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#rockbox log for 2016-01-04

00:00:11[Saint]I don't think this thing was really designed with servicing in mind - which doesn't entirely surprise me.
00:01:50[Saint]But - yeah, if you were to look at the batterystats profiling over a full charge and runtime I'm almost certain you would see a massive rolloff in the discharge curve.
00:02:52[Saint]which would cause it to appear to jump up or down high increments in % when discharging or charging.
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11:24:37[Saint]There is no clean way to reliably determine if the current playback is mono or stereo in a simple fashion.
11:25:32[Saint]unless I'm missing something really obvious.
11:25:45[Saint]but I guess I'm not, else I swear this would exist already.
11:26:24gevaerts[Saint]: I'm sure a DSP plugin can easily detect this! :)
11:27:20[Saint]a theme tag that depends on a plugin is less than mildly disgusting. ;)
11:27:41[Saint]I would really like a generic "is stereo?" tag without hooking into every damn codec.
11:27:52[Saint]but, alas.
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11:29:52*[Saint] admits that it wasn't necessarily obvious what he was talking about
11:30:32[Saint]the forum user who brought this up only specifically asked for "MP3" stero/mono detection, but I doubt that's actually a specific request for MP3 support.
11:30:42[Saint]More of a "MP3" == "audio" thing.
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11:31:20[Saint]The specific MP3 case would be a lot easier, but I'm really hesitant to shit out mono/stero tags for specific codecs.
11:31:31gevaertsI'm not at all sure it would be easier
11:32:47[Saint]I'm kinda tempted to just reply with "shit's hard, yo"
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11:34:19[Saint]Then there's the "weird shit" to consider, like, what state does it reflect?
11:35:08[Saint]Like, does the tag report what the source is, or does it get wiggled if mono is forced even if the source is stereo, or if the user (ab)uses stereo balance?
11:35:14[Saint]etc. ad nauseum.
11:36:32gevaertsThe "easy" way would be to use sample_io_data.stereo_mode or sample_io_data.format.num_channels
11:36:41gevaertsAnd then work out the properties from that :)
11:37:06gevaertsWhoch I *think* is "what the codec told the dsp bit about what the track is"
11:37:49[Saint]the difficult part is "it could be lying", but I guess everything and anything in this regard could fall over like that.
11:38:13gevaertsIt could be *simplifying*
11:38:20[Saint]well, yes.
11:38:45gevaertsOr you could have a codec that does mono->stereo conversion itself, but that would I think be unexpected
11:39:07[Saint]opus fits that bill I think.
11:39:48gevaertsI mean, you can just tell the dsp engine if it's mono or stereo, why would you do that conversion yourself?
11:40:32gevaertsI'd expect things that support 5.1 and the like to be a bit misleading though
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11:42:29[Saint]slightly off tangent - is stereo still stereo if it's two distinct yet identical channels?
11:44:20[Saint]My gut wants to lean to "no", but I understand why it's technically "yes".
11:44:35gevaertsOK, so what about dsp_get_config(CODEC_IDX_AUDIO)->io_data.stereo_mode ?
11:45:22[Saint]Where are we...
11:45:28[Saint]Oh. Ah.
11:45:54gevaertsIf I read things properly, that will say STEREO_INTERLEAVED, STEREO_NONINTERLEAVED, or STEREO_MONO
11:46:51gevaertsOr dsp_get_config(CODEC_IDX_AUDIO)->io_data.format.num_channels , but I'm less sure about that one
11:47:17gevaertsI don't think you care about STEREO_INTERLEAVED vs STEREO_NONINTERLEAVED, but that bit is easy :)
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11:48:36[Saint]I don't, but it's conceivable a user might for some reason. Perhaps that would be better suited for a separate tag though.
11:49:13[Saint]Not really sure if it makes sense in a stereo/mono identifier, but maybe I'm just not thinking about it right.
11:49:50gevaertsIt doesn't, as far as I can tell
11:50:17gevaertssome codecs set STEREO_INTERLEAVED, some set STEREO_NONINTERLEAVED, but none of them can set both, so it's clearly a technical detail about the codec
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11:51:56gevaertsI suspect it's about in which order the bytes come out, and if a user cares about *that*, we can't help :)
11:54:01*gevaerts thinks the hardest part will be to decide what the tag is named
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