 2015-12-24

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00:38:24JdGordon[Saint]: :D
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10:25:52charleskixDuoo have released an update FW for their X3 and I'm trying to unpack it as requested in the thread.
10:26:16charleskiI've managed to compile your packtools program but I'm not sure what it wants as input.
10:27:15charleskiIt's an '' file that contains a few binary files, 4 images and a .bin.
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10:28:13charleskiAll the files I've tested so far produce 'firmware has bad size'
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11:23:13charleskiPamaury, I'm trying to unpack the xDuoo X3 firmware as you requested in the thread. But I'm not sure which file to feed it.
11:23:17charleskiIt's an '' file that contains a few binary files, 4 images and a .bin.
11:23:36charleskiAll the files I've tested so far produce 'firmware has bad size'
11:23:42pamaurywhere did you get it ? Can you give me a link ?
11:23:50pamaurycharleski: ^
11:25:20charleskiGood news is that it looks like the system has a recovery
11:29:35pamauryok let me see
11:31:09charleskiGetting pics of the board is going to be hard. The case is secured with a couple of hexalobe security screws of a type I haven't seen before
11:33:35pamauryhum, it uses a completely different firmware format than the Fiio X1, I wonder if it's running linux ?
11:35:03pamauryubifs is a nand file system for linux
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11:35:19charleskiLooking at the recovery img with a hex editor shows a Linux- string near the top
11:36:24pamauryuImage-normal and uImage-revy are u-boot images
11:37:22pamauryI guess u-boot-nand.bin is u-boot (the bootloader)
11:39:39pamauryin theory we could ask xduoo the source for te kernel
11:39:58pamaurysame for u-boot
11:40:52charleskiDepends on how cooperative they feel like being
11:42:17charleskiI have zero knowledge of embedded systems, but let me know if there's anything I can do
11:43:02pamauryyou can try to send tem an email, saying that Linux and U-Boot are GPL-licenced and they must provide the source code
11:43:31charleskiOk, I can give that a go
11:44:11charleskiLooks like a fair bit of GPL code in there from just scanning the files
11:45:18pamauryI'm trying to mount the ubifs but I don't manage too, I don't know if it's a raw image or if I'm doing things incorrectly
11:46:16pamauryah stupid of me, this is impossible this way, ubifs is a not a block file system
11:59:34pamaurydamn it, even with the instructions here I don't manage to mount those images, yet
12:03:25charleskiOk, just sent them a polite email asking for the kernel and u-boot source. If I get a reply I'll let you know on the thread.
12:03:52charleskiNeed to go now for xmas stuff ;)
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13:35:40Moarchow can I convert a font covering all the encoding ranges it contains, or at least some specified ranges?
13:36:04Moarcwhen I run convbdf with the -t option, it says it goes through tens of thousands of characters
13:36:26Moarcbut when I set the font on Rockbox, non-ascii characters aren't displayed
13:37:44Moarcthe characters do display properly with some fonts from the rockbox-fonts package, and the reason I'm doing this instead of just using those fonts is that I need character ranges none of the fonts covers at once
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15:32:23pamaurycharleski (logs): yeah I successfully mounted the rootfs !
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15:40:41wodzpamaury: It would be worth describing on wiki
15:40:50pamauryyeah I'm about to do that
15:41:43wodzIs it ingenic based player?
15:52:40wodzpamaury: ^
15:52:48pamauryyes, JZ4760B
15:54:24wodzIs it pure linux or canibalized android?
15:57:23pamauryI can't say at the moment, it uses uboot, file system uses ubifs
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15:57:48wodzthe easiest way to check is to look which libc it uses
16:00:24pamauryhow do I check that ?
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16:02:22wodzmaybe it is as easy as to look at /lib
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16:03:29pamauryit seems to use the standard libc
16:03:49pamauryit uses busybox
16:12:55pamauryapparently it uses nano-X (MicroWindows) so clearly not android
16:14:44pamauryat least most of the system seems to be in one executable plus a few scripts to handle mount and usb
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17:39:43user2342o35Hey guys, my Sansa Clip+ is stuck on clover logo, exactly like this:
17:39:53user2342o35Is it dead forever?
17:42:06user2342o35I tried holding power button for 30+ seconds, also tried draining the battery, no luck so far.
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