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#rockbox log for 2016-04-01

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01:09:16SpictoriousNeed to uninstall rockbox and revert back to itunes, iPod Classic 6th generation..rockbox utility detects as 5.5 gen...
01:13:53Spictoriousipod is completely wiped clean of any folders but it still shows the rockbox/emcore startup screen when turning it on
01:14:39Spictoriouswhen I start iTunes it requests to restore the ipod and after it runs its course, I'm still stuck with the rockbox startup screen
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02:24:34jtdesigns01I`m not sure how the iPod update process works, but if you could update the firmware on it, that would restore it.
02:47:06Spictoriousare there ways to update the firmware without connecting to itunes?
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03:35:49XanethI have a ipod 7th gen using encode and rock latest daily build
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03:37:14XanethThat's emcode and rockbox it won't work on my docking system ihome
03:38:03XanethIt charges on dock
03:38:16XanethNo music feature
03:38:59XanethIs this a rockbox problem or emcore
03:41:27XanethAgain this is a ipod classic 160gb thin 6 or 7th gen
03:43:18XanethI have rockbox ver. 25fc7f1-160330
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04:03:49XanethOther than that I've had no issues with music and video and rockboy w/of dock
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08:49:13tertuI have an m442b Fiio X1, if there's any way that could be helpful (the wiki suggested that the X1 being used was older than that)
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09:36:43[Saint]tertu: You would want to talk to pamaury directly I imagine. How useful having this device variant is, I believe, depends on your level of skill and whether or not you're prepared to disassemble the hardware or not.
09:37:18[Saint]From an end-user perspective as far as I understand it there is nothing of any particular interest for the FiiO X1 as yet.
09:41:05[Saint]Unless pamaury has already managed to get his hands on one of these hardware variants I imagine that one, or both, of either physical disassembly of the device or dumping device info over hwstub might be of interest to him.
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10:07:34wodz[Saint]: pamaury owns X1 :-)
10:07:54[Saint]wodz: I'm aware of this.
10:08:06[Saint]Not sure what part of any of this is unclear.
10:09:07[Saint]He owns, to my knowledge, the initial hardware variant of the X1, and not the later hardware variant - which as far as I am aware has several changes.
10:09:27wodz[Saint]: true
10:09:59wodz[Saint]: I understood you are talking about X1 in general (not about particular hw revision)
10:10:17[Saint]The older ones are forward compatible with modern firmware and the latter ones aren't backwards compatible, I'm not entirely sure if it is properly understood what exactly is changed between the two.
10:12:14[Saint]Seems that, according to FiiO at least, there's two fairly fundamental changes.
10:12:37[Saint]NAND and RAM packages are different.
10:13:57[Saint]Anyway - I figured that even if pamaury can figure this all out from disassembly alone it would almost certainly still be useful for him to be in contact with someone who has a device with this hardware variation available.
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10:52:34nick_pMihail: (logs) I tried e200v2 from (25fc7f1-160330), I charged it twice and the unit didn't freeze either time.
10:57:02MihailStill have no idea what wrong. Yesterday we check same on clip v1 - it ok.
11:00:07nick_pI wish there was a panic screen or something. It seems fine when playing mp3 (to run the battery down), just seems to crash while charging.
11:00:46MihailCan you try charging while playing?
11:02:31nick_pI'll need to run it down a bit first, so will report back...
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11:50:55pamaurytertu: hi, yes I'm quite interested in another X1 hardware variant, are you running linux or windows
11:53:25nick_pMihail: It just crashed running the image and playing while charging.
11:58:45pamaury[Saint]: unfortunately, for the X1 I need a hardware dump because the firmware image does not contain the IPL and SPL, which containt the RAM init code and lcd init code (the main firmware does seem to contain some lcd code but it's most probably a leftover of the compiler)
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13:23:16Mihailnick_p: (logs) I upload new build for you: it should show last two logf messages on screen.
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15:22:39nick_pMihail: It froze again with the new image, unfortunately the message that was continually being shown (aacodec EOC 0 / chg 1) became static after it crashed.
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15:46:26Mihailnick_p: what exactly you have in first (top) and in second line when it freeze?
15:48:43nick_paacodec EOC 0 / aacodec chg 1
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16:09:15Mihailanother build:
16:12:26tertupamaury: i'm running linux
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16:40:04nick_pMihail: Crashed with exactly the same two lines - aacodec EOC 0 / aacodec chg 1
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17:20:17Mihailnick_p: (logs)
17:30:02pamaurytertu: do you have some experience with development ? Do you feel okay compiling stuff ? It would not be super hard but you will probably need to install a few packages
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19:08:43dreamlayersI intend to merge today to fix JPEG decoding . It still makes sense to me and solves the problem without causing any other problems. Any objections?
19:13:39gevaertsGo for it!
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19:29:46fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 26697d0, 255 builds, 20 clients.
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19:41:52dreamlayersI'm not sure how I ended up with "Chaange-Id:" in the commit message. There is also a proper "Change-Id:" I hope I didn't do that while editing the commit message at some point in the past. So many things to check if I want my commits to be perfect.
19:42:37fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 772 seconds.
19:42:38fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 26697d0 result: All green
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19:47:44dreamlayersI'm surprised by the -1808 for Samsung YP-R0 but assuming that everything is okay.
19:57:46fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 134e591, 255 builds, 20 clients.
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20:08:12fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 626 seconds.
20:08:13fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 134e591 result: All green
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20:30:40TheEaterOfSoulsSo my Zip is not playing some FLAC files I have
20:31:11TheEaterOfSoulsThere is silence and I can skip between tracks, but when I fast forward/rewind within one Rockbox hangs
20:31:44TheEaterOfSoulsHaven't tested them on another player or in a simulator but they play fine in VLC
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20:37:58dreamlayersTheEaterOfSouls: It would be good to test that on a simulator. If the problem occurs there, it's easier to see what's going on via gdb.
20:39:11TheEaterOfSoulsI run Windows and don't have development tools but will test them on a simulator
20:39:32TheEaterOfSoulsAny way to make the simulator write a debug log file?
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20:44:08dreamlayersI just tried voltage scaling on my Sansa Clip Zip and, although it didn't hang immediately, it hung quickly after booting and I had to hold the power button to shut it off. That was loading rockbox.sansa from an unmodified build, not directly booting into it.
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21:07:04prof_wolfffkernel panic on my Ubuntu while testing the USB designware driver on iPod Classic, nice... a couple of years since last one
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21:53:25Mihaildreamlayers: If you want try voltage scaling, you should also add g#1270 to prevent freezes.
21:53:28fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #1270 at : as3525: reverting I2C2 to non-interrupts version by Mihail Zenkov
22:03:08dreamlayersMihail: thank you! Testing that plus reverting 7ba50cf to enable voltage scaling. No problems so far.
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