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#rockbox log for 2016-02-07

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00:04:23orpheuquestion time, can i install the firmware from a 7g on a 6g?
00:04:32orpheuipod classic*
00:05:26HazWardis there a way of specifying the arch when using tools/configure?
00:07:23[Saint]It always assumes you're building for the host arch unless you pass crosscompile explicitly.
00:08:02[Saint](for the non-Android hosted platforms)
00:09:21[Saint]orpheu: No.
00:12:58orpheuok, thank you
00:13:28HazWardthanks I'm currently build for amd64, I'll see how it goes
00:13:29[Saint]HazWard: Assuming you're thinking of this for one of the SDL platforms, actually I think you could just make sure that your crosscompiled SDL instance appears first in your $PATH and it should adopt that...but don't quote me on that one.
00:14:32HazWard[Saint]: Unfortunately I do really understand what you saying...
00:15:02[Saint]I understand what I'm saying, and, yes, it is unfortunate.
00:17:20HazWard*I don't
00:18:06[Saint]There's not a hell of a lot of reason to go out of your way to build for 64bit though, fwiw.
00:18:42[Saint]$HOST_SYSTEM will happily consume a 32bit binary.
00:22:19HazWardIt was to try the building process and see what was the result
00:24:12HazWardIf I understand correctly I could build rockbox for my 9$ CHIP (from KickStarter) and make my own music player
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00:27:07[Saint]If you took the path of least resistance there it would run terribly.
00:27:35[Saint]A full port would indeed be possible, but probably more work than you're intending on.
00:27:53[Saint]Running hosted on that is going to run like a bag of crap, but, it would be possible.
00:29:58[Saint]You could have a partial implementation fairly easily without all the graphics overhead by building the warble playback library and building a wrapper around it.
00:32:18[Saint]warble is a commandline standalone (partial) playback library well suited for minimal environments.
00:34:36[Saint]It has a very basic subset of features like seek, dither, volume control, play/pause, loop-by-offset, play/resume-from-offset.
00:35:57[Saint]Building a dialog wrapper for it to give it a basic user interface, or binding functions to hardware keys, would be a fun days work for the sufficiently motivated.
00:36:24HazWardBut lose all the sound settings
00:37:06HazWardI was thinking about binding hardware keys, warble seems like a great tool
00:40:04[Saint]I guess I might be being needlessly harsh on the poor wee CHIP. I just don't see a host OS (and likely a DE?) and the SDL app running too effectively in 1GHz/512MB
00:41:20[Saint]And, yeah, it is pretty neat. It was a GSoC project.
00:42:46HazWardI could strip down the os to only have an x server running with rockbox
00:47:55[Saint]I use a little wee ODROID XU4 as an audio box, streamer, *sonic host, media share, personally.
00:51:31HazWardHow's the power consumption?
00:54:04[Saint]Entirely insignificant.
00:54:40[Saint]It absolutely sips power at idle, and not much more at load.
00:55:25HazWardnice and you're using warble
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02:22:42narannhi all, I was just wondering, is rockbox still alive or it's a dead project? Thanks in advance!
02:24:17orpheupeople are still updating and creating, so i say its not
02:24:52[Saint]narann: perhaps you're confusing the nature of Rockbox at its very core.
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02:26:15[Saint]narann: realistically speaking Rockbox is "By Developers For Developers", there's no team of people ensuring that any and all devices get a port simply because they exist. There's no direct push to get it into the hands of the community (if you find it, and like it, great - but no one really cares if that happens).
02:26:29[Saint]It's just a bunch of people who wanted something badly enough to make it happen.
02:26:39HazWardAre there feature not enable by default on rockbox that I can enable when I compile the code myself?
02:27:54[Saint]Well...depending on what you class as a "feature". There's nothing particularly useful to an end user that isn't already enabled.
02:29:20[Saint]If $feature can run on a given target and it is reasonable to do so it will be enabled for that target.
02:30:13[Saint]compile-time extras aren't particularly interesting at all for end users (debug, logf, test-plugins, etc.)
02:30:47orpheumy lcd seems to run at a lower fps or clock or something, i can see it refreshing at diferent speeds, is it something that is known and acepted so we can sve more battery?
