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#rockbox log for 2016-03-14

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16:38:46pamaurywodz: ping
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21:45:14pamauryVenty: just ask a question if you have a one
21:48:10Ventypamaury: Thanks, but I don't have a question at the moment. Just read the thread about the Fiio X1 in the forum and would also love to see Rockbox on this device.
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22:05:47pamaurywodz (logs): I found a horrible bug in hwstub !! Apparently I forgot to implement register width so read/writes are always 32-bit...
22:05:54pamaurythat may explain bugs you have had in the past
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22:18:15wodzpamaury: ha, that explains unaligned address read/write failures. I can't remember where I hit this though.
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22:18:42pamauryyeah I'm sorry, I was so sure I implemented it, but I ran into a very strange bug and after some debugging well...
22:18:55pamauryso I'm implementing this right now, I'll push it to gerrit as soon as it's done
22:19:08pamauryon jz4760, the read
22:19:22pamauryor write width makes a huge difference
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22:21:11wodzpamaury: About BCH - see utils/rk27utils/nandextract
22:21:21pamauryI think this explains the bug
22:21:24wodzpamaury: You need to know parameters though
22:21:41pamauryI was doing write to an 8-bit data register for bch data and in fact it was turned into a 32-bit one
22:21:58pamaurythe manual is vague, it says "24-bit ecc", whatever that means
22:22:27pamauryI'm trying to dump the bootloader to disassemble it
22:22:56wodzIs it stored on nand?
22:23:34wodzIf so I'd expect some bootloader image for recover available somewhere
22:23:36pamauryand it's not part of the firmware image
22:24:05wodzIt is probably part of recovery tool
22:25:10pamauryI'm not aware of any recovery tool from Fiio
22:25:39wodzpamaury: what is the kernel of X1's OF?
22:26:00pamauryit's based on uCOS-II, but everything else seem to be custom
22:26:30pamauryit also uses some kind of weird object-like code, but obviously written in C I would say
22:27:39pamauryyes \o/ bch is working now
22:29:34pamauryinteresting, the flash *does* contain some errors
22:29:49wodzyou mean the raw dump?
22:30:13pamauryyes, I gave the data + ecc to bch and it indicates there are errors, all recoverable
22:31:34wodzIn rk27xx first 16kB of nand I got dozen of recoverable errors or so. Thats why I wrote simple tool which uses libbch to recover this.
22:32:46pamaurythe BCH is JZ4760B is incredibly unsophisticated
22:33:08pamauryit's not tied to the flash interface and instead of correcting errors, it gives you the list of errors
22:33:41pamauryI'll have a look at your code for libbch, might be faster than using this crap
22:33:52pamauryalthough it's also useful to know how it works !
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22:36:51pamaurywodz: how did you find the parameters for bch ?
22:37:57wodzpamaury: in some sdk was extremely crapy tool for testing nand. I corresponded with the author of libbch and he quickly figured out parameters based on this.
22:39:24pamauryI see, the manual doesn't say anything about the parameters except error level, so I'll just use the hardware
22:40:53pamauryhum, I'm confused, in fact the hardware indicates a lot of uncorrectable errors, I must provide the data incorrectly
22:43:27wodzThe easiest test is to disassemble the dump. You will easily spot if it makes sense or not (considering it is not scrambled of course)
22:45:31pamauryyeah good idea
22:54:14pamauryit seems to make sense
22:55:20pamaurywodz: do you have any idea what flash "randomization" is ?
22:55:41pamauryit is mentioned in the manual and "used" by the ROM but I have _no_ idea of what it does
22:56:33wodzpamaury: could be anything - I'd suspect some FTL to spread data across some area
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22:58:33pamauryor maybe this is a scrambler ,
22:59:42wodzlooking at jz4760 PM it looks like scrambler indeed
23:02:38wodzpamaury: I guess you should know proper PNDR value to recover the content BUT if it is so it should be in rom
23:03:06pamauryno, the ROM just hit the reset bit, so I guess it uses some sort of default value
23:05:33pamauryah better, now I only get one unrecorrable error, maybe the first block is not even supposed to be ECC protected because it contains some flags
23:06:50pamauryhum, but now the code doesn't make *any* sense
23:09:51pamauryweird, the code makes a lot of sense without the scrambler, but the ROM definitely uses the scrambler
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23:26:57pamaurywodz (logs): found this in the datasheet: " PN is short for pseudorandom noise which is used for supporting TLC ( three-level cell ) NAND"
23:29:15pamauryhum, obviously PN should not be used on the first block, but then the code of the ROM seems to re-read the first block with PN
23:34:34pamauryhaha ! I found the code, it disables PN specifically for the first block of the first page
23:40:48pamauryah, now it makes perfect sense, cool
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