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#rockbox log for 2016-04-02

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05:17:32nick_pMihail: (logs) Tried charging with e200v2_i2c2-3 twice, both times froze after a while showing INT_AUDIO / ascread(37) (first / second line).
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10:19:02Jookiao/ Is Rockbox dead?
10:19:08JookiaOr just stable
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10:52:50draftJookia: Rockbox just kicks ass :)
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11:14:05allinclusivehow to load rockbox from ipod classic? i`ve already installed through rockbox utility
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11:41:49Mihailnick_p: (logs)
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13:38:30MADHello! Can anyone help with Sansa Clip Sport?
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13:44:06pamauryMAD: how is this related to rockbox ?
13:46:27MADIt's related to unbricking the device. There are similar topics in the forum. Ths is why i thought, it would be a good idea to ask from here.
13:47:22MADAs i did not quite find a solution and even the exact same symptoms (yet) anywhere.
13:47:52pamaurythat's because rockbox is not supported on this device, it's completely different from the previous sans clip
13:48:11pamauryI am afraid we won't be able to help you much
13:48:29pamaurywhy do you think it's bricked ?
13:51:07MADI actually tried to update the original firmware to 1.29. It started updating, but failed and still booted.
13:52:02MADAfter that i tried the reset (button for 15 secs). Now it shows only SanDisk logo and then blanks out
13:53:01MADUpon attached to pc via USB, it keeps the SanDisk logo on, but the pc fails to communicate to the device whatsoever.
13:53:49MADAlso, the 15 second reset doesen't change a thing.
13:54:16pamauryyou should contact sansa then, we unfortunately have no tool working on the sansa clip sport
13:56:17MADAlright! Thanks for the advice and sorry for bothering. It's the only realtime source i found, that is somewhat related to the topic.
13:56:28MADBut I'll keep on digging.
13:57:25pamaurythe clip sport is not interesting for rockbox because it has too little memory to run it, that's why we have put a lot of effort on it
13:57:42pamaurythat and the fact that sansa encrypted the firmware to the point that we have no idea how it works
13:58:46MADSo that explains..
14:00:23MADThanks again! I'll be gone.
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16:56:51MihailJust curious: "Supports the third party firmware Rockbox" :)
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17:34:29lebelliumfirmware with Rockbox directory should be available here
17:34:34lebelliumbut I don't manage to download it
17:36:44lebelliumIt's a shame those manufacturers port Rockbox in their own corner
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17:49:10MihailI upload firmware ( ) if someone interested. But these no source code. Probably we can ask seller about it.
17:51:20lebelliumthey provide a June 2015 build...
17:52:43lebelliumIf the code was merged into our main tree and the user could download the latest build, that would be far better :)
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17:57:13MihailI try ask seller about it.
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20:54:24*pamaury extracted the Fiio X1 SPL loader \o/ Finally the interesting stuff
20:58:44pamauryinterestingly, the SPL seems to have a recovery mode, it can flash a firmware from SD if the main firmware is dead, which is very good for unbricking
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21:25:47pamauryhaha ! Apparently it has some kind of SD card boot mode, where if it finds factory.x1 file, it will just load it and execute it. It is scrambled I think
21:26:02pamaurythat's very cool, it woud do RAM init for you and then you just run it !
21:33:08TheEaterOfSoulsDoes anyone else have trouble playing this file in RB?
21:33:23TheEaterOfSoulsNeither my Zip nor the simulator will play the audio, just silence
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22:34:46MihailTheEaterOfSouls: confirm - file ok, but clip zip don't play it.
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22:58:57TheEaterOfSoulsWonder what's wrong with it
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23:10:01MihailI have same track but encoded with flac 1.1.2, your - 1.1.0. RB can play my track without problem. Or maybe something wrong with tags. In any case we should check what wrong.
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23:23:23TheEaterOfSoulsI didn't think to check the encoder version, that's probably it
23:35:05pamauryOMFG, the SPL contains *actual* code to *compute* the first 172 primes, instead of just storing them in a table...
23:36:21pamaurythis is so ridiculous I can't believe, how can you do that !!!
23:39:49__builtin... why would it need that?
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23:41:49pamauryto compute a xor buffer
23:41:54pamauryto scramble the firmware
23:42:24__builtinwell, that somewhat makes sense if obfuscation is the goal
23:42:52__builtinotherwise the key would be in the clear
23:42:59pamauryyeah I guess, it took me a while to figure that out !
23:43:14__builtinwhat device is this?
23:43:23pamauryFiio X1
23:43:47pamauryI might have made a major discovery that will make the port a lot easier
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