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#rockbox log for 2016-04-03

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01:37:22nick_pMihail: (logs) Same as last time with e200v2_i2c2-4, froze showing INT_AUDIO / ascread(37).
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02:38:40pamauryIT WORKS \o/ youhou, so happy to found this "secret" mode of the Fiio bootloader :)
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12:20:44Mihailnick_p: (logs) I think we very close to solve problem.
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12:31:09Mihailpamaury: Great, congratulations! Is it mean we can run rockbox without firmware/bootloader patching?
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13:31:28pamauryMihail: essentially yes, though we will probably flash the bootloader eventually, but for testing that's really nice
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15:48:20WilliamxieHello, anybody can help to add me to the edit list?
15:48:31Williamxiei want to upload PCB photos for fiio X1
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16:31:53gevaertsWilliamxie: what's your wiki username?
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17:40:51gevaertsWilliamxie: if I did things properly you should be able to edit now. Welcome!
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17:51:13WilliamxieThank you~ now i will first spend some time to figure out how to upload photos...
17:52:10WilliamxieI still got a 'access denied'
17:56:16gevaertsYou are on the list. That should be enough...
17:58:29gevaertsWilliamxie: can you try again, and if that still doesn't work maybe restart your web browser?
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18:11:20pamaurygevaerts: are you sure you put his name in alphabetical order ?
18:11:26pamauryI'm not sure if it's necessary
18:11:48gevaertsIt isn't
18:12:18gevaertsWhat does seem to be necessary lately is not just adding the name manually, but also using the "add members" at the bottom
18:12:24gevaertsBut I did that...
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21:01:59__builtinhey, does the clip sport have a MMU?
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21:04:33pamaury__builtin: why do you want to know ? It probably has
21:05:16__builtinwell, why not use virtual memory to overcome the memory limitation?
21:05:28pamaurythis page: says it has MIPS4K which has MMU.
21:05:58pamauryBecause 1) that's a major major work, 2) it will be slow as hell 3) you will wear flash very quickly
21:06:32__builtinhmm, it must be possible to get *something* running on it
21:06:44__builtindoes the OF have an upgrade feature?
21:07:31TheEaterOfSoulsNever heard of a small embedded device ever needing virtual memory
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21:08:07pamaury__builtin: we don't know how to crack the encryption
21:08:13pamaurywe can't even disassemble the firmware
21:08:37lebelliumMihail: fuze v1 working :)
21:08:40__builtinhas it been dumped though?
21:08:58pamaurywe have a firmware upgrade image
21:09:04pamauryI tried to use the (supposedly) JTAG pins on the device without any luck
21:10:28pamaurybased on the history of ATJ encrypting firmwares, I would say that without the encrypting program in our hands, or an unecrypted dump of the firmware, we will never figure it out
21:10:37__builtinis the image 27MB?
21:12:32pamauryyes, hum I might be wrong, my hard drive has a program that I apparently wrong to unpack it ^^
21:15:36pamauryah noit was no written by me
21:16:05Mihaillebellium: good :) Can you test usb and especially charging. We have report about freeze at end of charge.
21:21:50Mihailpamaury: What you think about RKNanoC/D ( ), is it do decoding by hardware or software? It have small memory but support many codec.
21:22:38__builtinpamaury: have you gotten it to compile on 64 bit?
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21:44:45pamaury__builtin: it would be worth investigating, with software decoding, you need at least 2 MB or RAM, possibly more
21:47:15__builtinI mean, have you gotten the decrypt program to compile on 64 bit linux?
21:47:29pamauryah, yeah apparently
21:48:25lebelliumMihail: so far so good. I tried several USB connections with cabbiev2 and my own theme and it always works properly. It doesn't freeze/crash once charged 100%
21:49:59__builtinGCC keeps trying to link with a 32-bit libgcc which I don't have, but I do have a 32-bit libgcc_s
21:50:30pamauryI'm using multiarch on debian
21:53:06pamauryso I probably compiled in 32-bit mode
21:54:49pamaury__builtin: which device uses RKnanoD
21:55:42MihailI can't believe: I found datasheet (partial) for RKNanoD ( ) and RKNanoC ( ) :) P.S. Links to pdf at end of pages.
21:56:28__builtinpamaury: huh?
21:58:10pamaury__builtin: sorry, it was Mihail
21:59:05Mihaillebellium: Can you try discharge slightly and charge again? When it charge to 100% wait 15-20 minutes before disconnect to be sure.
