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#rockbox log for 2016-01-12

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00:41:18vlcnwoohoo, got ADB working on the DX80
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00:41:58[Saint]vlcn: so I take it your build environment was set up with the info and binaries I gave you?
00:42:03[Saint]Or, are we yet to do so?
00:42:16vlcnShould be all setup, but I haven't tested it yet.
00:42:44[Saint]Do you have the android-19 platform tools and image?
00:43:01[Saint]you'll need 'em.
00:43:13vlcnI think the ones I have installed are newer than that, let me check
00:43:46[Saint]If you used the env vars I gave you, with editing their paths to suit of course, 'android' (the Android SDK Manager) should be in your path.
00:44:12vlcnyep :)
00:44:24[Saint]Actually, I'll need to check, I think there's a chance it's using Android-16 for the DX.
00:44:35[Saint]But I may be thinking of yp-r*
00:45:10[Saint]adb and fastboot et al will also be in your $PATH
00:45:15[Saint]I find this pretty useful.
00:45:26vlcndefinitely is
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00:46:16[Saint]Ok, you can pretty much select everything in SDK Manager and delete it.
00:46:38[Saint]There's a tonne of shit (all the latest tools for 6.0) you'll never use.
00:47:41[Saint]You'll need:
00:47:41[Saint]Android SDK Tools (latest version)
00:47:41[Saint]Android SDK Build-tools (version 19.1)
00:47:41DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
00:47:41[Saint]SDK Platform (version 19)
00:47:46[Saint]everything else can go.
00:49:41[Saint]By default you'll have around 1GB of useless (to you) API23 stuffs.
00:50:51vlcnyeah I'll go in an clean it up there in a bit, it'll be alright for now.
00:51:13vlcnSo what's my next step then −− should I just run with the DX90 build and see what happens?
00:51:40[Saint]May as well. Do you have our build dependencies installed? I could list them again for you if you like.
00:51:59vlcnshould be all installed
00:52:40[Saint]automake bison build-essential ccache flex libc6-dev libgmp3-dev libmpfr-dev libsdl1.2-dev libtool openjdk-7-jdk openjdk-7-jre texinfo
00:53:35[Saint]and, yes, you may as well. configure will tell you straight away if there's any environmental dependency that isn;t met.
00:54:05[Saint]ie. not being able to find the SDK or NDK, or not being able to find the toolchains.
00:56:15[Saint]Ah, fuck it, it is using Android-16 still.
00:57:47[Saint]Oh, actually...
00:57:54[Saint]did you install the patches I gave you?
00:58:01vlcnoh, good question
00:58:06vlcnI don't think I did
00:59:05[Saint]Do you still have them?
01:01:33[Saint]and, that output, from the gist...what did that come from exactly?
01:01:58vlcnrunning configure and selecting the DX90 (223 I think it was?)
01:02:14[Saint]also, you'll probably need to log out and back in to get it to pick up the adjustments to the path.
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01:05:32vlcn[Saint], done. Looks like I'm getting the same exact error though.
01:06:49[Saint]Ok, bear with me, just trying to sort it out locally.
01:07:20[Saint]aha, done.
01:07:29vlcnno worries, I really appreciate the help.
01:09:25[Saint]Ok, you can do this manually pretty easily.
01:09:25[Saint]Lines 759 and 760 in ../rockbox/tools/configure
01:09:43[Saint]adjust both instances of −−toolchain=arm-linux-androideabi-4.6 to −−toolchain=arm-linux-androideabi-4.9
01:09:59[Saint]and adjust both instances of android-16 to android-19
01:10:06[Saint]re-run configure, and you're done.
01:10:41[Saint]If we get this sorted out for you, I'll look at pushing this to gerrit and moving it all upstream.
01:12:47vlcncool, that did it.
01:14:02vlcnThere's not really anything interesting here, but here it is just because:
01:16:10[Saint]I guess I'll also need to fix it up so that it stops bitching about the recommended crosscompiler.
