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#rockbox log for 2016-02-15

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10:30:59wodzpamaury: Does qeditor from gerrit work with tcp or usb only yet?
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11:24:41pamaurywodz: usb only, I haven't implemented the interface to choose between contexts
11:25:25wodzpamaury: Ok. Will try to test it this week.
11:26:25pamaurywodz: I will need your MIPS expertise, I looked at the code of jz4740 (crt0.s, system, interrupts) and it looks like black magic to me
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11:27:18wodzpamaury: no problem. What is interesting for you exactly?
11:27:25pamauryalso I don't quite understand what is is TCSM (tighly-coupled memory), it looks like iram but per processor ? I tried to read/write to it using the ROM commands without luck. Same for the internal SRAM
11:28:46wodzpamaury: AFAIK jz has specific cache commands which switch cache lines from TCM function into cache function.
11:29:07pamauryah maybe
11:29:32wodzpamaury: On start you have access to cache like to regular memory, then you issue 'magic' cache command and then it is treated as regular cache
11:29:48wodzpamaury: At least thats how jz is bootstrapped
11:31:11pamaurywodz: do you know why the code in;a=blob;f=firmware/target/mips/mmu-mips.c;h=9dcec43321f24adff396deca022584be65c63dae;hb=6f54a86 does not call map_address ?
11:31:52pamauryAlso I'm quite confused about the memory map: it seems that jz4740 maps IRAM at 0x80000000 and DRAM at 0x80004000 (at least that's why the linker script says)
11:32:57pamaurybut I don't see this code anymore (since map_address is not called), so would it be possible that both are mapped at 0x80000000 and IRAM has priority for its small 16Kb window (0x80000000-0x800004000) ?
11:33:24wodzpamaury: map_address adds STATIC mapping in MMU. My understanding is that jz port does not use virtual addresses at all (well sort of - every address in mips is virtual with the exception that some mapping is default)
11:34:31pamauryok, I think I need to study the code more, I just don't kmow MIPS very well and the ingenic manual is not exactly clear
11:35:20wodzpamaury: My understanding is that iram is NOT what you mean by iram in this context. It is cache. So during bootstrap, before magic cache instruction first 16kB of cacheable address IS cache itself.
11:35:41wodzpamaury: 0x80000000 is usually cacheable address of low part of ram.
11:38:53wodzpamaury: MIPS has global memory map segmented.
11:39:40pamaurywodz: the manual is confusing but it clearly says: 16KB of data cache, 16KB of instruction cache, 16KB of TCSM, and that's for CPU. For VPU it doesn't mention cache but 48kb TCSM + 32kB of scratch RAM which is supposed to be accessible from the CPU. All of TCSM + SRAM have addresses too
11:40:19pamauryit even mention that the TCSM has four memory banks so you can cleverly interleave accesses to it, that doesn't sound like a cache
11:40:42wodzpamaury: ok, could be. Which address did you try to rw from?
11:41:08wodzpamaury: You definitely need to use uncached alias to get some meaningful results
11:41:42pamauryI tried 0xb132b000 (VPU TCSM), 0xb32c000 (CPU TCSM) and 0xb32d000 (SRAM)
11:41:51pamauryit reads 0, writes have no effect
11:42:04wodzright, this all are uncached
11:42:05pamaurythe SRAM seems to have a clock gate, but it changes nothing
11:42:36pamaurybut the manuel mention a virtual address of 0xF4000000 for per-cpu TCSM
11:43:21wodzpamaury: 0xF4000000 needs MMU mapping set.
11:43:57wodzpamaury: without configuring MMU accessing this address will rise TLB miss exception
11:44:16pamauryI didn't try the 0xf0.... one
11:44:49wodzand since it is virtual going through mmu phys address can be anywhere
11:45:00wodzalmost :P
11:46:16pamauryanyway, I need to work, but I don't understand this TCSM and SRAM thing, I can't make it work so far
11:50:28wodzpamaury: If you have some mips questions ping me
11:53:24pamauryok, thanks
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15:06:45AlverHello. Is there a way to generate rockbox database files on the host system copying the files onto the ipod, rather than on the ipod itself? It takes a lot of time/battery while any somewhat recent machine would do it in a handful of seconds tops.
15:10:03gevaertsAlver: yes and no. You can build a tool for that ("advanced build" in configure, and then database I think), but (a) we don't offer that tool for download, and (b) it's not documented I think, and I don't know if anyone currently active knows how it works
15:10:15gevaertsIt has been known to work though :)
15:11:14AlverMmmm. I'm already running a rather unsupported build, so... heh
15:11:32AlverMy ipod classic is pretty slow; it manages, but that's about it
15:12:08gevaertsIf you have a build environment set up, playing around with that tool is probably an option
15:12:34AlverI've had to dig on the forums to find that specific version of rockbox that still does have the "load database into RAM" option, otherwise the slowness was unbearable.
15:12:45gevaertsThe actual source is in tools/database/
15:13:08AlverDid the database format change? As in, would I need to build that tool from the specific version of rockbox I'm using?
15:13:56gevaertsI don't think so
15:15:24AlverMmm. interesting :)
15:20:35Alver /* A _very_ skeleton file to demonstrate building tagcache db on host. */
15:20:40*Alver snickers
15:20:45AlverLet's see if I can get it to build at all.
15:22:50gevaertsThe build is tested on every commit, so that *should* work
15:23:27gevaertsWhether it actually still works isn't tested, but it looks trivial enough that I don't expect it to break without at least the sim also breaking
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15:25:58AlverOh, heh, there's the other saviour.
15:27:58Alvergevaerts: are you certain it's still being built? A quick look in the tools/Makefile seems to indicate it's not
15:28:05Alver(unless that's normal)
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15:32:50gevaertsAlver:;type=iriverh300db :)
15:33:08gevaertsIgnore tools/Makefile. Just do a regular tools/configure
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15:34:16gevaertsAh, database is actually a "normal" build type, not even advanced!
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15:38:55MihailWhy we don't use IRAM for plugins and codec on AS3525v2?
15:42:20Alvergevaerts: cool. I have a database.ipod6g binary :)
15:43:05gevaertsWell done!
15:44:26AlverNow to test what it does...
15:45:28gevaertsFrom the source, it assumes that you run it with the mounted device's root as your working directory
15:46:00Alver.. yep, it works.
15:46:06AlverOr rather, it did generate files
15:46:21gevaertsI'd assume that if your audio is a straight copy from a local disk, you can just create a .rockbox directory there too and it should run from there too
15:46:34AlverWell, it's not a copy - that's one annoying thing
15:46:39AlverThe ipod is too small to hold everything
15:47:21gevaertsIt all depends on what the bottleneck actually is. Maybe it will run fast enough over usb
15:48:27gevaertsOr you could set up a symlink farm
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16:46:52AlverHm. The fonts I selected don't seem to support unicode.
16:46:57AlverThat does suck. :/
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17:45:53Alver... heh. Even the GNU font is tripping over some characters.
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