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#rockbox log for 2016-02-13

00:01:59lebelliumpamaury: patch 7 is worse. sometimes its gets muted from -40dB
00:02:28lebelliumturning up and down the volume several times
00:03:52pamauryok, I'll commit the base patch only then
00:05:46Mihaillebellium: can you try patch set 2 and replace line 139 by as3514_write(AS3514_AUDIOSET3, AUDIOSET3_HP_LONGSTART); as mention before?
00:08:07Mihailconfirm, no difference in signal shape between base and v5/v7
00:09:06pamauryis the pop really annoying or not ?
00:09:43MihailIMHO not
00:09:58lebelliumI would say not. It's just once you noticed it and focuse on it
00:10:10lebelliumMihail: ok let me try
00:10:18pamaurythe datasheet says the hardware does fading when changing volume, but probably not on mux change, which is probably the source of the pop
00:12:25pamauryis the mixer bypass really noticable at high volume, compared to no bypass ?
00:14:07Mihailyes, especially with external amps
00:14:07pamaurywe could try to switch it to high quality instead of low power and not switch off the mixer
00:15:31Mihailno, I do measurements - only bypass help. Also it save some power.
00:16:53pamauryok fair enough
00:18:44pamauryI will commit patch 8 then
00:19:40fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 6f54a86, 255 builds, 25 clients.
00:19:56MihailI want trace USB freeze: is it possible to write after each logf to disk?
00:21:46lebelliumMihail: I don't notice any difference with set 2 + change at line 139
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00:22:26pamauryyes there is logfdisk, I don't remember how you enable it though. When does it freeze ? How to you plan to trace it ?
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00:26:22MihailAFAIK it write only after selecting in menu "dump log file" :(
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00:26:58Mihailit freeze some time on usb disconnection
00:27:01pamauryno no, there is another mode to do it automatically
00:28:02pamauryor maybe you have to call a different function like logdiskf("bla")
00:28:53Mihailfirmware/export/logdiskf.h ? it still write to memory buffer, right?
00:28:59pamauryand yeah that's it, you use ERRORF, WARNF or NOTEF, which are macros for _logdiskf
00:29:15pamauryyou can find it firmware/export/logdisk.h
00:29:36fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 597 seconds.
00:29:37fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 6f54a86 result: 5 errors 50 warnings
00:29:47pamaurybut you could hack logf.h to redefine the macro logf() to point to logdiskf()
00:31:11pamauryhowever you should know that even logdiskf does not write to disk after every logf, it only writes when storage is idle
00:31:31pamauryso yeah there is a bit of buffering
00:31:49lebelliumwhy so many warnings :(
00:32:00pamaurydifferent compilers
00:32:09Mihailwhat should I set to MAX_LOGDISKF_SIZE to prevent this?
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00:33:50pamauryyou can't, it only flushes to disk and the storage layer reports being idle
00:34:28pamaurywriting on every logf would be very expensive
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00:35:23Mihailok, thank! I try hack _logdiskf
00:36:11pamauryI am not sure if it will help though, it could be hardware freeze, it could freeze anywhere in the code
00:39:27pamauryhonestly, the usb on amsv2 is a nightmare
00:40:53MihailI have few freeze types: 1. most often, system work - but don't exit from usb screen. 2. rarely, Unhandled IRQ as I mention before. 3. very rarely, total freeze - even power button not help, only battery disconnect/discharge
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00:42:18pamauryabout 1. if my memory serves, it's because the hardware doesn't properly notify about usb disconnection (ie not irq although there should be)
00:42:35pamauryI don't remember if it's a gpio or the udc, probably the udc
00:43:21pamaurylogging won't help if you enable storage because storage is disable when in usb mode
00:44:12pamauryyour best chance is to try to enter usb mode without storage (hold any button when plugging), then unplug, and if you can still see the little "usb connected" icon, they you just hit the bug but at least you can still interact with the player
00:44:17pamaury(and do logging)
00:47:22Mihailnot shue is it possible reproduce in bootloader mode
00:49:49Mihailit much easy to reproduce when I set HZ too high - 500 ticks
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00:51:29pamaurywhy do you want to reproduce it in bootloader mode ?
