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#rockbox log for 2016-01-21

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20:53:18Reason101Hi l'd like to make a press enquiry please, is there an admin l could speak to, to get a direct email contact?
20:59:38scorche|1hregarding what subject?
21:02:17Reason101hi, it's to do with the Rockbox Project OS
21:02:33scorche|1hthat's a bit broad ;)
21:02:59Reason101l'd like some content for my website, so l'm approaching different OSes etc., to fill in my survey so l can post the info up on my site, which will be about OSes and IT enterprise software.
21:03:15scorche|1hso far, it is sounding like you might be best off sending an email to the dev mailing list
21:03:18Reason101I hope to also tackle other issues e.g. about the environment but that's not relevant here.
21:03:45Reason101No way to get a direct contact? I don't mind a gmail addy.
21:04:10scorche|1ha direct contact to whom? :)
21:04:27scorche|1hcontacting a group sounds the best approach for these things
21:04:28Reason101hmm, a PR guy from the Company.
21:04:38scorche|1hthis isnt a company
21:04:47Reason101it's a phrase off Aliens
21:04:47scorche|1hno PR people
21:05:12Reason101but basically l'm trying to track down about 300 sources so it's a bit hard to keep track of mailing lists
21:05:19Reason101but ... if you insist ...
21:05:33scorche|1hunless there is a volunteer, that sounds to be your best option...
21:05:40scorche|1honly option, even
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21:08:36Reason101OK i've subscribed to the mailing list. I'm not sure how mailing lists work anymore.
21:08:49Reason101Can i contribute to the mailing list directly from my own inbox?
21:08:57Reason101@ scorche
21:09:15scorche|1hyes - you can send an email to the list address
21:11:32Reason101ah thanks
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22:33:13[Saint]Reason101: what is it you want to know precisely?
22:33:36[Saint]I recall seeing you the other day, with the same topic, in another channel, and finding out that emCORE didn;t fit the bill you were looking for at all.
22:34:28[Saint]There's no real need to take this to the mailing list, I pretty much guarantee most if not all of your queries can be handled here if you were to stop being overly broad in your questions. :)
22:35:14[Saint]So, what is it you actually want to know Reason101?
22:36:24[Saint]To me, taking this to the mailing list is a bit of an overkill when there's pretty much constantly at least 2 or 3 people here that could field your queries directly.
22:38:01[Saint](for context - I'm not just "some random guy" but a volunteer, moderator/staffer, Rockbox veteran of ~8 years, and a "Rockbox Expert")
22:39:32[Saint]also, contributor - as is my main man scorche|1h above (as well as all the other mentioned titles), and so are several others here currently active or expected to be active.
22:41:06***No seen item changed, no save performed.
22:44:23scorche|1hfor general OS stuff, this might be helpful as well:
22:46:10[Saint]...I think he died.
22:47:07scorche|1hmeh - IRC can be asynchronous
22:57:27Reason101hi saint
22:57:35Reason101am i still in the room?
22:57:51[Saint]You are indeed.
22:58:40Reason101I want to make a site about OSes and other IT enterprise software, so l wanted to know if you guys could fill in a survey, l could then add it to my site as content.
22:59:50[Saint]I think that level of interaction is possibly asking a bit too much to be honest.
23:00:07[Saint]But we'll be happy to answer any reasonable questions posed.
23:01:15Reason101ah well, it is all designed to be in the survey format :(
23:01:37Reason101Otherwise it would be hard for me to keep track of 200+ interviewees.
23:01:57Reason101On the bright side, the survey has parts where you can promote your services (all for free of course).
23:02:07Reason101However, l'll most definitely understand if you cba.
23:02:20[Saint]The problem with that, as I see it, is that there's absolutely nothing stopping someone on the ML who doesn't have a clue about the subject matter from feeding you blatant (even if well meaning) bullshit.
23:02:53Reason101That's why l wanted a direct contact, you see, somebody official.
