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#rockbox log for 2016-02-14

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13:50:51lebellium /home/ubuntu/rockbox/apps/plugins/infones/InfoNES_System_Rockbox.c:331: error: incompatible types when assigning to type 'fb_data' from type 'WORD'
13:50:55lebelliumwhat could that mean?
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14:02:45pamaurylebellium: that means old code
14:03:08pamauryfb_data used to be a scalar type (unsigned short) but is now a structure iirc
14:03:42lebelliumbut #g946 was updated recently!
14:03:44fs-bluebotGerrit review #946 at : InfoNES - FS #2911 - NES Emulator for Color Targets (WIP) by Sebastian Leonhardt
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14:05:51pamaurylet me check the code
14:05:59pamauryit might depend on the target
14:06:29lebelliumIt's on the YP-R0 apparently not supported (I added keymapping myself)
14:07:54pamauryok, so 1) this is incorrect code (assumption that fb_data is a scalar) 2) it will still compile on targets with LCD_DEPTH!=24, which is basically everything except ZEN and YP-R0/1 and sdl
14:10:03lebelliumthanks for the analysis
14:11:31lebelliumcould you comment the patch for the record? (I can't myself because of the real name policy... )
14:13:50mustkillmachineIs it worth buying a SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ does rockbox work on it, I see it on the Unstable ports does that mean that it doesn't work.
14:14:06lebelliumit does work
14:14:51lebelliumI don't remember why it's still listed under unstable
14:15:41mustkillmachinelebellium: thank thank you so much
14:15:53lebelliumI just hope you like touchpads
14:16:00lebelliumI hate them :)
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14:18:35mustkillmachineoh and can I put a 256GB Micro SD SDXC in a Sansa Fuze+
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14:19:09lebelliumonce reformated in FAT32 instead of default ex-FAT, probably
14:19:30mustkillmachineis that hard to do
14:19:38lebelliumjust google it
14:19:53mustkillmachineof thank for your help
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18:30:52tMHso, rockbox project is somewhat suspended? latest release is 3.13 from 2013-03-05...
18:31:15tMHheck, no stable support for Cowon D2.. :(
18:32:11pamauryno release doesn't mean no work, although it is true we have far less developers
18:32:41pamaurysupport for targets depends on devs, no one is working on the D2, so we don't have stable support
18:33:33tMHas far I am old D2 user I still hope that someone will hack its firmware (2.57 or 2.59), to remove db limits for files/folders count.
18:34:00tMHinstalled 128gb card , but these moronic limits won't allow me to use all card's space..
18:34:52tMHsorry for speaking about D2 on this channel, but I hoped to speak to someone ho has a knowledge about whole D2 firmware stuff..
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18:36:21tMHpamaury: btw, what is / who is those "devs", you're talking about ?
18:36:44tMHwhat is/are/who is/are those "Devs" - you mean ppl who are have contact to Cowon or tools?
18:37:15pamaurydevs are people like me, doing this on their spare time, with little or no documentation
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18:39:18[Saint]tMH: Hope that "Mr. Someone" will complete the work are fairly optimistic.
18:39:38[Saint]At this point, the likely candidate to do so is you, as you are actually personally invested in it.
18:39:42pamauryyou have to understand that Cowon (or any other manufacturer for that matter) does not give us any help/doc/tools
18:40:48[Saint]working from leaked datasheets (if you're fairly lucky) for vaguely similar silicon, and disassembly.
18:41:18[Saint]of which pamaury seems to be more than somewhat proficient in the latter aspect.
18:42:23[Saint]but, yeah - you basically have to assume that if it isn;t you that is going to do it that it won't get done.
18:59:05tMH[Saint] - you know.. discovering how D2 works with files/folders I found knowlege - easy to understand - that D2 using some database for those... This DB has a limit for 4000 files yet 400 folder at max. These limits were set when D2 itself has max 32gb onboard, yet sdcard were max 32gb. Now we have 64, 128, mb 256gb sdcard in future and I wonder - is it possible to do reverse engineering on those firmware sets to remove mentioned limits
18:59:21tMH[Saint] - or increase them to "human" values, 40000 files with 4000 folders;)
19:00:10[Saint]It isn't possible if no one is going to do the work required to make it so.
19:00:32tMH[Saint] - OR, what is more important - to _remove_ DB feature at all. Why Cowon implemented this DATABASE I don't understand - its filesystem has FILE ALOOCATION TABLE, and SDcard of 128gb can be formatted in FAT32 mode, who the heck needs this DB at all?
19:00:51tMHALLOCATION even
19:01:30tMHI met this forum :,10164.15.html?PHPSESSID=couu1kb4hukm44j0nn1nnrruu4
19:01:55tMHyes, posts are old , 8-9 years ago, but ppl there have tried to get formware disassembled....
19:02:25tMHto make rockbox firmware, of course
19:08:11tMHso, contacting Cowon is futile at all ?
19:08:52lebelliumyes. They wouldn't even remember they released the D2 years ago :)
19:08:52tMHheck, they already stoppped releasing D2 long time ago, why the heck they won't give out firmware sources for this one ?:///
19:09:42tMHthis is why we need North Korea;))
19:13:16tMHcowon systems, established april 1995. heck, I went to irc a year ago..
19:13:32tMHyear before
19:13:51tMHI found their HQ!
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19:35:07[Saint]errr...good work detective. Problem solved.
19:35:28tMHnot yet, I'm writing email to some sales contact in Cowon:)
19:36:47[Saint]It's somewhat heartbreaking to know where this will lead, but, hey - trying won't kill you.
19:36:50lebelliumwaste of time
19:37:08tMHimagine if this man will give me skype contact ;)
19:37:31tMHto one of those D2 firmware developers!:)
19:37:41tMHof one, even
19:37:49lebelliumthere are no D2 developers
19:38:14[Saint]they're just _not_ going to give you the firmware source.
19:38:16tMHbut they developed somewhat similar firmware for D20, M2..
19:38:41[Saint]that's largely meaningless. you're still not getting it.
19:38:44tMHmain engine is the same, only skins and new options are changed..
19:39:00tMH[Saint] - ok, trying is not torturing:)
19:39:08*tMH will wait.
19:40:06lebelliumyou'd better learn developing and become the missing D2 dev
19:40:39[Saint]In all honestly, the hardware is shit, even by ancient standards.
19:41:22lebelliumit was popular due to the SD slot
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20:24:32utackgonna ask again, if someone knows how to run these audio decoder benchmarks on Android, that would be nice.
20:27:19[Saint]you mean with Rockbox, or, in general?
20:29:09[Saint]utack: ?
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20:45:42utack[Saint] i think someone in here ran some tests, i don't remember if it was with the rockbox app specifically
20:45:54utacki think it was
20:52:10[Saint]you need to compile a build with the testplugins enabled.
20:53:57utackis there still a pre compiled apk of this left somewhere to try it quickly?
20:54:07utackthanks for the advice, if not, i guess that is the only option
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