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#rockbox log for 2016-01-18

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00:21:25saratoga_prof_wolfff: usually a bootloader in rockbox is only required to boot rockbox and have some way to recover if that fails (even if just a hardware USB recovery mode or tool)
00:21:49saratoga_dual boot and support in rbutil are nice to have as well, but not mandatory to have (at least initially)
00:22:37saratoga_if the 6g is hard to recover from a failed boot, having bootloader USB mode or dual boot would be a good idea
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00:24:04[Saint]It's no harder to recover than any other iPod.
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00:47:43saratoga_if possible then, it'd be nice to get a basic bootloader committed, even if the rest isn't ready
00:50:36[Saint]It might seem like an asshole position but I was going to actively attempt to block the bootloader going mainline if it deviated too much from the current flow of existing ipod bootloaders.
00:50:50[Saint]I very firmly believe the bootloader shouldn't be trying to do too much.
00:51:16[Saint]Nothing but booting Rb and the OF, and presenting a means of recovery if booting Rb fails, via bootloader USB.
00:51:58[Saint]No imagery, no fancy fuckery, just get in, get out, get 'er done.
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01:00:49prof_wolfffwhat fails on booting RB?, no partition found or rockbox.ipod not found?, if so actually it is managed going to diskmode or launching OF
01:02:25[Saint]On the other ipods, the bootloader itself handles USB connection, and prints a message to make it very clear to the user what happened and why.
01:02:42[Saint]I imagine just dropping into the OF or Disk Mode would have the user wondering what the Hell happened.
01:04:51prof_wolfffATM the message is shown but requires manual action by the user, a USB mount could be done, but with the actual implementation there are space limitations
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01:09:10prof_wolfffi think that using compression (not used ATM) the USB driver could be included, even disk format if it is a priority
01:09:42[Saint]nah, that's not a function the bootloader should be performing.
01:12:58prof_wolfffif there is no partition we can show a message to use iTunes to recover, if there is no we can shou a message to use RockboxUtily to install RB and wait for the user to press a button to reboot into OF
01:13:42[Saint]you should probably just look at the existing ipod bootloaders to see how it is handled.
01:14:36[Saint]it would be nice, but not essential, if they were consistent in function.
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01:18:25prof_wolfffi am trying that :) but note that there are some difference with other targets, we must prevent that RB is not launched if battery is low to avoid the endless reboot loop, and need to manage the fact that OF hibernates SDRAM and goes to power-off in about 30 minutes, after power-on from hibernated state the bootloader is executed and launch OF with no SDRAM, only a few free IRAM is available
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06:01:56*Dhraakellian wonders if rockbox is a dying project
06:02:13*Dhraakellian will keep using the corpse for a long time to come, though, if that's the case
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08:39:29Guest9250I want to develop for my ipod but I can't find the source code anywhere for Rockbox. The only source I can find can only be downloaded with using SVN which I can't use on my system... Where can I get the source?
08:42:05Guest9250Ah, my bad, thanks.
08:42:33Guest9250Can I submit packages to the rockbox website/repository?
08:47:04wodzGuest9250: could you be more specific?
08:48:22Guest9250I mean, if I write a program for Rockbox, can I upload it to the Rockbox website for others to download?
08:48:50wodzGuest9250: 1) 'program for rockbox'
08:48:55wodzis very vague.
08:49:38wodzAnyway UsingGit specifies how you can contribute - upload patch to gerrit. If it gets accepted it will be merged upstream
08:50:15Guest9250Sorry, a "plugin"/"rock"/"app"/"viewer". What do you call them? An executable binary file.
08:50:28wodzIf you contribute significant amount of code you may be given commit access
08:51:23wodzGuest9250: Are you aware that due to technical reasons distributing binary form of rock/plugin/codec is not feasible?
08:51:39Guest9250No, I'm actually not.
08:52:02wodzplugin must match version of main rockbox binary
08:52:43Guest9250Never mind...
08:52:46Guest9250Can I distribute source code, then? In the C language?
08:53:28wodzGuest9250: As I said you can upload patch to gerrit for review
08:54:32wodzGuest9250: Anyway the only feasible way to support your work long term is to get it merged/
08:55:05wodzGuest9250: What do you plan to develop?