00:52:08pamauryyou probably don't want to set HZ too high, it might cause problems
00:54:58pamaurywell first the timer driver might not be able to handle it, depending on how the divisors were chosen. Also some tasks are scheduled on each tick so you are increasing the load.
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00:57:14MihailAMSv2 have very big timer. I check it before. IMHO - load not problem in my case.
00:59:49Mihailis it possible show last logf on screen in real time?
01:02:33Mihaillike panicf but without freeze :)
01:02:44pamaurythat would require to hack the display drive but I guess it's possible
01:04:31pamaurybut if I were you I would start by trying to reproduce it with usb without storage, that's way easier
01:06:02MihailI try but can't reproduce
01:10:06pamauryok, then you have two options for logf on the screen: 1) hack it only for usb screen (probably the simplest option) 2) hack it for all screen (harder)
01:10:44pamauryyou need hack logf.{c,h} to get access to the buffer
01:11:40pamaurythen hack apps/gui/usb_screen.c
01:12:22 Nick suYin is now known as suYin`OFF (
01:13:32pamauryI'm not exactly sure where to put it, maybe at line 242, in usb_screens_draw, but I'm not sure how often the screen is refreshed
01:15:24MihailI look at panicf: maybe logf_panic_dump can help me?
01:18:51 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
01:18:56pamauryyou are right, probably simple enough to call it rather than reimplement it :)
01:19:17pamauryjust call it with y=1 or 2 to start with
01:20:24pamaurybeware that it prints the logf backware iirc (ie last line at the top)
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03:56:41utackHi. I think one of you guys ran some audio decoding benchmarks on iOs and Android devices, is there currently a way to run these on my own Android phone?
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11:00:06lorenzo92pamaury: thank you for non-linear volume control fix. Lately I've been really busy in the embeeded business but not for rb :( and this bug was really annoying
11:20:43lorenzo92I have just looked at R0's schematics and indeed we need to use the external muting transistors. output coupling capacitors are quite high (330uF!!) and they have pull down resistor right *before* the muting transistor, so the switching method should work
11:21:31 Join bertrik [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik)
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13:41:50k0Alaanother ass-hand, turned sansa clip+ into a brick, here^_^
13:54:59 Quit k0Ala (Quit: leaving)
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14:42:35 Join utack [0] (~utack@2a02:810a:83c0:9394:d63d:7eff:fedb:b2eb)
14:43:04utackHi. Same question as yesterday, maybe I missed the person: I think one of you guys ran some audio decoding benchmarks on iOs and Android devices, is there currently a way to run these on my own Android phone?
14:44:43 Join k0Ala [0] (
14:44:56k0Alahi again
14:45:16k0Alai've an issue with Sansa Clip+
14:45:49k0Alatryin unbrick it with this tutorial
14:46:52k0Alabut i found difference between image and my "board"
14:47:41k0Alaeven numbers are diff: on image - 54-50-0081, and main is 54-50-00825
14:48:49k0Alaif there another difference, or i can be sure, and bridge pins from THe image?
14:49:03k0Alai'm sorry about my bad english
14:49:21k0Alait's getting better, though, :D
14:50:44pamauryk0Ala: how did you brick it in the first place ?
14:52:04k0Alaidk, sorry:3 i was putting some music on internal drive, when my PC just freezed
14:53:38pamauryhow do you know your player is bricked ?
14:54:22k0Alawhen i plug to usb now, dmesg shows something like this
14:54:31k0Alait doesn't work
14:54:51k0Alawhen loading to OF - it's freezes
14:55:15k0Alawhen loading in RockBox - got couple minutes of work, then freezes too
14:55:49pamauryhum, I am not sure it's bricked in the usual meaning then
14:56:00pamaurythe unbricking procedure is unlikely to help
14:56:15pamauryfunman: any clue ?
14:57:02k0Alawhen plug it to PC −− there's dmesg, and only one drive - /dev/sdc, something like 30Mb large, and i can't mount it and have no idea - what type of FS it is
14:57:32pamaury[Saint]: seen this before ?
14:57:56pamauryoh, ok, sounds like bricked but usually you can't even boot the device in this case
14:58:18k0Alai'm sorry, don't have any camera, so can't make any image/video
14:58:52pamauryare you sure about the 30MB size ?