23:03:05Reason101plus mailing lists are all over the place.
23:03:44Reason101[Saint] are you on the project?
23:04:02[Saint]I am.
23:05:00Reason101Ah okay. But you're not really available for interview.
23:06:43[Saint]I am. However I'm entirely unwilling to commit to anything at this point due to the vagary and lack of detail regarding what would be expected of any participants.
23:06:57wodzTo be honest we don't have 'someone official'. We used to have steering committee but thats for different purpose
23:07:40Reason101okay :D
23:07:43[Saint]Also, yes. Anyone who fits the bill you seem to be aiming for has publicly stepped out of the project in any official capacity.
23:07:46gevaertsWe're also not IT enterprise software :)
23:07:52[Saint]That too.
23:08:00Reason101yep but Rockbox is some sort of OS, right?
23:08:03gevaertsrockbox *works*
23:08:09gevaertsSo it's not enterprise
23:08:33[Saint]To be perfectly honest - the best way of describing what Rockbox is, is "By developers, for developers, and if the general public gets a kick out of it, that's great, but no one really cares"
23:08:47gevaertsDefine OS
23:08:55[Saint]It's a holistic hobby project, basically.
23:08:59[Saint]It's not a product.
23:09:03Reason101My idea was to expand beyond actual productivity OSes to any and all OSes l came across. For example, Rockbox is for the iPod. So, if some Korean tech company is setting out in life creating their own media player, they might look your details up and do a deal with you, right?
23:09:10[Saint]We really couldn;t care if the general public uses it at all.
23:09:17[Saint]Nor could anyone care for marking it.
23:09:38Reason101no worries.
23:10:31[Saint]And, Rockbox is for a _lot_ more than the iPod(s).
23:11:10Reason101well there you go, that's what i want my site to be about, for you to tell ppl that
23:11:13[Saint]It runs of a metric craptonne of architectures and platforms.
23:11:30Reason101my survey asks about what architectures it runs on, etc.
23:11:33[Saint]I think our site does a pretty good job of telling people that to be honest.
23:11:43Reason101nice one :)
23:11:52[Saint]Just being honest.
23:12:16Reason101No that's fine.
23:13:15Reason101I'm only being moderately resilient here because l've only about 15 more OSes that don't give out email addresses, to chase up.
23:13:27Reason101anyway, l probably should go
23:13:41Reason101i won't bother emailing the mailing list now that you've explained things.
23:14:16Reason101bye :D
23:14:29[Saint]The bulk of it is basically that I'm not sure who could offer you what that isn;t already freely public information.
23:15:27Reason101i'm 90% after publicly available info anyway (but it gets painstaking and requires a survey when there's 200+ ppl to interview). The other 10% is questions like: "What other services do you offer, commercial or otherwise".
23:16:32Reason101I know, l'll give you my website URL, then you can perhaps somewhere down the line drop me a line once the site is up and running <−−−− my site. Very basic right now. Will get professional design once l have data to showcase.
23:17:25[Saint]Your contact information is accessible there, one posits?
23:17:41Reason101ah no, i'll PM my email
23:18:00Reason101ok :D
23:18:09Reason101see you later, i have a few other secretive OSes to round up
23:18:16Reason101have fun!
23:18:20 Part Reason101 ("Leaving")
23:18:46[Saint]Poor guy. I feel kinda bad for him.
23:19:02[Saint]Rockbox doesn't really suit his stated goals very well at all.
23:20:04[Saint]Oh dear. Just looked at the site.
23:22:01[Saint]My suspicion from that would be that s|he's very young, or perhaps just slightly naive and/or lacking the technical ability to put behind her/his good intentions.
23:24:45 Quit wodz (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:27:04[Saint]hahahahahah, reverse image searching the site banner for shits and giggles;
23:27:04[Saint]header_banner.jpg - Pages that include matching images
23:27:04[Saint] GayPsychicOnline -
23:27:48 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 44.0/20160118143821])
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