21:59:44__builtinwell, I can't seem to get it to compile
22:00:04pamauryMihail: it's not the real datasheet, it's a fact sheet
22:00:47lebelliumMihail: ok. So it won't freeze and disconnect from itself? It's when I remove the USB cable that it could freeze?
22:01:54MihailIt should freeze when it connected to USB after full charging.
22:02:30lebelliumI don't understand
22:03:14lebelliumI connect it to USB to charget it. So I won't connect after full charging
22:04:10MihailJust wait (don't disconnect) for 15-20 minutes after charging.
22:05:18Mihailpamaury: But it still better then we have in wiki.
22:06:15pamauryMihail: the wiki only describes RknanoB
22:07:39MihailI mean:
22:11:28pamaurybut RknanoB is not interesting, it has too little memory
22:12:11pamauryand even RKnanoD is low on memory
22:14:24pamaurywhat is our lowest memory target ? even the clip has 2MB
22:14:36MihailYes but if it do all decoding by hardware, it should be enough. Or I wrong?
22:17:22pamauryIt think decoding is in software, on the "DSP" (which is really just another cortex-M3)
22:17:44pamauryit may have DSP extension, but then it would mean rewriting all the decoders
22:20:00pamauryit says "Audio HW accelerator"
22:20:24[Saint]disabling the theme engine entirely would score you 2 x "X x Y resolution bitmap" worth of allocations.
22:20:26pamauryimdct36 calculation, no idea what that is
22:21:21MihailInverse Modified Discrete Cosine Transform 36 bit?
22:21:33pamaury__builtin: I can send you the unpacked firmware if you want
22:23:44pamauryit's quite difficult to know the exact memory requirement of rockbox, I always had this crazy idea of "porting" rockbox to some qemu target, so that you can play with the memory size and/or debug things
22:24:27 Join wodz [0] (
22:24:41pamauryMihail: do you have a specific device in mind ? The AGPtek ones ?
22:24:51wodzhw codec targets have 2MB as well
22:25:12pamauryalso cortex-m3 does not have a mmu I think
22:25:43pamauryyou can use thumb but that's not a silver bullet
22:25:50wodzI mean ondio and archos supported by rb
22:26:43wodzpamaury: sh has 16ibt opcodes
22:27:29pamauryas [Saint] suggests, maybe disabling the theme engine would save memory, but I'm not sure it's enough
22:30:26wodz1) our buffering is not very well suited for flash based with tiny memory 2) framebuffer takes a lot
22:30:31Mihailpamaury: No, but if we can port to some cheap and popular player like Ruizu X02, we can enlist many new users and probably developers.
22:30:49pamauryI remember experimenting on the Creative ZEN MX, which is 2MB of memory (but a huge screen). By using the minimum configuration, I could barely boot, with 0 size plugin/codec buffer. The screen was 320x240x24-bit so compared to a 100x100x16-bit LCD, you can save almost 500kB given the several copies of the framebuffer, but that's still really tight.
22:32:43pamauryMihail: what the soc inside ?
22:33:10MihailAFAIK RKNanoC
22:34:05pamauryI think the RKnanoC has only ~200Kb of RAM
22:36:45wodzpamaury: are you going to exclude ddr and lcd init from x1 port and relay on spl?
22:37:14pamaurywodz: yes for ddr, because we can run arbitrary code using the SPL, without flashing. For LCD I'm not sure
22:39:31lebelliumMihail: my Fuze is still connected after 30 minutes.
22:40:38Mihaillebellium: ok, thanks!
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23:16:11Mihailpamaury: You right, porting to RKNanoC impossible. But I think later RKNanoD will be cheap as RKNanoC today. I found RKNanoD based player ONN X5 for 50$.
23:17:22pamauryMihail: given the price, I would say it doesn't hurt to have a look at it, possibly buying a device. However we don't have the programming manual. MAybe it would be worth contacting the AGPtek guys (see the forum), I think they have a RKnanoD based player and they seemed willing to help, possibly by giving us documentation
23:19:22pamauryI'm tring to find the thread again
23:21:14 Quit rela (Quit: Leaving)
23:24:41Mihailfirmware for it:
23:28:01lebelliumlol this "why choose X5?" comparison table...
23:28:42gevaertsThat's an easy one! You need to confuse people who've had an X5 for nearly a decade!
23:31:51lebelliumbut the old X5 doesn't support 24 bit 192khz FLAC without downsampling! So it can't be as good \o/
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23:43:38pamaurywhat is this "A8" processor ?
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23:45:50Mihailnot sure, but firmware for rknano :)
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