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#rockbox log for 2016-02-21

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18:15:32pamaurywodz (logs): more on ingenic rom, the D-cache to I-cache transition is basically done as a prefetch: the code loads the code from D-cache, one word at a time, and then uses a cache command usually called "Create Dirty Exclusive" to fill the instruction cache with the data (I suspect the I-cache has a cache line size of 4-bytes). Also the whole ROM code is really disgusting, quite a achievement that it does not even use a stack.
18:17:30pamaurythere is obviously something going on because the code first set the ECC CP0 register to 0x2000 and then right after the D-cache to I-cache, sets it to 0, I'm not sure what it does
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19:57:17tryptiqueHi guys... got an issue. Plz advise. I will describe.
19:59:05tryptiqueI have a toshiba F10 with the latest bootloader. I inserted an drive from my older broken device (it had an older rockbox release), NOW I cannot copy files in windows... However the files do play well inside the MP3
20:00:35tryptiqueI have two harddrives with music I wish not to lose. Is it safe to scan/repair?
20:01:06tryptiqueIs this a compatibility issue from rockbox code and should I downgrade/upgrade? Many thanks!
20:08:45tryptiquenevermind maybe.... one song that wouldn't copy doesn't play, the other one does... sorry for the dumb question. I'll print a file tree or something before messing around. But really, any suggeestions welcome I'll stick around and have more legit questions later.
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20:13:31wodzpamaury: (log) You can read cache configuration from C0 Config1 register (fields IS, IL, IA) but since C0 registers are not memmaped you would need to upload custom code to read this.
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21:15:54tryptiquetried bootloader mode and changing letter, will not scan. confirmed unrelated....
21:18:47tryptiqueOK... now I've enjoyed rockbox for 9 years. I feel ready to experiment with custom builds. I've got two good drives.
21:19:59tryptiqueFor gigabeat docks, has any remote been implemented? I'm looking for USB database updates, song changing and seeking. Possible?
21:24:53tryptiqueUnsure what avenue to explore... my second and last question, is it possible to make rockbox work with multiple partitions? Thx if you can help.... I saw a thread from 2007 with no answer. −−- My goal is custom correlative database for DJ software. I'm writing a plugin using logitech and vdj sdks, and am wondering if I can make any use of the gigabeat dock I2* for whatever such purposes. Many thanks guys...
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21:26:53gevaertstryptique: if the PC sees the device, it should work. The gigabeat F has a hardware USB-ATA bridge chip, rockbox does nothing other than hand over control
21:30:33gevaertsPartitions work fine, but I think you have to add "#define HAVE_MULTIVOLUME" to firmware/export/config/gigabeatfx.h and rebuild
21:30:56gevaertsFor the other questions, no idea
21:31:07tryptiquemakes good sense, I'm not quite sure what the USB-ATA bridge implies, but ok DB and file reading. −− As for line out and USB toggling on the dock.... can this be bypassed if I wish to feed audio signals ... with maybe more plugins/effects?
21:32:18gevaertsYou can disable USB by holding a button while connecting
21:32:30tryptiquegevaerts: thanks so much...
21:32:45tryptiquewhat do you mean?
21:33:32gevaertsBy what?
21:34:40tryptiquethe dock has a two position switch, toggling USB modes, and charging + "line out" features distinctly. It is a pin on the dock in fact. Though I wonder if you have any idea if this can be over come?
21:35:04gevaertsOh, no. No idea
21:35:06tryptiqueelse which button to disable usb? I had no idea? This is for charging only or...
21:35:16gevaertsAny button
21:35:23tryptiquegood to know I have a spare battery
21:36:07gevaertsIt disables the USB connection so you can use the player normally while charging, although of course the gigabeat has a separate non-USB power connector as well which makes it less useful on that
21:37:30tryptiquealright ;) −−- I'll dig into it some −− but I'm confused as for the presence of I2C. Via USB especially... One thing I wonder is if the side port on the dock can be used by the Gigabeat as an external HDD....
21:38:02tryptiquewhy both usb2ata and distinct i2c?
21:39:22gevaertsPresumably because they had plans to use that
21:39:45gevaertsI don't see the contradiction between usb and i2c though. Very different purpose buses...
21:41:45tryptiquehaha... if it's documented it's sureley accessible.... well yeah... but usb+i2c kind of similar iirc...? Just personally I wouldn't get how to distinguish sent messages.
21:42:19gevaertsThey're both serial signals on a wire. That's where the comparison stops
21:43:03tryptiqueanyways, this is getting a bit beyond me.... hehe I'll look over the code and have a stop back.
21:43:37tryptiquethanks so much! gavaerts have an excellent day!!!
21:44:06tryptiquebye now... ;)
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23:18:55MihailI want backtrace one function: I add condition and panicf but got only "pc:XXXXXXXX" and on line "A: XXXXXXXX", then "bt end". How can I get full backtrace? How I can convert address to function name?
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