02:31:05orpheuit happens on both my ipods, on apple it doesnt happen
02:31:32[Saint]orpheu: are you using our official builds or some unofficial clusterfuck?
02:32:04narannthanks, as the last release was in 2013 I was just wondering
02:32:05orpheuusing the build on rock box
02:32:22orpheudev build for 6g ipod
02:32:23narannme too: official build
02:32:46narannshould I compile myself?
02:32:55[Saint]narann: the releases kinda stalled because there was no real point to them and not enough time, manpower, and willingness to continue them.
02:33:10[Saint]narann: if you have an officially supported device you should use the developer builds.
02:33:22[Saint]There is no reason to compile yourself.
02:33:34narannno prob. As a open source dev myself I understand
02:33:42HazWardthat's what I was thinking
02:34:29[Saint]The releases were really only there to satisfy the needs of those who for whatever reason felt uneasy about using the developer builds, and in that time ~2013, the developer builds were at times fairly unstable.
02:34:52[Saint]These days, it is likely that for all the officially supported candidates that the devloper builds outweigh the release in stability.
02:35:30[Saint]The releases were, essentially, a verified "we know this works as expected" snapshot.
02:35:44narannok thanks!
02:35:54[Saint]But the requirement for such a thing these days with the core as stable as it is is minimal.
02:36:11[Saint]You should have no critical issues with the development builds.
02:37:09narannI will stick with the official build for now. I don't have much time to compile it yet
02:37:26[Saint]narann: you don't need to, as I stated.
02:37:43narannAs an emulator dev It could be interesting to dig into the code one day :D
02:37:45[Saint]If your device is officially supported (ie. has a release) developer builds are available to you.
02:37:58[Saint]No need to compile at all.
02:38:09narannSansa Fuze! I want opus support! :D
02:38:19[Saint]Developer builds are available both from the main page and RBUtil.
02:38:36[Saint]Just again, for clarity, there is no reason to compile yourself and there is nothing to gain in doing so.
02:38:58narannI get it! :) Thanks!
02:39:30[Saint]et viola.
02:40:02[Saint]Extract to the root of the device, and you're done. There is no need to reinstall the bootloader.
02:40:54[Saint]orpheu: Then, no. The only time the refresh rate is altered is in a few select plugins and if there is an EQ meter on the WPS.
02:41:31[Saint]Though it is possible that you are seeing some result of select boosting.
02:42:33orpheuit really looks like it refreshing too slow
02:43:01orpheui wish i had a good camera so i could show you
02:44:26orpheuis the refresh rate something we can change? i dont mind compiling with a faster refresh rate to see if it is the cause
02:45:18orpheui just need someone to tell me what values to change..
02:46:10narannwow direct sansa fuze build thanks!
02:46:51[Saint]narann: bookmark it if you want, that url will always point to the most recent Rockbox version for your device, it is updated on every commit to the codebase.
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03:14:41jtdesigns01on the sansa fuze+, recording from the microphone is super quiet.
03:15:03jtdesigns01could somebody please look at that?
03:15:08[Saint]shit microphone is shit, more news at 11.
03:15:17jtdesigns01or is it a known bug
03:15:34jtdesigns01so we couldnt just amp it or something?
03:15:50jtdesigns01the problem is in the microphone itself?
03:17:06[Saint]As far as I am aware, yes. Cheap hardware is cheap. Good for a personal dictaphone and very little else.
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07:56:56dongsjtdesigns01: did you increase gain
07:57:22dongsarrow keys in recording screen, then left/right on gain slider.
07:57:29dongsat least, thats wat i do on clip+ and its amazingly loud
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16:23:22pamauryjtdesigns01: iirc
16:23:44pamauryI implemented mic gain for the fuze+ so you should be able to control recording gain for the recording screen
16:23:53pamaurybut the microphone is pretty bad anyway
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16:47:36fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 7619031, 255 builds, 25 clients.
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16:53:40fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 364 seconds.
16:53:41fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 7619031 result: 0 errors 4 warnings
17:16:29lebelliumHum why is there such a gap between -40dB and -39dB on YP-R0?
17:16:40lebelliumIt's not as progressive as the other levels
17:19:47lebelliumIs it because of the Samsung Audio driver? Since it's a RaaA port
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20:31:00wodzDo any of you have document describing 512bit data part returned after cmd6 by SD card?
