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#rockbox log for 2016-01-03

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04:13:06*[Saint] can't seem to find out where to tie in an "is playback stereo" tag.
04:13:44[Saint]I realize you're out of this scene JdGordon_, but a point in the right direction would be nice if you get bored enough.
04:13:57[Saint]I can only see how we're doing it in the FM and recording screens.
04:14:58[Saint]AH, hmmm. This looks promising.
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04:16:33JdGordNo ixea
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06:59:10JdGordon[Saint]: figure it out?
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18:34:44autofsckkhello, happy holidays to everybody
18:39:14autofsckki have an ipod classic 160G working with rockbox, i have some problems when i try to update my music library with rsync, i cant copy some files because of permission problems or something like that, i want to reformat my ipod and copy everything again, hows the best way to do this? i know theres a tool when you start the ipod to do it, but i cant access it because i configured it to pass that stage dire
18:39:20autofsckkctly to rockbox, but is that way ...
18:39:22autofsckk... better or just format it directly at console?
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18:51:50gevaertsI suspect it doesn't matter, but I'm also not at all convinced that formatting will fix the underlying issue
18:55:03autofsckkgevaerts -> what could it be?
18:55:26gevaertsI don't know. "permission problems or something like that" is a bit too vague to go on :)
18:55:43gevaertsBut if it's only some files, I'd say maybe FAT filename restrictions
18:57:01autofsckkbut fat32 doesnt use permissions no?
18:58:56autofsckkor maybe if you tell me what else info is needed from the transfer maybe?
18:59:51gevaertsDo the files you try to copy have names that contain a ':' character?
19:00:35autofsckki dont know, let me try again and see what files exactly are the problem
19:04:58autofsckki get a lot of rsync: failed to set times on "
19:30:32autofsckki remember thats why i wanted to format it , because somehow the fs got bad, all the files are read-only now
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19:33:29gevaertsAh, ok, so the driver marks it as read-only after finding an error?
19:33:45gevaertsYes, then either fsck or reformat
19:34:31autofsckkeverything is marked as read-only
19:34:50autofsckkill try to fix it
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19:38:34autofsckkgevaerts -> it looks it is a litt f*ck up jajajaja it shows it like this it shows no partition
19:39:18*gevaerts isn't sure if the emcore install uses a partition table or not
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19:40:57autofsckkso i should check /dev/sdx then? instead of the partition?
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20:13:46gevaertsYou should run fsck on the same device that you mount
20:21:09autofsckkthanks gevaerts, i already did, it seems to work now, but im making a backup of my music because last time things where not is i thought and made a big big mess, almost lost all my music :D jajajaja
20:21:26autofsckkim using this to update my music rsync -rtv −−delete-before −−modify-window=1 −−exclude-from=/home/ttnk/.excluipod /home/ttnk/02discos/200/Music/ /home/ttnk/02discos/iPodClassic/Music/ is it correct?
20:22:17*gevaerts is not an rsync expert
20:23:59autofsckkok :D gevaerts thanks anyway
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22:56:09[Saint]autofsckk: Have you not explored the emCORE main menu before or so?
22:56:37[Saint]emCORE Main Menu - Tools - Format data partition (or so)
22:56:52autofsckk[Saint] -> yes i have, but i configured it so it goes directly to rockbox, so now i cant see the tools menu
22:57:12[Saint]Sure you can, hold any key during boot.
22:58:40autofsckkthanks [Saint] ill check that later, by now fsck'ing it fixed the problem, im making now some tests with rsync
22:59:04[Saint]I sincerely doubt fsck fixed the issue.
22:59:13[Saint]Fixed the immediate, observable issue, sure.
22:59:30[Saint]I _sincerely_ doubt your files are byte-for-byte intact.
23:00:21autofsckkok, so its best if i just reformat it right?
23:00:40[Saint]Assuming you have all this media backed up elsewhere, yes. Absolutely.
