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#rockbox log for 2016-03-29

00:01:30pamauryhaha, finally
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00:53:43saratogaif you look on the sandisk forums, clips having the flash fail is extremely common
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09:38:46wodzpamaury: (log) IMO you should follow with X1 your way as I strongly believe it will lead to cleaner code. Xduoo X3 port will be trivial then since most (all?) of RE has been done.
09:40:41wodzI am ok with the current situation when the code is available on github. If the author consider dirrect contribution - fine. If not we can grab bits and use it. After all forking is perfectly ok way of doing open source.
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10:55:40Mihailpamaury: I open last dump successfully. Thanks!
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11:00:48funmanMihail: you're looking for an AMSv1 device ?
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11:11:30funmanthe only working fuze I have is a v2
11:11:53funmanthe other might somehow work but they don't have screens so a bit hard to use
11:12:11funmanthe c200v2 never worked properly
11:15:01Mihailwithout screen I can't test is screen working :)
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11:16:29funmani have a clipv1 that just booted but then turned off, so maybe it works but the battery is bad, or maybe it doesn't work....
11:17:13funmanderf: if your clipv1 is still working could you send it to Mihail ?
11:17:28Mihailis it work if usb connected?
11:17:58funmanit booted (to OF) when usb connected and after 30s if turned off
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11:18:57funmanit was in my 'scrap' box so I don't have high hopes
11:19:28Mihailpossibly I can try repair it
11:24:35funmanI have a fuzev1 working without screen, but the wheel and its light work fine
11:24:55funmanso you can have binary output
11:26:55Mihailyes, it still can be useful, but I want fix frequency and voltage scaling, so I need screen to be sure is it ok
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11:31:07Mihailcan you send to me both clip v1 and fuze v1?
11:32:33edhelasguys I'm looking for AndyP, does anyone has seen him around here ?
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12:51:00derffunman: I think it is.
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15:16:00nick_pMihail: I have an e200 v2 if you need images tested. I still use it though, so can't send it.
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15:54:02Mihailnick_p: can you check charging, usb and "system > debug > view i/o ports" is it show voltages?
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16:08:12nick_pMihail: View i/o ports:
16:08:16nick_pGPIOD alternated between 1f & 9F every 30 secs or so
16:08:36nick_pTyped in by hand, so if anything looks odd I'll check
16:09:57nick_pJust plugged USB cable in...
16:12:38MihailIn View i/o ports you should have few pages (press down) with voltages, is you see AVDD/PVDD/CVDD and other?
16:13:11nick_pLeft cursor in i/o ports is showing active values for CHG_OUT: etc, all changing very quickly ;)
16:16:02nick_pSorry missed that, the only other page I see with down button starts CGH_OUT, only has CVDD (that you mentioned): 2370-2380
16:18:49Mihailok, AMSv1 don't have other
16:20:58Mihailtry connect and discontent few times - is charging and usb always work?
16:23:09nick_pIt thinks it's charging (at least power icon appears), but no luck mounting:
16:24:36nick_pAh, tried again and could mount /dev/sdc. I'll try copying some files
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16:37:45nick_pUSB copy eventually failed, but I've never had much luck with any Sansa device, I just use OF:
16:47:21Mihailok, thanks! I have fix bunch of bugs related to usb for AMSv2 and probably try fix usb on AMSv1 later (if I have one).
16:50:46nick_pI now have a thoroughly corrupted /dev/sdc so need to do some fcsking (and have to go soon). Will try some more testing once it's looking better.
16:58:57nick_pI'll also let the battery run down a bit and see if it charges.
17:00:22funmanMihail: I've put everything in the box
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17:03:59funmanI've just kept the (not working) clip+ since it's not an AMSv1
17:04:28MihailGreat, thanks :)
17:04:42funmanWill let you know when I post it
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17:12:45TheEaterOfSoulsAny idea what's wrong with voltage scaling on AMS v2?
17:19:19 Join MasterplasterPL [0] (
17:22:25MihailWe should commit g#1270 to fix it. Now we check this patch (before commit) on AMSv1 (with your help and nick_p).
17:22:26fs-bluebotGerrit review #1270 at : as3525: reverting I2C2 to non-interrupts version by Mihail Zenkov
17:23:15TheEaterOfSoulsSo the patch applies to both V1 and V2?
17:23:49 Join Darkenvy [0] (
17:24:11TheEaterOfSoulsI see
17:24:22TheEaterOfSoulsLet me know if there is anything else I should test
17:24:36TheEaterOfSoulsAs I said my Clip V1 is working fine
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21:22:36pamauryanyone familiar with DDR memory and/or i/o drive strength in general ?
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22:46:16pamauryseriously, what kind of compiler notices that ~(x+1)=-x but does not notice that a loop from 1 to 16 does not contain a negative value ??
23:00:29foolshlemme guess...
23:00:41foolshno wait
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23:17:54pamauryno it must be a C compiler, just staring at mips disassembly and it's really weird
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23:22:29MarcAndersenHi. Why is there some strings in some voice files (danish tested) in the dev builds that read a completely incorrect thing? For example, instead of reading "playlist", it reads "usb hide internal drive". And instead of "Activate auto shutdown at startup", it reads "shortcuts"?
23:23:36pamauryMarcAndersen: try to run make clean
23:24:23pamauryah sorry, you need more than make clean, you need make clean and to rebuild the voice file completey
23:25:01MarcAndersenpamaury: sorry, how do I do that? I am just using a build downloaded with rockbox utility and created a voice file from it. I have not installed any tdev tools.
23:26:33pamaurydid you regenerate the voice file when you downloaded the build or did you keep the voice file from the previous download ?
23:26:51MarcAndersenalways regenerating
23:27:09MarcAndersenbut I think the english one has no problems but I am not sure.
23:30:33pamauryI am not sure then, maybe the danish translation file is buggy for some reason ?
23:31:46pamaurylet me see
23:32:53MarcAndersenI have not got a sighted person to see if it is also wrong on the display, or only voice strings.
23:33:32pamauryyeah that would be helpful. The voice file seem correct, so it must be a problem with the build process or voice generation
23:34:09 Quit Darkenvy (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
23:35:12pamauryare you sure it is generating the voice file for danish ? I admit I really don't know how voice generation works
23:35:25 Join Darkenvy [0] (
23:35:34MarcAndersenyes. and some of the strings are correct
23:37:00MarcAndersenthe letters and numbers, and the most of the nenus. It is however still saying the numbers in the wrong way, it should for example say five and twenty instead of twenty five.
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