08:55:09Guest9250That's pretty confusing for me, since I pramarily write code for computers.
08:55:38Guest9250I'm going to rewrite a lossless file compression algorithm for Rockbox.
08:55:51wodzWhich one?
08:56:08Guest92507z, I hope.
08:56:19Guest9250It's a GNU project, isn't it?
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08:56:36wodzMay I ask what is the purpose?
08:57:55Guest9250Making big files smaller. I don't think I understand your question.
09:00:45wodzrockbox is primarly DAP - for audio files there are better suited compression algos (lossless as well) and we support fair number of that
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09:02:55Guest9250Yeah, I understand that but what if I want to stuff my device with a lot of big files? I'll have to compress some so I an use them.
09:05:49wodzif you want to *store* files (just like on pendrive) use your PC, if you want to *listen* big files on your DAP - compress it with suitable codec. 7z is probably one of the worst choice for audio files.
09:09:18Guest9250Haha, I guess so but I'm making a general compression utility, starting with 7z.
09:09:33Guest9250Also, I may not always have a computer handy.
09:14:09Guest9250Sorry, I'm off to bed. I guess I'll reconsider my idea. Good night.
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10:08:16edhelas1hello everyone o/
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10:49:06alexbobp[Saint]: btw very late but, one thing I really like about the ipod nano 2g vs the ipod minis is the backlight brightness control... my ipod mini backlight hurts my eyes in a darkened room. not sure how other monochrome ipods are
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14:41:35edhelas1no one here had worked on the IAP integration in Rockbox ?
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15:44:34pixelmaI thought there was basic integration of IAP, though it's not been worked on in a while
15:52:33pixelmaif the question is if those people are still around here then I don't know though
15:55:01edhelas1pixelma: ok thanks because I'm trying to add support for a device that seems to use IAP but not using the dock connector
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21:06:59Bray90820Can I use my USB Headphone amp with Lockbox with an OTG cable
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21:15:13pamauryBray90820: no
21:18:37Bray90820pamaury: Do you know if I can do it with the stock firmware on a DX90?
21:19:22pamauryno idea, I suggest you look up on the website of the manufacturer. But I have say this is unlikely
21:20:07Bray90820pamaury: I am looking to buy a DAP that has that ability
21:20:24saratogai think various android phones can do that
21:21:14pamauryyeah I'd say look at android phones probably
21:22:22Bray90820saratoga: Would the amp then be taking care of most of the audio quality stuff so it would sound pretty much the same no matter what device I bought?
21:22:59saratogaif its a USB device, its a DAC+amp, so yeah, the thing you plug it into isn't doing much
21:23:05saratogajust decoding
21:24:16saratogai'd probably just buy a portable device that was good enough that you didn't need an amp though
21:24:31saratoganot that hard these days
21:24:32Bray90820So if I were to buy an pastel and kern or a $50 android phone it would sound pretty much the same because of the amp
21:25:52Bray90820Well I tend to like a very specific sound signature and I have an amp I really like
21:26:34Bray90820That's my hesitation on buying a dap and using it without the amp
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23:10:34edhelashello everyone :)
23:11:36edhelasI'm continuing to work on the remote support on Rockbox, it seems that I got something on SER0 for the pp5020 board when I plug the remote
23:12:45edhelasin uart-pp.c I see that basically Rockbox is mapped to SER1 for most of the iPod and there is a little comment about "top connector" line 114
23:13:12edhelasso I think that I'm getting close but still not sure
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23:44:28saratogathe frequency scaling patch we have now adds an ifdef to rolo.c that resets the voltage before doing rolo so that we can boot older (pre-voltage scaling) builds without the volt ending up wrong
23:44:35saratogadoes anyone mind that?
23:44:48saratogaits a bit ugly, but on the other hand, rolo is kind of a hack anyway :)
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23:55:43__builtinsaratoga: that sounds fine, it wouldn't look out of place given the hundred or so other #ifdefs in the code
23:57:59saratogayeah that was my thinking as well
23:58:13fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 289 seconds.
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