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#rockbox log for 2016-02-20

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03:25:03[Saint]I threw together an archive with both linux and windows mk6gboot and rbutil binaries for ipod6g, and bootloader, Rockbox image, and the .dfu files that I would _love_ to know how prof_wolfff generated - for the sake of convenience:
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03:26:25[Saint]prof_wolfff: I figured out the windows rbutil issue, what I'd really love to know is how you generated the dualboot-*-ipod6g.dfu images.
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14:41:23MihailI need help with review and testing (on AMSv2 and especial on AMSv1) for g#1269 g#1270 g#1271 g#1272 g#1273
14:41:28fs-bluebotGerrit review #1269 at : usb-s3c6400x: prevent lockup if usb extracted during data sending by Mihail Zenkov
14:41:28fs-bluebotGerrit review #1270 at : as3525: reverting I2C2 to non-interrupts version by Mihail Zenkov
14:41:29fs-bluebotGerrit review #1271 at : usb-s3c6400x: prevent calling usb_enable(enable) twice on USB insert by Mihail Zenkov
14:41:30DBUGEnqueued KICK fs-bluebot
14:41:30fs-bluebotGerrit review #1272 at : AMSv2: additional delay for voltage scaling by Mihail Zenkov
14:41:31fs-bluebotGerrit review #1273 at : Fix NUM_ADC_CHANNELS for AS3525v2 by Mihail Zenkov
14:41:56MihailIt fix all my freezes on usb extraction and some other strange behavior (usb can't connect after few insert/extract cycles) and freezes (on power off) that occur very rarely.
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14:47:13pamauryMihail: I can have a look at the US ones
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15:41:21lebelliumMihail: is g#1273 really for AS3525v2 or only for AS3543? Just to be sure the YP-R0 is now properly taken into account in all patches ;)
15:41:22fs-bluebotGerrit review #1273 at : Fix NUM_ADC_CHANNELS for AS3525v2 by Mihail Zenkov
15:43:43Mihaillebellium: yes, it also for AS3543
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15:48:40lebelliummaybe my question was not clear: Is this patch for targets with an AS3525v2 CPU or should it rather be for all targets with an AS3543 DAC?
15:53:02lebelliumIn older patches there was a bad assumption that an AS3543 target is necessarily an AS3525v2 target
15:55:53Mihailprobably for all, you can check system > debug > view i/o ports > third screen > I_CHGact and ICHGref. Without this patch it show always zero even on charging.
15:55:54pamauryMihail: how do you know the i2c interrupt is responsible for the freeze ?
15:59:21MihailI trace it with logf on screen - it freeze or panic (as I write before) on adc_read.
15:59:34lebelliumMihail: there is no view i/o ports debug menu on YP-R0
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16:00:08pamaurywhy does it freeze or panic ?
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16:06:41Mihailnot sure how many problems it have, it overcomplicated for debug, but on problem - we should disable IRQ in INT_AUDIO before ascodec_read or ascodec_write
16:07:01Mihail*on = one
16:12:20pamauryI think as3525v2 is complicated because it allows nested interrupts
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17:34:16Mihailpamaury: we handle nested interrupts in way as VIC datasheet recommend, so it should be correct. But probably we have some special case for I2C2 (AFAIK we don't have datasheet for it).
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17:42:42Mihaillebellium: YP-R0 use as3543 PMU only for backlight and have own i2c, so this patches shouldn't affect YP-R0
17:43:52pamauryMihail: ah yeah, so it's possible it's just a problem with the programming of the I2C2
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19:29:54prof_wolfff[Saint]: the .dfu files are generated using "mk6gboot.exe −−mkdfu-inst botlader-ipod6g.ipod dualboot-installer-ipod6g.dfu", really they are not necessary because they are created in memory and sent to the Classic using "mk6gboot −−bl-inst bootloader-ipod6g.ipod"
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22:00:05pamaurywodz (logs): the book is indeed very interesting, I understand MIPS much better now
22:03:33 Join Saratoga [0] (629b59ee@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
22:04:26SaratogaIf anyone wants to commit the AMS voltage scaling please do
22:04:43SaratogaIf not I'll do it in a week or two when I'm done traveling
22:05:37SaratogaWould have done it already but have been away from a development machine this month
22:28:39Mihailpamaury: I still have one software lockup (something like in g#1269), but in another situation - when I try move files from internal flash memory to sd card.
