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#rockbox log for 2016-01-14

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00:17:34jtdesigns01__builtin: xrick is giving me "(resources) unable to open "filelist.dat" Error!".
00:17:34jtdesigns01that isnt related to the is it?
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00:32:25__builtinjtdesigns01: sounds like it could be
00:32:40__builtinlook at the code and see where it wants the data files
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00:58:14jtdesigns01__builtin: hmm... it wants to open that file from the filesystem.
00:58:29jtdesigns01I just checked and that file doesnt exist
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01:23:15__builtinyou need to get it (likely from the link above)
01:24:57jtdesigns01nope. its not in the zip (or the source)
01:25:17jtdesigns01all thats in the zip is some .wavs
01:26:53__builtinextract the data in .rockbox/rocks/games/xrick/
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01:27:46jtdesigns01shoulda read that
01:30:06jtdesigns01that fixed it
01:31:10__builtinthat port's awesome
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06:28:59vlcn[Saint], any thoughts on what my next move should be as far as troubleshooting?
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10:15:52flingIs not it possible to install on irver t30?
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11:17:40gevaertsfling: no
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11:24:50flinggevaerts: I can't figure out how the tracks are sorted.
11:25:05flingTried to rename, tried to reencode in the proper order…
11:25:20flingThe tracks are still playing in some random order in two folders
11:28:36gevaertsIf that's not in rockbox, we can't help you...
11:28:52*gevaerts has never seen an iriver t30
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15:50:15[Saint]fling: you're certain it's not the order the files were added to the player?
15:50:34[Saint]I've definitely seen that before, but, this isn't exactly (read: not at all) on-topic.
15:50:52*gevaerts did some work on the theme site
15:51:32gevaertsAn explicit download link on the detail page, and title attributes on the screenshots that tell you what happens if you click on them
15:51:57gevaertsHopefully that will reduce the number of nonsensical reports
15:52:23[Saint]wow - was it that bad?
15:53:51gevaertsNo, but there were still clearly people who couldn't figure out how to download from that page, and I can't really say I blame them
15:54:37gevaertsWe did get a few "reports" with questions on how to download, and a fair number of reports are four digit numbers, which I presume are the captcha text on the report form...
15:55:46gevaertsAnd reports about themes being broken, which I think should lead to a ban from all rockbox sites and services. I mean, the text *clearly* says such reports don't belong there!
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16:44:18fling[Saint]: thanks for the tip, I will try to rsync numerically…
16:45:48flinggevaerts: t30 is what I found on a flooded street few years ago. With headphones worth five times more than the player ;P
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20:10:20vlcn[Saint], I haven't managed to make a whole lot of headway with getting Rockbox running on the DX80 −− any thoughts?
20:11:13vlcnI made it quite a bit further with the loader application −− it crashes but I understand why, essentially.
20:11:22vlcnI can adapt it to make it work.
20:11:40vlcnI just have no idea where to go when I have so little to work with on Rockbox itself.
20:11:53[Saint]I feel like for me to understand this better I'd need to actually have the hardware at hand.
20:12:14[Saint]I'm entirely unfamiliar with this port and its weird-ass crippled android host.
20:12:41[Saint]My useful knowledge here surrunds the build system and the android port on 'normal' android devices.
20:13:47[Saint]Essentially I was only particularly useful to get you to a state where the build system wasn't abruptly falling over. I have no real deep seated knowledge in the underlying DX ports themselves.
20:14:40vlcnI understand, no worries. I'm completely out of my area of expertise on this.
20:15:28[Saint]I really wish I could be of more help to you.
20:16:04[Saint]My deep knowledge outside of the build system is mainly in the ipods, which is somewhat esoteric and largely useless these days.
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22:32:18[Saint]if I have a metric shittonne of commits that I could/should push to gerrit, can I do that all at once and still have them as different tasks?
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22:43:14[Saint]these commits will break peoples existing android build client setups and require the use of more modern tools, though.
22:47:43[Saint]I'm inclined to think the build system and individual targets should be tracking the latest possible tools (while still targeting a specific platform API) rather than relying on an increasingly difficult to find ancient version of said tools and each target having a slightly different platform target for no obvious reason (seems to be an oversight in most cases) which ends up increasing the complexity of the required tools.
22:52:52pamaury[Saint]: if you push several commits to gerrit, it sould treat them as several tasks, one per commit
22:53:00pamauryat least that was the case in the past
22:53:13[Saint]pamaury: did you read the logs regarding gerrit/ssh from the other day?
22:53:19[Saint]I did end up figuring it out.
22:53:22pamauryyes, I found out the problem
22:53:30pamauryand told bjorn to send an email
22:53:35[Saint]was yours different to mine?
22:53:50pamauryI don't know, mine was an old ssh key
22:54:16pamauryopenssh 7.0 deprecated ssh-dss keys by default
22:54:50[Saint]the issue I had was for some reason I needed to manually do ssh-add for the kay/passphrase on the client end before it got paicked up.
22:55:09[Saint]and I've never actually had to explicitly do so before so it caught me off guard.
22:55:25pamauryssh-add ? what's that ?
22:55:48[Saint]adds keys to the ssh authentication agent.
22:56:57pamauryah, i don't use the agent
22:57:09[Saint]I had never had to before either.
22:58:18[Saint]but doing "eval `ssh-agent`; ssh-add" (start ssh-agent if it's not running already; ssh-add with no args to do a guided key selection and passphrase validation)
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22:59:19Link8it doesnt say how to automatic install 5.5 gen [Saint]
23:00:18[Saint]You are really terrible at giving context my man.
23:00:22[Saint]What is "it"?
