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#rockbox log for 2016-04-10

00:10:42__builtinsmoke_fumus: add it to apps/plugins/SOURCES
00:11:58smoke_fumus__builtin: yea already did it. also discovered that .rock files are true C objects. imo this was right back when rockbox were massively useful, however nowdays i would've built em via interpreter like C#. or lua which has been partially implemented
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00:13:01smoke_fumusreally puts a bullshit stain on the entire thing when you realize you have to recompile each plugin for each system INCLUDING simulator of the said system
00:13:43__builtinyeah, plugins are coupled very tightly to the core OS
00:14:25mingdaoI assume IrcGuidelines "It is also a family-friendly channel." means no profanity?
00:14:40smoke_fumuswell, yea. i mean i am not entierly knocking it as i understand that lots of players have such a tiny memory space and tiny cpu cycles amount to spare, that running interpreter would ruin any speed
00:15:09smoke_fumusmingdao: you're on the internet. grow some.
00:15:20mingdaosmoke_fumus: read
00:15:25mingdaosmoke_fumus: you're the one who needs to grow up
00:15:46mingdaosmoke_fumus: or, you could come visit me and I could apply some lye soap to your potty mouth ;)
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00:16:19smoke_fumusyou will have it up your arse before you'll be able to touch my mouth with it, skrub. :p
00:16:33gevaertssmoke_fumus: please tone it down a bit
00:16:38smoke_fumusokay okay
00:17:40gevaertsmingdao: there is of course the slight issue that while everybody has a fairly clear idea on what "family-friendly" means for them, no two people agree
00:18:31mingdaogevaerts: maybe the IRC guidelines should be clarified, so there is no ambiguity
00:19:37*gevaerts doesn't actually believe that to be possible
00:20:10gevaertsI also don't think there's an actual problem
00:20:42mingdaoguess it must all depend upon your definition of "family", "friendly", and what is acceptable in your family's culture
00:20:50mingdaothe words he uses aren't in mine
00:21:21scorchei dont see an actual probelm either
00:21:25scorchethey are guidelines - not rules
00:21:41mingdaodoesn't really matter, as I'm actually only joined to grep the channel for info
00:21:51*gevaerts defers to scorche here :)
00:23:35gevaertsmingdao: cultures differ enormously on what's acceptable where, and even if you figure *that* out, words can have fairly wildly different meanings and connotations depending on region.
00:23:44mingdaoI'd really like to know if your software will unlock a SansDisk SSD, and not just a media player
00:24:02scorchehow would that work?
00:26:25mingdaothe last 3 paragraphs of seem to indicate it's possible, but much reading of all your docs don't make lead me to believe it will
00:27:22gevaertsOh, that?
00:28:10mingdaoso, is it possible? have you tried and successfully done this?
00:28:14gevaertsI believe that's really just about a bug in those particular drives
00:29:28mingdaothis drive can be RMAed anyway, because the SanDisk SSD Dashboard utility bricked it
00:30:23mingdaojust that about the same time I saw someone referred to, which piqued my curiosity
00:30:42scorchethat will not work for sandisk SSDs...
00:30:49scorchethat is for oooooold hard disks
00:31:10gevaertsYes, it's *old*. Some people apparently had that problem back in the early 2000s, and from what I understand it's really a glitch in the firmware of those drives or something like that
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00:31:44gevaertsBut you'd have to talk to someone who was around in 2002 to know the details, and those people are rare these days
00:31:47mingdaothere's a bug in the firmware of this disk, also
00:32:09gevaertsYes, but is it the same bug?
