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#rockbox log for 2016-02-09

00:00:48pamauryit's possible that because of the change happening between -39dB and -40dB in the amplifier selection , there is a wider gap than expected
00:05:05lebelliumwell, it's getting late. Thanks for your help.
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00:12:22Mihaillebellium: Can you test this patch?
00:16:34pamauryone thing is that -40dB doesn't exists on this device anyway, you can't do -1dB
00:19:28Mihailyes, but in lebellium case - gap should be 3dB or more to be sensitive
00:25:34pamauryI wonder if the problem is not in the definition of MIXER_MAX_VOLUME
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00:26:59pamaurybecause on AS3543, if you bypass the mixer, it's like having 0dB volume on the mixer, but 0dB = 27*1.5-40.5dB so it's setting 27(=0x1b). But MIXER_MAX_VOLUME is set to 0x16 on AS3543 which is not AS3525v2
00:27:42pamauryI mean that would be a HUGE volume gap, around 15dB
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00:32:38pamauryMihail: ^
00:34:50MihailNot sure. Comment in code say about difference in volume between AS3543 and as3514. Which one we have in yrp0?
00:36:47pamauryypr0 uses AS3543
00:37:21pamauryfor me the code is clearly buggy in the case of HAVE_AS3543 but not AS3525v2 because of this mixer bypass which assumes that MIXER_MAX_VOLUME corresponds to 0dB
00:38:42pamauryso the #ifdef line 281 should be HAVE_AS3543
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00:46:05Mihailsame define (CONFIG_CPU == AS3525v2) we have in firmware/export/as3514.h Is all AS3543 have AS3525v2?
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00:49:26pamaurythe problem is that as3514.h and as314.c were written for AS3525(v2) and kind of assume that AS3525v2 == HAVE_AS3543, but this is not true for the YP-R0 which has HAVE_AS3543 but not AS3525v2
00:49:49pamauryas3514.h should probably be fixed to replace CONFIG_CPU == AS3525v2 by defined(AS3543) too
00:55:50MihailOK. Another patch for patch lebellium:
00:56:45pamauryMihail: this is incorrect sorry my text was confusing: CONFIG_CPU == HAVE_AS3543 doesn't make sense
00:57:18pamauryCONFIG_CPU gives you the CPU, but HAVE_AS3543 is just a define saying we use the AS3543
00:59:12pamaurysomething like that: g#1255
00:59:13fs-bluebotGerrit review #1255 at : as3514: fix bug in volume management on AS3543 targets which are not AS3525v2 by Amaury Pouly
01:00:48MihailThanks :)
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05:54:47mxyzptlkHi. Is anyone around who could help get rockbox installed on a Sony Walkman NWZ-E384? I'm having no luck with the instructions in the wiki.
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06:08:22saratogamxyzptlk: never used that device, but if you describe your problem someone might see it in the logs and reply
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06:12:39mxyzptlkSure thing. I'm following the instructions here: The firmware is available in a forum thread (by pamaury, who developed the firmware for the device). I have a NWZ-384, but the E380 line is the same as the E370 line. Main problem is installing the bootloader. Supposed to plant one of the files pamaury made available on the thread into the root directory, but on reboot, there's definitely a
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06:14:51saratogacut off at "there's definitely a"
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06:15:12mxyzptlkthere's definitely an update, but no rockbox
06:16:05mxyzptlkThe instructions get confusing when they say if the bootloader doesn't appear to push the reset button on the back of the device, but that resets it to the standard firmware, and eliminates any trace of pamaury's firmware.
06:17:58saratogait says if you already have the rockbox bootloader installed you might need to do that
06:18:31saratogaoh wait no
06:19:16saratogait sounds like you have to put a copy of rockbox, a copy of the bootloader and then reboot to trigger a firmware update
06:19:33mxyzptlknope, nothing is installed. The rockbox utility also won't work with the sony walkman, so there's no way to automatically install the bootloader.
06:20:30mxyzptlkYep, that's what I've done −− put the .rockbox and the bootloader into the root directory, then reboot. It actually looks like the original firmware is updating on reboot, nothing rockboxy at all, and no rockbox when it's done
06:21:37mxyzptlkI just got the device when my last sansa clip died, and did so because this device is said to be fully functional on the device status page. Hoping that's the case.