01:16:42[Saint]there's no real reason that this couldn;t be built against android-19 like evrything else, by my understanding.
01:17:02[Saint]only MIPS needs special attention.
01:17:26[Saint]It is my belief that this uses android-16 solely due to the age of it and the time it was added.
01:17:39[Saint]but, we'll soon see, I guess.
01:18:22[Saint]once you can build for DX90, we'll see what needs to be done (if anything) to get this to function on DX80.
01:18:30[Saint]and then add a build target for it.
01:19:05[Saint]Aha, I see where I fucked up with gccchoice.
01:19:14[Saint]But, that should be a harmless warning.
01:19:42[Saint]line 757 in configure, s/4.6/4.9/
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01:23:02vlcnfwiw, the DX80 does run a newer version of 'Android' than the DX50/DX90 I think
01:23:16vlcnshouldn't matter to the best of my knowledge
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01:36:47[Saint]pamaury: (logs) - yes, I just fixed it now, actually.
01:37:15[Saint]pamaury: (logs) - do:
01:37:34[Saint]"eval "$(ssh-agent -s)" ; ssh-add"
01:37:58[Saint]then add your ssh passphrase when prompted, and then try to re-auth with gerrit.
01:52:06[Saint]you didn't add the patch to change the linker from gold to bfd
01:52:26CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
01:52:26*[Saint] is pretty confident he supplied it
01:52:40[Saint]If you don't have it, I can send it again.
01:54:13vlcnhmm, I did apply it
01:54:21vlcnor at least my bash history tells me I did
01:55:35[Saint]is -fuse-ld=bfd present in the androidcc GLOBAL_LDOPTS string?
01:56:07[Saint](in ../tools/configure, around line 679 or so)
01:56:25[Saint]If it is present, I'll have to dig a little deeper locally.
01:57:15vlcnYep: GLOBAL_LDOPTS="-Wl,-z,defs -Wl,-z,noexecstack,-fuse-ld=bfd"
01:57:27[Saint]Hmmm. OK, I'll have a look.
02:01:45[Saint]aha - got it.
02:02:25[Saint]line 751, do s/GLOBAL_LDOPTS="-Wl,-z,defs -Wl,-z,noexecstack"/GLOBAL_LDOPTS="-Wl,-z,defs -Wl,-z,noexecstack,-fuse-ld=bfd"/
02:02:37[Saint]that /should/ make it happy.
02:03:01[Saint]NDK r10e doesn't seem to like our project threading with the gold linker.
02:03:40[Saint]I just wasn't aware that the DX* were using a separate define for GLOBAL_LDOPTS
02:04:24*[Saint] is making notes as we go and formatting a patch set for this
02:04:58[Saint]So, rest assured that your pain and mine here is going to help others in the long run - if that's any load off your conscience. :)
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02:18:16vlcn[Saint], yeah that seems to have done it.
02:28:44[Saint]I have updated the relevant patches in light of this discussion.
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03:15:35vlcn[Saint], I've loaded up the DX90 build and the loader, but just have a black screen. any thoughts on where to go next?
03:16:30[Saint]what's the Android version it runs?
03:16:43[Saint](please don't say 5.*)
03:17:15jtdesigns01when I try to run xrick I get a "(resources) unable to open "filelist.dat" Error!" error.
03:17:18vlcnit is running 5.1, but does that actually matter? I mean it's barely even Android isn't it?
03:17:30*[Saint] sighs loudly
03:17:37[Saint]Yes, it matters.
03:17:40[Saint]It matters a lot.
03:17:59vlcnI wouldn't expect it to matter for an NDK application
03:18:24[Saint]The ART runtime hates our threading.
03:19:01[Saint]We can get it to not crash immediately, but as soon as a playback thread gets initiated it'll die.
