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#rockbox log for 2016-01-16

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03:02:22Link8[Saint] you around
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03:05:31Link8did you see how far i got?
03:06:25Link8dont know how to go on now
03:06:47Link8i tried the description but wasnt sure what to do
03:07:27Link8can you help
03:09:33[Saint]I have no idea regarding your permissions issue. But it should be noted that there's no special permissions required to install Rockbox itself, or themes, and if I understand correctly all you actually wanted to use RockboxUtility for was themes.
03:09:38[Saint]Lowlevel device access is only required for installing the bootloader, which I'm willing to bet you've already done and does not need to be repeated.
03:10:02[Saint]the bootloader hasn't changed in years and years and years.
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03:12:29Link8you told me to type something
03:12:32Link8and this happened
03:12:33Link8Saving session...
03:12:35Link8[23:56:50] Link8 )) ...copying shared history...
03:12:37Link8[23:56:52] Link8 )) ...saving history...truncating history files...
03:12:39Link8[23:56:54] Link8 )) ...completed.
03:12:41Link8[23:56:56] Link8 )) Deleting expired sessions...18 completed.
03:12:43Link8[23:56:58] Link8 )) [Process completed]
03:13:27Link8rockboxutility tried running that
03:13:32Link8but that didnt work
03:17:33Link8will you be here tomorrow
03:17:35[Saint]I'm having a really difficult time understanding why you even care. The only time you'll ever need lowlevel access to the ipod is if you're installing the bootloader, and you'll only ever need to do that once unless you restore the ipod or manually remove it with ipodpatcher.
03:18:05[Saint]If you already have the bootloader installed, which I'm sure you will, there is no reason to be doing this at all.
03:18:21Link8i just want to put rockbox on it
03:18:41Link8preferably with the rockboxutility
03:18:57Link8but dont know the stepts
03:18:57[Saint]The last time we spoke you said you could, and had, installed Rockbox manually already - did you not?
03:19:08Link8this is a new device
03:19:43Link8you said the speed will be quicker or something with rockbox? with advanced something
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03:25:45Link8is it possible to use rockbox utility for this ipod 5gen
03:27:25[Saint]That would be why it is clearly listed in the supported devices and auto-detected.
03:27:45Link8what needs to be done so it can be picked up?
03:27:49Link8it says it wasnt mounted
03:27:59Link8i can make it detect it
03:28:03Link8but the process doesnt work
03:29:35Link8im sleepy bro 3:30 am here
03:29:42Link8will you be here tomorrow if you dont have time now?
03:36:50Link8Can you only do it with windows?
03:39:11Link8i need to find out the mount point
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12:25:42edhelas[Saint], do you think it's a complex task to map the head-remote buttons to rockbox ? I'm wondering if I can do it easily
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17:39:53Link7[Saint] you around?
17:40:03Link7i tried to rockbox it with my windows
17:40:07Link7all seem to go well
17:40:13Link7but i couldnt eject at in the end
17:40:35Link7now my ipod says *PANIC*
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20:36:28saratogaif I want to push a change to an old gerrit task from the current rockbox tree, can I just do a new commit in my local tree and append the old change-id to the bottom?
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20:39:43saratogalooks like that should work, going to risk it...
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20:40:31saratogaok it worked as expected
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21:17:55saratogadoes lcd_putsf support any kind of floating point values or do I have to format them myself?
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22:01:03__builtinsaratoga: I don't think so
22:01:12*__builtin tried using %f, and it didn't work
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22:40:26Link7[Saint] you around
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23:17:19boomerwhere do I download the ipad port?,51171.msg236263/topicseen.html#msg236263
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23:55:11Link7whos here
23:58:37edhelasI'm a bit lost if the rockbox sourcecode, I'm trying to find if rockbox is catching somehow the signal that is coming from the old iPod connector next to the jack one

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