06:22:01saratogai'm a little confused, above you mentioned that rebooting removes some other firmware
06:22:07saratogawhich was that?
06:24:19mxyzptlkit's the one that the instructions say to rename to firmware.db. I drop that into the root directory along with .rockbox, unmount and reboot. Afer disconnecting, though, there's a screen that says "don't disconnect" and a spinner for a while −− which only appears after disconnecting, so I'm assuming that's the update. But then when powering up the device, it's still the standard walkman firmware, and when I plug it back in, the fir
06:24:30mxyzptlkthe firmware.db is gone, but .rockbox is still there
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06:26:20mxyzptlkI don't mind getting messy with this stuff, been using rockbox for years on sansa devices. This just has me a little baffled and wondering if I should return the device (really want something for podcasts and audiobooks, and the walkman's standard firmware isn't nearly as handy for those)
06:26:32mxyzptlkIf it helps, here's the thread with the files pamaury made:,43630.0.html
06:26:35mxyzptlkfirst post
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07:20:13[Saint]mxyzptlk: you're not actually renaming it as "firmware.db" are you?
07:20:19[Saint]I mean, I hope that was a typo?
07:21:35[Saint]mxyzptlk: and, you already have the bootloader installed?
07:21:58[Saint]Just pushing the firmware, without the bootloader, will do precisely nothing observable.
07:22:18[Saint]It will do exactly as you described, in fact.
07:22:49[Saint]Appear to update, and then show no observable change, as there's no custom bootloader to give it the new jump points for booting.
07:23:03mxyzptlkwoops −− yeah, that's a typo. renamed it to
07:23:13[Saint]I highly suspect you don't actually have the bootloader installed.
07:23:39[Saint]The description of events certainly seems to suggest this.
07:24:09mxyzptlkthat's right, I'm trying to get the bootloader installed, and that's where I'm having the problem
07:25:44mxyzptlkit seemed from pamaury's instructions that you need to drop the file pamaury created into the root directory (, rename that to, and reboot in order to get the bootloader on the device.
07:26:52[Saint]Yes, that's correct - sorry I misread some of the above - but you also actually need to have the Rockbox binary on the device as well.
07:27:34[Saint] <−− dev build from the build farm
07:27:34mxyzptlkI have that bootloader firmware there in the root directory along with the .rockbox directory −− is that correct?
07:27:44[Saint]Yes. This should be correct.
07:27:46mxyzptlkyep, that's the one
07:28:40[Saint]You're not getting any bootloader message about not being able to find the rockbox bianry by any chance?
07:28:59mxyzptlkno, nothing like that.
07:29:49mxyzptlkthe only update that looks like it's really happening actually looks like the standard firmware re-installing itself, as if the sonynwze380_rb_firmware were actually the OF.
07:30:03[Saint]Well, it is.
07:30:52[Saint]The "bootloader" is a modified original firmware file with some magic to boot into Rockbox and listen for a keppress to boot the OF.
07:30:53mxyzptlkisn't the rb in sonynwze380_rb_firmware for rockbox, and the file pamaury provides the OF?
07:32:11[Saint]see above. the entirety of Rockbox is supplied in the .rockbox directory, the "bootloader" is embedded in the modified firmware *.sb image.
07:32:31mxyzptlkgotcha. But just so I'm understanding this, I should be putting into the root directory, correct?
07:33:17[Saint]Well...somewhat correct.
07:33:21[Saint]After renaming it, of course.
07:33:30mxyzptlkyeah, after renaming it
07:34:45[Saint]It really is a motherfucker that Dropbox doesn't supply md5 sum hashes.
07:34:57[Saint]Not exactly an ideal platform for this type of distribution.
07:35:27mxyzptlkI'm assuming there aren't any beta rockbox utilities floating around that recognizes a walkman?
07:36:20[Saint]It should be available after selecting to view unstable devices.
07:37:30mxyzptlkin the rockbox utility?
07:39:00mxyzptlkunder Configuration, there's an option for "Show disabled targets," but I'm not seeing one for unstable devices
07:39:06[Saint]If you have a linux host you can forgo RbUtil entirely.
07:39:19[Saint]Hmmm, I guess it's possible that the current RbUtil release is too old for this.