00:32:18mingdaoactually that's how/why I bricked it ... twas 1 of 10 and I wanted to "test" my theory
00:32:36mingdaoI have no clue about the bug you reference, so can't say, sorry
00:32:58gevaertsBased on the text on that page, it looks like the drives suddenly set the "require password" bit, with some default password
00:33:01mingdaoit's just that I bought quite a few thin PCs and had SSDs added, cause they're 4-core Atom procs
00:33:13mingdaothe SSD makes up a wee bit for the CPU lack
00:34:29mingdaogevaerts: what you mentioned is quite possibly the same as this firmware bug; only I haven't delved into either
00:34:35mingdaodoes sound very similar
00:34:45gevaertsThen all you have to do is find the password :)
00:34:50mingdaoon the other 9 drives the firmware has already been updated
00:35:05mingdaoyes, but my time is better spent doing other work ;)
00:35:20scorcheit is not the same bug
00:35:24gevaertsAlthough on SSDs I'd suspect a broken FTL first
00:35:24scorchei promise you ;)
00:35:36mingdaono worries
00:35:41mingdaonice chatting with you gents
00:35:42 Part mingdao
00:35:56scorchethose SSDs dont even speak ATA - which is what the tools on the page do
00:36:01gevaertsscorche: you mean modern SSDs don't use the same firmware as 15 year old spinning rust disks?
00:36:45scorchegevaerts: shocking, i know
00:37:16*gevaerts loses all confidence in his worldview!
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01:33:44*smoke_fumus scratching head
01:34:39smoke_fumusqueue_post ovf
01:40:38 Quit krnlyng (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
01:43:43smoke_fumusany clue what can cause it?
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01:53:01smoke_fumus__builtin: *pokes*
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02:14:25[Saint]I finally found the one guy that still uses CygWin.
02:18:06smoke_fumusi tried cygwin build recently. -mno-cygwin error (new gcc related), and some others down the line once that flag has been removed from makefile
02:19:01[Saint]It's a rather large woefully inefficient piece of shit.
02:20:08 Join TheSeven [0] (~quassel@rockbox/developer/TheSeven)
02:20:29smoke_fumus[Saint]: then make a proper port for mingw to avoid any further complications :p
02:21:03[Saint]Or, I could just continue living my life in actual *nix land and not have to worry about it. ;)
02:21:36smoke_fumusexcept that amount of windows users is higher -> probability that there will be windows developers is bigger
02:21:52[Saint]Not even close.
02:22:11smoke_fumusremove servers from equation and leave only desktops
02:22:23[Saint]No one has developed on Windows for this project for absolutely years.
02:22:35[Saint]like, 5~6+ years.
02:22:51*__builtin estimates that 99% of rockbox devs run linux
02:22:57smoke_fumusif that was up to me i would've ported whole damn thing to visual studio, since 2015 is so nice and clean and intellisense since 2013 goes above and beyond to help with code.
02:23:16[Saint]Well, it is up to you.
02:23:21smoke_fumusnah, it isn't.
02:23:26[Saint]Yes. Yes it is.
02:23:32[Saint]No one's stopping you now are they?
02:23:33smoke_fumusare you gonna pay?
02:23:39[Saint]Why would I?
02:23:48[Saint]You want it.
02:23:50smoke_fumusWell here's your answer.
02:23:53[Saint]Make it happen.
02:24:20smoke_fumusI didn't said i want it. i said if that would've been up to me. as in if project is hinged on me.
02:24:22smoke_fumusit isn't.
02:24:23smoke_fumusso no.
02:24:44smoke_fumus*-is +has
02:24:48[Saint]You're the guy that shows up the our pizza party and says "Hey, great pizza - but what about the hotdogs?"
02:25:03[Saint]And we're the guys that say "you want hotdogs, no one's stopping you from cokking them".
02:25:16smoke_fumusi am the guy who tries to cook some hotdogs in the kitchen for everyone but nobody wants to lend a sausage.
02:25:30smoke_fumusor buns
02:25:34smoke_fumusor oil
02:26:02[Saint]So it's everyone else's fault you don't have the resources to do anything but complain about things you want to exist not existing.
02:26:05[Saint]Mhm. K.
02:27:01smoke_fumusso you practically telling me "go to our kitchen which also has a farm built in, grow some pigs, make some sausages, grow some grain, make flour, go to the cows and milk them, go back to kitchen part and make yourself hotdogs, for our pizza party which has been dying since approx 2012, and it is mostly a ghost town, and now, we're not gonna eat your hotdogs"
02:27:26[Saint]we like pizza.