20:36:06 Join p3tur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
20:38:40pamaurywodz: wait a sec
20:39:21wodzpamaury: I got this response from cmd6 and I am curious if it makes any sense
20:40:04wodzpamaury: I have a feeling that I will need ability to repack OF soon :-)
20:44:34pamauryI'm pretty sure the spec says something about the data (at least the size) but I need to find it again, the SD spec is just horrible
20:45:08wodzyes, the size is specified (512bit) but I can't find description of the format
20:45:42wodzdoc says only you should parse the output to be sure the card entered requested mode
20:48:42pamaurywodz: section of the spec I think
20:48:54wodzsimplified one?
20:48:56pamaury(version 3.01 final, simplified part 1)
20:49:07*wodz looks
20:49:10pamaurylook for " Switch Function Status"
20:50:07wodzhmm, current version is 4.10
20:50:47pamauryyeah I'm not reading the latest one
20:51:02pamauryI have the 4.1, I can look at it
20:51:03wodzok, got it
20:52:44wodzhmm, does it transfer MSB first or LSB first?
20:54:04pamauryI never remember, the spec is so annoy. I think it transfers MSB first
20:54:09pamauryso bit 511 is actually the first one
20:54:24pamauryor maybe it transfer most significant BYTE first
20:54:37pamauryso 511:504 is the first byte
20:54:52pamaurynever understood why then did that
20:55:50pamauryyou are looking for bits 379:376
20:55:56wodzpamaury: I get this
20:57:15pamauryif I'm not mistaken: ignore the first 16 byte: those are bits 511:384, the 17th byte (ie 0x1 in your data) corresponds to bits 383:376
20:57:36pamauryand since you want 379:376, that data[16] & 0xf = 1
20:57:39pamauryyou are good ;)
20:58:52pamauryI take it that the driver is working ?
20:59:39pamauryby the way, the hwstub server rewrite is almost complete, I hope to push it to gerrit tonight
21:00:00wodzat least to the point where it passes initialization and returns some meaningful data from the card. Didn't check sector reading yet. Need to clean up first.
21:00:36pamaurygood to hear that :)
21:03:52 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:09:24saratogalebellium: it uses the same driver as the clip players, so should be fixable
21:09:56wodzWhat are practical block sizes requested from DMA in rockbox?
21:10:39pamaurywodz: you mean for SD ?
21:10:57wodzpamaury: No in general, so also by playback
21:11:09pamauryOh, for playback it's fairly small
21:11:12saratogalebellium: looks like it was caused by a recent patch but hasn't been investigated much:
21:11:36pamauryfor storage it might be up to ~128KiB or something like that
21:11:58wodzpamaury: DMA engine in atj has 16bit for size expressed in bytes so 64k max chunk. I wonder if I need to implement linking in software
21:12:03lebelliumsaratoga: oh I didn't know lorenzo already reported last year
21:12:43wodzhmm, so I probably should
21:16:36lebelliumsaratoga: lorenzo hasn't been around here for 1 year now. I don't know who would fix that issue :S
21:20:59pamaurywodz: on imx233, for sd/mmc, I cut the transfers in pieces of 64KiB I think
21:21:05pamaurybut for playback I don't do it
21:21:19pamaury(imx233 is also limited to 16bit size)
21:37:05wodzpamaury: Looks like data transfers work correctly. disk_mount_all() returns 1 which means it validated filesystem as fat :-)
21:38:08pamaurygreat :)
21:38:48wodzthis RO driver for now though
21:42:26 Join Johnny5 [0] (4633b58f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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22:01:45lebelliumbesides, special caracters like german umlauts don't display correctly in folder and file names on the microSD only. On the internal memory it works fine
22:02:06lebelliumDefault codepage setting has no impact here
22:02:27lebelliumpoor YP-R0, it worked better in 2013 than now :(
22:02:33wodzI was wrong. DMA engine in atj has 20bits for size so ~1MB
22:03:20wodzpamaury: ^
22:03:36pamaurythat's plenty !
