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#rockbox log for 2016-02-16

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03:14:46[Saint]You liar...
03:15:27[Saint]$ git status
03:15:27[Saint]On branch master
03:15:27[Saint]Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.
03:15:27DBUGEnqueued KICK [Saint]
03:15:27[Saint]$ git pull −−rebase
03:15:28[Saint]From git://
03:15:30[Saint] ad5e5c4..6f54a86 master -> origin/master
03:16:00[Saint]It's up to date with origin/master /NOW/...
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03:29:32[Saint]I love you, prof_wolfff.
03:29:54[Saint]16 cherrypicked dependencies, and, not a single merge conflict.
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03:34:46[Saint]bluebrother: are you around?
03:35:31[Saint](or a square, trapezoid, or any uniform or non-uniform long as you're present ;) )
03:39:26[Saint]Errrr...nevermind, I got it.
03:39:40[Saint](obvious error is obvious in hindsight)
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03:52:29 Part fling
04:12:19[Saint]Hmmm. I guess I didn't.
04:12:22[Saint]RCC: Error in '../../master/rockbox/rbutil/rbutilqt/rbutilqt-lang.qrc': Cannot find file 'lang/rbutil_cs.qm'
04:12:37[Saint]Is it not possible to build rbutil out-of-tree?
04:13:30[Saint]I guessed I would just be able to have qmake set up the build directory by pointing it at, doesn't seem to want to work for me.
04:13:41[Saint]Keeps barfing on missing lang files.
04:14:58[Saint]Oh, hmmm, nope. It's not an out-of-tree issue. It's an issue in general.
04:20:44foolshRCC: Error in '../rbutilqt/rbutilqt-lang.qrc': Cannot find file 'lang/rbutil_cs.qm'
04:20:44foolshmake: *** [build/rcc/qrc_rbutilqt-lang.cpp] Error 1
04:20:54foolshAnd Something is shitting all over the formating in the configure script
04:21:38foolshtwo unrelated things
04:21:44foolshjust clearing that up
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04:22:17[Saint]I figured out that part of it, the missing .qm files. Turns out you need to do 'lsrelease-qt4 /path/to/' and it'll generate them.
04:22:30[Saint]Not sure why make isn;t generating them as required, though.
04:22:34[Saint]IIUC, it should be.
04:22:52[Saint]Goddamn I hate Qt soooo much. :-S
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04:23:53[Saint]Now I'm endlessly getting "make: *** [build/o/moc_manualwidget.o] Error 1"
04:24:11[Saint]But for no obvious reason. Perhaps it's ccache fuckery.
04:24:50[Saint]Aha! It /was/ ccache fuckery.
04:30:07foolshGah, No command 'lsrelease-qt4' found, did you mean:
04:30:07foolsh Command 'lrelease-qt4' from package 'qt4-linguist-tools'
04:30:09foolshqt4-linguist-tools is already the newest version
04:30:34[Saint]I just pulled everything in with 'qt-sdk'
04:30:49[Saint]The "ahhhhh fuck it" tactic of dependency hunting.
04:31:27[Saint]warning: this pulled in like ~900MB of dependent packages
04:31:47foolshI probably have 899MB alraedy
04:32:22foolshqt-sdk is already the newest version.
04:32:25foolshfuck it I quit
04:32:39foolshtime to nuke this install
04:32:41[Saint]Hmmm, odd.
04:33:01foolshLTS 16.04 is close to release
04:42:59[Saint]Hmmmmm, qt4-linguist-tools supplies lrelease-qt4, and qtchooser supplies lrelease
04:43:11[Saint]perhaps you need the latter to make use of the former?
04:43:50[Saint]('dpkg -S lrelease-qt4' (which I forgot about) told me this)
04:45:14CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
04:45:14*[Saint] wishes rockbox supplied its own 'nice' variant of make
04:45:28foolshqtchooser is already the newest version.