23:04:54autofsckkok im reformatting again, [Saint] do you have experience on rsync to exclude some folders? i cant make it work :/
23:06:21[Saint]−−exclude 'relative/path/to/thing/to/exlude'
23:08:41autofsckkim trying to use −−exclude-from and i did a file at ~/.excluipod and there i put the complete path to the file, i tried −−exclude-from=/home/user/.excluipod from home also tried −−exclude-from= '.excluipod' and also −−exclude-from '/home/ttnk/.excluipod' with no luck
23:14:31[Saint]from recollection the −−exclude-from file source can only contain filenames, not paths or relatives.
23:15:02[Saint]but it may be too early in the morning, I may not have enough coffee on board, and this may indeed not be #genericrsyncadvice.
23:15:52[Saint]actually from memory I'm not entirely convinced that −−exclude can even contain relatives.
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23:16:10autofsckkok thanks, the thing is i have a long list of folders to exclude or in defect, include, so i dont know what is best for me to update my ipod :(
23:17:12[Saint]I am fairly confident that the −−exclude-from file source _only_ accepts filenames.
23:17:15autofsckkexclude alone can be folders, i read about exclude-from at the man page but i dont remember reading about being usefull only with files, ill read it again
23:18:04autofsckk−−exclude-from=FILE read exclude patterns from FILE that is what the man says
23:18:15autofsckkand it is right, only files :/
23:19:11[Saint]Oh, it does accept relatives. No leading /. Good to know.
23:20:22[Saint]I guess I am somewhat rare in this regard because I just have a script to shit out N-1GB of random full media albums to my device directory.
23:20:42[Saint]I don't have specific requirements, my media gets updated with a random selection every time it touches a given host.
23:23:15autofsckkwell i just dont want all the collection going to the ipod, i would like to exclude a lot of folders, and just update when i get new ones
23:23:56autofsckkim not so good with rsync :'( jjajajaja
23:26:30autofsckkim installing rockbox and themes now :D almost ready
23:29:10autofsckk[Saint] -> i have a question regarding the battery, sometimes i have like 20% and it increments to maybe 40% like 10 minutes later, i have the 160G Classic ipod, for what i read it has a bigger battery and some changes have to be made with that, but i also read that it just readjust the calculation of remaining charge, and that it doesnt affect in any way the way the charge works, should i move the conf
23:29:16autofsckkig to that specific battery or ...
23:29:19autofsckk... should i just let that alone?
23:29:41[Saint]Battery percentile is voltage driven.
23:30:11[Saint]Smaller, larger, de nada. It has no observable effect on the percentile displayed to the user.
23:30:45[Saint]The mAh rating is only used to calculate the estimated runtime, which the user will never see, and is incorrect anyway.
23:31:17[Saint]The jump in battery percentile displayed to you is more likely indicative of bad battery chemistry from an old and almost certainly failing battery.
23:31:31[Saint](In other words: Replace it)
23:31:54autofsckkit is old an failing indeed
23:31:58[Saint]It has had a very good service life by now, and deserves to be put to rest.
23:32:22[Saint]Sleep well, gentle served us well.
23:32:46autofsckkalso the hdd used to have some bad blocks that where fixed with an excellent app that you told me about
23:33:01autofsckkjajajaja i know :/ but i have no money now
23:34:14[Saint]Unfortunately I have no such quick fixes for the battery.
23:35:16[Saint]The likely end to this is it will do one of three things:
23:35:16[Saint]1 - expand and shatter your mainboard and/or LCD assembly.
23:35:16[Saint]2 - leak and piss caustic fluid all over the inside of the device eventually rendering it useless
23:35:16DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
23:35:16[Saint]3 - Silently fail
23:36:29[Saint]All consumer Li* cells will do one of those three things eventually if pushed past their useful service life.
23:37:47autofsckki still get like maybe 12 hours of use, but not if i have to use the display to change songs or something like that, there has to be a big playlist going
23:38:21[Saint]I don't know why, and it seems to be the 850mAh cells in particular, but these batteries seem to have a very high internal pressure before the rupture protection kick in and they vent.
23:38:44[Saint]Basically meaning they can inflate and destroy the device before the gain enough pressure to trigger venting.
23:39:25[Saint]...but it's not like venting is a good thing either, you really don't want that to happen even if it happened in the 'right' way.