02:27:40smoke_fumusthat's not the point.
02:28:44smoke_fumusrockbox is pretty much outdated by any stretch of imagination nowadays. since most of the people moved to android/ios which happen to have built-in mp3 tools
02:28:52[Saint]I don't think there's any room for complaints like this when the project in question is entirely open and you're free to do as you want with it.
02:29:37[Saint]It is also a hobby project.
02:29:43smoke_fumusokay. riddle me this. where's api help?
02:29:49[Saint]I assure you no one gives a shit about what the common man wants or needs.
02:30:13[Saint]By developers, for developers. It has always been this way.
02:30:32smoke_fumusalright. why did you made a user-friendly auto installer then?
02:30:36scorchei wouldnt go that far...
02:30:48smoke_fumusleave it in tar.gz, let developers make and install it by hand, if it's for developers only
02:30:52smoke_fumusye fockin' skrub.
02:31:19[Saint]smoke_fumus: if Joe User wants to use it, and they do, there's no reason to make it needlessly difficult for them.
02:31:23[Saint]But it's not _for them_.
02:31:27scorchesmoke_fumus: i wouldnt say that rockbox is outdated, but that the market has clearly coalesced around a single device for these sorts of things
02:31:30scorchealso, streaming
02:32:31scorcheporting the whole damn thing to VS, as you say, is not practical - we support a lot of archs on a lot of devices - VS isnt designed for these things
02:33:27smoke_fumusscorche: well you technically can make some devices rockbox is built for to receive streaming, but it requires to jump through a few hurdles. for one - on apple devices you can attach rs232 and use hi-speed serial to attach a ESP8266 (or something along these lines) to connect via wifi to streaming services
02:33:49smoke_fumusalso forget about video streaming, low bitrate audio only
02:33:51scorcheyeah - that isnt going to happen unless someone wants to do it themselves
02:33:58scorchestreaming is all about convienience...
02:34:28[Saint]Not entirely sure what the line of argument there was.
02:34:37smoke_fumuswell he sai "also, streaming"
02:34:45scorchesmoke_fumus: so, what exactly was this discussion about?
02:34:50scorcheusing windows to develop?
02:34:58smoke_fumuswell, kinda.
02:35:39scorchecygwin needs to die, honestly
02:35:44[Saint]It does.
02:35:45smoke_fumusi have all my mainline tools stashed in windows, and constantly using virtual machine just to fart-out some plugins for a Simulator device (debugging and whatnot) is kinda retarded
02:35:46scorcheand with this, it probably finally will:
02:36:20smoke_fumusyea, heard about it. File permissions will fuck them right into the kernel
02:36:37scorcheyeah - see the link i mentioned then - you'll still have to build your compliling environment, but that is far and away the best option for windows
02:36:57smoke_fumusWell, i was wondering if mingw can do it
02:36:57scorchesmoke_fumus: considering the amount of effort that MS is putting into this, i think it'll work quite well
02:37:11smoke_fumustried it yesterday, didn't work
02:38:51smoke_fumusscorche: you know, cygwin still has it's uses. for one - out of the box X server works. and it is still faster than running it all through VM
02:39:04smoke_fumusi mean on per-app-to-mem-to-cycles basis
02:39:15scorchesure - i dont know how well X works with this, but this isnt a VM
02:42:16[Saint]It takes like 17 years for CygWin to just do /usr/bin/ls
02:42:31[Saint]I maintain it is broken on a fundamental level and not worth any effort directed to it.
02:42:52smoke_fumusok screw the cygwin. i have a question about development
02:43:10smoke_fumus[Saint]: i get this " queue_post ovf "
02:43:22smoke_fumusat the time if simulator crash
02:43:47smoke_fumuswhat can cause an overflow like this one?
02:44:42smoke_fumusi mean, i get that it is kernel queue. all i have in my code is this
02:45:09smoke_fumusfucking hastebin detected file wrong again
02:45:09smoke_fumushand on
02:45:15[Saint]This is with our suggested environment, without modification or having to massage it into half-building under CygWin?
