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#rockbox log for 2016-03-07

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12:46:08Hassonis this rockbox?
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21:36:16[Saint]is this real life?
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21:44:00gevaerts[Saint]: no, this is #rockbox
21:53:23[Saint]I dunno man, why should I trust you?
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21:54:12[Saint]bluebrother: Is Rockbox Utility expected to/supposed to build against Qt 5.5(.*)?
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22:03:29pamaury[Saint]: I think it is, bluebrother added support for Qt 5, is there a problem ?
22:07:55[Saint]pamaury: yeah - my builds keep falling over in various places regarding Qt linguist ever since I upgraded my Qt instance
22:08:15[Saint]But if it is indeed intended to function I shall persevere.
22:08:31pamauryI see, I can try to have a look, are you sure you make clean ?
22:09:44bluebrotherpamaury: Rockbox Utility builds against Qt5 since like 2 years
22:09:59bluebrotherso I expect that to also include Qt5.5
22:10:07[Saint]Yes, I build outside of the tree and made sure to nuke the build directory.
22:10:14[Saint]I even nuked my (giant) ccache.
22:10:38[Saint]I'll run another build through when I can and then I'll get the errors as they appear.
22:11:02[Saint]I just wanted to check first if it was intended to work before I bothered anyone (or myself) further.
22:12:04bluebrothernot sure if I tried a static build though. But I believe I merged some gerrit review regarding that a bit ago
22:12:46[Saint]Hmmm....I am indeed trying to compile a statically linked build.
22:13:04[Saint]Anyhoo - not too useful to speculate about unless I have the actual errors.
22:13:16[Saint]I was just checking to see if this was intended to work.
22:13:30[Saint]If it is, and it appears to be so, I shall keep hacking away at it.
22:13:43pamaury[Saint]: a default build work on my box, with Qt 5.5
22:14:05[Saint]Thank you.
22:14:11pamauryhow do you do a static build ? why do you want to do that ? We are talking about linux ?
22:14:46[Saint]wiki, distribution, yes.
22:15:44[Saint](oddly formatted answers to all three questions)
22:17:05bluebrotherjust tried rebuilding on my box (against the system Qt 5.5), works fine
22:17:45bluebrotheryou're aware that you need to build Qt statically for a static build of Rockbox Utility, right?
22:17:56[Saint]Right, OK, so there's some weirdness in my Qt install and/or setup. And, yes, yes I am.
22:21:26[Saint]I'm using Qt 5.5.1 from
22:22:02[Saint]I guess I'll have a go at rebuilding Qt from scratch and making sure I nuke everything before starting again.
22:22:47[Saint]Only seems to be the static builds falling over.
22:23:17[Saint]So perhaps I fucked up building static Qt.
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23:32:40cm_i need some help installing a plugin
23:32:56[Saint]One does not 'install' a plugin.
23:33:10[Saint]Plugins are built. Not installed.
23:33:19cm_i have no idea how to use a plguin
23:33:24[Saint]I see that.
23:33:42cm_i want to put nes on my ipod and very clueless
23:34:01[Saint]One does not 'install' a plugin. One adds the source for said plugin and then compiles a build that then includes that plugin.
23:34:11[Saint]There is no support for adding plugins 'after the fact'.
23:34:31cm_so how would i go about putting on there then?
23:35:27[Saint]You would set up a build environment (or wiki details this), checkout/cherrypick the task that includes your desired plugin, and then compile a build for your target device.
23:36:36[Saint]It is very highly likely that the NES plugin won't even compile against modern source, though.
23:36:45[Saint]AFAIK no one has touched that code in years.
23:37:51cm_so its not possible?
23:38:08[Saint]Actually the one I'm looking at now was closed in 2011 because it didn;t compile against the current codebase /then/, and no one had touched it for 2 2011.
23:38:34[Saint]Possible? Sure it is. Depends on your level of dedication and what you consider possible, though.
23:39:07[Saint]If you're thinking that it's as simple as 'copy file A to destination B', you're in for a really bad time, though.
23:41:39[Saint]Our wiki has a lot of information on setting up a development environment to suit compiling Rockbox.
23:42:33[Saint]If you're on a linux based x86_64 environment, I could even supply you with pre-built toolchains if you wanted.
23:43:14[Saint]But bringup of the outdated (S)NES plugin codebase will be entirely up to you.
23:43:52cm_ill try
23:43:57cm_and im on windows
23:45:56[Saint]Then you will need to set up a virtual machine environment or dual-boot to a linux environment.
23:46:12[Saint]We do supply a virtualbox virtual machine image on our wiki.
23:46:39[Saint](that includes build dependencies and toolchains)
23:47:40[Saint]Building on Windows natively hasn't ever been supported directly, and the translation layers (like CygWin et al) haven't been tested by anyone in absolutely years.
23:49:34cm_looks like im dusting off some old stuff then
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