03:19:47[Saint]jtdesigns01: that's entirely expected if you never installed the resources for it
03:20:04vlcnhmm, I don't think that the iBasso players have any android runtime
03:20:06jtdesigns01do I just need
03:20:06[Saint]just like doom, we don't actually ship the resources due to licensing.
03:20:11vlcnit's a really weird stripped down version of android
03:20:58[Saint]vlcn: I know that's true for the older versions, it's some weird android kludge, but I can't guarantee it's not true here.
03:21:11vlcnwell let me poke around a bit and see
03:21:31vlcnThis is a bit out of my comfort zone (I'm a web dev), but I can probably fake my way through it
03:22:01[Saint]If you can purge the logcat buffer and then get a logcat dump of starting up Rockbox that would be great.
03:25:33jtdesigns01where can I get the resources for xrick
03:27:09vlcn[Saint], here's something that's probably useful but I don't understand the meaning of (yet): "error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported."
03:32:16jtdesigns01where can I get the resources for xrick?
03:35:32[Saint]Fucked if I know. It's nothing we support officially.
03:35:44[Saint]Ask whoever from wherever you got it from.
03:35:50[Saint]It wasn't us.
03:36:53jtdesigns01okay then
03:38:09[Saint]I realize it seems harsh, but I can't in any good consciousness give support for something that is no part of our codebase.
03:38:48[Saint]I have no way of knowing what you're running or where it came from.
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03:41:18jtdesigns01no no, I totally get it
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03:47:05vlcn[Saint], derp... so that error isn't surprising when trying to execute the loader. It was built with the target platform set to android-14.
03:47:32vlcnlet me just skip over testing that for now
03:47:50[Saint]Aha. I see.
03:53:02[Saint]The loader targeting android 14 shouldn't necessarily be problematic.
03:53:33[Saint]But it quite likely doesn't feel too happy about the loader and Rockbox binary targeting different platforms.
03:54:19vlcn[Saint], well the specific error I received would be expected in that case
03:55:11[Saint]I'm just sitting here hoping that they didn't decide to implement a standard runtime this time around
03:55:43[Saint]carving the ART runtime out of 5.* would be a feat of dedication and quite impressive.
03:56:05[Saint]It was less so in Android 4.* to remove Dalvik.
03:56:23[Saint]I still have NFI /why/ they did this.
04:03:07[Saint]We might also need to change the thread_support as well...but I'm not confident.
04:03:19[Saint]I do have a DX90 around here...somewhere.
04:03:33[Saint]I know it's in a box.
04:05:28vlcnso I'm stuck on a stupid issue, trying to adb push the .rockbox directory to the correct location. Based on the wiki entry it sounds like the internal storage of the DX50/DX90 is accessible when connected via USB.
04:05:48vlcnThat doesn't seem to be the case here, and I can't seem to adb push anything to /sdcard/
04:08:51[Saint]what is the error you're getting?
04:09:38[Saint]it's not "failed to copy '.rockbox' to '/sdcard': Is a directory"
04:09:41[Saint]by any chance is it?
04:11:27vlcnno, I get an error on the first file that it's a 'Read-only file system'.
04:11:53[Saint]can I see the syntax you're using please?
04:13:47vlcnwhich isn't surprising I guess, because I can't write to it from the shell either.
04:14:06vlcnit's been awhile since I've done anything with Android, I'm probably missing something here.
04:15:05[Saint]seems like they fucked up access rules a little.
04:15:12[Saint]adb shell mount -o rw,remount /
04:15:21[Saint]then proceed.
04:15:48vlcnyeah that did it
04:15:49vlcnsilly me
04:16:09[Saint]it really shouldn;t be necessary.
04:16:12[Saint]they screwed up.
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04:26:44vlcn[Saint], no idea, but nothing that I write to /sdcard is persisted?
04:28:00[Saint]can you use MTP direct mount?
