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#rockbox log for 2016-03-31

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03:43:12Falco98sigh.. my fuze v2 just did that thing where it freezes randomly upon USB unplug, and can't be powered back on until the battery naturally dies. anyone know if a trick has ever been discovered for force-restarting it when this kind of thing happens?
03:47:23[Saint]Short of forcibly removing the battery, no.
04:01:02Falco98dang, was afraid of that. old forum posts said about the same thing.
04:01:30Falco98it's bitter since i was juggling files around to install a brand new much larger SD card, and now i'm stuck for the next 4 or 5 days :P
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11:42:35nick_pMihail: (logs) Further testing with your e200v2 image: I've charged it successfully twice, but both times when it was fully charged it crashed needing a hard-reset.
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11:44:51Mihailnick_p: when crash you have panic screen?
11:46:32nick_pNo, afraid not, it must have crashed when the screen had timed out. I just left it charging and when I had restarted it the battery was full. I'll try again disabling screen time-out...
11:49:33Mihailyou have black screen and no reaction when press buttons?
11:52:30nick_pThat's right, completely dead, needed a ~30sec power off. I didn't think to shine a torch on the LCD, as far as I remember it's only the backlight that goes out.
11:56:32MihailCan you try next time leave time out on, but press some button before disconnect to be sure when player stops - when charging completed or when it disconnected?
12:02:32nick_pI did press buttons last time and jogged the wheel to try and activate back light. This was before and after disconnecting the cable - nothing brought it back to life.
12:04:26Mihailok, I try check code again
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12:30:18MihailCode looks ok. Can you check latest build from git?
12:36:04nick_pMihail: OK, will do. Might be tomorrow now, I've got some stuff to do.
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12:52:57pamaurywodz (logs): by hacking the IPL of the Fiio X1, I was able to upload it using USB recovery mode and make the RAM work (I think). I have also mostly finished RE the RAM init code anyway so I think I could rewrite it from scratch anyway. I still need to RE the NAND code of the IPL to see how to dump the SPL, which I think contains the actual LCD init code
12:53:03nick_pMihail: Ah, I just tried the device, and it's frozen again - backlight on this time put no panic screen or response from buttons. I'll try the build from master later.
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17:50:32MihailTheEaterOfSouls: Can you test again charging on clip v1 with test build from saratoga? Today nick_p report about freeze at end of charging. Did you have same problem?
17:51:39TheEaterOfSoulsNo but I did not get to a full charge
17:51:52TheEaterOfSoulsI will play some FLAC audio and plug it in
17:52:02TheEaterOfSoulsSee if it hangs when it gets to 100%
18:14:08TheEaterOfSoulsIf I can find my patch cord that is...
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18:17:12jtdesigns01why the heck do we stop charging permanently once its fully charged?
18:17:47jtdesigns01I`ll plug it in at night, and by the morning, its charged but then subsequently drained by not turning off or charging again.
18:18:28Mihailwhich player you have?
18:22:07Mihailvery strange: AMSv1 and AMSv2 should be powered directly from usb/charger if it connected
18:30:11Mihailprobably you have hardware issue with external diode (datasheet AS3543 page 42)
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19:16:59TheEaterOfSoulsOkay mine is at full charge with no issue
19:17:10TheEaterOfSoulsDisconnected and reconnected a few times
19:17:17TheEaterOfSoulsStill detecting as normal
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19:22:42jtdesigns01Mihail: TheEaterOfSouls, I mean, leaving it charging.
19:23:40jtdesigns01once it is done charging, it will stop running off of usb power and will start to consume its own power
19:24:05jtdesigns01and it will not start going off USB power again until it is unplugged and re-plugged
19:24:19TheEaterOfSoulsI was referring to the freeze
19:24:26jtdesigns01oh, ok
19:24:38TheEaterOfSoulsMine seems to stay on USB power
19:24:50TheEaterOfSoulsReally sounds like a hardware issue
19:24:51jtdesigns01well, mine drains itself
19:25:32jtdesigns01so it will be dead in the morning despite being on USB
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19:56:00MihailTheEaterOfSouls: ok, thanks!
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19:58:44Mihailjtdesigns01: you can try fix this problem by patching rockbox: if charging diode really dead, it should be possible do software power off at end of charging.
19:59:24jtdesigns01hmm, ok, I will look at that
20:04:42TheEaterOfSoulsI've never been able to power off while charging without holding the button for 10-30 seconds which is when I believe the hardware override turns it off
20:04:48TheEaterOfSoulsIs there a technical reason for this?
20:09:36Mihailjtdesigns01: not real solution (I not test it and if it work it can do power off even on usb transfer) but start point for you.
20:09:48jtdesigns01ok, thanks
20:10:13jtdesigns01TheEaterOfSouls: I`m pretty sure your`e not llowed to turn off with usb plugged, at least, thats my experience
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20:11:04TheEaterOfSoulsYeah I'm wondering why that is
20:11:27TheEaterOfSoulsOther devices mostly power off but keep the charging hardware on
20:11:40TheEaterOfSoulsNot sure why that's not the case with Sansas
20:12:47MihailTheEaterOfSouls: it not possible do full power off if player connected to usb/charger as it always powered through diode. But if diode broken - it should be possible.
20:13:29TheEaterOfSoulsI see
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20:49:47Mihailhm, I was wrong: software shutdown possible on clip zip and probably on other AMS. Anyone know why we disable HAVE_POWEROFF_WHILE_CHARGING for AMS?
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20:57:30Mihailjtdesigns01: you can try just add "#define HAVE_POWEROFF_WHILE_CHARGING" to sansafuzeplus.h
21:03:54Mihailsaratoga: can you add HAVE_POWEROFF_WHILE_CHARGING and check is software power off work on clip+ and clip v2?
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