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#rockbox log for 2016-04-05

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01:12:59saratogawere GPIO mappings for the PP ipods ever documented?
01:13:16saratogalooking around at those SSD power consumption issues, its hard to find much info
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01:28:10pamaurysaratoga: i don't think so, when I had a look at the PP code for the Sansa View, I was terrified by the small amount of documentation we have in fact
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01:32:17NAFderwinEvening friends from NYC, I've Googled my problem like "Boot USB Mode" and read forum posts, but my Sansa Clip+ had a heavy Rockbox crash. I was once able to get into the Sansa firmware, but now this seems to have disappeared. All I'm left with is a "32.1 UNDEF storage" device on my PC and Rockbox Utility wants nothing to do with it. Can anyone provide guidance? Thank you.
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01:50:45[Saint]That is Not A Good Thing (TM).
01:54:12[Saint]There's a slim chance that if you go through a slight variation of that procedure and dd a Rockbox modified firmware image to the device (IFF shorting the pins exposes a ~900MB volume) that you may be able to recovery some functionality.
01:54:18NAFderwinYes sir, I have read that seeing the UNDEF storage drive is pretty bad in my research.
01:54:39NAFderwinAlso, thank you for that link.
01:55:20[Saint]The reason I say 'some functionality' is that sometimes the NAND can be nuked in such a way that some magic on it that the original firmware seems to rely on is missing and prevents it from booting, but ROckbox should.
01:56:14[Saint]But that is only if shorting the pins on the PCB actually exposes a ~900MB volume. If it doesn't, and especially if you see a ~4MB volume, ...she dead.
01:56:52NAFderwinI understand. I only ever used RockBox anyway. Can you provide some insight into how something like this actually happens, especially if I never do anything with the device aside from add music & listen to it daily?
01:57:36[Saint]It is possible that if you have another Clip+ that is entirely functional that you can dump an image of the NAND using the same method and flash that to the broken one, and that should recover all functionality.
01:58:35[Saint]Unfortunately I don't believe that we have any such NAND dumps from any of these devices available. I guess the legality might be questionable.
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02:02:52NAFderwinWould the capacities matter? I believe a friend has the same player, except in 2GB capacity as opposed to 4GB.
02:03:15NAFderwinI'm assuming not as the internal storage is probably in a physically different location as the NAND.
02:08:52[Saint]I am honestly not sure. It very well might. It might not. I know very little of this process to be perfectly honest. Even after having recovered several players like this myself, and guiding others through it.
02:09:49[Saint]Very little is known about the mechanics of what is actually going on. But it is entirely possible that you might not even require it as well. dd'ing a Rockbox modified original firmware image to the device might well be entirely sufficient.
02:10:42[Saint]That would be the goal, if you were you, that we should be shooting for presently.
02:10:55NAFderwinIs there a guide in existence that help me dd with the right commands & files?
02:11:02NAFderwinthat could help*
02:11:39[Saint]What is the host system you're on now, is it *nix, or Darwin/OSX, Windows...?
02:12:14[Saint]Windows is a bit of a dick with dd to be perfectly honest.
02:13:18[Saint]If you're not on a unixlike system, it would probably be a lot better to boot into, say, a Debian/Ubuntu live CD/USB or so.
02:13:25NAFderwinI'm using a Mac, so therefore Terminal/UNIX.
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02:13:58NAFderwinI tried using a PC as well in the process of trying to fix my player, but it seems things have gotten more serious, haha
02:14:29[Saint]Ah. That's cool. That's OK. Macs have a sane dd I believe.
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02:15:02[Saint]Addressing a raw volume with the dd clones in Windows is a bit of a mess.
02:15:53[Saint]Your first take really is seeing if you can actually get the player to expose the ~900MB volume through bridging the pins on the PCB.
02:15:55NAFderwinSo I've heard. Surprisingly Macs are better at being Linux-like than Windows are, even if the latter two are better for hacking.
02:16:33NAFderwinWhat would you suggest I use to bridge the pins?
