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#rockbox log for 2016-03-02

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05:12:22jtdesigns01How would I render text flipped upside down in lua?
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07:33:01soap_[Saint], It would be appreciated if you verified this:
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10:53:20dongswhat's new in this ?
10:53:23dongsdoes this work with rockbox?
10:53:30dongsit looks like clip+ style thign
10:54:15wodzit doesn't run rockbox. It is basically clip sport based on atj2127
10:54:46dongsand it doesnt run rockbox cuz it has shitty ram/specs?
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10:55:07dongsoh ugh, and MIPS32 such fail
10:55:24wodzmips32r2 is quite ok.
10:55:42dongs - On-chip RAM0~RAM5 (RAM0:8KB, RAM1~RAM5:16KB) is mapped to MCU program memory space
10:55:46dongs - On-chip multi-use RAM1 (20.25KB), RAM2 (4KB), RAM3 (6.75KB) and PCM RAM (8KB) that can be switched to be MCU data memory space or audio codec memory
10:55:47wodzram (or lack of) is the culprit
10:55:49dongsthats pretty awful
10:56:15wodzyeah, someone with strong DSP background in '80s designed this SoC
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11:21:18dongsi get super weird chips while recording on clip+
11:21:22dongsevery so often
11:22:03wodzpamaury: ping
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11:32:44wodzpamaury: (log) I can't figure out how to run hwstub_server2. The server runs fine but it doesn't see hwstub running on device.
11:51:08dongs any idea what this is?
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12:02:20pamaurywodz: just run ./hwstub_server2
12:02:29pamauryit doesn't print anything by default
12:02:40pamaurythen use ./hwstub_test if you want to see what devices it has
12:03:16pamauryyou can use ./hwstub_server2 -v to display all the connection details but that's quite verbose
12:10:21pamauryif you think the server somehow has a problem or you want to test only the usb code, you can use ./hwstub_test usb:
12:10:32pamaurysorry ./hwstub_test -c usb:
12:16:13wodzhwstub_test returns the device
12:16:33wodzso qeditor should also see it, right?
12:17:42wodzaaah, it is listed under USB device in qeditor despite the fact it goes through the server
12:17:47wodzpamaury: ^
12:18:46pamauryyes I removed the server section, it doesn't quite make sense anymore
12:18:57pamaurybut maybe I should rename USB device to HWStub device
12:19:44pamauryI also add some default icons
12:20:03pamaurythey are quite ugly but it's better than nothing, can you see them ?
12:20:16wodzIf we make hwstub_server the default then ok, otherwise you may wish to explicitely choose usb or server.
12:20:35wodzpamaury: you mean last gerrit?
12:21:13wodzyes, I have +
12:21:13pamaurywodz: you will be able to choose between usb and server, using the combobox at the right of the device list (it shows 'default' for now)
12:21:19pamaurybut it's not implemented yet
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12:22:39pamaurybasically in the new version you will have a 'context manager' to creae/add contexts (like usb or network) and for each tab you can choose which context to use
12:23:16wodzmake sense
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12:27:15pamaury_wodz: I don't know if you follow the X1 thread: they now are two version of the hardware
12:27:41wodzyes, I saw this
12:27:44pamaury_I've started disassemly FW1.6 and found how to distinguish the two version, I can't find the lcd code yet
12:28:31pamaury_I saw that in your disassembly and I don't know how you find it: it's not called by any function reachable from start
12:28:55wodzyes, I can't find from where it is called either
12:29:11wodzI guess some virtual table or something
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12:29:53pamaury_I found some generic lcd init which is quite complicated with structures in memory but not vtable :(
12:35:59wodzhave you tried lcd init sequence on your X1?
12:42:46pamaury_not yet
12:42:56pamaury_I will tonight
12:43:10pamaury_I need to some time to implement all of this in lua
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12:52:56wodzpamaury: considering progress with Ingenic bootrom are you still consider porting hwstub to jz?
13:16:51pamaury_probably not
13:17:05pamaury_my tests now show everything is working properly
13:17:19pamaury_so when lcd works with lua, I might go straight to rockbox port
13:20:46pamaury_sight... ingenic is really annoying: why to they call the lcd pins by the color lcd_{r,g,b}{0-7} and they the datasheet refers to lcd_dat{0-15} without telling you the mapping in smart lcd mode ?!
13:22:02pamaury_I think I found some lcd code
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13:25:18xza23I need help. if someone is available :)
13:44:25xza23my clip zip is crashing when i refresh the database
13:44:34xza23and my usb is not working :(
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14:03:28wodzpamaury: I think hwstub lib stuff should be commited
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14:33:25pamaury_wodz: I just want to implement tcp (should 20 lines, just creation of the tcp socket) and test it before before comitting
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15:03:25dongs any idea why clip+ makes this noise during recorrding? its recurring every so often
15:04:00dongshardware or software issue?
15:11:09pamaury_wodz: the code suggest there is another hardware variation, which existed from the very first version, probably not related to lcd
15:12:41wodzpamaury_: interesting
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15:33:05foolshgevaerts: ping, there's no need to patch ct-ng-configcd
15:33:15foolshopps didn't finish that
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15:33:43foolshif an updated file can be uploaded then a patch is unnecessary I was saying
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15:35:20foolshline 65 of ct-ng-config should read CT_EXTRA_FLAGS_FOR_HOST="-U_FORTIFY_SOURCE -fpermissive"
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16:46:41pamaury_wodz (logs): I found the init sequence, so it now has two lcd types, also I think the second hardware variation is on backlight but I'm not entirely sure.
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17:07:24Mihaildongs: probably this hardware issue. I have noise during recording on clip zip if screen on.
17:08:14dongsscreen is not on during these times
17:08:26dongsits just sitting on desk , screen shutdown timer is liek 5 seconds
17:08:51dongsbut yeah, i agree its probly hardware, but I have whole bunch of these (like 10 or osmething) and they all show this one way or another
17:09:13dongshm actually one thing I n ever checked is if audio rec with OF does same thing
17:09:33dongsexcept its not possible to increase the gain this much in OF
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21:20:01pamaurywhy on earth does the Fiio X1 seem to support 3 types of backlight: manual up/down sequence on a random pin (fine), manual on a pwm pin (not so fine) and then pwm on a pwm pin ?!
21:33:14amayerthey really want to make sure the backlight works?
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21:53:24pamauryactually I'm not even sure it's using pwm, it's timer for sure, for *something*
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22:54:15pamauryand why does the OF configures a pin as output then to read it and determine the hardware version ??
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23:58:14[Saint]soap: There's some fuckery in there and the user should absolutely not try and reinvent the wheel by re-writing documentation and I would _reaaaaaaally_ appreciate having one less place on the Internet where emCORE is linked and it shouldn't be.

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