23:00:53Link8giving installing rockbox a try on my new 5.5 gen
23:01:06Link8seeing if i can do it on mac automatically
23:01:10Link8see i can do it manuelly
23:01:22[Saint]Yes, that's very nice, but it doesn't answer my question at all now does it?
23:01:24Link8but not reading anything about automatically
23:01:32[Saint]WHat is "it" in the given context?
23:01:44Link8thats it
23:02:13[Saint]I believe you will find you are tremendously wrong.
23:02:25Link8you give me cool answers
23:02:34Link8i guess thats why youre called Saint
23:02:35[Saint] - 2.2.1 Automated Installation
23:03:48Link8yes but it doesnt say what i need to do
23:03:58Link8can i just plug it in with the apple fw still on there
23:05:59[Saint]Rockbox doesn't need to format the disk at all for this installation, and it can even make use of the existing iTunes database.
23:07:19[Saint]hey - it's not /wrong/.
23:07:31[Saint]worded badly, yes, but not /wrong/. ;)
23:07:36gevaertsIt *is*
23:07:52gevaerts"the existing iTunes database" has a fairly specific meaning!
23:09:14[Saint]Ok, well, I guess I see where you're coming from - but I was using "itunes database" in a more general sense to include the media it's liking to.
23:09:27[Saint]which, if sanely tagged, can be "made use" of.
23:09:59gevaertsIf you had said "library" I wouldn't have woken up!
23:11:31[Saint]Link8: the one thing it doesn't actually seem to mention that is actually necessary for this is that you'll need to be on an administrative account to get lowlevel access to the ipod for the installation of the bootloader.
23:11:53[Saint]Link8: does you intended use case involve using the original firmware at all?
23:12:42[Saint]If not, or if you will only ever use the original firmware infrequently, you shouldn't really be using RockboxUtility
23:13:03Link8not sure
23:13:19Link8so i can just plug it in?
23:14:18[Saint]If you didn't use the original firmware at all, it can be removed and the rockbox binary replaced with the bootloader, and boot time is dramatically improved (1~3 seconds for the original iPod 5/5.5G HDD).
23:14:52Link8ok nice
23:14:56Link8but i want all the themes on there
23:15:00Link8is that possible?
23:15:22[Saint]You do not need RockboxUtility for themes.
23:15:34[Saint]This can be done manually very easily as well.
23:15:58[Saint]They are simply .zip archives that you would extract to the ipod in exactly the same way as you would when you update Rockbox.
23:16:01Link8ok gonna try now
23:16:10Link8yes would i have to do it one by one?
23:16:24Link8i never updated rockbox
23:16:36gevaertsInstalling themes with rockbox utility doesn't depend on having installed rockbox itself with rockbox utility
23:16:59 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 44.0/20160111185352])
23:17:21Link8if you use rockbox utility it can install all the themes itself
23:17:48[Saint]It can, but so can you.
23:18:06[Saint]download what you want, select them as a batch, right click, extract to, bam, done.
23:18:46[Saint]any non-shit graphical archival tool should support batch extraction.
23:19:06Link8i want them all
23:19:10Link8then i have to download em all
23:19:42[Saint]You realize there's like, ~200 themes, right?
23:20:42[Saint]that's a few hundred megabytes of themes when you'll only be using one of them.
23:21:01[Saint]there's just no obvious reason to do that in my opinion.
23:21:38Link8i change them every now and then
23:26:49Link8[INFO] Scanning disk devices...
23:26:49Link8[ERR] FATAL: Permission denied on 3 device(s) and no ipod detected.
23:26:49Link8[ERR] You need permissions for raw disc access for this program to work!
23:26:56[Saint]for reference, that's around an additional 120 minutes of 320kbps CBR audio.
23:27:12[Saint][2016 01 15 11:11:32] <[Saint]> Link8: the one thing it doesn't actually seem to mention that is actually necessary for this is that you'll need to be on an administrative account to get lowlevel access to the ipod for the installation of the bootloader.
23:27:39Link8how do i do that on mac
23:28:37[Saint]If only there was some form of tool someone had invented, that endabled you to search for things, on the internet, perhap using key words or phrases.
23:28:54Link8doing that now
23:28:54[Saint]someone should invent one. it would be handy.
23:35:20Link8i think i am on dministrative account already
23:37:17 Quit ivologger (Quit: Leaving...)
23:37:34Link8im already the admin Saint
23:38:48[Saint]"sudo su /path/to/rockboxutility.executable
23:41:19Link8do that in terminal?
23:42:57Link8do i plug the ipod in and put the app on?
23:43:18[Saint]gevaerts: do you have any understanding of what the value of the sanitizing done on the −−lcdwidth and −−lcdheight strings in tools/configure do?
23:43:38[Saint]−−lcdwidth=*) ARG_LCDWIDTH=`echo "$arg" | cut -d = -f 2`
23:44:02gevaertsThat's not sanitising!
23:45:27*gevaerts isn't sure he understands the question
23:45:35Link8does ipod need to be plugged in Saint?
23:46:24[Saint]are you serious? does the ipod need to be plugged in to install the bootloader (and in turn ROckbox/themes/anything else)?
23:46:28[Saint]Yes. Yes it does.
23:51:34 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
23:51:53Link8it asks for password
23:52:35Link8now it says unknown login
23:55:03Link8sudo su /path/to/rockboxutility.executable
23:55:14Link8su unknown login
23:56:38Link8Saving session...
23:56:40Link8...copying shared history...
23:56:42Link8...saving history...truncating history files...
23:56:46Link8Deleting expired sessions...18 completed.
23:56:48Link8[Process completed]
23:58:43Link8you still there [Saint]

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