02:45:23[Saint]Just asking because I'm not sure I care otherwise.
02:45:54scorche[Saint]: take it down a notch
02:46:19[Saint]I'm perfectly calm.
02:46:29scorchesmoke_fumus: i am not too familiar with that myself, but perhaps someone else might come by who might be able to help
02:47:12smoke_fumuswell look at the code. it is clearly an overflow. just guess if something can cause an overflow from what i am doing
02:47:40smoke_fumusmy guess is that button_status could be involved.
02:50:33smoke_fumusscorche: i think this is because api is not documented. i mean, who the hell leave api naked like that, an api which is barely posix compatible at that, and then leaves users to learn on the example of other plugins, boiling in frustration where a completely valid code throws overflows.
02:51:42[Saint]A hobbyist.
02:52:47scorchesmoke_fumus: i havent really looked at your code, but speaking in general, Rockbox isnt a commerical product developed by a company. This tends to mean that things tend to only get done if someone is motivated to work on them
02:53:12smoke_fumusa dickhole. springrts is built as a hobby as well and it has much cleaner codebase, it isn't a commercial product either, and it has the whole api documented
02:53:19scorchethat's nice
02:53:36pamaurysmoke_fumus: you just can't compare rockbox and springrts
02:53:56smoke_fumusi totally can. for one - springrts codebase is 4+ times larger than rockbox
02:53:57scorchecalling other developers "dickholes" doesnt really help people rush to help you...
02:54:44pamaurysmoke_fumus: well sure you can, not sure what you are trying to achieve though, if you wan to insult us, that's done, bravo, what's next ?
02:54:48smoke_fumusi know i know, just the frustration buildup. it's been an hour since i hit this overflow
02:55:19smoke_fumusand i have no single clue how to fix it, there is no api docs to check if i am doing something wrong and nobody on the channel to help
02:55:44[Saint]and the first thought was "lets rail on the only people who can help me".
02:55:48[Saint]bold move.
02:56:10pamauryI admit our documentation is subpar, but what else is there is to say, undocumented code is undocumented...
02:57:19smoke_fumusi wasn't pointing a finger specifically onto anyone.
02:58:47pamauryI haven't followed the discussion, can someone explain the problem so I can help maybe ?
02:59:08__builtinpamaury: in a nutshell, smoke_fumus wants better windows support
02:59:19__builtinfor rockbox development
02:59:21scorchethat was where we started
02:59:40smoke_fumus__builtin: i wish i had it, i am developing under linux vm atm so there is that
02:59:57smoke_fumusat least ability to build a simulator along with plugins through mingw
03:00:04scorchewe have now moved on to some plugin code that is causing an overflow ...i think
03:00:06__builtinsmoke_fumus: post your code so someone can take a look
03:00:20smoke_fumus__builtin: just did. here.
03:00:20[Saint]If I'm not mistaken, he did.
03:00:26__builtinoh, I'm sorry
03:00:43pamauryI have to say I haven't done any serious windows dev in the long time, you want better cygwin support I suppose ?
03:01:29pamaurythis little piece of code is causing an overflow ?
03:02:08__builtina stack overflow?
03:02:26 Quit Strife89 (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
03:02:53pamauryit has no recursion...
03:03:56 Join Strife89 [0] (
03:10:13smoke_fumus__builtin: not sure. all i have is that it throws queue_post ovf
03:10:31smoke_fumusin simulator that is
03:10:48pamaurysmoke_fumus: let me try it my machine
03:10:58pamaury*on my
03:11:13__builtinhmm, I that's not a "bug" so to speak
03:11:28*__builtin has gotten that message before while writing plugins
03:12:04smoke_fumusso uh..........
03:12:06smoke_fumuswhat do i do
03:12:27smoke_fumusthrow in more garbage in it to slow down loop?
03:12:44smoke_fumusi mean i tried manual waits - it works longer but then crashes anyway
03:13:44__builtinit's been a while since I've done this, but try replacing button_status with button_get(false)
03:14:23smoke_fumusit gives the same integer?
