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#rockbox log for 2016-02-11

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10:12:15asperrhi guys
10:13:07asperri decided to trash my speedo aquabeat 2.0; Chipset ALi M7108P; 4GB storage; if someone want it to test it with rockbox I can freely send it
10:14:03wodzI know noone working on this platform
10:14:08asperrit supposed to be waterpoof but water entered so it rusted out all the screw
10:22:28asperrbut if no one wants it i will trash it
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10:39:07asperranyway i would like to thank everybody involved in the rockbox project because i really "abused" it :) (archos, sandisk, ipod devices all rockbox-powered!)
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12:07:07kugelthe mailing list change is really annoying :(
12:09:19kugelhow can I configure thunderbird to show the actual author?
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13:39:45wodzgevaerts: ping
13:41:52wodzgevaerts: nevermind
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19:30:57lebelliumpamaury: did you read the logs?
19:31:12pamaurysorry no, I was really busy the last three days, and still tonight
19:31:16pamaurydid the patch help ?
19:32:03lebelliumwe can talk another day, no problem
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19:49:39pamauryjust write it, I can read/talk now and then :)
19:52:05[Saint]pamaury: while I see you on here - is there any hard coupling between OF version and bootloader version that would cause any install weirdness with the NZW***?
19:52:37pamaury[Saint]: I don't think so, it's just that the NWZ firmware is shit and sometimes won't accept an update for random reasons
19:52:43[Saint]One dude I spoke to couldn't get _anything_ to work until I recompiled and rebuilt a patched bootloader.
19:52:45pamaurythen you have to remove it and retry
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19:53:28[Saint]Yeah, he claimed to have tried multiple times with repeatable results.
19:53:33[Saint]WHich I found odd.
19:53:54[Saint]Then I bothered to generate a new patched OF, and, all was well.
19:54:20[Saint]I'll put it this there any reason to not update the binaries on the wiki?
19:54:49[Saint]I was going to, but wanted to ask first in case there's some obvious reason why it's a terrible idea.
19:58:37lebelliumpamaury: OK. Your patch successfully fixed the volume gap I had between -39 and -40dB. The only strange thing is that volume goes down to -82dB but sound can be heard only from -72dB. After reading that Mihail said "Good. Can you test another variant? ". His patch works too. No gap between -39dB and -40dB. Volume goes down to -82dB and sound can... heard from -80dB.
20:00:54pamaury[Saint]: or maybe there is a new OF version and the OF refuses to downgrade, I haven't check that. I mean if not, there is no reason to update the binaries because they haven't changed
20:01:51pamaurylebellium: hum, his patches is exactly the same as mine as far as I can tell... Also at -72dB, it's unlikely you can hear something
20:02:08lebelliumI do
20:02:13lebelliumwith Westone UM3X
20:03:21pamaurybut then it's impossible that there is a difference between those two patches: and g#1255, or did you apply another patch ?
20:03:22fs-bluebotGerrit review #1255 at : as3514: fix bug in volume management on AS3543 targets which are not AS3525v2 by Amaury Pouly
20:03:41pamauryoh sorry, I read too quickl
20:03:47pamaurythey are indeed different
20:04:01[Saint]So the implication is that the repeatable failures and the subsequent success were indeed random...?
20:04:03[Saint]I, ah.
20:04:06[Saint]I see.
20:04:21pamaurylebellium: so probably we should apply both patches to the trunk
20:04:43lebelliumpamaury: I tried his patch instead of yours
20:04:45lebelliumnot over
20:04:52pamaury[Saint]: well then find me the circumstances... (I can't, I don't have a NWZ-E370 anymore)
20:05:10pamaurylebellium: but with just his patch, there is a gap at -39dB ?
20:05:40lebelliumunless I made some mistake while compiling, I tried the 2 patchs separately
20:05:40[Saint]I can see how that would be parsed differently, I was agreeing with you, just stating that the coincidence is indeed odd.
20:06:34[Saint]If nothing changed, nothing changed, and coincidence is the only option, assuming the files were intact - we couldn't verify that as Dropbox fucking sucks.
