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#rockbox log for 2016-02-10

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00:08:07ulmutulMihail: the mic recording bug is concerning the FuzePlus, not the Fuze, so your patch doesn't help (sorry for beeing unclear :) )
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21:11:37xaneth75I have a ipod mini
21:11:59xaneth75I need help with rock boy
21:12:08xaneth75Is it installed by default
21:12:18xaneth75I have a patch for grayscale iPods
21:12:28xaneth75But don't know how to use it
21:13:10xaneth75I have installed the official Build yesterday
21:13:35xaneth75Can someone help me
21:14:10xaneth75I've looked on forms
21:14:22xaneth75Now I'm here
21:16:12xaneth75I try putting the. Gameboy files in a folder on device they don't show up
21:16:20xaneth75Folder shows up but nothing in the folder
21:16:41xaneth75I try to go to the viewer's folder in plugins nothing no viewers folder
21:17:19xaneth75This is the ipod Mini 2nd generation
21:19:05[Saint]Whoah...slow down hun.
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21:19:17xaneth75Ok sorry
21:19:22[Saint]WHat are you trying to achieve? Other than a stream of consciosness rant.
21:19:56xaneth75Play standard .gb files
21:20:20xaneth75Trying to give you as much information as I can
21:22:32[Saint]You shouldn't have to do anything special with the Rockbox viewer whatsoever.
21:23:10xaneth75Ok ?
21:23:14[Saint]If .gb files aren't showing up in the file viewer it is likely you've set your view files setting to something weird.
21:23:29xaneth75Nope everythings default
21:25:13xaneth75Is it because I have to do a database scan when I transfer the files over
21:25:16[Saint]Bring up the context menu on the Files menu header, then change the Show Files setting to All for now.
21:26:19[Saint]The Database isn't required by anything other than itself and the Pictureflow plugin.
21:26:20xaneth75I didnt know that was there
21:26:33[Saint]That's why we have a manual.
21:27:08[Saint]It is highly recommended that new users read it. Little about Rockbox is intuitive.
21:28:11xaneth75Yah i did a google search on issue got fourms but nothing else aka in manual
21:28:35[Saint]Oh. AHa. There we go. FOr some odd reason Rockboy isn't present on the Mini 2G.
21:28:40xaneth75I will definitely take a look at that manual now
21:28:44[Saint](shit, my typing today...)
21:29:00[Saint]SO, yeah, sorry - this isn't gonna happen.
21:29:03xaneth75Oh that's what I thought
21:29:50xaneth75I have a patch for grayscale iPods for this plugin
21:30:10[Saint]Do you have a development environment set up?
21:30:33[Saint]The patch almost certainly isn't as easy to apply as you might think it is.
21:30:47[Saint]And probably won't apply cleanly.
21:31:06[Saint](there's been a lot of pretty massive changes in our source in the past years)
21:31:44xaneth75I've official Build installed but I can install dev Build
21:31:55[Saint]Neither will help you.
21:32:35xaneth75You mentioned development environment
21:32:39[Saint]You need to download our source, build the armeabi toolchain, apply that patch (if it applies cleanly, it almost certainly will not), then compile a Rockbox build.
21:33:02[Saint]That is what I mean by "development environment".
21:35:00xaneth75Is Rockboy currently being worked on
21:35:29xaneth75Is there a way to compile on Windows
21:35:45[Saint]In a virtualized environment, yes.
21:35:58xaneth75This is a public computer so I can't
21:36:12xaneth75How about an Android tablet
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21:37:15xaneth75Ok Thanks
21:37:56 Nick luhan is now known as ruhans (uid76353@gateway/web/
21:38:20xaneth75Is it possible to get the Rockboy old stable files
21:38:38xaneth75Or a Build that has them
21:38:43[Saint]I am unsure what you mean.
21:39:35xaneth75Is there an old Build that had ROCK boy available for the ipod mini
21:40:24xaneth75Ok Thanks
21:41:08xaneth75Do you know someone who could try the patch and see if it works
21:41:23xaneth75Or could you
21:41:38[Saint]Not presently at least.
21:41:43xaneth75Do you need the web link
21:42:02xaneth75To the patch
21:43:06xaneth75Can you try and message me when you can
21:43:25xaneth75I can send you my email
21:43:46 Quit Bray90820 (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
21:44:31xaneth75There's a file the patch
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22:43:33lebelliumkugel: did you read the logs?
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22:50:42AndChat|3009Hi guys
22:51:00AndChat|3009I opened speedo aquabeat 2.0
22:51:20AndChat|3009It gas an ALi chipset inside
22:52:03AndChat|3009model M7108P
22:53:28 Join Topy44 [0] (
22:54:42AndChat|3009This should be the USB controller
22:55:13AndChat|3009Transfer is extremely slow, i suppose USB 1.1 and not 2.0
22:56:04AndChat|3009Any suggestion how To find firnware chip? Is it the ALi one?
22:56:24 Join Bray90820 [0] (
22:57:19AndChat|3009Vere it is a picture:
22:58:01AndChat|3009There are other 2 small chips next To the audio jack bit there is soft resin over them
22:58:44AndChat|3009And i cannot read the full label
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23:07:13kugellebellium: yea, but no explaination
23:07:24kugellebellium: i didnt see wodz patch though
23:08:54kugellebellium: saw it now. yea, really weird
23:09:06 Join saratoga [0] (123e11e0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:09:42saratogaAndChat|3009: googling that part number, its some very basic DSP, probably no CPU/memory
23:10:17 Join Bray90820 [0] (
23:10:20AndChat|3009It has a graphic monochromatic menu
23:10:59AndChat|3009Do you think it is all inside that chip?
23:11:07saratogayes, that is the processor
23:11:31AndChat|3009It seemed To me an USB controller only
23:11:44AndChat|3009So no way To have rockbox on it?
23:12:33AndChat|3009There is a firmware update key sequence (hold Mkey+plug USB)
23:12:43[Saint]Not trivially at least.
23:12:46saratogayou can look into it, but probably its some basic DSP core
23:12:54AndChat|3009to enter update mode
23:13:11lebelliumkugel: is forcing utf8 a bad solution? Why should we actually read current iocharset?
23:13:20kugelerrno=6 seens to mean -ENXIO, for mount it says "source is not a block device (and a device was required)."
23:13:55AndChat|3009What can i do To test? No official firmware were ever released
23:14:30kugellebellium: the same string is passed in current rockbox. I dont think wodz patch is a solution but rather works for mysterious reasons
23:14:32saratogaprobably nothing
23:15:01AndChat|3009It should be waterproof but water totally eroded the 4 screws it has so i had To trash the "waterproof" case
23:15:09 Quit Bray90820 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:15:30AndChat|3009I just have what you see in the above pic
23:15:55AndChat|3009So no luck for rockbox...?
23:16:46 Join Totalled_ [0] (
23:16:48saratogayou can look some more, but if it doesn't have a CPU, its not going to be interesting to try and hack
23:18:54 Join Bray90820 [0] (
23:19:14AndChat|3009OK thank you for tour answers
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23:45:02lebelliumkugel: since we have the kernel sources from Samsung, isn't there a way to check how Samsung did in the original firmware to get it work ?

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