03:14:56smoke_fumusok says it gives back long
03:15:30pamaurysmoke_fumus: which target did you try ?
03:15:41smoke_fumusipod nano 1st gen sim on linux
03:16:58__builtintry running the sim with gdb and do a backtrace
03:17:22smoke_fumus__builtin: guess that was it. although i am not sure it even reads anything now.
03:17:32smoke_fumuslet me try casting (short) onto it
03:17:48smoke_fumusyea this works
03:18:10smoke_fumus__builtin: leave a comment in sourcecode that button_status is unsafe and can cause ovf or smth
03:20:08pamaurysmoke_fumus: I can reproduce the overflow
03:20:15__builtinpamaury: backtrace?
03:20:35pamauryfor now I just got a "ueue_post ovf q=027EA240"
03:21:49pamauryum, backtrace doesn't help, because the program exists "cleanly", I need to put some breakpoints and study the code
03:24:02smoke_fumus__builtin: awkward. now it quits after some time. without a warning or anything
03:25:05pamauryquite useless
03:26:53pamauryhum, I am wondering if it main be because events are added to the queue but the plugin doesn't call any function that somehow process them ? I always hated our input code, it's just a huge mess
03:29:33__builtinthe good thing is that this problem should be isolated to the simulator
03:29:45pamaurysmoke_fumus: I *think* the problem is that button_status() only does reporting, but you never remove events from the button event queue, thus the overflow
03:30:13pamauryyou would need to call get_button() or get_button_w_tmo() (whatever it is called)
03:30:35smoke_fumushang on, is this synced code? then why don't you immediately pop button from event queue?
03:31:40pamauryNot sure I understood your last comment
03:33:04pamauryBut I checked: button_status() only gives you the button bitmap from the point of view of the button driver. Your plugin has to do a little bit more: you have to read events from the button queue, that also includes some non-button broadcast messages (like usb connection).
03:33:43smoke_fumuspamaury: wait...why does it return integer then?
03:33:57__builtinsmoke_fumus: because it just polls and doesn't remove the event IIUC
03:33:59pamaurysmoke_fumus: what should it return ?
03:34:15smoke_fumusVoid, then read events from button queue manually
03:35:17smoke_fumuspamaury: okay, how do i read events from queue then?
03:35:38pamauryOk, let me step back because it's a bit confusing: at any point in time, some buttons are pressed, some are not: button_status() returns a bitmap of those buttons (iirc). Now this has nothing to do with the event queue: when you press a key, the button driver adds an event to the event queue
03:35:53pamauryso you need to read from the event queue, using button_get()
03:37:27pamaurysee for example snake.c, it uses the proper pattern: call rb->button_get(false) [false means non-blocking]
03:37:54pamaurythen handle the various things you like, and if you don't know the event, call rb->default_event_handler(button) on it
03:38:50smoke_fumusHm. where does overflow come from then?
03:39:09pamauryyou don't call button_get() so events accumulate in the button queue which overflows
03:39:46smoke_fumusWhy the hell does button_get() instead of just reporting bitmap of buttons also shits into queue? i don't get this implementation like at all
03:41:40pamaurywell, the names are misleading, button_get() should be call event_get(). The thing is they serve different purpose: button_get() gives you the "cooked" key, letting the input system handling things like weels, repeat, etc. On the other hand, button_status() bypasses this completely
03:42:06smoke_fumusposix spins in it's grave. :D
03:42:38pamauryIf you are writing a real-time game, you might want to just ignore the output of button_get() and call button_status() instead
03:42:53pamauryI mean it makes a lot of sense, it's the essence of events vs polling keys
03:42:54smoke_fumusugh. here we go again.
03:43:19pamaurysorry, not instead, after. You always need to call button_get(), just to manage the queue :)
03:43:34smoke_fumusso i need to make a void call of button_get() then get button_status()
03:43:51smoke_fumusokay. finally. information i understand. :D
03:45:08 Join ZincAlloy1 [0] (
03:45:10pamauryyes, I suggest you do a rb->default_event_handler (rb->button_get(false)); at the beginning of the loop, and they just use button_status()
03:46:26smoke_fumuspamaury: ok it kinda works, but it ignores wheel events completely. :V
03:46:53pamauryyes, for the wheel I think you need to look at the result of button_get()
03:47:32smoke_fumusand you couldn't map it to button bitmap why exactly?