04:28:58vlcn"Unable to open MTP device '[usb:001,009]'"
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04:47:29vlcnI'm going to sleep on it and come back to it tomorrow
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04:48:53[Saint]Well, I'll be here.
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06:38:42*Dhraakellian experiments with voicing
07:13:42vlcn[Saint], couldn't sleep −− any thoughts on where I'm going wrong here?
07:28:06vlcnhuh, same error when trying to execute the rockbox binary too.
07:28:07vlcn"error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported."
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07:48:06vlcn[Saint], my inexperience with C is showing here... but I expected adding the flags suggested here: would have helped
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08:38:04wodzvlcn: I don't know if compiling rockbox with PIE will have side effects.
08:44:27wodzvlcn: IIRC we build firmware lib with -fPIC (otherwise linking shared lib will fail) so there are good chances it will just work
08:45:37wodzvlcn: also build with make V=1 to see all flags passed to compiler and linker
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15:51:46vlcnah, okay, that='s probably where I went wrong then.
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22:04:14vlcntrying to work through this −− I don't understand why the resulting rockbox executable is not using PIE.
22:04:21wodzvlcn: You are getting errors in linking codecs. Thats different thing. Codecs are plain shared libs so you CANT link it with PIE
22:04:47vlcnwodz, fwiw I think I'm past that issue now.
22:05:02wodzvlcn: good :-)
22:05:12wodzvlcn: Does the main binary work?
22:05:14vlcnswitching to arm-linux-androideabi-4.9 seems to have solved that particular issue.
22:05:33vlcnwodz, I can't run it on my device because it's not using PIE (see output in the last gist)
22:07:26wodzvlcn: so, as I pointed out earlier you need to add flags when linking main binary
22:07:47vlcnsorry, really not trying to e dense I just have no idea what I'm doing ;)
22:08:19vlcnAs someone who spends 99% of my time working with interpreted languages this kind of build process seems like voodoo magic.
22:10:42vlcnwodz, so where is the configuration for the linking of the main binary in the configure script?
22:12:00wodzvlcn: look at androidcc() in configure for LDOPTS
22:12:59wodzbut I am not particularly familiar with android target
22:13:09vlcnWhat's the difference between LDOPTS and LDFLAGS?
22:16:52wodzIt is my speculation but LDOPTS is probably used on hosted targets to link main binary
22:18:56wodzvlcn: The easiest route is to hack Makefile generated by configure directly and check with make V=1 where particular flags are added
22:19:31wodzvlcn: Then if you find working combination you can edit configure in proper place
22:20:07wodzvlcn: you may also catch gevaerts as he probably know more about our build system
22:22:11*gevaerts doesn't know much about linker options
22:23:02vlcnsurely more than I
22:23:16gevaertsI wouldn't bet on it
22:23:22wodzgevaerts: but you probably know where to add it for being used during build :-)
22:23:43vlcnwodz, okay, you we're totally right. Adding '-pie' to the LDOPTS got me somewhere.
22:23:52vlcn'Position Independent Executable: yes'
22:24:48vlcnI literally found no mention of doing that anywhere in the Android topics I was perusing on Stack Overflow earlier, so that's a huge help.
22:25:08 Quit dfkt (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:28:34vlcn# ./rockbox
22:28:42vlcnwell, that's sometihng I suppose.
22:28:42gevaertsAs far as I can see I suspect you want GLOBAL_LDOPTS, but I'm not entirely sure
22:29:25gevaertsLDOPTS is used by the main binary, GLOBAL_LDOPTS is also used by plugins and codecs
22:30:08 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
22:30:22vlcnI only added it to LDOPTS in the Makefile for now
22:30:44wodzfirst lets make main binary working
22:31:48vlcnthis is where I'm at
22:32:15 Join krnlyng [0] (
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22:36:56wodznot very verbose :-)
22:37:42vlcnsec, even
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23:49:57vlcnwell, I'm stumped again.

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