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#rockbox log for 2016-02-18

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04:28:34tMHjtdesigns01: then this is what I tought of.. I just wonder - if DB feature can be "removed" (imagine we got full D2 firmware sources and re-compiled it from scratch for our needs) - will it solve this moronic limits problem?
04:29:25tMH[Saint] - the Q: was about - why RB needs DB feature...
04:29:35tMHfor the same stuff - id3 tags to be stored in DB?
04:30:03[Saint]Sorry, with the context it really seemed like you were (additionally) asking about the OF.
04:30:12[Saint]Also, yes.
04:30:39tMHah, ok, thanks for answering!:)
04:31:22tMHtwo questions, if you please: can this DB feature be turned OFF in RB? and - if there any skins for RB those are _similar_ to D2 by look and by functioning?
04:31:44[Saint]It's "off" by default.
04:31:53tMHaha, that is nice to know!
04:31:58tMHand - skins Q:?
04:32:05[Saint]Don't like it, don't use it. Hide it away with the main menu editing config option if you must.
04:32:17[Saint]Pretty much all of this is covered in the manual.
04:32:49tMH[Saint] - sorry, I'll ask again - if there any skins for RB on D2 that similar to stock firmware by look AND by funtioning?
04:33:09[Saint]I sincerely doubt it.
04:33:26[Saint]If one doesn't exist on the theme site, then, I would think not.
04:33:43[Saint]Themes are user-provided. Make one if you want one.
04:34:03tMHor similar...ok, and what about files/folders limits in RB ? are those gone forever, so I can use my 128gb sdcard?
04:34:11tMH(if I'll install RB, of course)
04:34:53[Saint]Yes, you can use your 128GB (or any value) SD in Rockbox.
04:35:02tMHit IS nice to know, man.
04:35:15tMHalso I got knowledge that I can make _dual_ boot.
04:35:25tMHwith stock firmware OR RB.
04:35:29tMHthat is more than nice:)
04:35:49tMH... but lazy/moronic/dead person from Cowon did not answer on my email ://
04:36:16tMH(still worrying about _nice_ functionality in RB firmware)
04:36:27[Saint]Anyone working support/customer relations at this stage probably had no clue what you were even talking about.
04:36:39[Saint]It's, what, a decade old?
04:37:10[Saint]And even if they did know what you were talking about, they literally can't help you.
04:37:59tMHI did send email with exact thought in mind - IF they forgot about their product (D2 in this case) , why don't they just release stock firmware sources, goddamit?!?
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04:38:50[Saint]Because, licensing and NDAs exist.
04:39:32tMHI'll bribe keeper of that license by pack of beer, if he'll stop Moscow, fsck it ://
04:39:45tMH(it = license, not MSK, of course;)
04:40:10[Saint]You could argue for source files of any GPL licensed components successfully if they used any, but, that's not particularly useful.
04:40:30[Saint]But if they don't oblige there's literally not a thing you can do about it.
04:40:57[Saint]Only the rights holder can argue GPL violations.
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04:44:02tMHdid string on d2n.bin, got _many_ text stuff, and - what I think - might be one of those strings are related to debug info...
04:44:08tMHdid "strings", I mean
04:44:20tMHC++ library exception
04:44:49tMH[main.c] Cachable memory pool from [0x%x] size=[0x%x]
04:45:56tMHaha... Photoshop 3.0
04:45:59tMHin firmware;)
04:57:24tMHI wish cowon would put a way to disable database mode if you dont use it, would save me alot of time and headakes and speed booting alot :/ [c]
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05:40:08tMH[Saint] - can I ask another Q: is RB based on arm linux as kernel?
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06:09:23tMH[Saint] -
06:09:34tMHsomeone's tried that alreay.. got the answer, tho!
06:09:45tMHdo not see no further investigation..
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12:37:02bebnapamaury: Are you still working on the Fiio port? I've an X3II and would like to know your guess how much work a port would be. I do linux software development.
12:38:53pamauryYes, I'm really just starting. My guess is that the X3 is roughly the same as the X1. At the moment the major piece of work to be done is to port Rockbox to the cpu (jz4760B). When this is done and the X1 port works, I guess going form the X1 to X3 is not too much work
12:40:03bebnaHmm, I propably should check if my 2.gen X3 still has the 60B
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12:46:35bebnahmm, too bad this picture is too low in resolution:
12:49:18bebnaLuck will have it that is under the shield anyway. OK, I will go back to work, thanks pamaury
12:49:32pamauryI'm quite confident it's the same processor
12:54:58bebnaIt probably is, too costly for them otherwise.
13:00:17wodzpamaury: bebna: AFAIK it should be possible to read processor ID with hwstub-jz
13:00:51wodzthe question is if X3 can be put in bootloader mode
13:01:03pamauryactual just see if it has ingenic bootrom usb mode: from shutdown state, hold the select button and plug usb cable while holding select
13:04:32bebnaselect = center button inside the scroll? or the menu top left?
13:04:41pamauryyes inside the scroll
13:07:58wodzpamaury: Do I remember correctly that IN1 and OUT1 endpoints are two distinct ones?
13:08:07bebna% lsusb -v -s 3:6
13:08:09bebnaBus 003 Device 006: ID 601a:4760 Ingenic Semiconductor Ltd
13:08:26pamaurybebna: good, then it's ingenic JZ4760(B)
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13:09:00pamaurywodz: yes
13:09:22pamaurybebna: to leave this mode, you need to reset your device (using the reset pinhole)
13:09:29wodzpamaury: Why then IN and OUT usually have two different numbers? Like IN1 and OUT2
13:09:45bebnapamaury: Nope. 10s Poweroff seems to work also
13:10:26pamaurybecause UDC implement either bidirectional endpoints (IN1 and OUT1), or unidirectional ones (IN1, OUT2, IN3, ...)
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13:11:05pamaurythe spec allows you to implement any subset of the endpoints, you can implement IN1 and OUT13 if that suits you
13:14:01wodzpamaury: I ask because I am trying to deduce how many EPs atj213x actually have.
13:14:50wodzpamaury: OF uses EP1 IN and EP2 OUT but it looks like there is EP1 OUT and EP2 IN as well
13:15:45pamauryMy guess is that many people find it simpler to have one number = one endpoint so they code this way even the hardware supports more
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21:36:18lebelliumfoolsh: any progress with the R0 toolchain?
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22:46:04foolshlebellium: Sorry, not yet I have very sick kitty taking up my days, and nights to
22:46:52foolshI have wondered if open embedded could built me a toolchain for it
22:49:09 Quit wodz (Quit: Leaving)
22:52:21foolshBut Mr kitty is doing better today, and I slept all day, So I'll definitely been on it soon
22:53:20lebelliumno problem, take your time :)
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23:58:16[Saint]bluebrother: are you around?
23:58:30[Saint]Please. Thank you.

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