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#rockbox log for 2016-03-05

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04:45:02[Saint_][2016 03 05 02:19:23] <dongs> does rockbox still require some strange resolution screen to run on android?
04:45:02[Saint_][2016 03 05 02:19:34] <dongs> i rememberlast time i tried it needed 320x240 screendongs: that hasn't ever been true.
04:45:20[Saint_]bah - screw you, multi-line input.
04:45:35[Saint_]dongs: yeah - formatting aside, that's never been true.
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04:48:42dongshuh really?
04:49:03dongsi remember *very* specifically it wouldnt even run on my 1080p phone beacuse it needed screenrez of like 720p max or something
04:49:09dongsthat might have been a super early unofficial beta or soemthign
04:49:21[Saint]You /might/ be thinking about the default theme (cabbiev2) only being picked up in the build if the resolution you're building for for a given Android build doesn't exist in one of the cabbiev2 resolutions.
04:49:52[Saint]But there's a metric shittonne more resolutions that 320x240 for cabbiev2.
04:50:22[Saint]And ages and ages and ages ago, the Android port was capable of running build resolutions smaller than the target framebuffer.
04:50:43[Saint]But that hasn't been true for years now and the build and the target framebuffer must match exactly.
04:50:59dongs< [Saint]> But that hasn't been true for years now and the build and the target framebuffer must match exactly.
04:51:02dongser so
04:51:06dongsi have to build for 1080p to use it>?
04:51:25dongswell, that is waht I meant then.
04:51:30dongswhy is it such a silly restriction?
04:51:51[Saint]I...wait, what? No, I thought you meant...bah.
04:52:21[Saint]If your device is 1080p, it must run a 1080p build. If its 720p...then 720p...if it's 1234x4567, then...yadda yadda.
04:53:19[Saint]years ago, years and years and years ago, you could run a build that was the same dimensions or any dimension smaller.
04:55:49dongsso why such dumb restrcition?
04:56:04dongsi'm not gonna get android sdk installed if I upgrade to 2560x1440 phone
04:56:21dongsisnt it trivial to resize canvas or wahtever java thing android draws with
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04:59:56[Saint]Not if you want to Do It Right(TM), at least.
05:02:14[Saint]All in all I'm not really sure it matters at the end of the day. For better or worse.
05:03:40[Saint]I have the very guts of wrapping a native UI around android-ffmpeg, but little motivation or time, and desire, to work on it.
05:06:29[Saint]I've got a lot of love for the SDL app still though. I use that fairly often. It quite often has an entire monitor dedicated to it.
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19:21:43pamaurywodz (logs): I got backlight to work, somehow
19:22:06pamauryat least I can turn backlight one but I can't really control it, probably I can't enforce the timing correctly using hwstub only
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23:58:33CodeKillerdoes anybody can help in sandisk sansa clip+ hardware?

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