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#rockbox log for 2016-03-18

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01:49:53sansaiahoi. I just tried to copy my .rockbox directory from and to my sansa zip+ (backup) and during that operation the whole device got unmounted. It still seems to be running/charging, but I'm afraid to disconnect / restart it. I have some lenghty dmesg info about it all which looks not so good to my eyes.
01:54:55pamaurythe usb driver on this device is notoriously unstable
01:55:30pamauryif you didn't change the .rockbox on the device, it should be fine. Otherwise, in the worst case, use bootloader usb mode to restore it
01:57:34sansaiok, I did "cp -R .rockbox .201602rockbox", that shouldnt change the directory
01:57:45sansaithis is the dmesg, if you care to look
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02:06:13sansaibtw before just now I did not ever have USB problems with my sansa
02:23:00sansaiI think fsck.fat killed it. After a hard restart it seemed to work fine, but fsck found so many problems with weird filenames etc that I didnt let it finish. then it hard reset with a 1 line error message that showed very briefly before shutdown
02:23:08sansainow it doesnt seem to turn on
02:26:03sansaioh, its on. just was the display not showing (another problem)
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02:51:40sansaithanks for your help, gtg now
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03:06:49Darkenvyis there a rockbox for the ipod nano 3rd gen? (I know the ipod classic 7th has one but the site is unupdated. So I thought Ide ask)
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04:14:04saratogaDarkenvy: no, just the 1 and 2g
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04:42:34[Saint]Not sure what he's thinking about...
04:42:39[Saint]Oh! I know.
04:43:20[Saint]The very basic proof of concept emCORE instance for nano3g that hasn't built in an absolute eternity and never did anything useful.
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16:05:37gevaertsThe last time we had that was *ages* ago
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16:27:43saratogaso far USB on the zip is good
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16:32:43DarkenvyIs there a rockbox on the ipod nano 3rd gen (that isn't listed on the site?)
16:33:14DarkenvyReal question ^ (because the ipod classic 7th isnt listed but it exists)
16:33:47gevaertsWhether there's a separate 7th gen is open for debate
16:34:40Darkenvyreally... [Saint] and I were talking about it just last week
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16:36:23gevaertsAnyway, no. As far as I know nobody has even started work on rockbox for the nano 3g
16:36:38DarkenvyI have a screenless ipod nano XD
16:36:45gevaertsWe're all waiting for you :)
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16:37:16Darkenvyto start work on the rockbox?
16:37:24gevaertsYes, of course!
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16:37:29saratogafwiw i answered about the 3g last night
16:37:34DarkenvyI love the can-do attitute
16:37:45gevaertsWho else would do it but someone who has the device and wants it done?
16:37:53DarkenvyI love the can-do attitude
16:38:17Darkenvybut... could that even be done by someone without a screen?
16:38:28DarkenvyI have no indicator of anything XD
16:38:44gevaertsOn the other hand, you don't need an lcd driver :)
16:41:05DarkenvyIm not that good in C
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19:57:45MihailToday I got commit access and I can commit any patches from gerrit except g#1273 and g#1270 - it just don't have "code-review+2" button. I do something wrong or this is bug in gerrit?
19:57:48fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1273 at : Fix NUM_ADC_CHANNELS for AS3525v2 by Mihail Zenkov
19:57:48fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1270 at : as3525: reverting I2C2 to non-interrupts version by Mihail Zenkov
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20:06:54gevaertsMihail: I suspect that's normal. I just checked, and I don't have that button on my own changes, only on other people's
20:08:10Mihailbut I have it in all other my patches
20:09:45*gevaerts doesn't know then
20:10:36gevaertsMaybe is related?
20:15:12MihailNo, I commit today four patches without setting +1 for review or testing. All based on same parent. I don't do rebase on it.
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20:24:42fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision a24abd2, 255 builds, 12 clients.
20:26:28Mihailsaratoga: thanks for +2 :)
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20:30:57Mihailsaratoga: can you check g#1276 on clip+ and clip v2?
20:30:59fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1276 at : sd-as3525v2: prevent DTO error and DMA problems by Mihail Zenkov
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20:38:28fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 825 seconds.
20:38:29fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision a24abd2 result: 0 errors 1 warnings
20:38:58*gevaerts wants to hunt down that last warning one of these days
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20:42:10Mihailgevaerts: Can you change my status on forum to "Developer" ?
20:42:17gevaertsAh, yes
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20:44:10gevaertsMihail: done
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20:44:42MihailThanks :)
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21:01:30gevaertsOk, so /usr/include/endian.h on slightly older systems wants _BSD_SOURCE to provide htole64(). On newer systems, /usr/include/features.h complains if you define _BSD_SOURCE, but the manpage for htole64() still says you have to set that
21:01:39gevaertsSo how do we cleanly fix that?
21:11:20saratogaMihail: doesn't break anything for me on those devices
21:11:22 Join girafe2 [0] (
21:11:48Mihailgevaerts: Can we just set _DEFAULT_SOURCE: if _DEFAULT_SOURCE is defined, the default is to have _SVID_SOURCE, _BSD_SOURCE, and _POSIX_SOURCE set to one and _POSIX_C_SOURCE set to 200809L
21:12:02Mihailsaratoga: Thanks!
21:13:38fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 219e116, 255 builds, 12 clients.
21:15:54saratogacurrent build seems to prevent a fairly reproducible crash on the clip+ where if i had it powered off and plugged it into Windows it would report that it was in USB1 mode and then rockbox would have an unhandled interrupt error
21:16:03saratogaalthough now it merely unmounts in this case
21:17:58gevaertsMihail: on my debian wheezy system (yes, I should upgrade that, but it's not *that* old) _DEFAULT_SOURCE doesn't appear anywhere in /usr/include/
21:18:09gevaertsSo I think that's fairly new
21:21:02Mihailgevaerts: strange. Last question in this faq for this case:
21:22:14gevaertsMaybe I should stop looking around and *try* :)
21:23:25 Join la [0] (779da513@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
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21:24:14saratogaso boost on ui interaction is next?
21:24:25Mihailsaratoga: only way fix all (I hope :) unhandled interrupt error - g#1270
21:24:26fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1270 at : as3525: reverting I2C2 to non-interrupts version by Mihail Zenkov
21:24:43Mihailsaratoga: yes
21:25:47saratogai forget why we never committed that originally, but i am ok with it
21:25:53gevaertsMihail: you're right. It does build on that system with _DEFAULT_SOURCE
21:29:55fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 977 seconds.
21:29:56fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 219e116 result: 16 errors 1 warnings
21:29:57fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 123346b, 255 builds, 12 clients.
21:43:31fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 816 seconds.
21:43:32fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 123346b result: All green
21:43:33fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision fe9a3ce, 255 builds, 12 clients.
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21:58:11fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision fe9a3ce result: 16 errors 0 warnings
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22:36:18wodzWhat a lovely stream of commits. Just how it used to be...
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23:13:25pamaurywodz (logs): I spent some time looking for jz4760b files and I think I found the actual version of mddr setup used on the device, it matches almost perfectly (except for ddr timings)
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