04:45:35foolshqt4-linguist-tools is already the newest version.
04:45:41[Saint]that used schedtool, or so.
04:45:41foolshit all in there somewhere
04:45:58[Saint]'which lrelease-qt4'?
04:46:24foolshsimple answer
04:46:27foolshit's fucked
04:46:32[Saint]Odd. So...the system can't find a package, in your /usr/bin
04:46:59[Saint]I bet that comes in handy.
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05:17:30[Saint]prof_wolfff: How are the 'dualboot-{un|i}nstaller-ipod6g.dfu' files generated?
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09:24:55wodzpamaury: (log) You may find this interesting:
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11:59:01prof_wolfff[Saint]: the .dfu files are generated using mk6gboot.exe −−mkdfu-{un}inst
12:22:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision bc56811, 255 builds, 26 clients.
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12:28:59fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision bc56811 result: 0 errors 23 warnings
12:30:22wodzprof_wolfff: what is the state of 6g dualboot?
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12:33:16prof_wolfffwodz: seems it works well, ATM i am testing the USB mode to complete it
12:33:26edhelashi everyone :)
12:34:07wodzprof_wolfff: do you have plans to look at n2g usb?
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12:35:50prof_wolfffATM i am bit confused with the USB drivers, last day i was testing the designware driver, it nano-2g using the same as classic (s3c6400x) ?
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12:38:19wodzprof_wolfff: AFAIK it is basicaly the same.
12:40:25prof_wolfffwhat are the problems on usb nano-2g? just send a patch for s3c6400x that i think it solves on Classic some panics on the USB setup stage
12:40:26edhelaswodz: do you have some knowledges regarding the IAP support and the serial connectors in Rockbox ?
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12:46:41pamauryI'm confused about commit 0b6647f: I thought alignment was part of USB_DEVBSS_ATTR
12:46:43wodzedhelas: no
12:47:38wodzpamaury: I glanced at jz4760b manual and tcsm0 block should be accessible indeed.
12:47:57pamaurywodz: thanks for the link, I'll have a look
12:50:51prof_wolfffpamaury: all usb drivers (storage, hid..) are aligning the USB_DEVBSS_ATTR to 32, so i aligned it in s3c6400x
12:51:49prof_wolfffi think this alignment should be the cache line size for each target, but 32 is the worst alignment case
12:51:49pamauryUSB_DEVBSS_ATTR is a mess, we should really clean this up: some specify alignment in it and some don't
12:52:12pamauryalignment should be part of USB_DEVBSS_ATTR, not of the drivers
12:57:47prof_wolfffpamaury: yes, for that reason it was aligned on 31d9084 for Classic, but it seems that really it is only needed for receive buffers, IIRC the hid driver does not align it for transmit buffers because it should not be needed
12:59:45pamaurywe basically have the same situation as for storage before the massive rework: nothing is documented, no ones knows how it should work. I think we should do as for storage: usb drivers can assume data is aligned and all usb class drivers must align data
13:05:43pamaurywodz: I think I forgot to enable the AHB bus, that might explain the problem of not being able to read/write to TCSM
13:06:11pamauryI think the VPU TCSDM and SRAM are on the AHB1 bus (the VPU bus basically)
13:09:19wodzpamaury: re VPU, yes this are on different bus
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13:15:09pamauryanyway I'm not sure we want to use the VPU
13:15:56wodzpamaury: At least not at the begining
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13:21:57AndyP_edhelas: I know a little about IAP and some serial ports, whats the question?
13:23:00edhelasAndyP_: I found a weird behaviour in the Rockbox sourcecode
13:23:18edhelasand I'd like to see with someone if it's something that can be fixed
13:23:59AndyP_OK, whats the issue?
