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#rockbox log for 2016-03-19

00:00:58bray90820Can you use lockbox as an external DAC
00:08:14[Saint]They typically have no means of user input or display, and no user-facing internal storage.
00:10:42bray90820So is that a no?
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00:13:13[Saint]More a "Why?".
00:13:35bray90820What do you mean
00:14:24[Saint]I can't really think of any way that putting Rockbox on an external DAC would make any form of sense.
00:15:17*gevaerts thinks [Saint] misunderstood :)
00:15:19gevaertsbray90820: no
00:15:32gevaerts[Saint]: "as", not "on"
00:15:53[Saint]Ahhhhh...I did misread. Indeed.
00:15:59[Saint]That makes a lot more sense now.
00:16:06[Saint]And, yeah, no.
00:16:25bray90820I'll just check of the stock firmware supports it then
00:16:52[Saint]I would sincerely doubt it.
00:19:10bray90820Well guess what
00:19:19bray90820It actually does support it :0
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01:53:26bray90820OFF TOPIC: Does anyone know of any DAPs that run on a tube
01:57:03[Saint]y'know what the D in DAP stands for, right?
01:57:17[Saint]Sounds like you want an AAP ;)
01:57:49bray90820What does AAP stand for
01:57:58bray90820Prob analog audio player
01:58:11[Saint]Well, you apparently want an analogue audio player.
01:58:50bray90820Do they even make portable analog audio players?
01:58:55[Saint]And, no, I am not aware of any portable tube driven audio players.
01:59:16[Saint]tubes don't lend themselves very well to being transported while powered.
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01:59:41[Saint]They don't appreciate being moved around a lot when hot.
01:59:56bray90820Why not
02:00:36[Saint]A decent shock can collapse the filament and make 'em go pop.
02:01:27bray90820That's a good reason
02:01:41bray90820They do make portable DACs that have tube in them tho
02:04:41[Saint]Not that I am intimately aware of, but I would be genuinely surprised if there wasn't some form of tube driven external DAC out there.
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02:19:26[Saint]bray90820: out of interest, what player is it you were talking about earlier where the OF allowed for use as an external DAC?
02:20:20[Saint]Ah. That explains it.
02:20:27bray90820But I have the FIIO X3 and X5 which also allow it
02:21:18[Saint]I should use my DX* more often.
02:21:31[Saint]They barely even get powered on to be honest.
02:21:37bray90820Personally I prefer the FIIO X5
02:22:13bray90820If it wasn't so expensive I would get the X7
02:22:23[Saint]I use an iPod Classic and a FiiO Mont Blanc as my 'daily driver'.
02:22:46bray90820X5 is my Daily Driver
02:23:48bray90820Do you know of a cheaper DAP that runs on android
02:24:05[Saint]The iPod Classic /can/ drive my UE18s by itself.
02:24:22[Saint]But I prefer running it through the Mont Blanc.
02:24:39[Saint]I have the two stuck together with a velcro strap.
02:26:49bray90820How would the UE18s compare to something like Denon AH-D7100
02:27:04bray90820I have the denons
02:29:26[Saint]I don't think one can really make a direct comparison between the two. One is a big single-driver puffy earmuff style, and the other is a triple-driver balanced armature molded-to-your-inner-ear ~30dB-of-isolation in-ear monitors.
02:29:59[Saint]They are both good, but they are both good at very different things, so a comparison between them is pretty unfair for either party.
02:30:30bray90820Also do you know of an android based dap that's cheaper teen the X7
02:30:57[Saint]DX50/90, lol
02:31:11bray90820Those are based on android?
02:32:05[Saint]Pono is too, if you like some snake oil with your media playback.
02:32:25[Saint]Neil Young will personally fellate you if you buy one.
02:32:53bray90820Prob no android rom for them and I was hoping for something with wifi and bluetooth
02:33:02bray90820For the DX90 that is
02:34:51[Saint]One could, in theory, compile AOSP for the DX* players with sufficient determination.
02:35:21bray90820And knowledge which I don't have
02:35:29bray90820And Like I said I wanted wifi as well
02:36:25[Saint]Might as well just buy any old Android handset and just use a decent dedicated portable amp/DAC at this stage.
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02:37:05bray90820I currently have the M8 and I might just do that
02:37:08[Saint]the audio paths in modern Android handsets is far from terrible.
02:37:37bray90820Do you think the DAC would make much difference tho if I am streaming music from something like google music?
02:38:47[Saint]No. Google Music crushes everything down to mp3 320 CBR as the best possible output (defaults to less on mobile data) anyway.
02:39:12bray90820That's what I was thinking
02:39:20bray90820So prob the setup I have is the best setup atm
02:39:37[Saint]Unfortunately for Google Music no matter what the source went in as it all gets transcoded client-side before it hits their dervers.
02:39:50[Saint]And all their supplied content is mp3 320.
02:41:09[Saint]I have been thinking for a while about adding Google Music streaming supported to Rockbox when we run hosted.
02:41:28bray90820What do you mean
02:41:33[Saint]The API for it isn't public, but it has been reversed far enough to make for several open client implementations.
02:42:07[Saint]So anywhere where we run hosted and have access to a network connection we could stream direct from Google Music.
02:42:32bray90820What would that mean for me as an end user
02:43:55[Saint]being able to stream from Google Play music directly in Rockbox (on hosted platforms with networking - ala SDL, android, maemo, openpandora, et al).
02:44:28bray90820That sounds pretty cool
02:44:49[Saint]I have the guts of it pretending that it is working locally, but there's still a fair amount I need to work out.
02:45:10[Saint]...I have sooooo many half-baked projects sitting around in various branches.
02:45:14bray90820Have you thought about bringing any other services to Rockbox that supports lossless like subsonic
02:45:46bray90820They even have an API
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05:22:06DarkenvyI need a extra deep ipod metal back. Where could I search? (don't say google. I looked :P)
05:22:47DarkenvyI have a 3000mah battery + 240gb hdd. I noticed Rockbox allows specifying of battery mah rating. So I figured perhaps someone would be in the know
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05:48:13bray90820Darkenvy: what generation
05:50:24bray90820Oh wait you didn't want the stock one did you
05:51:46bray90820Darkenvy: You could also ask in #hardware or ##apple
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18:50:42pamauryI don't quite like the way the Xduoo X3 port is going, the guy is doing everything without giving the code and having his own website
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23:02:33pamaurywodz (logs): I have committed several fixes to hwstub/qeditor, added register access (both in lib and qeditor), it's all on gerrit
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23:35:46pamaurywodz (logs): by the way, hwstub_shell gained the ability to load .xml files in regtools/desc/ on startup, no more need to specify them on the command line
23:40:09[Saint]pamaury: glad to see I'm not the only one deeply bothered by the Xduoo guy.
23:40:28[Saint]What he's doing is well in the legal free and clear, but I'm not sure he understands how morally dirty it is.
23:41:14[Saint]First public build, and, it ends up on some other site which of fucking course has a paypal link displayed prominently.
23:41:41pamauryyeah I was already annoying but I was thinking maybe he'll just release the code later, but yeah now with no code + paypal on his on website, what else can I say
23:42:27pamaurythe only thing which is not quite clear is the use of our logo
23:42:57[Saint]I was wondering that myself.
23:44:32pamaurywe'll see how he reacts, but he obviously need to provides the source
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