22:04:24wodzIts SD block which imposes limitation. It has 16bits only
22:08:18 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:17:28lebelliumkugel: ping
22:17:50kugellebellium: pong (although I doubt I'm gonna be helpful)
22:18:36lebelliumkugel: unfortunately there was no final word/solution to this old issue:
22:18:48lebelliumdo you have any other idea?
22:19:03kugeli think i fixed that?
22:19:33kugeliirc the default mount options are now utf8 codepage
22:20:17lebelliumI don't know if what you thought is fixed is actually not fixed or if there's still another issue causing the umlauts not to displaying on the microSD on R0
22:21:13kugelthe kernel doesnt support some codepages so attempting to use those doesn't succeed
22:21:19kugelbut utf8 should work
22:21:36kugelplus, the default iso8859-1 should work for german umlauts
22:21:54lebelliumon the internal memory it's all fine
22:22:36kugelno idea, really, I'm out of the loop atm
22:22:49kugelI'm sorry
22:23:42lebelliumin the original firmware umlauts display correctly on the microSD
22:23:54lebelliumso it shouldn't be an issue with the kernel?
22:24:07 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
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22:25:25kugelprobably not
22:26:17kugelyou could hook up a terminal or run "mount" and capture the output by other means to check the mount options
22:26:46kugelyou should be able to use the system library function anywhere
22:29:07lebelliumunfortunately I'm not familiar with those things. That sounds like linux things while I'm using W7
22:41:02 Quit p3tur (Quit: Leaving)
22:45:47 Join ulmutul [0] (
22:49:49 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
22:55:36lebelliumin system-ypr0.c there is a mention to codepage but I don't understand what it does exactly
22:55:48lebelliumstrlcat(iocharset, get_current_codepage_name_linux(), sizeof(iocharset));
22:57:45 Quit orpheu (Quit: Page closed)
22:58:40 Join orpheu [0] (0252b710@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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23:08:55lebelliumstrangely if I create a directory direclty from Rockbox with a name like "äß" it displays correctly, even after rebooting the device
23:09:18 Join djukon [0] (
23:10:59lebelliumbut this directory doesn't display properly on Windows: äß
23:17:32lebelliumthe original firmware displays the names like Windows
23:18:05lebelliumwhat's the codepage used by rockbox when you create a directory from the device?
23:24:33 Quit zoktar (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
23:25:30ulmutuljtdesigns01,pamaury: till now I thought my Fuze+ doesn't have a microphone (or some kind of hardware failure) :-S
23:25:31ulmutulI never dug deeper, because it's not my "main" rockbox target :) Now I tried it out: the recording indeed is _very_ quiet (no signaling on the peak meter). There's no change in the recorded signal if I change the gain setting from -100dB to around +10dB. From ~+10dB things even get worse, as the left channel at once only contains noise.
23:26:18pamauryhum, maybe there was a regression
23:26:25pamauryit definitely worked at some point
23:27:09ulmutulOr different hardware revisions
23:28:14pamaurypossible, but iirc everything is controlled by the soc (ie not gpio) so I wouldn't expect a hardware revision to change anything here
23:28:26ulmutulI never opened it, the outside says: "BI1010CBWK-8GB" (if this helps)
23:30:36ulmutulI can try Rockbox 3.13 if it helps...
23:30:45pamauryno idea, to be honest since my fuze+ was stolen, I didn't buy a new one and the only other one I have has an almost dead battery
23:31:12pamaury(I should probably buy another one)
23:31:32pamauryyou could try to bisect, or try an older version yeah
23:33:34 Join zoktar [0] (
23:33:34 Quit zoktar (Changing host)
23:33:34 Join zoktar [0] (~zoktar@unaffiliated/zoktar)
23:36:20 Quit zoktar (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:38:16lebelliumwho would steal a Fuze+
23:38:20lebelliumpoor stealer \o/
23:38:44pamaurywell he also stole my computer, my bag and more importantly my passport, that was last summer
23:39:20ulmutulCan't find 3.13 for Fuze+, seems like I have to compile myself...
23:43:03lebelliumand 3.13 doesn't make much sense
23:44:17lebelliumyou can start bisecting with a more recent dev build
23:49:45ulmutulDoes anyone know which version should be working?
23:50:52 Quit lebellium (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 45.0/20160204142810])
23:52:16pamauryulmutul: I start by compilling a commit about one year old, see if it works

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