07:39:33mxyzptlkit's the 1.4 utility, and I'm on linux
07:40:59[Saint]I'll build a new bootloader for you if you like, see how that goes.
07:42:38[Saint]bah - just fighting some dependency issues. sec.
07:43:33mxyzptlkI'm looking at the manual build instructions now.
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07:50:29[Saint]Ok, I'm compiling now.
07:50:44[Saint]Then I'll build the bootloader patched firmware, and zip everything up for you.
07:51:10[Saint](it would take you an eternity just to build our toolchains)
07:53:20mxyzptlkman, thank you
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08:06:21[Saint]Awwwww...c'mon! Almost there...I picked a bad time to clear out my ccache earlier today :-S
08:08:30[Saint]mxyzptlk: uploading
08:09:07[Saint]mxyzptlk: done -
08:09:17[Saint] 16.84MB
08:09:46[Saint]No need to rename anything, the only files in the archive you should need are and
08:10:53mxyzptlkwhew. going through it now
08:11:32[Saint]I included the rest (scsitool, mkimxboot, and in case you wanted to take a stab at creating your own patched bootloader image.
08:12:15[Saint]You should only need to copy to the root of the device, eject it, and then extract the to it after the fact.
08:12:24mxyzptlkjust to be clear, all I should do is drop and the .rockbox directory in the zip inside the walkman's root, correct?
08:12:46mxyzptlkah, drop in .rockbox after the fact
08:13:14[Saint]I suspect that there may be some form of conflict with the ~2.5 year old patched firmware image and a modern binary.
08:13:52[Saint]Which is why I opted to compile both fresh to weed out any potential conflict that might rustle your jimmies.
08:14:00[Saint]No one likes rustled jimmies.
08:14:46mxyzptlkokay, just on the step now, disconnected, and it's going through something
08:15:08[Saint]Sounds promising.
08:15:50[Saint]If you have some success here, I'll consult with pamaury and edit the linked files on the device wiki.
08:17:32mxyzptlkIT IS WORKING
08:17:56[Saint]I guess it was an age conflict with the bootloader and modern binary then.
08:18:09[Saint]Enjoy, my main man. Enjoy.
08:18:12mxyzptlkthank you so much. I was on the verge of sending it back and trying to find some other rockboxable device.
08:18:33[Saint]Not a problem. It's why (among other reasons) I'm here.
08:19:02[Saint]I'll poke the wiki later on tonight to ensure others don't run into this same trap.
08:19:31[Saint]Glad I could be of service to you. Hope you enjoy it. It is quite a nice little target device.
08:20:30[Saint]I enjoy it very much when things like this work out as I expect them to because of the reasons I expected.
08:20:51[Saint]It might seem overly geeky, but that is as enjoyable for me as new-found Rockbox is for you. :)
08:20:59mxyzptlkpamaury was on the forum thread about a month ago helping someone else who had a different issue, so I know people are gravitating toward it. Since the Sansa Clips are done, this might be the next step. Don't know where you're at, but I'm in the states and can finally knock off for the night. Thanks again for all the help −− just what I needed.
08:21:20 Part mxyzptlk
08:21:36[Saint]That was enjoyable.
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12:44:22pamaurylebellium (logs): regarding your sound problem on YP-R0, try this patch: g#1255
12:44:23fs-bluebotGerrit review #1255 at : as3514: fix bug in volume management on AS3543 targets which are not AS3525v2 by Amaury Pouly
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12:55:18lebelliumpamaury: thanks, I'll try it out tonight
12:55:41pamauryif the bug is what this patch fixes, the gap must indeed be huge, around 15dB
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15:32:34Jonas-frIIUC the last (games) plugins are not in the last stable version but on the last nightly "unstable" builds? My goal is to try 2048 and a iPod mini 1G
15:47:01Jonas-fr(FYI I use Rockbox 3.13)
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18:06:33ulmutulI've bisected the Fuze+ recording issue: commits prior to 528715a doesn't work, when recording I get the message "Disk full. Press off to continue" and I have to switch off the device. (So I haven't found a comit that was working as expected for me)
18:06:35ulmutulFrom 030f51ce to recent I have the following issues: the right channel volume is very low and don't change with the gain setting. Left channel changes in volume, but goes only slightly above right channel level. I wasn't able to reproduce the earlier mentioned bug, where the left channel only produced noise at some level.
