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#rockbox log for 2016-01-10

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00:39:12*[Saint] wonders if the Xduoo guys are just marketing idiots like everyone else or if there really is a 128GB hard limit on addressable SD size.
00:39:51[Saint]I realize it's hard to do with a CNC machined case, but, those dust traps...I mean SD slots, are really awful.
00:41:25[Saint]all the text on their site is fucking jpgs.
00:44:02[Saint]There's really something fundamentally wrong with the player though, or they are vastly underestimating the runtime.
00:44:29[Saint]1500mAh battery, ~8h runtime. According to them.
00:45:40[Saint]perhaps they don't do any clockswitching.
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00:53:10pamaury[Saint]: what do you mean by 128GB limit ?
00:53:51[Saint]It's probably a marketing blunder, like it usually is, but they tout "up to 256GB" from 128GB x2 SD slots.
00:54:12[Saint]But the company is just weird enough that I'm not quite prepared to believe it's not a real hard limit.
00:55:59pamauryI guess it's just that 128GB is the current limit of one SD card, so with 2 slots, you get twice the maximum size ?
00:56:25[Saint]but it's not, though. but, yeah, the marketing team is probably just idiots.
00:57:05[Saint]128GB hasn't been the upper bound for quite a while now.
01:06:09pamaury256GB micro-sd cards are not that common
01:07:42pamauryand even then, if you have two 256GB slot, that makes it 512GB which you can't reach with current microsd cards (unless you are ready to pay an insane price)
01:08:01[Saint]256GB are vaporware.
01:08:09[Saint]They "exist", but, they...don't.
01:08:50[Saint]either way, I expect to see the max capacity listed as 2TB of addressable space for any non-idiot company.
01:09:02[Saint]Android OEMs clicked onto this fuckery years ago.
01:09:52[Saint]These guys are special snowflakes, so they get to say /4TB/, why would you not use that to you're advantage?
01:10:18[Saint]You're already listing audio bit throughput that's entirely meaningless to the consumer.
01:10:25[Saint]WHy not more big numbers? :)
01:11:00pamauryThey are aiming at audiophile, those numbers may be attractive to those people ?
01:11:34[Saint]I'm not sure if you're helping to make your point, or mine.
01:11:37pamauryanyway, I still don't see the point, how is it bad to market about something realistic (2x128GB) rather something possible but super far streched (2x2TB) ?
01:11:59[Saint]because one is an outright fucking lie.
01:12:04[Saint]and the other is a truth?
01:12:05pamauryI'm not making any point ;) you seem to have a problem with them, I don't care ^^
01:12:30[Saint]I have a problem with people who don't understand the technical abilities of their product making marketing material.
01:12:35[Saint]Not Xduoo directly.
01:13:11pamauryI mean common, did you ever see a PC manufacturer say "up to 128XiB of storage" just because it can 2^128 sectors of 512 bytes ? (just making numbers)
01:13:13[Saint]This "up to N GB" crap is rife in all kinds of communities, but many OEMs in the Android space kissed that game goodbye quite some time ago.
01:13:38[Saint]Most Android devices list "up to 2TB" as the upper bound for SD now, as per spec.
01:14:34[Saint]Because it's disingenuous to say otherwise, and it attracts idiots.
01:14:51[Saint]I wonder how many support requests they've handled asking if it supports 200GB cards.
01:14:59[Saint]A lot, I'd wager.
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01:18:24pamauryok I see where you are going, I guess you have a point, Perhaps the idiot marketer didn't speak to the half-competent engineer and came up with those numbers by himself :-p
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01:59:52tux00hy all
02:00:27tux00some one here ?
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18:54:25pamauryah ingenic, so apparently they have two timer blocks, only one is documented but for some reason they made changes to the other one between JZ4760 and JZ4760B, of course none of this is listed in the document which gives the difference between the two...
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19:09:37pamauryalso they suck at register naming convention
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19:26:17pamauryok, so who is the engineer that decided that all registers name should be of the BLOCK_REG but then decided that all registers names should begin with a few letters to identifier the block ? Thus leading to names like BLOCK_BLOCKREG ?
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21:07:18*[Saint] found ENUM_ENUM_ENUM_ENUM the other day.
21:07:39[Saint](re: fucking bonkers naming schema)
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21:49:02pamauryyay, I finally have a first version of jz4760b registers \o/
21:49:33pamauryI still have to check that againts the manual, there were so many errors in those headers
21:50:11pamaurynot to mention a few sneaky difference between jz4760 and jz4760b, I hope this won't be too much of an issue
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22:44:59[Saint]vlcn: did you die?
22:45:13[Saint]vlcn: or did I feed you enough to get you up and running?
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22:56:33wodzpamaury: (log) Whoa, I see resumed tinkering with DAPs :-)
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23:00:21pamaurywodz: yeah I'm trying to put some of free time on tis
23:00:39pamauryI've actually spend quite some time on this register map because of those crappy headers
23:00:50wodzgood to see something going
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23:01:07pamaurynow I understand why the headers come with all those functions
23:02:13wodzwhat you mean?
23:02:50pamaurythe headers are so inconsistent that using the define directly is a challenge. So they just define a lot of function to work with them
23:03:36wodzah, that
23:04:22pamauryI'll push it to gerrit after doing some more checks on it. Then I'll try to play with the lcd on the fiio X1
23:06:04pamaurywodz: by the way did you see that I updated the hwstub library rework to gerrit ?
23:06:21wodzYes, but I didn't had time to look at this
23:08:18pamaurysure no problem
23:10:07wodzhow complete this rework is now?
23:10:36pamauryit is missing the network part
23:11:38pamaurywhich should be easy to add now. Also I initially thought about writing a C->C++ wrapper for the tools but now I'm thinking about porting the tools to it directly, it's not a major change anyway
23:11:52wodzok, so is this drop-in replacement for what is in HEAD
23:13:05pamauryyeah that's the idea, except for the fact that many of the tools don't compile anymore so I need to port them. I hope to finish this quickly
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