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#rockbox log for 2016-01-19

00:02:35fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 260 seconds.
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00:25:28saratogaAMSv2 frequency scaling test builds if anyone wants to try them:,48549.msg236277.html#msg236277
00:25:39saratogawill commit if no problems found
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07:37:30tomflintin the menu editing documentation, it says 'playlists' but it's actually 'playlist' −−
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15:24:34jack-zhanghello, Can I try to install rockbox on sandisk clip sport (I mean does it well)
15:27:44funmanjack-zhang: no
15:29:08jack-zhangIs not stable?
15:31:09funmanIt does not exist
15:36:53funmanjack-zhang: you need clip zip or clip plus, because clip sport doesn't work
15:38:54jack-zhangSomeone sent me clip sport as a gift:(
15:39:08jack-zhangSo I have it Only
15:45:17jack-zhangDoes someone try to build it?I want to join
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20:48:39bluebrother^edhelas: IIRC there was a patch around in Flyspray (or gerrit?) about using the other serial line. Might be worth a search :)
20:48:59bluebrother^but I haven't looked into the current development in quite a while :/
20:49:06bluebrother^so my memory might be wrong
20:51:21 Join rela [0] (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela)
20:58:39bluebrother^oh, gerrit down?
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21:02:45gevaertsbluebrother^: should be back
21:03:02bluebrother^gevaerts: yup, thanks :)
21:03:17gevaertsThank bagder who did the actual work :)
21:03:29*gevaerts merely tracked him down in other irc channels :)
21:04:57bluebrother^edhelas: g#455 is what I was thinking about
21:05:00fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #455 at : Add Serial Port 1 support for iPod Photo/Color/4G/Mini2G by andypotter
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21:47:10edhelasbluebrother^, yup I found it but it was the other way around actually
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21:59:00edhelasbluebrother^, the weird think is that it doesn't fork even if I directly go to the else case l112 here
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22:04:35 Join jtdesigns01 [0] (~quassel@2601:400:8000:34f5:230:bdff:fe71:cebd)
22:07:25autogen_So my ipod classic started to suck. The HDD was going bad and the earphone jack was dodgy. Had to replace both. A year later, I did. The problem however is, after the apple logo appears, I get the circle with an X in it, indicating no support
22:08:12autogen_DFU mode may be helpful in this way, even harddisk mode, but entering them seems like a challenege. Any ideas?
22:08:37autogen_Oh, this is the 120GB ipod classic (6th gen?)
22:09:39edhelaswow it's working :D
22:09:45autogen_zheino 1.8 zif ssd dc 3.3v
22:17:52edhelasbluebrother^, ok by commenting out the first part it's actually working but I lost the USB connection so we have to find a way to enable both
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22:31:47edhelasmhh actually it's working that's a bit weird
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23:12:24[Saint]autogen_: DFU mode is not a challenge at all
23:12:55 Join einhirn_ [0] (
23:12:59[Saint]If you can press two buttons, and follow simple instruction, you can do it.
23:13:15[Saint]It's only going to be problematic if one or both of those is non-true.
23:13:59[Saint]autogen_: see -
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23:15:25autogen_[Saint]: okay, I got into DFU mode
23:15:30autogen_I cannot do anything :(
23:15:45[Saint]What were you expecting?
23:16:13[Saint]Point iTunes at it. It will say "Oh, an iPod in DFU Mode, should we restore it?"
23:16:14autogen_magical unicorns, hearts, and rainbows
23:16:17[Saint]and you say "yes".
23:16:25[Saint]And then you go on your way merrily.
23:16:33autogen_it reboots, and does the same thing
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23:16:40autogen_nothing special
23:16:59[Saint]I have a very high suspicion you're not actually in DFU mode then.
23:17:16[Saint]The HDD doesn;t need to even be present, let alone functional.
23:17:33[Saint]SO unless you fucked something else up while replacing it I suspect you're mistaken.
23:21:35autogen_okay, so what do I do?
23:21:37 Join xorly [0] (
23:21:51autogen_I did fuck up the screen, but I replaced that
23:22:03autogen_there's nothing more I can comprehend as possibly fucking up lol
23:22:47[Saint]Like I said, DFU Mode is only dependant on a very minimal subset of hardware actually functioning - the HDD doesn't even need to be present or accessible.
23:23:04[Saint]From the information given,, I think it is quite likely that you're not actually entering DFU mode at all.
23:24:38 Quit ZincAlloy1 (Quit: Leaving.)
23:24:44autogen_You mentioned that already
23:25:17[Saint]I did, yes. I didn't think I would have to, but...
23:25:50autogen_So basicaly, what you're saying is, enter DFU mode, as if I have no idea what I'm seeing?
23:26:03autogen_I don't get a restore prompt unless I enter DFU mode
23:26:13autogen_when I enter dfu I get a restore prompt
23:26:31autogen_when I restore, I go directly back to step one, and need to go into DFU mode, according to you
23:32:31[Saint]It's possible that you managed to destroy one or more of the (incredibly brittle) flatcables.