18:06:36ulmutulRecording with the OF is way louder, so it's not a hardware fault.
18:06:44ulmutulpamaury,jtdesigns01: ^
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18:31:40wodzThis ATJ213X firmware is bizzare. Main binary apparently don't know how to shutdown the device so it loads binary blob and executes it do the duties :P
18:32:56wodzand shutting down is like writing one gpio register, setup watchdog and then waiting for watchdog to kick in
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18:50:24Mihailulmutul: Can you try this patch?
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20:29:04MihailCan someone clarify: what mean "Unhandled masked IRQ 03: USB (status 0x00000008)" ?
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20:48:25saratogaMihail: pamaury would be a good person to ask probably
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21:38:03lebelliumpamaury Mihail : #g1255 fixes my issue :) Volume goes down to -82dB but I do hear a sound only from -72dB
21:38:04fs-bluebotGerrit review #1255 at : as3514: fix bug in volume management on AS3543 targets which are not AS3525v2 by Amaury Pouly
21:46:48kugellebellium: windows has a separate codepage iirc. might be incompatible with the rockbox default
21:47:01kugelcp1250 or what it's called
21:48:22kugeltry changing it in the rockbox settings
21:49:17lebelliumkugel: on the internal memory the special caracters in a folder created from Windows always display correctly, whatever unicode or central european (cp1250)
21:49:19ender|cp1250 is central europe (similar to iso-8859-2), cp1252 is the western codepage (iso-8859-1)
21:49:24kugelwe don't mount the internal storage therefore the codepage is set at boot, i guess it's more compatible with windows
21:50:10ender|fat/fat32 always uses ucs-2 encoding for (long) filenames
21:50:13kugelthat said, iirc on native targets such problems don't exist. we default to utf8 and it works in both windows and linux
21:50:16kugeli have no idea
21:50:20 Part dys ("Killed buffer")
21:51:14lebelliumkugel: wodz set sd mount to UTF-8 and it works fine. The question is: is it a good solution that could be commited
21:51:19kugeli think the internal memory is mounted with the samsung specific fat driver, while we use plain vfat for the sdcard
21:52:11kugellebellium: huh? that should be the default already. isn't it?
21:52:41lebelliumkugel: current code is " strlcat(iocharset, get_current_codepage_name_linux(), sizeof(iocharset));"
21:52:55lebelliumLooks like it doesn't read UT8 here
21:53:10lebelliumforcing iocharset=utf8 works
21:56:34kugellebellium: did you try changing the settings in rockbox?
21:57:03kugellooking at the code the default seems to be iso-8859-1 not utf8
21:58:06lebelliumyes, I don't see any change for both internal and external memory when using the codepage setting
21:58:14Mihaillebellium: Good. Can you test another variant?
21:58:34 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
21:59:17kugellebellium: maybe there's a bug. can you confirm that utf8 is applied for the mount options when you select it in the settings (perhaps after a reboot)?
21:59:50kugelyou can do so by opening /proc/mounts in the text viewer plugin
22:00:01lebelliumkugel: ok let me check
22:00:18lebelliumMihail: yes I can, I just have to find out how to apply the old .patch again
22:01:15lebelliumkugel: isn't there another dir between proc/ and /mounts?
22:01:42kugelno. /proc/mounts is a file
22:02:12lebelliumnever mind
22:02:20lebelliumI got only supported files to display
22:03:09lebelliumit's written "rootfs / rootfs rw 00"
22:06:44kugelonly one line?
22:06:53kugelthen try text editor perhaps
22:12:09lebelliumlatest line: /dev/mmcblk0p1 .... blablabla .... codepage=cp437, isocharset=iso8859-100
22:13:26lebelliummedia0: codepage=cp437,isocharset=utf8
22:14:04lebelliumI set the codepage setting to UTF8 and rebooted
22:14:14lebelliumlooks like the setting doesn't apply to SD?
22:14:36kugelseems like a bug
22:15:15kugeli implemented the code specifically for the sd card since we never change mount options of the internal memory
22:21:27 Part hannes2 ("Leaving")
22:21:27lebelliumMihail: rockbox-YPR0_vol_3.patch:10: trailing whitespace.