14:59:17k0Alai've tried probably everything that i know, or googled, and unbricking is my only hope
14:59:31k0Alayeah, near 30Mb
15:00:06pamauryyou need some expert, I don't know enough about it, it's probably best to wait until someone else answers
15:00:28k0Alaok, i'll wait, thanks anyway^3
15:01:06k0Alabtw, sometimes (when i plug it in) it gives me this storage, sometimes - doesn't
15:02:45pamauryI wonder if it could be a hardware problem, perhaps your internal flash is dying
15:02:55k0Alai don't want to complain, this player work pretty well for 2 years in various "hardcore" circumstances, and i don't want to lose it:3
15:04:06k0Alait'll be a problem. even though i can find some guys who solder me another flash, i'm not sure, that i can get right version of chip.
15:07:29pamaurywhat do you mean ?
15:08:34 Join sparetire [0] (~sparetire@unaffiliated/sparetire)
15:08:35k0Alai mean, if internal flash will die, i could find another flash/chip and replace it
15:09:09k0Alaam i wrong?
15:11:37pamauryI don't know if it ever was attempted but yeah in theory you could replace, not sure how the ROM would react to a completely empty flash though
15:12:22pamauryI don't think this flash part has anything special, it's probably a standard one
15:13:07 Join Mihail [0] (25d450f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:13:10k0Alaok, i tried to unbrick it with help of tutorial, it turned on with no problem, connected to PC, but nothing happend
15:13:22k0Alathere is dmesg output
15:13:44k0Alai'd probably did something wrong, lol)
15:17:05k0Alais that drive it's what i need to flash? ;D
15:18:14Mihailprovably - yes, how you do that?
15:20:41k0Alaby this guide
15:21:42k0Alashit, i know that my english it sucks, but all i do is read, and don't talk with another human beings. i'm sorry about that.
15:22:43MihailI wrong, it should be 1GB without partition
15:23:19k0Alaoh, i got it
15:23:53k0Alai didn't press Enter on dd, thanks Ktulhu ;3
15:24:27 Join rela_ [0] (
15:25:15k0Alathere's a problem - i see the /dev/sdc1, when run #fdisk -l. but i can't mount it.
15:25:47k0Alamount command just doesn't "see" this partition
15:26:24 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
15:27:37cc_Hi, does the rockbox utility use udev to detect the connected devices ?
15:27:48 Quit rela (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
15:28:28pamaurycc_: I don't think so, but let me see the code
15:29:17Mihailare you sure that /dev/sdc is player?
15:30:26 Quit k0Ala (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
15:31:28pamaurycc_: on linux it uses libusb to get the list of usb devices, and mtab to get mount points apparently
15:31:29 Join k0Ala [0] (
15:32:12k0Alaok, i get it. there's a problem with main partition on internal flash. that's why it doesn't want to mount
15:32:22k0Alawhat' can i do with it?
15:32:47cc_pamaury: I've got one debian install where pcmanfm detects connected devices and lists them on the left, and one other install where he doesn't (still trying to figure out why), and rockbox utility detects devices in the first one and doesn't in the second
15:33:44pamaurydoes it list any device in the second case ?
15:33:45cc_I'll check for libusb, I'd be surprised if it isn't installed on both
15:33:52 Join mustkillmachine [0] (
15:33:59cc_pamaury: no, detects nothing
15:34:02pamauryit might be a permission problem
15:34:27pamaurytry to run it as root see if it makes a difference
15:34:28 Quit mustkillmachine (Quit: Leaving)
15:34:39cc_pamaury: ok
15:39:11Mihailk0Ala: you should find way to entering recovery mode, without it you can't recovery player
15:41:10cc_it doesn't detect, but I'm not surprised, pcmanfm doesn't either
15:41:27cc_I'll check the libs installed
15:44:48pamaurywhich kernel is that ?
15:45:18cc_4.3, but it's not the kernel
15:45:52cc_I have this problem for a long time, I didn't take the time to investigate because it wasn't that much annoying
15:46:46pamaurydoes it show anything if you run lsusb ?