02:18:41[Saint]Anything sufficiently small or pointy and conductive should do. SOme people have managed it with the blade of a small flathead precision screwdriver, I have used a paperclip, and some metallic tweezers before, I have also used a small folded section of solid core insulated copper wire, etc.
02:20:06NAFderwinHow would it be held in place?
02:21:02[Saint]It only needs to be there momentarily, not constantly.
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02:28:31NAFderwinSomething odd has happened. While trying to open the case just now, the screen turned on but showed something I have never seen: "Plug USB Cable"
02:28:57[Saint]That's the Rockbox bootloader.
02:29:33[Saint]That's actually a very good sign. See if it exposes the full volume when you plug it in.
02:30:37NAFderwinNothing comes up on my mMac.
02:30:53[Saint]Ah. Bugger.
02:31:43[Saint]You can still attempt to proceed with the AMS unbrick guide.
02:32:41NAFderwinI'm unscrewing the PCB now.
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02:38:19NAFderwinEverything is exposed. Player is plugged into my Mac with the UNDEF drive showing.
02:43:06[Saint]Everything, as in, the entirety of the NAND storage is exposed?
02:43:32NAFderwinI have not shorted it yet.
02:43:51NAFderwinBut I have it lying here, plugged into my computer, tiny screwdriver in hand.
02:44:03NAFderwinWhat file do I need?
02:44:32[Saint]If that is the case you might get away with formatting it and just copying a firmware image on to it (Rockbox modified or stock) and rebooting the device.
02:45:36[Saint]Oh, you mean, the PCB is exposed...right.
02:45:41[Saint]I see. SOrry.
02:45:46NAFderwinNo problem.
02:47:27[Saint]If you like I will make a Rockbox modified firmware image for you now.
02:47:31[Saint]One second.
02:48:07NAFderwinThank you. I believe the tutorial you linked me to needs a BIN?
02:53:17[Saint]Yes. I just created one. Uploading it now for you.
02:54:53[Saint]There we go.
02:56:01[Saint]That is a Sansa Clip+ iriginal firmware image patched with the Rockbox bootloader.
02:56:16NAFderwinthanks, downloading
02:57:38[Saint]If you get the ~900MB volume exposed via bridging the pads on the PCB you should use that file as directed in the example on the unbrick tutorial page.
02:58:32NAFderwinIt mentions a command called 'sudo fdisk -l'. The Mac OS X Terminal doesn't seem to recognize it.
03:00:57NAFderwinI want to see if I could see the 900MB drive before I try to flash it.
03:12:37NAFderwinNot good. I found that 'diskutil list' does the same thing, but all I'm seeing are my own drive and the 32.1MB drive.
03:13:06NAFderwinI bridged the pins before, during, and after with a tiny screwdriver. Don't see the 900MB one.
03:13:39[Saint]Ah. I'm sorry dude.
03:13:56[Saint]Yeah. That's pretty much a no-go.
03:15:01NAFderwinThere's always a possibility that I'm doing it incorrectly, but, I consider myself to be fairly good at this stuff.
03:16:06NAFderwinAn eBay seller has got these things for $35 with free shipping so I'm going to nab one and keep this for parts. Thanks for your help Saint. I'm going to keep using RockBox once I get my replacement.
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03:47:26saratogaIIRC the sandisk firmware is in the first few addresses on the flash memory, so just copying the start of the image should be enough
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20:15:01saratogaMihail: couldn't find the clipv1 yet, but i did find my FuzeV1 (same SOC)
20:15:25saratogafuzeV1+ i2c2 patch + HAVE_POWEROFF_WHILE_CHARGING works fine (playback, recording, radio, usb)
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21:09:59Mihailsaratoga: Is power off while charging also work for fuze v1? You use I2C2 patch set 4? Can you build same but for clip v1 for TheEaterOfSouls?
21:10:30saratogaMihail: yes it powers off while charging, and yes it was patch set 4
21:10:35saratogai'll post a build for the clipv1
21:10:40saratogaand try to figure out where mine is
21:13:46saratogaoh wait, let me make sure power off is enabled
21:14:54saratogasorry, it was not, let me enable that as well
21:15:11saratoga(that version has the interrupt patch but not the change to the clipv1 config file)
21:15:18saratogamake 7zip
21:16:26Mihailnick_p: (logs) Can you check is power off while charging work on e200v2? It was enabled in my last build for you ( ).
