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#rockbox log for 2016-02-08

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00:42:07jtdesigns01ulmutul: any results?
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01:00:25ulmutulJust compiled a build, and recording didn't work at all (always claiming "Disk full")... I will log in this channel, if I find everything.
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02:25:25dongs< pamaury> wodz: on imx233, for sd/mmc
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02:25:31dongswhat hardware uses imx233 lol
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12:35:23pamaurywodz (logs): if you are interested in testing, g#1252 contains the port of hwstub_shell to the new library (using usb directly, not network yet), that could provide useful testing/feedback
12:35:24fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1252 at : hwstub: port hwstub_shell to the new library by Amaury Pouly
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13:44:50wodzpamaury: how far are you form committing hwstub lib rewrite?
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14:16:04wodzpamaury: I spoted two strange things in your imx233 sd driver: 1) You end card initialization with DESELECT but only if this is MMC. Shouldn't both sd and mmc be deselected when not used? 2) At the very end of mmc initialization there is comment that mmc always supports SET_BLOCK_COUNT command (CMD23) but you set support_set_block_count[drive] = false;
14:24:32pamaurywodz: I need to implement commends for the network, I have all the code in place for it so it should be a matter of couple hours. Maybe more to implement forking.
14:24:35pamauryOk let me see
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14:27:46pamauryalso for hwstub rewrite, there is more needed to port qeditor, more than I expected
14:33:38pamaurywodz: indeed the support_set_block_count set to false looks like a bug
14:35:30pamauryalso you are right that the card should be deselected at the end of init_sd_card
14:36:51pamauryjust a note on the subject: I found that on some cards/eMMC, it is very important to deselect the card when idle to save power
14:37:24pamaurydespite what the spec saying it's fine to enter sleep in TRAN state, many cards seem to ignore this possibility
14:38:51wodzI always read the doc as deselecting card automatically puts it in power save state
14:40:54pamauryyeah you might be right, anyway, just to say it provides huge power savings
14:41:38pamaurythanks for finding those bugs, it's really weird that I missed them, especially the CMD23 support
14:42:33wodzpamaury: imx233 driver makes hilariously complicated things to allign transfers. Why it is so? IIRC there is STORAGE_NEEDS_ALLIGN which takes care of this in upper layer
14:46:27pamauryI don't remember, either I missed STORAGE_NEEDS_ALLIGN or there was another reason
14:48:53pamauryFor example a grep on STORAGE_NEEDS_ALIGN reveals it's only used in some .h which is suspicious
14:51:03pamaurybasically I don't know how what the whole alignment thing became after FS rework
14:53:46pamaurybut you are right that it's worth looking at, there is no need for complicated code is all buffers are aligned
14:54:50wodzpamaury: Do return codes from initializiation have any particular mapping imposed by something in upper layer?
14:57:12pamauryno, I just made sure that from the error code you can at least guess the point of error
14:57:18pamaury(by looking at the code)
14:58:49wodzmy question comes from the fact that in imx233 errors are not in order
15:00:55wodzand error -12 is used twice in sd init - once for SELECT_CARD and the other time for SWITCH_FUNC
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15:47:39wodzpamaury: Do you have an idea why card may timeout on DESELECT?
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16:03:35wodzI hate sd spec. It is worded such you can interpret response type of cmd7 in two different ways :/
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16:41:16pamaurywodz: no idea, are you sure the card is selected ? I remember reading something about deselect and timeout but this spec is so badly written
16:42:19wodzpamaury: If I use regular R1 reponse I have timeout. If I use NO_RESPONSE everything seems to be ok.
16:42:48pamauryI think DESELECT doesn;t require a response, if my memory serves
16:43:08wodzpamaury: yes you can read spec like this
16:43:17pamauryI'm quite busy right now but I think that's really what the spec means
16:43:30pamaurychekc my code to see if it matches this reading
16:44:36wodzpamaury: I have one very peculiar card which succeed in selection only the first time. After deselect it doesn't want to be selected no matter what you do.
16:44:56pamaurydoes in work with linux ?