23:39:39autofsckkups, so basically i have to change it like yesterday or maybe stop using it until i get money to buy a new one?
23:40:04[Saint]spraying foamy battery steam goo around inside the inside of the device isn't really any better than it inflating and pushing the LCD assembly out.
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23:40:56[Saint]from the sounds of things it isn't too bad, but it is definitely on the wrong side of failing with that kind of runtime and massive jups in voltage like that.
23:41:50[Saint]replacing it would definitely be something I would be considering for the near future. Even with its age if it wasn't displaying any symptoms at all I would still consider replacing it.
23:42:14autofsckki really dont use it that much, i mean, i know that the battery is dying so i just use it a little at night before i sleep maybe, not being used too much
23:43:18[Saint]New batteries are around $10~$15USD shipped, for what it's worth.
23:43:44autofsckkif i replace it with a smaller battery would it be right? the place where i can get it im sure they dont have the 850mAh as you said, i have read about the size too, but they offered to replace it but im almost sure they will put the smaller one
23:45:12autofsckkyes i know, i have asked about the price here on my city, and its around what you told me, but as i told you i dont think they ill put the 850mAh, si thats why im not sure to get that done
23:45:25[Saint]No. Though you could invent something.
23:45:42[Saint]These batteries use a kind of annoying semi-proprietary cable system.
23:46:17[Saint]so not just 'any old cell' of the same output and size will do without some modification.
23:46:41[Saint]the earlier ipods were more forgiving in this regard.
23:46:57autofsckkthe battery im talking about is for ipod, but im not sure is for maybe older or smaller consumption ipod
23:47:17autofsckkare there smaller than 850mAh batteries for ipods?
23:47:55autofsckkah ok, so that cable system is just for that classic ipod?
23:47:59[Saint]Yes, but, they're the same price - so you'd not want to do this for any sane reason.
23:48:21[Saint]200mAh is several hours optimal runtime.
23:48:36autofsckki wouldnt do it but im from mexico city, and some people are not so trustfull here
23:48:51[Saint](there are "thick" and "thin" iPod Classic variants - one with 600mAh cell, the other with an 850mAh cell)
23:49:31[Saint]thick, and thin, respectively.
23:50:06[Saint]In those images you can also see the flatcable/ZIF arrangement used.
23:50:59autofsckkso there is a 300mAh difference right?
23:51:06autofsckkyes i see, there are little differences
23:51:42autofsckkwhat happens if they put the 580 mAh instead? would it work right and just have less time of working time?
23:51:53[Saint]250. But really 200, because for some reason those 600mAh cells are downrated 650mAh cells.
23:52:37autofsckkor would it kill my ipod if the wrong battery is installed?
23:52:43[Saint]also, yes. if the cell is in the same operating output range the mAh rating is largely irrelevant except for total runtime.
23:52:56[Saint]more mAh == longer runtime
23:53:42autofsckksorry if i ask too much, i dont know much about electronics
23:54:21[Saint]From memory the board does offer some overvoltage protection - but, I wouldn;t like to test it to see how resilient it is.
23:54:35[Saint]In other words, stick with a 3.7V cell.
23:54:36autofsckkfrom the urls you gave me its just $1 difference
23:55:49[Saint]I should note that replacing the battery safely in these devices can be very difficult for some people.
23:56:05[Saint]Myself, personally, I don't find it to be very difficult to open this device.
23:56:37[Saint]I know now of several people who have completely fucked it up and butchered the device, so, your mileage may vary.
23:56:39autofsckki already have those plastic tools to open ipod-stuff
23:56:50autofsckknever used them before, but i already have 2 of them
23:57:08[Saint]If you have never opened and iPod Classic before, you will find it is very different to the other iPods.
23:57:45[Saint]These ones use a subframe assembly and have ribbon cables crossing annoying boundaries.
23:58:00[Saint]If you were to follow the ifixit guides on this, you should be fine.
23:58:19autofsckki saw a tutorial on youtube months ago
23:58:43autofsckkand i saw that it wasnt easy at all

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