21:17:26MihailTheEaterOfSouls: Can you check this build?
21:18:24saratogaI have an e200v2 now as well
21:18:25saratogalet me try
21:18:33saratogaby the way, currently it is running r28788-101211
21:19:33saratogadid you ever look at the clocking on the amsv1 devices? i wonder if we could run the PCLK higher on them as well
21:19:56saratogamemory on the amsv1 players was very slow and i never understood why (chipset bug? wrong clock setup?)
21:20:36MihailI wait parcel for funman for this ;)
21:20:46saratogahmm battery at 0% charge after 4 years in storage, might have to charge a bit before i test
21:21:16saratogai'm going to try and get another clipv1, if i do i can also send you it
21:21:47Mihailyes, and better for 30-40 minutes.
21:25:24MihailAccording to datasheet we cannot run PCLK higher then 65 MHz. But it not problem: at AMSv1 we have safe way for switching PCLK.
21:28:32saratogathat is why we didn't run the PCLK higher on AMSv2, we assumed 65 MHz was the max
21:30:54MihailYes, but we don't have datasheet for AMSv2. Clip zip can work with PCLK 120MHz (stable a long time) and probably higher (I don't try).
21:31:37 Quit pamaury (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
21:32:44saratogaAMSv2 is not so different than AMSv1 (mainly newer ARM CPU), so i wonder what AMSv2 is really designed for
21:32:54 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
21:33:32saratogamight be worth trying faster on v1 to see :)
21:35:08saratogaMihale: on e200v2 I get debug text written over the UI very rapidly (adc_read, etc)
21:35:14saratoganever seen this happen
21:35:33saratoga"ascodec chg 1"
21:36:06MihailIt special logf on screen mode ;)
21:36:49saratogayou added that?
21:37:10MihailYes. It very efficient for freeze debug.
21:38:40saratogathose are just all logf messages?
21:39:44MihailI do that after discussions with pamaury. Yes, all logf.
21:39:54saratogaeverything seems to work (playback, power off on charge, USB mode)
21:40:03 Quit MasterplasterPL (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
21:40:26saratogaUSB takes a very long time to connect though, I think due to large number of logf messages being printed
21:40:46 Nick suYin`OFF is now known as suYin (
21:45:26MihailGood. I think we can enable power off while charging for all AMS and commit i2c2 patch.
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21:46:05MihailAfter wait week and try enable voltage scaling.
21:47:18saratogai wonder if the i2c stuff will fix the occasional crashes with clock scaling on amsv1
21:47:35saratogaalthough i think they were only for sd cards or something like that
21:48:33MihailNot sure, i2c2 patch fix many problems but not all :)
21:50:18MihailAMSv1 have different sd cards controller, probably it can have some problems.
21:53:10MihailAlso we still have something wrong in sd controller in AMSv2: I think report on forum about problem with flac looks like sd stop reading at some conditions.
21:53:13 Join FSanches [0] (~felipe@2804:14c:32:8e1e:a8e7:2a5f:9bea:791d)
21:54:21saratogathat was only with the external SD card, not the itnernal sd right?
21:55:29saratogawould be hard to debug without that guy's card then
21:56:16Mihailexternal sd can have different timing or reaction/response on CMD*
21:56:40Mihailyes, but logf to disk should help
21:56:58saratogahmm yeah since the internal storage is still working
21:58:44MihailI think sd card also work ok mostly time. But sometime return block filed by zero and flac decoder skip whole track.
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22:11:27MihailTheEaterOfSouls: ping
22:12:04TheEaterOfSoulsSorry missed this earlier, testing now
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22:25:12TheEaterOfSoulsMine is working as well
22:25:26TheEaterOfSoulsLots of random laptop freezes today
22:26:14 Join Bray90820_ [0] (~bray90820@2604:2d80:8033:0:50e:5da6:72d:bbd0)
22:26:43MihailIs power off while charging also work?
