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#rockbox log for 2016-04-04

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01:28:05nick_pMihail: (logs) I think you've cracked it with
01:28:20nick_pI've charged three times, first charged then idle powered off
01:28:25nick_psecond, playing and continued playing after fully charged
01:28:34nick_pthird, not playing with no idle power off, responsive after fully charged.
01:28:46nick_pBTW, I can't say for sure the problem used to be on finishing charging, but it did seem around that time.
01:28:52nick_pWell done!
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12:38:26pamaurywodz: ping
12:40:35edhelashi, small question, I hade a IDE->CF adapter for my iPod 4G, it works fine on a 4G grayscale but doesn't on a iPod Photo (kind of the same hardware inside), any idea where this could come ?
12:42:37pamaurywodz: I updated the qeditor code on gerrit. I plan to push it, for me it's feature complete. The last addition were: register access (RO,RW,WO) and you can now use the mouse to edit register fields directly (double click on them: you can move and resize them). There are still some quirks but it's perfectly usable
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13:45:25wodzpamaury: I'd say commit it. If I find something to refine it can be done later.
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17:11:04Mihailnick_p: (logs) Thanks for help!
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20:16:23TheEaterOfSoulsWhat is logf?
20:16:51TheEaterOfSoulsI see changes related to it in the commit list
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20:20:28pamauryTheEaterOfSouls: it's an internal log buffer, to print debug messages
20:20:36pamauryit can be accessed via the debug menu
20:20:48TheEaterOfSoulsCan it be dumped to a file?
20:21:26 Join xorly [0] (
20:21:40TheEaterOfSoulsI can't access anything in the debug menu currently because I'm blind
20:22:10TheEaterOfSoulsCould be useful if I need to help test anything else in the future
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20:30:03saratogaTheEaterOfSouls: i added a system a couple years back that lets you print log messages to disk
20:30:51TheEaterOfSoulsWould you mind giving me the sequence of keypresses to accomplish this?
20:32:14MihailTheEaterOfSouls: It available only in special builds.
20:32:28TheEaterOfSoulsOh I see
20:32:54saratogaits in firmware/export/logdiskf.h
20:33:06saratogayou include that header and then call the related functions when you want to log something
20:34:27TheEaterOfSoulsOkay thanks
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20:42:24Mihailsaratoga: Are you have plans about rebase and commit g#292?
20:42:25fs-bluebotGerrit review #292 at : Introduce new logging system to codeclib. by Michael Giacomelli
20:47:11saratogaMihail: i'd forgotten i even worked on that
20:47:24saratogaprobably not going to get to it anytime soon, i don't have a lot of time for development these days
20:48:53saratogathat was basically something i'd hacked up for my own development work and wanted to get into rockbox in case other people wanted it
20:49:58Mihailsaratoga: can you add HAVE_POWEROFF_WHILE_CHARGING and check is software power off work on clip+ and clip v2?
20:51:05saratogaMihail: on current git?
20:59:24saratogaMihail: just hold power and see that it turns off?
21:04:04MihailNo. Switch to charging only mode, play something and try turns off. Is it work?
21:04:22saratogaMihail: yes, works on both devices while charging
21:04:31saratogawell they power off while plugged in
21:04:35saratogano idea if they're actually charging
21:04:44saratogaprobably not
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21:09:15MihailRight, it not charge. Just shutdown. Without HAVE_POWEROFF_WHILE_CHARGING we can't shutdown in this mode.
21:16:33saratogaseems to work fine!
21:17:13MihailTheEaterOfSouls: Can you do same check for clip v1?
21:17:35Mihailsaratoga: ok, thanks!
21:20:43TheEaterOfSoulsSo it should shutdown while charging correct?
21:21:10Mihailyes, but not in USB mode.
21:26:31TheEaterOfSoulsI now have no audio coming from the V1
21:26:37TheEaterOfSoulsNot sure if it's related
21:26:49TheEaterOfSoulsSeems to be powering off and on
21:28:06TheEaterOfSoulsSorry it was because there was no voice file
21:30:17saratogais it possible for the nano2g apple disk mode to be screwed up?
21:30:29saratogasomeone on the forums is asking about that, but i can't remember how it worked on that port
21:31:57TheEaterOfSoulsI'm getting "USB device not recognized"
21:32:52TheEaterOfSoulsInvalid device descriptor in device manager
21:34:36MihailAt which conditions?
21:34:44TheEaterOfSoulsHave to boot to the OF in order to mount it as a disk
21:35:03TheEaterOfSoulsBut it shuts down when charging, or at least audio stops when I power off
21:37:35MihailCan you check again is usb work?
21:38:46TheEaterOfSoulsWill in a moment, I'm creating a voice file
21:40:00TheEaterOfSoulsNow it just clicks
21:40:02TheEaterOfSoulsNo audio at all
21:41:10TheEaterOfSoulsUSB is same as before
21:41:25TheEaterOfSoulsI can't tell if it's charging
21:41:54TheEaterOfSoulsI'm reverting back to latest git for now
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21:49:43TheEaterOfSoulsDefinitely something wrong with that build, USB and audio are working fine now
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22:15:59MihailTheEaterOfSouls: Can you try another build?
22:16:28TheEaterOfSoulsInstalling now
22:22:14TheEaterOfSoulsNo audio response
22:22:18TheEaterOfSoulsJust clicks
22:22:33TheEaterOfSoulsSame USB behavior
22:23:08TheEaterOfSoulsAlso if I press a key on the Clip it disconnects and reconnects, leading me to believe it is rebooting
22:23:54TheEaterOfSoulsYeah restarts on every keypress
22:24:16TheEaterOfSoulsWish I knew what was on the display...
22:25:01MihailI look like it stops in bootloader.
22:25:48 Quit athidhep (Quit: athidhep)
22:25:57TheEaterOfSoulsYeah I'm assuming the audio clicks are restarts so it's probably behaving the same regardless of USB connection
22:26:33MihailProbably I do something wrong on building or have problem with compiler.
22:28:22Mihailsaratoga: Can you try do build for clip v1 + i2c2 patch + HAVE_POWEROFF_WHILE_CHARGING?
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23:06:56saratogaMihail: yes i'll try and find my player tonight
23:24:13[Saint]saratoga: re: Apple Disk Mode (on any iPod target), at that point it isn't running any of our code, so...
23:24:36[Saint]It is possible that it behaves badly in certain circumstances, but, that would be Apple's fault.
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