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#rockbox log for 2016-01-08

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01:13:51Link8hey guys
01:14:13Link8whats the best way to install rockbox on a ipod 5.5 gen?
01:14:20Link8can you use bootloader for it
01:14:35Link8cant install emcore on it
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01:39:09[Saint]Link8: if only there was some form of user manual for this...possibly one supplied by the developers of the project...possibly one that explains installation in great detail.
01:39:12[Saint]Oh well.
01:40:07[Saint]Now, what would be really cool is if there was an application that could handle installation for you.
01:40:22[Saint]Someone should really get these ideas off the ground!
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01:41:20[Saint]Am I being an asshole? Yes. Absolutely I am. But it really sucks when users don't even make the slightest little bit of effort to make use of the supplied documentation.
01:41:37[Saint]Like, a lot.
01:43:48*[Saint] sighs
01:43:58*vlcn waves to [Saint]
01:44:26Link8i rockboxed already
01:44:31Link8just not on a 5.5 gen Saint
01:44:45[Saint]Link8: irrelevant.
01:44:58Link8always used emcore
01:45:07Link8and u cant use that for 5 gen correct
01:45:37[Saint]vlcn: hey bud, sorry, I was going to get in touch with you yesterday, but I, errrr, had a thing. Then it slipped my mind.
01:45:45vlcnno worries
01:45:46[Saint]Link8: please read the supplied documentation
01:45:57vlcnwhenever you have time to chat
01:48:10[Saint]vlcn: are you wanting to compile the armeabi toolchain on your host system, or would you prefer a pre-built set of all possible toolchains for x86_64?
01:50:04[Saint]If you are wanting to compile our toolchain on your local host, we'll need to do some work right off the bat.
01:50:32vlcn[Saint], honestly no opinion either way. My dev machine is running OS X if that helps.
01:52:17[Saint]That "helps", helps my understanding of the situation, and how I handle it, but ultimately it's bloody annoying. :)
01:52:45[Saint]OSX is non-*unixlike enough that I can't guarantee that precompiled toolchains would work as expected.
01:53:05vlcnI can also just spin up a VM if needed
01:53:09vlcnnot a big deal
01:54:07[Saint]Well, is a link to all of our toolchains recently compiled for x84_64 on a real linux system.
01:54:36[Saint]If you compile locally, you'll only need the armeabi toolchain, and does have support for detecting and handling a Darwin host from memory.
01:55:00[Saint]I can't tell you what the dependencies for Darwin are, though.
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02:01:34[Saint]Besides out Rockbox source tree, and the armeabi (or an armeabi) toolchain, you will also need the Android standalone SDK and the Android NDK.
02:01:44[Saint]You should gimme a yell if or when all those things are true.
02:01:51vlcnwill do!
02:02:21vlcndo the versions of the Android NDK/SDK matter?
02:02:39__builtinyeah, get the latest ones
02:02:44[Saint]Not in any meaningful way, just grab the latest of both.
02:02:49vlcnok, thanks!
02:02:58__builtinignore me ;)
02:03:19__builtin[Saint] is the android/theme engine god around here
02:05:42[Saint]I wouldn't go that far. Though I'm probably one of the few who knows how to setup a build anvironment for the Android app based targets with the modern Android tools.
02:06:11__builtintheme engine at least ;)
02:07:33[Saint]Themes themselves, yeah. I'll maybe give you that one. ;)
02:08:08__builtinwhy couldn't the language be a bit more... readable?
02:08:11[Saint]The theme engine/parser is a marketplace of despair and woe. Abandon faith all ye who ether therein.
02:08:34__builtinthen compile it into the 'drunken cat regex' for use
02:09:29[Saint]We did at one point have a WYSIWYG drag'n'drop theme editor.
02:09:37[Saint]But it was a PITA to maintain.
02:09:56__builtinI can imagine
02:10:06*__builtin was thinking XML-based
02:10:27__builtinnot too hard to maintain, but not too hard (for sane people) to use, either ;)
02:10:49[Saint]I quite like the theme engine markup.
02:10:58[Saint]the modern stuff, at least.
02:11:08[Saint]the legacy code is prett gross though.
02:12:18[Saint]There's a couple of places in our codebase that
02:12:27[Saint]I hate with a passion.
02:12:59[Saint]Theme engine/parser, Database, and all the lowlevel filesystem access.
02:13:52[Saint]Oh, and 99.999% of all the charcell specific workarounds.
02:14:00*__builtin mentions plug−−s
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04:25:00vlcn[Saint], I think I'm good to go.
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04:49:18[Saint]vlcn: OK, so you will need a few patches, three of which are necessary to compile, and two of which are improvements to quality of life.
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04:51:51[Saint]Does there exist a java 7 development kit and runtime for OSX?
04:52:33[Saint]I mean, I assume so, but - I have no idea on the how of this in OSX.
04:53:15[Saint]I build against openjdk-7-j{dk|re} on debian/arch myself.
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04:55:07vlcninstalling now
04:55:34vlcnprobably should have just setup a VM for my sanity
04:55:36vlcnoh well
04:56:10[Saint]Does there exist some form of method for persistent user-specific environment variables? Like ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc (less ideal) or so?
04:57:37vlcnI'm guessing that the VMs listed on the RockBox wiki are super out of date
04:57:59[Saint]They should be largely fine.
04:58:32[Saint]If you wanted to switch to a linux/debian-esque VM I could make some absolute guarantees about this setup.
04:59:24[Saint]I know precisely nothing of how our build system dependencies relate to OSX, I just know our build system dependencies and how they relate to current android tools.
05:00:03vlcnyeah I understand −− I generally try to avoid setting up any kind of complex environments locally because they are annoying to maintain.
05:01:03[Saint]You don't necessarily have to use our VM images, you could spin up a fresh install of <insert favorite distro here>.
05:01:16vlcnyeah, I think that's what I'll do to keep things simple
05:01:42[Saint]I have the 64 bit toolchains available for download for you to insert directly into ~/bin or whatever.
05:01:51[Saint]So that saves around an hour or so of build time.
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05:02:24[Saint]And there's only around 20 packages required for building on a linux system (and their dependencies, but it's not too much).
05:07:04[Saint]So, to re-cap:
05:07:04[Saint]64 bit toolchains for all targets (binaries only):
05:07:04[Saint]Patches for compiling Rockbox for Android targets:
05:07:04DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
05:07:04[Saint]Environment variables:
05:13:25[Saint]If you wanted to make the download even smaller, here's just the armeabi toolchain binaries.
05:13:38[Saint]that's ~5MB or so.
05:16:24[Saint]The packages you'll need to install in any given debian-esque or Arch system are:
05:16:24[Saint]automake bison build-essential ccache flex libc6-dev libgmp3-dev libmpfr-dev libsdl1.2-dev libtool openjdk-7-jdk openjdk-7-jre texinfo
05:17:05[Saint](and their dependencies)
05:22:13vlcnthanks, I'll let you know how I make out
05:23:29[Saint]No problem. In your own time my man I'll be lurking around.
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23:37:29ulmutulHow can I push a sequence of dependent patches to gerrit? Create a branch, make several commits and then "git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master", or will this push only the latest commit?
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