22:30:22 Quit Bray90820 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:30:48Mihailgood, thanks!
22:30:50TheEaterOfSoulsANd device mounts as normal
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22:32:00fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c7daef3, 255 builds, 23 clients.
22:32:23TheEaterOfSoulsWhen I tried to power it off in USB mode it disconnected
22:32:27TheEaterOfSoulsNot sure what that means
22:32:34TheEaterOfSoulsIs that expected behavior?
22:35:13 Quit TheEaterOfSouls (Remote host closed the connection)
22:36:00 Join TheEaterOfSouls [0] (~chatzilla@
22:39:33Mihailhm, not sure. In my clip zip it not power off in usb mode. But if I try do this and than disconnect it automatically power off.
22:40:48fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 528 seconds.
22:40:49fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision c7daef3 result: 38 errors 0 warnings
22:44:09gevaertsLooks like that commit wasn't as good as it could have been
22:44:28TheEaterOfSoulsThis is still on my V1
22:48:59gevaertsMihail: did you see the errors?
22:49:09Mihailgavaerts: We don't check return value when call ascodec_write(). Is it ok, if I remove return in all ascodec_write() functions?
22:49:30gevaertsI guess so
22:49:31saratogai think the PP and AMS versions should just all return void if they're never used
22:49:45saratogaor i guess leave as int if you aren't sure (doesn't hurt anything)
22:49:45gevaertsUnused return values aren't too useful
22:50:20*gevaerts doesn't mind either way
22:50:35saratogachanging to int compiles on ams
22:51:30TheEaterOfSoulsI thought the commit wasn't that big of a change
22:51:31Mihailyes, but if we don't check them, probably we don't need them?
22:51:35TheEaterOfSoulsWhy all the errors?
22:52:30gevaertsTheEaterOfSouls: seven builds failed
22:52:48gevaertsAnd compiler errors tend to come in bunches
22:53:06TheEaterOfSoulsI see
22:54:05Mihailgevaerts, saratoga: I prefer remove return. Ok?
22:54:23gevaertsMihail: I can't make up my mind, and you're the one doing the work, so yes
22:54:24saratogaMihail: that is fine with me
22:54:51saratogajust check that e200v1, e200v2 and clip+ compile
22:55:00gevaertsI suspect technically the void one might save some code size
22:55:00saratogaor zip if you prefer
23:02:05fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision c5c4ea4, 255 builds, 23 clients.
23:04:06 Join Bray90820 [0] (
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23:08:21 Quit Bray90820 (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:09:29fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 443 seconds.
23:09:30fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision c5c4ea4 result: 31 errors 0 warnings
23:09:33 Join Bray90820 [0] (
23:11:45TheEaterOfSoulsNot good
23:18:45fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision f791f5e, 255 builds, 23 clients.
23:19:02 Quit cttttt (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
23:20:50 Quit ruhans (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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23:26:39fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 474 seconds.
23:26:40fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision f791f5e result: 49 errors 24 warnings
23:28:11*gevaerts gives Mihail some coffee to help with concentration :)
23:33:24 Join Staphylo [0] (~Staphylo@2a01:4f8:190:126a:d70a:378:c354:a3a3)
23:34:11 Join Bray90820 [0] (
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23:39:23 Quit petur (Quit: Leaving)
23:40:11fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 98c15fe, 255 builds, 22 clients.
23:40:18 Join amiconn [0] (~amiconn@rockbox/developer/amiconn)
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23:48:22fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 491 seconds.
23:48:23fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 98c15fe result: All green
23:49:56 Join foolsh [0] (
23:52:22pamauryMihail: it was tough ;)
23:52:27TheEaterOfSoulsSo is it safe to reenable voltage scaling now?
23:54:25MihailYes, but I prefer wait week, to be sure is I2C2 patch ok.
23:54:44TheEaterOfSoulsGood idea
23:55:52gevaertsMihail: by the way, you have a lot to learn. The record number of errors from a single commit is a *lot* higher :)
23:56:58MihailYes, build farm great thing.
23:57:48gevaertsIt helps a lot

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