16:45:37wodzit was very long ago I tried it on linux but IIRC it worked
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16:48:53pamaurywell, I think it is safe to assume that this card is clearly broken
16:49:04pamaurythough it would be interesting to see what linux does
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18:05:50Mihailpamaury: linux poweroff it after deselect (linux/drivers/mmc/core/sd.c _mmc_sd_suspend)
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18:21:25Mihailalso it have interest function - mmc_sleep (idrivers/mmc/core/mmc.c) with some "magic" after dselect
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18:25:46pamauryMihail: thanks, I'll have a look. Also I don't if Linux kind of assume (or optimize for the case of) one device per bus, which is definitely not the case for us
18:27:46pamauryI would need to read the spec, I don't know if you are allowed to power off the card after deselect and then power it on without going through full init again
18:28:11pamauryalso you probably don't want to do that after each transfer but rather after some inactivity
18:29:57MihailProbably you right. It power in suspend. But look at mmc_sleep (drivers/mmc/core/mmc.c).
18:30:24Mihail* power off
18:30:41wodzthe code seems to imply that you need to do full init sequence after power off
18:30:51wodzwhich would make sense
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18:57:15wodzpamaury: I know what linux does which makes this weird card work! After timeout of SELECT it tries another time. Usually second attempt is successful, sometimes third.
18:57:51pamauryI see, might be worth implementing that
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19:14:34wodzpamaury: Do we have storage idle callback? If so it would be wise to deselect card there and not at the end of every transfer.
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19:15:12pamaurywodz: yes I think so, although you also need to be careful abou the case of having several devices on the same bus
19:15:38 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
19:15:42pamauryand also compare the result of deselect vs idle deselect
19:15:59wodzpamaury: ?
19:17:36pamauryfor example if you have 1 sec idle callback and you do one access every now and then, you might end up rarely putting the card in sleep mode
19:20:19wodzOn the other hand with this weird card it literally crawls with select/deselect. Every select takes more than sd_cmd() timeout as it fails the first time.
19:21:38pamauryyeah that's a problem
19:22:24pamaurybut your card basically will have a 1sec timeout on every operation after deselect, which makes select/deselect almost useless
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19:24:08pamaurydo you really like this card that much ? :-p
19:24:50wodzI don't like it more then other test cards I try when writing sd code
19:25:13pamauryI guess we could have some code to see how long select takes and ajust the frequency of those based on that but that's a bit mad
19:25:28wodzhonestly I HATE all this sd stuff, mostly because of crap docs
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19:47:25lebelliumwodz: pamaury while you're working on sd cards, don't you want to look at my codepage issue with SD cards on YP-R0? \o/
19:48:04pamaurynot sure this is related, we are working on the low level interface to SD, you problem seems related to file system or locale
19:48:21wodzIsn't it like mount option problem? Honestly I don't know hosted targets.
19:49:23wodzI vaguely remember there is option for default codepage when formating fat32. UTF8 produces warning AFAIK.
19:50:18lebelliumIt may be a mount option problem but I'm not able to check it myself, I need someone knowledgeable to help me test some things
19:51:21pamauryon which target is that ?
19:51:21 Quit dfkt (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
19:51:29lebelliumpamaury: YP-R0
19:51:40pamauryah, that's hosted
19:52:50lebelliumthere is probably something wrong in #g332
19:52:52fs-bluebotGerrit review #332 at : samsungypr0: Support or mounting the microsd by Thomas Martitz
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19:58:00pamauryhonestly I have no idea, my guess is that would want to specify the locale/encoding when mounting
19:58:28pamauryI don't know how it is detected by default
19:58:39pamauryprobably depends on the system's locale too
20:00:03 Quit pamaury (Remote host closed the connection)
20:00:26wodzmy bet is that get_current_codepage_name_linux() returns some locale which can't display accented characters :-)
20:01:55lebelliumso we would need here to fix the codepage to Unicode or something like that instead of using the default code page?
20:07:50wodzfirst we would need to know what this function returns on R0
20:08:20wodzbut AFAIK this is known interoperability problem on fat
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20:10:17wodzlebellium: You can try to rip off this strlcat line and instead add 'iocharset=utf8'
20:11:25wodzbut I am not convinced there is any good solution to your problem.
20:12:13lebelliumlike that ?