13:25:05edhelasthe mapping of the top serial connector is never reach on most of the iPod devices
13:26:09AndyP_True, I could never figure out how to have both bottom and top connectors active together
13:26:12edhelasthe thing is that enabling both cause issues somehow when you are using the top connector with the dock connector at the same time, I didn't found out why yet
13:27:45edhelasis it possible to add something in the configuration to expressely say that we want to use one of the serial ?
13:33:35AndyP_It should be possible, not sure how easy though as I never investigated that far, just stopped when I managed to get the dock connector working
13:35:01edhelasok, it would be awesome to have support of this connector :)
13:35:05AndyP_for 4G with Video and Mini's.
13:35:47edhelasalso I have to check how the events are handled, I had some issues with long press/release the buttons
13:38:12AndyP_I'll try to have a look later at the code for the 4G and see if I can get something to work. First see if my 4G Grey or Photo still work
13:38:44edhelasI can definitly help you with it, I have a 4G B/W, a 3G and 2 Mini :)
13:41:19AndyP_I'll try and get a look over the weekend, kinda busy at the moment with other things. Just heading to a long meeting so will exit stage left.......
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18:03:31jtdesigns01is there any way to add a different input devoce to a DAP?
18:03:40jtdesigns01like a keyboard?
18:03:59gevaertsSome DAPs have USB host hardware
18:04:33jtdesigns01and is anybody working on implementing it?
18:04:48gevaertsH300, Gigabeat F/X, (I think) ipod video, maybe more
18:04:53gevaertsI don
18:04:57gevaertst know about fuze+
18:05:07gevaertsAnd as far as I know nobody is working on that
18:05:37gevaertsYou could probably use serial remote connectors for keyboards :)
18:05:54jtdesigns01serial remote connector?
18:05:57 Quit Rower (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
18:06:20gevaertsThings like the ipod remote protocol
18:06:38jtdesigns01i see
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19:18:35pamauryjtdesigns01: we don't have support for usb host
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19:37:19lebelliumhi foolsh
19:37:24lebelliumJust read your mail
19:38:51lebelliumI won't stay for a long time tonight 'cause I have to wake up very early tomorrow but if you need me to try a new NES patch, I can in the next days!
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19:52:22jtdesigns01pamaury: is there any other way of adding a better input device to a DAP (fuze+ specifically)
19:52:39jtdesigns01gpio, usb, etc...
19:53:11pamaurywhat exactly do you want to do with it ?
19:53:48jtdesigns01a touchpad is not the best way to play doom or any other FPS
19:54:54pamaurylol, you really want to play a fps on the fuze+ ?
19:54:54lebelliumThere are other FPS on Rockbox?
19:55:47jtdesigns01not yet, but I am working on Dark forces
19:55:58lebelliumgood choice
19:56:03lebelliumbut shitty target
19:56:06lebelliumjust saying :)
19:56:55lebelliumYP-R0 has a powerful CPU and real keys
19:57:59lebelliumGigabeat too
19:58:25jtdesigns01fuze+ has ~500 MHZ and 64MB ram
19:58:35jtdesigns01just a crappy touchpad
19:58:46jtdesigns01which is why I want alternative input devices
19:59:48pamauryclearly a small usb keypad would be the best option but adding support for usb host is a massive task. The fuze+ doesn't have any accessible gpio so the only alternative I see would be to hook up something on the sd bus, which is of course highly nonstandard
20:02:20jtdesigns01I dont care if its nonstandard, if it works and is easier, I`ll do it
20:03:43jtdesigns01what would it entail doing?
20:04:18pamaurythat will require a custom driver obviously, and something to hook up some gpios on the sdbus, like this
20:06:08pamaurythe smart way of doing that would be to implement it using spi, so that your "device" appears as a sd card (spi is standard for sd) with "special command" and maybe irq. I don't know if you can solve and implement this, that's obviously nontrivial
20:07:13pamaurya more standard alternative would be to have a sdio card (I don't know if that exists in microsd format) but again that's a lot of work to implement a bluetooth stack...