20:06:47pamaurylebellium: ok let me double check his patch then
20:07:14pamauryah I see, his patch includes part of mine, ok, I'll merge both and commit them
20:07:59pamaury[Saint]: which OF did you use to generate the patch firmware ?
20:08:04pamaury(which version)
20:11:26pamauryso you just regenerated the file then ?
20:12:10[Saint]I did.
20:13:02[Saint]I wasn't sure if anything changed in the OF patching magic and was time-scarce. Whatever the root cause the files I generated magically worked for some reason.
20:13:42pamauryand what was the file he originally tried ?
20:13:48 Nick suYin`OFF is now known as suYin (
20:13:52lebelliumI don't even find firmware 1.0.1 on the official Sony website...
20:15:13[Saint]The files were apparently from
20:16:01[Saint]lebellium: "There is no firmware upgrade available for this player so one has to extract it from the device. Since this procedure is not implemented in RockboxUtility, it has to be done manually. Alternatively, I uploaded a copy of it here:"
20:16:18lebelliumah yes
20:16:24lebelliumI remember now
20:16:45lebelliumI confirm there is still no firmware upgrade available :D
20:16:59[Saint]...something something, Sony.
20:17:31pamaurythe firmware upgrade were never released, I extracted them from devices
20:18:14[Saint]OP, for whatever reason, reported no success with
20:18:59[Saint]But it seems this is entirely coincidental. Which is actually a good thing.
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20:32:59pamaury[Saint]: I will check the version of this file, was OP successful with another file ?
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21:26:48[Saint]Yes. The one I generated.
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21:39:07pamauryok, so maybe there was a bug in mkimxboot that I later fixed and forgot to regenerate file
21:50:11 Join Mihail [0] (252d42a8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:50:44Mihailpamaury: what mean "Unhandled masked IRQ 03: USB (status 0x00000008)" ?
21:51:18pamauryMihail: sorry right now I'm super busy, I'll try to answer asap
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22:36:54pamauryMihail: ok, I am free, still need to have dinner though
22:36:58pamauryhow did you get this panic ?
22:39:06Mihailjust disconnect usb, but it hard for reproduce
22:40:02pamaurywhich target ?
22:40:06pamauryclip+ ?
22:40:12Mihailclip zip
22:40:35pamauryah, usb is notably unstable on those
22:41:15pamauryI think it means an interrupt vector was called but no code has defined an handle for it
22:42:01pamauryand in this case it seems even stranger because the interrupt is marked as masked so it should probably be impossible
22:42:47pamauryso basically a spurious interrupt I would say
22:48:41Mihailcan you clarify how they work? We have interrupt from usb, then call INT_USB_FUNC() (firmware/target/arm/usb-s3c6400x.c), check why we have it with if(sts & ...) but when and why we call UIRQ()?
22:52:59pamauryok, it's a linking trick: in system-as3525.c, you have a table of interrupt handlers vec_int_srcs. They pointer to functions (INT_WATCHDOG, ...) whic are defined as calling UIRQ, but they have weak linkage, so if any other part of code redefine them, they will override the default
22:53:24pamauryso the only way you can call UIRQ is if an interrupt is called but you did defined the corresponding INT_* in the driver
22:57:38MihailBut how that (call UIRQ instead INT_USB_FUNŠ”) can be possible?
22:59:08pamauryah sorry, the as3525 has something called the VIC: basically you do the lookup in the table yourself, the hardware does it for you, and call the default vector in case you don't have an entry for it. Since the USB entry was masked, the hardware probably skips it and calls the default one
22:59:33pamaurythis really sounds like a hardware bug
23:00:40 Quit krabador (Remote host closed the connection)
23:04:01pamauryor perhaps a race condition in the vic
23:05:16Mihailok, thanks. I try read datasheet about VIC.
23:06:52pamauryby the way I will commit the audio fix for YP-R0, I will integrate my patch and yours
23:08:42pamauryexcept if you prefer to have your patch at your name ?
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23:10:10MihailAs you wish :) i just add fix for another one #if
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