15:47:13cc_lsusb shows the devices properly
15:48:43pamaurystrange, lsusb uses libusb
15:49:52cc_on the first install I remember installing systemd before replacing it with openrc and on the second I have never installed systemd
15:50:50cc_so either systemd installed me some dependencies that allow usb discovery or it changed some settings in udev/udisks that were kept after removal
15:51:00cc_I'm still trying to figure
15:51:16pamauryunless you have a really strange udev rule, that should not interfere with libusb I think.
15:51:32pamauryYou can use "udevadm monitor" to see what happen when you plug a usb device for example
15:52:22pamauryit will show kernel events and then udev actions (iirc)
15:52:53k0Alathat's it, didn't killed my player, but didn't unbricked it as well
15:52:59k0Alai'm outta ideas
15:55:00 Join einhirn [0] (
15:55:02cc_pamaury: I've got udev remove and udev add lines (when uplugging and plugging, respectively)
15:57:26 Join Mihail_ [0] (25d450f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:57:51Mihail_k0Ala: if you wish, you can write me in PM on forum in russian
16:01:02pamaurycc_: I'm running out of ideas, I suggest you to try some kernel ML or irc channel, or maybe the debian irc channels
16:02:47cc_pamaury: I'm checking the diffs between the dpkg −−get-selections output at the moment
16:06:14k0AlaMihail_: how did you found out that i'm russian? ^_^
16:07:00Mihail_ k0Ala []
16:07:13k0Alafucking lol
16:08:24 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
16:11:57cc_pamaury: it looks like the rockbox utility is unable to launch if it can't write to /tmp/rbutil-trace.log ?
16:12:18cc_I can't launch it as a simple user after I have lauched it as root
16:12:42pamauryhonestly I don't know, this is possible, just rm the file I guess
16:12:51cc_pamaury: done
16:13:07pamaurythat should be fixed though
16:13:33 Quit orpheu (Quit: Page closed)
16:14:15cc_pamaury: ok on the second install the Rockbox utility is able to detect the device if it is mounted before
16:14:30cc_pamaury: I think I've got the last rbutil
16:16:00pamauryso if you unplug/plug a device at runtime, RBUtil doesn't detect it ? I don't know the code that well so I don't know how it handles, but it should
16:17:58cc_pamaury: have you tried using debian without systemd in the last two years ? a lot of things don't work as they should
16:18:27pamauryno, I'm running debian unstable so I switched to systemd some while ago
16:19:47cc_pamaury: what does rbutil need to perform its work ? a mountpoint or just the /dev/sddX stuff ?
16:21:07pamaurydepends on devices but most device only need the mountpoint because you just write a file on the device
16:21:33pamaurynote that RBUtil will probably not automount for you, I think
16:22:09cc_pamaury: ok so it needs the device to be mounted first ?
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16:24:42cc_need to retry something then
16:27:28 Join Rower [0] (
16:27:41 Quit k0Ala (Quit: leaving)
16:35:44cc_pamaury: ok Rockbox doesn't detect anything on the first install, what he gives me is just the mountpoint of an already mounted usb key
16:35:44 Quit naraic (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
16:36:53pamaurybut do you have any rockboxable device connected ?
16:37:09cc_pamaury: yes, and once I mount it, he finds it, so it's ok
16:37:29pamauryok, so is there any problem/bug with rbutil then ?
16:37:45cc_pamaury: doesn't look like it
16:37:58cc_I just didn't remember the device had to be mounted first
16:40:16pamauryno problem
17:25:54 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
17:28:46 Join QP [0] (51e65723@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:29:16QPHello, is it possible that rockbox can add support for flac files etc, on devices that doesnt support it from factory firmwares
17:35:09 Quit QP (Quit: Page closed)
17:37:21 Join Saratoga [0] (ac3a2099@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
17:37:44SaratogaYes rockbox adds FLAC to all devices except some very old ones that are too slow
17:38:21 Quit Saratoga (Client Quit)
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19:20:51pamaurywodz (logs): I fixed qedito to use the new hstub library, in g#1253, feel free to test it, there probably are some bugs left but it's basically working
19:20:52fs-bluebotGerrit review #1253 at : qeditor: port to the new hwstub library by Amaury Pouly
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