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#rockbox log for 2016-01-28

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01:36:50__builtinand in any case, it only encrypts data with TEA, which isn't exactly the most secure encryption available
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05:34:43foolshfuze+ touch pad is so awful...
05:34:55*foolsh bets a mini-theremin plugin is possible
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06:08:02[Saint]Can someone remind me why we even allow text formatting outside of bold/italic/underline?
06:08:23[Saint]I feel like I need to forward that to 10 people on Myspace to avoid misfortune in the new year.
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06:57:58dongshaha @ forum post
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17:09:44dongspamaury internet is very good
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19:53:00[Saint]gevaerts: is there any obvious reason why we should be allowing weird 1990s style text formatting options in the forum, and could it be disabled trivially? Or am I just being overly hostile towards rants in 20pt bright blue glyphs?
19:53:47[Saint](sorry for pouncing - you're the most active admin I'm aware of)
19:55:21gevaerts[Saint]: I suspect you're not overreacting. You usually still read things formatted that way!
19:55:27*gevaerts tends not to :)
19:56:05gevaertsI have no idea if it can be disabled, especially without also disabling stuff that is occasionally useful
19:56:10[Saint]I had to stop myself from replying to that thread solely to tell the OP what an eyesore s/he had created.
19:56:18*gevaerts likes a bold word or so every seventeenth post
19:56:37[Saint]Oh, yeah. Sure. Bold/Italic/Underline are valid use cases.
19:56:53[Saint]Not so sure about udjusted glyph height/colour though.
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20:59:19hannes3"016-01-21: Extended battery life on the Fuze V2, Clip V2, Clip+ and Clip Zip by enabling dynamic frequency scaling "
20:59:25hannes3whoa! how much on the clip+? :>
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21:32:16[Saint]Fairly considerable.
21:32:45[Saint]The unboosted frequency is a little fucky, though, and it makes the UI questionably usable.
21:33:52[Saint]It will boost on UI interaction, but there may be an observable delay in this taking effect.
21:35:56[Saint]Voltage scaling (yet to be committed) will make a bigger impact on runtime.
21:36:42[Saint]Though to be honest I'm not particularly sure that many end users will even notice this or care about it. The runtime is already far greater than many people will actually use in a given sitting.
21:37:19[Saint]I sincerely doubt many/any users are actually doing ~16+ hour listening sessions.
21:47:06hannes3heh. awesome
21:47:51hannes3i dont do that but sometimes 4-5 hours on succeeding days without charging
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21:50:56[Saint]I haven't seen complete batterystats/runtime data dumps, but anecdotal reports say around ~+5~6h runtime.
21:51:11[Saint]Which is non-trivial.
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21:59:23hannes3gonna install it tomorrow
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22:11:26MihailI do not like to charge player every day.
22:11:38MihailSometimes I forget to do that and had to wait until it is charged.
22:11:50MihailI want connect player only for update music or rockbox ;)
22:12:01MihailIn addition deep battery discharging bad things.
22:22:21prof_wolfffIt is always good to reduce the number of charge-discharge cycles for the battery life
22:29:42MihailNot number of cycles, but their depth,48553.0.html
22:42:46prof_wolfffit seems that deep discharges or overcharging is bad, but i am not so sure about partial charge/discharge cycles, some sites claims that partial charge-discharge cycles are just partial, on my experience using a Classic for development, probably a few hundreds of partial charges-discharges with no care about battery level charge-discharge duration, after 2 years the battery bench is about 15% worse IIRC
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22:51:25MihailIt depends on type of battery. For li-ion, we have to charge as often as possible. But for NiCd and NiMH, we should do full charge-discharge cycle.
22:53:21prof_wolfffyes, i was refering to li-ion battery
22:54:40prof_wolfffreally i was surprised with only 15% worse, the iPod is also used to listen to music :)
23:03:59 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 44.0/20160123151951])
23:19:02[Saint]What modern consumer electronics aren't using LI-ION batteries?
23:19:16[Saint]Topoff charging has precisely zero effect on these cells.
23:19:28[Saint]Hell, leave it connected to the charger 24/7 if you want.
23:19:37[Saint]This battery myth shit is annoying.
23:33:28 Quit Mihail (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:37:59prof_wolfff[Saint], i agree with that (if you use a quality device and charger) but there would be something when some portatil manufacturers adds in BIOS an option to limit charge/discharge to 70%/30% or 80/20
23:39:11[Saint]Even if they did, and even if it failed, the cell itself and the charging circuitry should be entirely capable of preventing any harmful or catastrophic events.
23:39:23 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
23:40:04prof_wolfffmaybe they are deep-discharging and overcharging by default, and 80/20 are the 'standar' limits
23:40:09[Saint]Modern cells and charging circuitry are essentially fool proof for the end user, but these myths still persist, and people insist of claiming them as fact for all batteries - failing to take into account specific battery chemistry.
23:41:31 Join Mihail [0] (25d48965@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:42:07MihailSome hand-held power tools still use NiCd/NiMH as it have low price for big capacity.
23:43:29[Saint]I guess it doesn't help that even with modern cells and industry standard battery chemistries, a lot of OEMs still include erroneous information in their instruction booklets.
23:44:02[Saint]...which is just plain unadulterated bullshit.
23:45:13 Quit xorly (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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23:46:10prof_wolfffdoes someone waits for 100% after unpacking their new device? :)
23:47:03[Saint]A lot of people do. It's sad.
23:47:21[Saint]I shit you not many modern devices still claim that this is essential in their instruction booklets.
23:48:06[Saint]Not just crappy brands that don't know better, either. Samsung, LG, Huawei...all make this claim in the instruction booklets for modern flagship Android handsets.
23:48:23[Saint]Subsequently, people believe it to be true.

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