03:47:34***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
03:47:54pamauryit does not make sense, a wheel is not on and off
03:48:06pamauryin fact it event has a speed
03:48:16 Quit ZincAlloy (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
03:49:02pamaurysmoke_fumus: I suggest you look at rockblox.c to see how the wheel is handled
03:49:18smoke_fumusyeah, i am throat-deep in it's code at the moment
03:49:19smoke_fumusfound it
03:49:34smoke_fumuswell, brickmania but has same hooks
03:50:16pamauryin short: button_get() will produce a BUTTON_SCROLL_FWD when you start moving the wheel (I think) and then BUTTON_SCROLL_FWD | BUTTON_REPEAT as long as you continue turning
03:50:49smoke_fumusOkay. that i can work with
03:51:58pamauryin fact that's a general thing: if you keep holding a button, you will get BUTTON_X the first time and BUTTON_X | BUTTON_REPEAT after, but then you won't control the timing, which is why button_status() is better for games sometimes
03:53:15pamauryanyway, I really need to go sleep, I hope it will help you. My best advise is to study the other plugins, because that's the only source of "documentation" for plugins unfortunately
03:54:47smoke_fumuspamaury: it already did. thanks m8
03:59:56 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
04:03:41smoke_fumus__builtin: only question remains is - how do i calculate pcm buffer length?
04:03:49__builtinit's arbitrary
04:04:06smoke_fumuswill there be overflow ifi'll just start constantly throwing samples at it each update?
04:04:24__builtinthe firmware calls your callback to fill the buffer when there's no more samples to be played
04:04:34__builtinso set the size high enough to avoid the overhead of those calls
04:04:49smoke_fumusyou mean low enough to keep feeding it each frame
04:05:02[Saint]something something buflib.
04:05:50smoke_fumusi basically need to supply a +V wave to wavout, then eat it through arduino's A0/A1 inputs and then unpack it back into digital
04:06:28smoke_fumusi already know that it works, i fed an ogg file which only has Positive V inside of it(a ramp up/down for 1 minute) - and arduino were able to perfectly detect it through analog inputs
04:06:55__builtinjust choose a number for your buffer size
04:07:05__builtin1000 works well
04:07:27smoke_fumus__builtin: for each update? okay cool, thank you
04:08:13 Quit ZincAlloy1 (Quit: Leaving.)
04:08:29[Saint]I don't want to convolute the matter, but, a mechanism does exist for checking the available/used buffer states at any given time. But in this case it might just be easier to just allocate an amount you know is likely to be free and just not bother.
04:15:08smoke_fumus[Saint]: i'll just try it as it is. worst thing that can happen is that player will crash os, right? a faulty pluging shouldn't brick an ipod, right?
04:15:52[Saint]It is impossible to brick an ipod from userspace without a VERY large degree of effort, foresight, and actual planning for the event.
04:16:03[Saint]So, no, you won't. It will come to no harm.
04:16:25smoke_fumusVery good. :)
04:16:46[Saint]The officially sanctioned method of bricking an iPod is with a hammer. And with vigor and gusto.
04:17:04smoke_fumusor with faulty bootloader, or an early version of ipodlinux
04:17:09smoke_fumusi bricked it like 3 times with these
04:17:16smoke_fumusthankfully were able to recover it myself
04:18:12[Saint]Ah. You mean the weird, new-school definition of bricked, where bricked == "hardware did something unexpected but was recoverable".
04:18:42[Saint]It doesn't really change anything, but, I meant ... bricked. Dead. Deceased. Never to iPod again.
04:19:13smoke_fumuswell it is still technically brick. from the user perspective
04:19:52[Saint]Not if it allowed you to recover it. But...pedantics, I guess.