22:28:40fs-bluebotGerrit review #1269 at : usb-s3c6400x: prevent lockup if usb extracted during data sending by Mihail Zenkov
22:28:48MihailWhen I try move files in another directions - it work. If I try trace it with logf on screen - it also work (speed much slower and behavior can't be reproduced). Any idea?
22:29:29 Nick kugel_ is now known as kugel (~kugel@rockbox/developer/kugel)
22:31:31pamauryMihail: difficult to say, does it happen when you unplug the cable or just by copying ?
22:32:37Mihailjust copy, if I try extract/insert USB it still in lock
22:34:27pamauryit sounds strange that it works in one direction but not the other
22:35:28Mihailprobably we have different speed for read/write
22:40:21pamaurymaybe you could try to fake storages with ramdisk ?
22:40:59pamaury(for USB I mean)
22:46:52Mihailanother way to reproduce: moving from internal flash to /tmp (tmpfs). If I try copy - it work. If I try without sd card - it also work. Very strange ...
22:51:09Mihailbut in this case (moving to /tmp) it harder to reproduce
22:56:17MihailI extract it in lockup state and wait minute or more - it return to main menu, but font totally corupted
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23:06:05wodzpamaury: ping
23:06:10pamaurywodz: pong
23:08:05wodzpamaury: I am exploring irq based usb transfers in atj. I am testing EP0 IN transfers. I see that SET CONFIGURATION request gets invalid response. How device respond to this request? ZLP to ack the configuration?
23:08:26pamauryyes most probably
23:09:21wodzok, so ZLP sending is broken most probably
23:10:56pamauryI think I better understand the boot procedure of JZ now
23:12:00pamauryI'm disassembling the ROM and essentially on boot, it prefills the cache tags so that 0x8000000-0x80003fff appear as dirty valid entries, so that any access to them will not go to RAM, so essentially using cache as RAM
23:12:46MihailI have see panic "usb-drv: EP0 completion while waiting for SETUP" before, not sure at which condition. What that mean?
23:13:28pamauryMihail: are you familar with USB or not ?
23:13:39Mihailmostly not
23:16:01pamauryok, so EP0 is endpoint 0, it's a special endpoint used to send commands to the device. When sending a command, it begins by a SETUP packet, followed by optional data and then acknowledgement. The code tracks the state of endpoint and this panic means that the endpoint was idle (waiting for the next cmd = SETUP) but instead received data
23:17:38pamauryin theory if the host is well-behaved and the driver is correct, this should never happen...
23:20:03pamaurydoes that happen on unplug or during regular use ?
23:22:27wodzpamaury: ah, that explains this strange using cache as bootstrap ram.
23:23:59pamaurythe cache doesn't really have an address, it's just a trick
23:24:19pamauryalso means you have to be quite careful when using the boot rom, otherwise strange things might happen
23:25:30MihailI not sure, may be on file copy/moving. EP0 locate in host? Can you recommend some basic book about usb?
23:25:47wodzpamaury: bingo! It was ZLP issue. Now time for OUT transfers.
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23:26:58pamauryMihail: it can help, but I don't know a good reference except the standard itself, which is quite huge
23:28:42wodzusbnutshell is enough to grasp the basic concept
23:29:06Mihailok, thanks!
23:30:39wodzit is much harder to map basic concept with the steps needed for UDC to fulfill the requirements :-)
23:31:23pamauryyeah the problem is that the high-level overview is nice and clean but the details and implementation in UDC is horrible
23:31:59pamauryand this UDC is particularly horrible because it let's the software do everything
23:35:34wodz\o/ irq based ep0 transfers are working
23:35:51Mihailone my friend from nokia also tell many horrible stories about USB and documentation for it :)
23:39:09pamauryahhh, I can't understate how much I like chinese documentation
23:39:57[Saint]Sometimes the machine translations are genuinely hilarious.
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