22:21:28lebellium#ifdef HAVE_AS3543
22:21:30lebelliumwarning: 1 line adds whitespace errors.
22:22:32kugellebellium: iocharset or i*s*ocharset?
22:22:58kugelthe code sets iocharset
22:23:27lebelliumiocharset, sorry
22:24:39kugellebellium: can you do a logf enabled build?
22:26:16kugelthere is a chance that the fallback code is entered which is mounting without specifying iocharset
22:26:17lebelliumkugel: if you explain me how to do it. /tools/configure only gives me following possibilities: A, S, B, C, D or W
22:26:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:26:38kugelpress A
22:26:44kugelthere are some more options now
22:27:51Mihaillebellium: OK. Fixed - I reupload patch.
22:28:47lebelliumkugel: ok, (L)ofg
22:29:40kugelyea, press L for logf and then enter again
22:32:25kugelappy this patch before flashing rockbox:
22:32:50lebelliumI started compiling for nothing?
22:34:24lebelliumMihail: you reuploaded it under the same dl link?
22:36:26kugellebellium: no. just apply the patch and run make again
22:36:35kugelit doesnt recomipile everything
22:37:16 Quit Bray90820 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:37:18 Join Bray90820_ [0] (
22:40:05lebelliumfatal: corrupt patch at line 17
22:41:30 Join einhirn [0] (
22:41:37kugeltry this
22:43:52 Quit Mihail (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
22:47:57 Quit bluebrother (Disconnected by services)
22:48:03 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@rockbox/developer/bluebrother)
22:49:09 Join fs-bluebot_ [0] (
22:49:10kugellebellium: oops try agin with this
22:49:26kugelundo the patch with "git checkout firmware/target/hosted/samsungypr/ypr0/system-ypr0.c" before
22:50:03lebelliumI did git reset −−hard origin/master
22:51:18 Quit fs-bluebot (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
22:54:34kugelhopefully last try
22:57:44 Join K1773R [0] (~K1773R@unaffiliated/k1773r)
22:59:54lebelliumkugel: installed. What should I do now?
23:00:13kugellebellium: reboot without sdcard
23:00:22kugelcheck if there's a logf entry in the debug menu
23:01:23lebelliumI have Show log file and Dump log file
23:08:22 Join einhirn_ [0] (
23:09:03kugelnow, go to the main menu, insert hte sd card, check if it was mounted (use the file browser), and then go to the debug menu and show the log file
23:09:50 Quit einhirn (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:10:47lebelliumblank screen in show log file
23:13:17kugellebellium: try this patch
23:13:29kugelnow, it should crash when you insert sd after a reboot
23:14:08lebelliumoh yes, I want my R0 to crash
23:15:03kugeljust for debugging
23:27:43lebelliumkugel: panic
23:27:59kugelcan you read the full message?
23:28:26lebelliumI can try, or try how fast is the autofocus on my camera :P
23:32:13lebellium*Panic* mount failed with 6 pc:00054f28 sp021a2280 A: 000550d4bt end no logf data
23:43:27 Quit einhirn_ (Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.
23:43:57lebelliumMihail pamaury (logs): works fine too. Volume goes down to -82dB and I can hear sound from -80dB
23:44:24kugellebellium: strange...
23:44:41kugelmount doesnt seem to accept the iocharset=utf8 option
23:44:53kugelthat's why the code goes into the fallback
23:46:16wodzkugel: so why when explicitely set iocharset=utf8 it is reported to work?
23:46:40kugelshould panic again but this time print the actual iocharset=XX passed to the kernel
23:46:48 Quit krnlyng (Quit: huiiiiii)
23:46:57kugelwodz: no idea really
23:47:41kugellebellium: I'll go to bed but read the logs
23:47:45wodzkugel: maybe strlcat concats something at the very end (some garbage or something)?
23:56:59lebelliumkugel: *Panic* mount failed for iocharset=utf8 pc:00054f20 sp:021a1c60 A:000550cc bt end no logf data
23:58:13 Join ulmutul [0] (
23:58:41lebelliumbut I'm sure it worked when wodz forced it to utf8
23:58:44lebelliumso strange

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