20:13:42jtdesigns01How complicated would making the custom driver be?
20:13:59jtdesigns01I`ve not odne much with drivers
20:14:38jtdesigns01(besides my get_relative function for the fuze+ pad)
20:18:51pamaurydepends how exactly you implement the "device", I would say fairly simple if it's just a gpio or spi
20:20:28jtdesigns01and what about the boilerplate code?
20:20:42jtdesigns01how "simple" is that?
20:21:44pamaurywhich boilerplate ?
20:21:54foolshlebellium, I'm building the toolchain for the YP-R0 and hoping my system holds together through it, I need to reinstall
20:22:52foolshI can say, I don't expect to get it done all tonight, I'm sure there's ton of dog food to eat with it
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20:40:18foolshwonderful... craps out with crosstool-NG failing to build PPL, and it's not in the known issues txt
20:40:41foolsh if anyone can help
20:42:44foolshgah, it's most likely my eff'ed up ubuntu install
20:43:22foolshlebellium, I'm gonna have to take some time and reinstall my OS, before I can jump in to the code
20:43:52lebelliumno problem, nice from you
20:43:56jtdesigns01pamaury: the basic code that is more or less common to all drivers if any
20:44:24jtdesigns01like I said, I dont know much about drivers
20:44:43lebelliumfoolsh: I don't know if the toolchain for YP-R0 still works though. I built mine long time ago
20:46:05pamauryjtdesigns01: it's going to be very specific code for your device anyway, probably won't be in the repository, it can be a hack I would say. The problem is more about how you are going to build and connect the keyboard/input
20:47:21foolshIt honestly should have no trouble building from source, If I can't get it I'm sure saint has a prebuilt copy I can grab from him
20:48:21jtdesigns01pamaury: any suggestions?
20:49:30 Nick thum is now known as deepthought (
20:49:32pamaurynot really, I'm not too much into electronics, for me that really sounds like a lot of work to play doom
20:49:32lebelliumfoolsh: I was actually refering to [Saint] complaining (but years ago?) that the YP-R0 toolchain doesn't build.
20:49:33 Nick deepthought is now known as thum (
20:49:49 Join wodz [0] (
20:51:19foolshlebellium, Ok, it still it doesn't help any that my system can't find some packages installed to /usr/bin, I'll fix that then move forward
20:51:50wodzpamaury: have you played again with tcsm?
20:53:09 Join Rower [0] (
20:54:26pamaurywodz: no, I'm working a bit tonight, but I'll try to play with it before going to sleep
20:54:43wodzpamaury: no problem, just curious
20:55:14pamauryit's also quite annoying that the manual doesn't document many things, especially clocks
20:55:31wodzpamaury: yes, pm is really poor
20:55:59pamaurylike the fact that it documents some registers but not all
20:57:37 Join xorly [0] (
20:58:09wodzpamaury: unfortunately this is pretty standard in chinese documentation
20:59:27pamauryfortunately I have some 4760b headers, because the document describing the differences between 4760 and 4760b is vague to say the least
21:08:11jtdesigns01pamaury: if I do GPIO, will I be able to just hook a couple pushbuttons to the headers on that uSD breakout board and use it that way?
21:12:28pamauryI think so, with a couple of resistors that should do the trick
21:13:22jtdesigns01ok. great.
21:13:35jtdesigns01resistors for what?
21:15:28jtdesigns01what do the resistors do?
21:16:02pamauryto avoid floating inputs
21:16:18jtdesigns01okay, I think I get it.
21:16:47wodzpamaury, jtdesigns01: or activate pullup/pulldown on appropriate gpios
21:17:03pamauryfor example there should be plenty of other resources online. The sd port gives you gound and +3.3V
21:17:36jtdesigns01ok, thanks a lot.
21:35:37 Quit krnlyng (Quit: huiiiiii)
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21:57:18fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5138995, 255 builds, 26 clients.
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