04:20:08smoke_fumuswell officially users are NOT allowed to recover it, they need to go to apple support
04:20:15[Saint]The usual definition we hold to here is "requires disassembly or specialist tools, or complete low level restore"
04:20:19smoke_fumusat least that's what church of jobs is trying to tell us
04:20:47[Saint]If you can just ask it nicely to please not do that, that's not a brick.
04:21:00[Saint]But 'bricked' has developed into a very weird definition these days.
04:21:35smoke_fumuswell this actually DOES require "specialist tools" aka either official or custom software to re-burn a firmware on it
04:21:55smoke_fumussince ipod is still a micro computer, it has a bootloader state
04:23:10 Join TheEaterOfSouls [0] (~chatzilla@
04:24:33smoke_fumus[Saint]: other systems still can be recovered by hand if you happen to have something which can do serial, and system has internal serial port. i restored few dead routers which happened to have internal serial ports on them
04:36:17smoke_fumus__builtin: almost done. seems like buffer length actually matters. riddle me this. if i'll rb->pcm_play_data(NULL, NULL, cBArr, sizeof(cBArr)); but instead of null set actual callback, which will call this again and read from the array i set every turn - will it read it synchronously or asynchronosly? is there such a thing as protected?
04:36:36smoke_fumuson rockbox platform i mean
04:36:48smoke_fumusi mean can i read it midst writing?
05:03:36smoke_fumus[Saint]: unidentified instruction and then it hanged
05:03:42smoke_fumushow do i reboot this crap?
05:04:33[Saint]Assuming you're talking about the simulator, just close it, and re-launch it.
05:05:15smoke_fumusno, physical ;\
05:05:38smoke_fumuswhitescree, undefine instruction at
05:05:57[Saint]hold play to power down like always, or hold play and select to force a hard reboot, also like always.
05:06:14[Saint]this isn't any different in Rockbox as it is under the OF.
05:06:33[Saint](except the minor pedantic point that the OF never does a complete shutdown)
05:06:49smoke_fumusthat worked :B
05:07:13[Saint]ah, sorry, yeah you're right I was looking at the iPod on my desk upside down.
05:08:27TheEaterOfSoulsWhat does the OF do instead of shutdown?
05:09:39[Saint]WHich is why it seems to boot very quickly, unless it has been in a sleep state for a VERY long time, in which case it actually will fully power down.
05:10:19TheEaterOfSoulsNo way to force a shutdown?
05:10:50[Saint]Not that I am aware of.
05:11:11smoke_fumusok my project is a fail. arduino is unable to properly work with this
05:11:16smoke_fumuspower levels go bizzare
05:12:48 Quit athidhep (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
05:13:02[Saint]...over 9000?
05:13:32 Join athidhep [0] (~afoakf@unaffiliated/athidhep)
05:13:36smoke_fumusinitial blast works fine but then power goes down each continious cycle
05:15:21smoke_fumusi need rs232 this bitch.
05:16:03[Saint]I've been sitting here wondering why you've elected to do it this way and not as an HID device for the past wee while.
05:16:13*[Saint] cringes
05:16:17[Saint]HID device...oy.
05:16:26[Saint]ATM machine will be next.
05:16:43smoke_fumusyes but does plugin api has hid messaging?
05:17:02smoke_fumussic. my engrish
05:22:23[Saint]remote_control.c seems to say yes.
05:23:04[Saint]errr...unless I misparsed you just now.
05:28:04 Join JdGordon [0] (
05:28:04 Quit JdGordon (Changing host)
05:28:04 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
05:30:58TheEaterOfSoulsDoes Rockbox support sleep on the iPod as well?
05:31:09 Quit JdGordon_ (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
05:31:21TheEaterOfSoulsHow long generally to boot?
05:31:37TheEaterOfSoulsThinking of picking one up
05:31:48[Saint]It could, but, we boot so quickly that all we'd be doing is throwing away battery needlessly to wake up an extra second quicker.
05:31:52[Saint]Not worth.
05:32:12TheEaterOfSoulsI just figured it could be an option as well
05:32:24TheEaterOfSoulsBut yeah not necessary I guess
05:32:30[Saint]It could be, yes.