23:33:55autogen_You mean for zif connector which shouldn't matter as you've mentioned, the battery cable which may or may not matter, or the flat cable for the headphone/hold controls?
23:34:09autogen_Not at all. I thought maybe that could be so, but I replaced all of them, just in case.
23:38:57[Saint]I said the HDD didn't need to be present or functional for the purposes of restoring the iPod, and it doesn't. Of course it needs to be so if you intend to actually use the device. >.>
23:39:49[Saint]Microfractures in these cables that will render it non-functional won't be detectable without verifying the traces. It's also possible that it is badly seated.
23:40:31tomflint[Saint]: where is the best place to report an error in the documentation?
23:41:02[Saint]Either way, if all the hardware were functional, and you're not screwing up entering DFU mode and restoring, you wouldn't be having this issue.
23:41:07autogen_Luckil, I don't need to worry about any damage or bad seating. I've been absurdly careful when replacing all of these compenents
23:41:24[Saint]You're very sure of yourself friend.
23:41:43autogen_I am.
23:41:54autogen_What I'm not sure of is what's wrong in this case
23:42:39[Saint]Well, the only other alternative is software banding against you to ruin your day. And we've been given no reason to expect this to be the case.
23:43:35[Saint]tomflint: depends - in what?
23:43:39autogen_I thought maybe I was using a version of iteunes that may be a bit too new (not happy with the firmware I had) and trying to replace it. I don't understand how the bootleader works, and apple having to replace it, something may not qualify. I really don't know
23:44:04 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
23:44:56tomflint[Saint]: in the menu editing, it should be 'Playlist' and not 'Playlists' −− not much
23:44:59[Saint]Nah. DFU Mode is DFU mode. At that stage it doesn't matter if it's using emCORE, iLoader, or the OF. As long as iTunes prompts to restore it, it will (read: should) be perfectly capable of doing so.
23:46:11autogen_[Saint]: doing this again, I should note that "restore" is not the same as "recover" which is what arises when I engage DFU mode "hold menu" + "hold select"
23:46:42autogen_does that mean something special?
23:48:02[Saint]tomflint: you're referring to the "root menu order:" config.txt option?
23:48:22[Saint]If not, I may need more context from you.
23:48:26tomflintyeah −− using abc.cfg or whatever
23:48:36[Saint]In that case, it's 'playlists'
23:48:55[Saint]lower case, plural.
23:48:56tomflint −−
23:49:12tomflintweird. On my Clip+ it only took playlist
23:49:31[Saint]What version is this?
23:49:37[Saint](of Rockbox)
23:50:41tomflintlet me just double check this to ensure I'm not going crazy −−-
23:51:02[Saint]Yeah, I just tested it here, and against git HEAD, it's definitely 'playlists', lower case, plurality.
23:51:05tomflintI'm using a slightly modified version of the latest.
23:51:49tomflintI couldn't imagine that the modified version would change that −− but maybe he did. That would be the strangest thing.
23:51:52[Saint]In that case I can't really speak for what you should be seeing or not seeing, and I'd ask that you verify it with the official firmware.
23:52:31[Saint]I did just test it here, and it aligns to the documentation.
23:52:51tomflintok cool. Ignore that then. I can't believe it's already been ten years −−-
23:53:44[Saint]Time flies when you're fading into obscurity and running on fumes.
23:53:50[Saint]errr...I mean, having fun. ;)
23:53:56tomflintits this one −− −− its weird that he would change that one thing
23:54:48[Saint]May I ask what else he or she has changed that has you using $random_third_party_Rockbox vs. the official versions?
23:55:29[Saint]autogen_: If we assume that iTunes is working against you to ruin your day then may be a viable option.
23:55:41[Saint]But I'd be willing to assume that you'll see identical behavior.
23:55:47tomflintwell, I can't speak outside the clip+, but for some reason the sound quality is improved quite a bit. The battery life is also a little better −−- but outside of that, not much
23:56:13tomflintit looks like it is 'playlists' though when I changed it again. I might be going crazy :)
23:56:17autogen_[Saint]: I actually wonder if my batter is dead
23:56:35[Saint]tomflint: happens to the best of us.
23:57:01 Join Jinx [0] (Dojo@unaffiliated/jinx)
23:57:34tomflintha. Overall, this modified version is decent. I would hope that he'd introduce the changes into the main stream. I've been on it for about a week and a half and really enjoy the improvements
23:57:42[Saint]Some of these patches are ugly as almighty fuck.
23:57:56tomflintwhich ones specifically?
23:57:58 Quit einhirn_ (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:58:01[Saint]Almost all of them are "Fix N at the expense of breaking X, Y and Z horribly"
23:58:08autogen_okay, my battery isn't dead. nevermind

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