20:15:39wodzlebellium: ^
20:16:12lebelliumthanks, I'll try that.
20:18:35wodzno guarantee :P
20:19:20lebelliumat this point I can try anything :)
20:20:13lebelliumI'm quite surprised I'm still able to compile builds!
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21:01:27lebelliumwodz: it does work :)
21:02:54lebelliumbut you think it's not a good solution,
21:03:34wodzI think it is not general
21:10:28lebelliumthat could bother other R0 users in somes cases?
21:17:02wodzlebellium: this suggest one should use 'utf8=true' instead of 'iocharset=utf8' but I don't understand the difference
21:21:08lebellium"NOTE: "iocharset=utf8" is not recommended. If unsure, you should consider the following option instead."
21:21:21lebelliumlol .... what an explaination!
21:21:33wodzlebellium: or pure 'utf8' as utf8=true is not documented as valid option :P
21:36:03wodzlebellium: having read about all that mess I think it is fairly safe considering you read files off sd and not write it.
21:37:40lebelliumwell I can write too
21:37:51lebelliumwhen I create a directory on the microSD from Rockbox
21:39:51wodzbasically the problem is that with utf8 filesystem starts to be semi case sensitive.
21:40:20wodzwhich should not happen as FAT mandates that 'file' and 'FiLe' is the same :P
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21:45:23lebelliumis it why the R0 sometimes displays my folder names in upper case and sometimes in lower case while in my Windows explorer there are all in upper cases?
21:47:26wodzcould be
22:01:00lebelliumis it something that could be commited even if it's not a perfect solution?
22:01:11lebelliumI think it can't be worse than it is currently
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22:17:22hannes2the cpu scaling on sansa clip+ made it very very annoying to use
22:17:39hannes2takes minutes until it properly reacts after booting
22:17:45hannes2with audio skips
22:17:49hannes2i am reverting =)
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23:20:53lebelliumsaratoga: "Mihaillorenzo92: If ypr0 have de-coupling capacitors, you should try remove AUDIOSET3_HPCM_on in AS3514_AUDIOSET3". There are 4 occurrences of "AS3514_AUDIOSET3" in as3514.c. Could you tell me exactly what I should change for the test?
23:22:30lebelliumI assume it's the one in #ifdef HAVE_AS3543 that should be changed
23:25:08lebelliumand then should I remove the entire line "as3514_write(AS3514_AUDIOSET3, AUDIOSET3_HPCM_on | AUDIOSET3_HP_LONGSTART);" or just replace it by something like "as3514_write(AS3514_AUDIOSET3 | AUDIOSET3_HP_LONGSTART);"
23:25:25lebellium(yes, I don't understand what I'm doing)
23:26:52pamaurylebellium: wait a sec
23:27:55 Quit bertrik (Remote host closed the connection)
23:29:43pamaurylebellium: you should probably replace it by "as3514_write(AS3514_AUDIOSET3, AUDIOSET3_HP_LONGSTART);"
23:30:33pamauryhum wait
23:30:49pamaurythere is a lot of #ifdef there, some lines might not apply to the YP-R0
23:32:52pamaurylebellium: ok if you want a quirk and dirty test, you can replace line 139 by as3514_write(AS3514_AUDIOSET3, AUDIOSET3_HP_LONGSTART);
23:33:22pamaurybut if you want a proper patch, you will probably need to do it slightly differently because other targets might need it
23:33:50lebelliumthank you
23:34:44lebelliumit's just for testing for now
23:35:15lebelliumthen if it works, I need to find a kind dev willing to write a clean patch \o/
23:37:00pamauryif it's just that it will be quite simple
23:51:39lebelliumnope, unfortunately it doesn't fix the issue
23:53:17lebelliumstill a huge gap between -40 and -39dB
23:57:46pamaurymaybe it's a bug in the volume code ?
23:57:50lebelliumI don't know if it's surprising though since the patch introducing this issue (#g1089) doesn't modify AUDIOSET3.
23:57:53fs-bluebotGerrit review #1089 at : Bypass the AS3543 audio mixer at higher volumes. by Mihail Zenkov
23:58:06lebelliummaybe I should rather revert back the changes to AUDIOSET1 and 2
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