05:32:53TheEaterOfSoulsDepending on how much work would be needed to implement it
05:35:31smoke_fumus[Saint]: i am looking at usb keymaps and i only see some tat. where is HID_JOYSTICK?
05:37:02[Saint]People implemented what they wanted or needed for a particular task, not the entire subset of HID control systems.
05:37:33[Saint]You'll find this throughout our entire codebase.
05:37:48[Saint]People implementing /just/ enough to get the /very specific/ task they wanted to do done.
05:38:26smoke_fumus[Saint]: no but i mean it throws shite like ACTION_USB_HID_MOUSE_BUTTON_RIGHT. where does this mapped to integer? how does it send it through hid itself?
05:42:53 Quit TheEaterOfSouls (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 45.0.1/20160315153207])
05:43:32[Saint]uuuurgh, from memory, following the plugin include trail down the rabbit hole to usbstack.
05:43:52[Saint]I have a feeling, for whatever reason, that I'm perpetually misparsing you though.
05:44:27smoke_fumusfound it. usb_hid_usage_tables.h
05:45:01[Saint]hey hey, I was right about something. awesome.
05:45:26smoke_fumuswell at least now i can just use remotecontrol sources and make a small keyboard out of this shite
05:45:51smoke_fumusthis is sub-optimal, but hey - at least it works
05:45:58[Saint]You can beep your audio out via the piezo if you wanted to.
05:46:18[Saint]It'll sound terrible, but it'll also sound like NOSTALGIA!
05:46:52smoke_fumushey if i want me-self some nostalgia i'll boot up windows 95 osr2 and launch sampler. i am only 25 so that one is deeply nostalgic to me
05:47:03 Join TheEaterOfSouls [0] (~chatzilla@
05:47:35***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
05:48:06smoke_fumusor better yet - launch microsoft hover! or hellbender, or blood. or nes emulator
06:16:11 Join PurlingNayuki1 [0] (
06:16:44 Quit PurlingNayuki (Remote host closed the connection)
06:16:44 Nick PurlingNayuki1 is now known as PurlingNayuki (
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06:57:08 Join eshep [0] (
06:57:53eshepI have a Sansa Fuze that is constantly rebooting.
06:58:07eshepIs there a the for tat
06:59:20eshep*fix for that?
07:23:51 Quit djukon (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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16:23:40 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
16:24:53Gattsbyis there a way to change how file names in playlists are displayed? - It currently displays the track list no, the track no and the track name. I just want name and artist to display
16:26:19 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
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17:17:06dongspretty sure this is theme-specific
17:17:10dongswith some %whatever things
17:18:02 Quit Gattsby (Quit: Page closed)
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18:13:52bluebrotherseems I can't move topics in the forums anymore. Is this intentional?
18:15:27gevaertsI'm not aware of any changes
18:17:06bluebrotherwell, I won't move that topic then :)
18:17:30gevaertsWhich one is it? I can have a go...
18:17:44gevaertsMight help isolate where the problem is
18:17:50bluebrotherturns out Apple made yet another change that requires to follow up ...
18:18:06bluebrotherin the Rockbox Utiltiy forums are a couple that are not really related to Rockbox Utility
18:18:35gevaertsAh yes
18:18:37gevaertsAs usual :)
18:20:08*gevaerts tries to think of correct places
18:22:11gevaertsOK, seems like I can move topics just fine
18:23:06bluebrothermy bad. I looked for that "move topic" at the top :o
18:23:10gevaertsOh :)
18:23:15gevaertsI had to look for a while too
18:23:24bluebrotherhaven't used the forums for somewhat too long I guess :)
18:23:47bluebrotherbut thanks anyway
18:23:51*gevaerts was dreading having to dive into the permissions
18:24:01gevaertsGood I don't have to do that
18:25:20bluebrothersorry for the confusion
19:13:47 Quit krabador (Quit: Take The Time)
19:17:50 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
19:18:28scorchei really need to re-do that entire server...
19:18:36scorcheone of these days...
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