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#rockbox log for 2016-04-11

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15:37:24edhelashello :)
15:38:31jeffmangumwoah there are people here!
15:38:44jeffmangumhow you doing?
15:41:26jeffmangumanyway, im crying right now cause my rockbox'd sansa clip plus is acting up
15:42:00jeffmangumits been rockbox'd for 3 years and it acted up before so i reinstalled rockbox on it but i think i messed it up
15:42:23jeffmangumnow it wont open. sometimes it does but then it still hangs or turns off all of a sudden
15:42:50jeffmangumits also not recognized when connected to pc. sometimes it gets recognized but windows says that it needs to be formatted
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15:49:25gevaertsEither the filesystem is corrupted or the hardware is broken
15:51:06jeffmangumwait actually it still opens up sometimes when i hold the power key for so long
15:51:25jeffmangumit will be stuck on loading rockbox... sometimes it will work normally then it will freeze
15:51:56*gevaerts doesn't change his diagnosis
15:52:00jeffmangumi think the most important thing here is to make the PC recognize it so i can reinstall rockbox.. but sadly, it cant be recognized
15:52:13jeffmangumhow would you say that the hardware is broken?
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15:53:23gevaertsTry checking the filesystem. If that fails or doesn't help, try reformatting the filesystem (I'd do that from within the OF). If that still doesn't help, you have hardware issues
15:54:18jeffmangumhow do i check the filesystem? i cant get into the OF. its stuck with the logo. Before it was stuck in "refreshing media" so i removed my SD card.
15:54:39jeffmangumi sometimes i can get inside the rockbox os normally.. but somtimes it freezes when i move too much
15:55:23jeffmangumi got into the OF! but its still on refreshing media.. not sure if the bar is moving though or if its stuck
15:56:36gevaertsYou check the filesystem while connected to your PC. If that runs windows, someone else will have to tell you how to proceed, windows is a mystery to me
15:56:36jeffmangumi dont think its moving. :(
15:57:26jeffmangumits not detected by my PC. it asks me to reformat it.. that got me thinking... this all happened when i plugged my sansa into a macbook!
15:57:53jeffmangumalthough its kind of buggy for months now, it still works.. but after i plugged it in my mac at the office, it wont turn on now
15:58:18gevaertsIf the PC asks to reformat it, it *is* detected
15:58:38jeffmangumits not consistent though. sometimes it doesnt detect it.
15:59:05jeffmangumi dont wanna reformat it cause i dont wanna lose my music. i think i just wanna get all my music then move on to a new player.
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16:01:12jeffmangumI got insie the rockbox firmware!!
16:01:21jeffmangumwhat should i do while im in here?
16:02:19jeffmangumi checked rockbox info.. is it weird that msd says its not present? i havent seen that before
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16:03:57jeffmangumok nevermind... it froze when i put in the SD card.. :(
16:08:37jeffmangumi have to throw the player for the led to come on. i think the led screen is messed up
16:11:21gevaertsSounds like broken hardware...
16:14:04jeffmangumim trying to copy the contents of the internal player to my sd card so i can stil get my music
16:14:09jeffmangumi think its time to move on to a new player
16:14:18jeffmangumbut i really like sansa clip.. but its already phased out
16:14:29jeffmangumwhats a cheap alternnative to to a sansa clip?
16:20:00wodzas far as rockbox is concerned
16:20:08jeffmangumi mean... im ok with not rockboxing
16:20:22jeffmangumits too risky now
16:22:33wodzAre you judging based on defective hardware experience? :P
16:23:56jeffmangumno.. im not blaming rockbox haha i love rockbox but it has little supported devices that arent available here
16:24:07jeffmangumdo you know fiio m3? thats the one im eyeing right now
16:24:45wodzYou know, this isn't general mp3 support channel. Stick to the topic.
16:25:30jeffmangumif im gonna get something thats rockboxable.. what should be my next option?
16:25:43jeffmangumthat is still available to buy in 2016
16:27:46wodzCurrently I don't know. We lack manpower to port to new hardware. Pamaury is working on Fiio X1 but the work is on early stage.
16:28:16jeffmangumoh ok so fiio m3 is well known. i thought its just nothing..
16:34:08wodzX1 not m3 :P
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16:38:10jeffmangumoh.. ok haha.. but is m3 any good?
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17:49:56JiremiHello. I'm looking to buy a new mp3 player and install Rockbox on it. What are some of the best mp3 players these days? I'm preferrably looking for something $100 or less. I don't care about internal memory size as long as I can put a SD/microSD in it.
17:52:11JiremiI really liked the Sansa Clip Zip I had been using for a long time but sadly I can't find them new any more. It looks like that model has been discontinued.
17:58:26edhelasJiremi: an old iPod :) ?
18:00:05 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
18:03:05JiremiIs there anything I could buy new? Also preferably with a SD/microSD slot?
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19:22:51Petethegoati'm using the dev version on an ipod nano 1g, and i have a *PANIC* error when i plugged in the usb lead
19:23:21Petethegoathow can i reboot the device? no input seems to have any effect
19:24:57gevaerts explains it, near the end
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19:25:06gevaertsSomehow newer ipods are listed first
19:25:59gevaerts"iPod with a click wheel" I believe
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20:01:59Petethegoatah, toggling the hold on and off again did it
20:02:01Petethegoatthanks a lot!
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22:18:56TheEaterOfSoulsWhy is 3.13 still referenced in the channel topic?
22:19:02TheEaterOfSoulsJust curious
22:19:21TheEaterOfSoulsSince it's been two years since any major release it seems a little odd
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23:04:21XanethDoes anyone familiar with the ipod classic bootloader
23:04:41Xaneth6th gen
23:05:19XanethI have a package that lets u dualboot rockbox
23:05:38XanethWith apple os
23:07:06XanethIts not emcore
23:07:35XanethIt uses rockbox utility app
23:08:04TheSevenwhat is your actual question?
23:08:29XanethIs there an update to this pkg
23:08:54TheSevenan update to rockbox itself, or the rockbox utility?
23:09:52XanethThe zip is called rockboxbootloaderinstaller ipodclassic v8
23:10:16XanethIt has both
23:10:37XanethNo the bootloader
23:10:57TheSevenif you already have the bootloader installed, you are probaly just looking for a newer version of rockbox?
23:11:36XanethI have that
23:12:02TheSevento update rockbox, you can just use any version of rockbox utility, either the one from the zip or the latest from the website
23:12:14XanethIm wondering if theres an updated bootloader
23:12:37TheSevenno idea, [Saint_] or prof_wolfff might know that
23:12:53TheSevendo you have any issues with that bootloader version?
23:13:03TheSevenif not, there's probably no reason to update it
23:13:13TheSevenif you do, please report exactly what is causing trouble
23:13:22XanethThis is for the 6th gen classic
23:13:49XanethNo issues yet
23:14:21TheSevenwell, I guess there's no reason to replace the bootloader then ;)
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23:15:08XanethYup thanks the versoin i hav is f1a81e5
23:16:42 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
23:17:22XanethDo u have the site url where u hav 6th gen bootloader info
23:21:56 Quit Xaneth (Quit: Page closed)
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23:37:49ulmutulwhich colour targets have a screen <128x128 pixel?
23:38:07ulmutulYH820=128x96, Clip Zip=96x96 ... did I miss any?
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